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  1. Dyno oil users.
  2. 3000 mile service with 15w-40
  3. So has anyone noticed the rubber seal on the oil filter being crushed after removal?
  4. Will sti timing belt fit on '99 RS?
  5. Hood Stuck
  6. Broken stud - Need help
  7. Wheel bearings Subaru knows problem!
  8. Wheel Bearing question and problems?
  9. service manual
  10. Floor Jack?
  11. cheap axles?
  12. Am I the only person worried about my car falling off jackstands?
  13. ScoobySport Muffler for a 2001 RS?
  14. How to change filter w/o changing oil?
  15. Window Sealing Problem
  16. Fumoto valve installation
  17. Making a mess during oil changes (WRX)
  18. Downloadable Service Manuals - All Makes
  19. '04 WRX has dual radiator caps?
  20. I think my fuel guage is messed up...or fuel economy
  21. NGK Copper Spark Plugs… BKR6E or BKR5E?
  22. Do factory spark-plugs come pre-gapped?
  23. dealer drills holes on trunk lid
  24. Another oil thread but dino this time.
  25. Oil change Question?
  26. Um... it's just an air filter right?
  27. How to flush power steering fluid
  28. Is there a cabin air filter on my MY00 RS?
  29. nylon oil plug gaskets
  30. Engine bay cleaning?
  31. air conditioner compressor cycling
  32. JB Welding crack in transaxle housing
  33. any instructions for changing spark plugs for a WRX?
  34. No matter what I do oil filter still leaks
  35. WRX Spark Plug Gap?
  36. Power Steering Leak, where at those loose fittings?
  37. New Oil Filters for Turbocharged Models?
  38. A/C acting up
  39. Dry ice to remove small dents
  40. start hesistation diagnosis?
  41. OEM WRX spark plugs
  42. Rear diff on a 98 2.5Rs
  43. sunroof leak
  44. How much oil does a 2.5 Engine take?
  45. 7500 mile service
  46. Blown Window Motor
  47. Air Conditioning Quite!
  48. help: reverse is broken
  49. Rattling under acceleration... possibly clutch?
  50. Oil filter change (not also oil)
  51. coolant & brake--time or miles?
  52. Is Mobil 1 right for me?
  53. Going in for service, Need Help!
  54. Mobil 1 Synthetic 5q oil for $19.08 @ Walmart again.
  55. HELP!! Give it gas but car has no go!
  