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  2. 2.5 Na Oil Filter / Napa P/n 21344??
  3. fog lamps not working
  4. How to remove thin scratches on the WRX?
  5. Fuel Filters?
  6. Need Help Please
  7. Installed my Fumoto Oil Drain Valve the other day
  8. Changing oil
  9. Can one change the power steering fluid?
  10. Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve special deal
  11. Redline Driveline fluids...yes I did search
  12. MY02 rear differential drain plugs bigger than half inch drive ratchet?
  13. windsheild wiper fluid squirters
  14. source for new bolts
  15. popits
  16. 98 2.5 RS is overheating!
  17. WRX valve adjustment
  18. Help for 2.5RS wiring
  19. How to determine the value of a wrecked Impreza
  20. Need part number
  21. Losing coolant- major sign of problems to come?
  22. Service question?
  23. 97 OBS heater blower quit at the worst time of the year!
  24. Gearless ratchets - anyone used one?
  25. Denso Iridium Gap?
  26. 02 WRX 11k mi - turbo bearing whine?
  27. around 2k funny noises
  28. overheating...98 rs
  29. Cleaning an Injen air filter...
  30. noisy motor
  31. Which Optima battery for WRX?
  32. Electrical problem?
  33. When to change to synth motor oil.
  34. Clutch spring creak.
  35. why distilled water? ok to use spring water?
  36. tune up questions on a '99 2.5RS
  37. Headlight alignment
  38. just bought used 95 impreza L
  39. Found yellow stuff after opening rad. cap
  40. broken tranny dipstick
  41. Creaking sound
  42. Oil Change Help Please
  43. drl still on after the car is off!!
  44. Removed rear spoiler.. need to fill holes with something. Any idea?
  45. Warranty/Clutch
  46. OEM boost gauge install - question
  47. Changing oil myself for the 1st time.
  48. Airbox/intake rattling
  49. Rust around wheels?
  50. check engine light on cold starts
  51. Is the ATF filter and the oil filter the same size?
  52. condensation in trunk
  53. Best way to clean leather steering wheel?
  54. Whining sound from engine bay
  55. Cruise Control Issues
  56. Car cover for MY 2000 impreza RS
  57. 10-30W oil is not good for Upstate NY
  58. Semi-Synthetic Oil
  59. Coolant leak?
  60. Anyone use PIAA wiper blades? [merged]
  61. Hawker Battery Installation
  62. Check out this OBD tool
  63. Is there a gasket on the oil drain plug?
  64. Axle stands vs. jack stands vs. axle jacks: I'm going under
  65. When to switch to synthetic oil
  66. Which Subaru Maintenance Manual should I get?
  67. Instruction on Voltmeter gauge
  68. Almost got into a major accident by trying to rotate front two tires
  69. Squeak from driver seat belt retainer
  70. Where's the clutch?
  71. Oil change interval
  72. What kind of oil to use?
  73. Does this stuff work?
  74. car sitting in shop for over a month.....restarting query
  75. Did Mobil come out with the Mobil1 filter for the WRX?
  76. possibly too much oil
  77. Air conditioner cutting in and out
  78. 30k mi. service, am i missing anything?
  79. where is the clutch free play adjusted?
  80. Bad smelling oil
  81. Problem with Radiator
  82. Synthetic Oil and our Turbo
  83. Proper Way to Check Engine Oil?
  84. Sorta funny oil changing story
  85. My Computer being sent to Subaru
  86. Factory Service Manual?
  87. a new noise
  88. Where to order purolators?
  89. Anyone have experience with Trasko oil filters?
  90. taking off oil filter
  91. Cold weather and 5w-50...when should i worry?
  92. Jack point
  93. This guy has too much time on his hands
  94. 15k mile Service?
  95. Fog light button not illuminating
  96. Fumoto valve/plug users
  97. Anyone having this problem?
  98. Tie Rod Removal
  99. Chiltons?
  100. why is my cel on?
  101. 1993 L, dome light and radio memory out
  102. help overheat
  103. Finding Spark Plugs
  104. 02 WRX timing belt install after crash
  105. 2nd oil change and which oils to change?
  106. Check Engine Light
  107. Looking to buy a high mileage subaru.
  108. Motul Tranny/Rear diff + Engine oil
  109. Car is sputtering
  110. Anyone hear a weird noise coming from engine bay in the cold weather?
  111. damage from cam belt tensioner problems?
  112. getting 15k maint. (clutch problem)
  113. Problem with starting on 02 WRX
  114. Denso Oil Filters
  115. Cool little study I found about different brands of oil filters
  116. Peeling paint
  117. Clutch shudder gone
  118. Anyone know oil filter torque specs?
  119. New Thermosensor??
  120. Weird Overheating Problem - Advice?
  121. oil dripping on exhaust?
  122. How long do WRX spark plugs last?
  123. Engine Coolant
  124. need help with ECU/fuse problem
  125. Got a CEL...need some advice.
  126. O2 Sensor Problems
  127. Tranny and Diff fluid
  128. cleaning my Cobb intake - tips?
  129. Champion Spark Plugs?
  130. Oil Filter Removal
  131. wrx wagon rear window spritzer
  132. Question for any mechanics on the board. Not a how-to Q.
  133. Slow but steady oil leak, need help.
  134. Free Brakes?
  135. 02 WRX fog light
  136. WRX Wagon rear water spray sucks?
  137. Somethin ain't right!
  138. any ideas why the power steering would give up at low rpm?
  139. First Service that you should actually do?
  140. End Wrench website?
  141. need to remove my engine...
  142. What is retorque head and adj valve in 30000mi service?
  143. new headgasket?
  144. P0420 code
  145. The Subaru CEL thread
  146. timing belt,water pump question. help
  147. gas fume smell.
  148. Waiting till 10k for tranny fluid change?
  149. Mobil One Filter
  150. 72000Km
  151. You all may want to check your battery water
  152. What does timing belt noise sound like?
  153. Headlight adjustment possible??
  154. ignition coil wires
  155. high mileage WRX?
  156. coolant brand?
  157. Dealer Oil Change
  158. Painless dent removal
  159. CELS, do you clear them or fix the error and they disappear?
  160. fluid change opinions
  161. Mobil One Oil Filter
  162. Inspection coming up, get it back to stock??
  163. Service manual description
  164. Good replacement battery?
  165. Any other Subies use the WRX clutch MC reservoir?
  166. overheating
  167. Extended Warranty Pricing
  168. Switching to Mobil 1 Synthetic
  169. cleaning engine
  170. My car isnt liking the cold
  171. Putting together a tune-up checklist... and I've got nothing!
  172. 20mm wagon RSB upgrade clunk; questions.
  173. my engine died, help!
  174. Anyone else using K&N Performance Gold Oil Filter?
  175. Way to fix rattle coming from driver side seatbelt recliner?
  176. Sdf 20/13
  177. Mobil 1 does NOT make an oil filter to fit the WRX
  178. how to pull cel codes?
  179. Power locks not working.
  180. weird power problem after 4000rpm
  181. Passenger floor mat will not straighten out
  182. Oil leaking from engine case?
  183. 2002 Owner's Manual PDF for Download Here
  184. Tranny Fluid Question
  185. Switch for Syn. to Syn.?
  186. Should I go to dealer for this noise?
  187. Oil Analysis Spreadsheets
  188. Need help finding a good body shop in los angeles area
  189. I think I have a serious problem
  190. MT/Diff. O.E.M Fluid?
  191. Couple of maintenance questions.
  192. 3000 mile Oil change story
  193. Will Scoobysport muffler attach to RS?
  194. Denso Spark Plugs
  195. clutch noises on initial start up
  196. Engine ticks forever after shutdown
  197. Battery warning for all!
  198. 60,000 miles and clickety clickety
  199. For those who use synthetic oil
  200. crush washer for oil pan
  201. Camshaft pulley is jacked up
  202. Portable air tank question
  203. 60K miles Fluid changes shopping list.
  204. Gas leak anyone?
  205. Is PT 1/8 always PT 1/8 ???
  206. current Fumoto oil drain valve discount code?
  207. Mobil 1 variants...
  208. Engine Coolant Question
  209. brake light problem
  210. Gap Between Bumper and Headlight
  211. Cheapest place online to get a new clutch?
  212. Blown Engine - Advice Suggestions
  213. Oil Filter Wrench
  214. WRX w/ Bent valves need advise
  215. Failed CA Smog Test - NOx too high
  216. Shake at and above 80mph
  217. 85k maintenance
  218. thermostat question
  219. power steering question
  220. Question about water appearing front right corner of car?
  221. Oil leak rear of motor
  222. WRX / 99 Legacy Outback parts compatibility?
  223. No oil on dipstick
  224. Crank Pulley Removal
  225. attn: HndaTch627
  226. HVAC cabin air filter?
  227. HELP....Question about Mobil1 Oil Filter
  228. Has the Puralator Pure One fallen out favor?
  229. What color is factory CV Grease?
  230. seat belt bolt size
  231. Irdium plug question
  232. Radiator Cap Goop
  233. My own humble Subaru oil filter study
  234. No cats; will the dealer turn you in ?
  235. Head Gasket
  236. Online Factory Service Manuals Available Soon
  237. 30,000 miles service questions
  238. I lost the phone number to subaruparts, anyone?
  239. Why does Subaru not recommend tranny and coolant flush?
  240. Check Engine Boost controller
  241. red fluid.
  242. Got a CEL, plz help
  243. Changing timing belt. How's it come off?
  244. At-home oil change
  245. A/C compressor question
  246. Windshield replacement
  247. weird noise from 35-40mph???
  248. Head help
  249. Why does one side of my dipstick read so much higher than the other side?
  250. rear diff oil change?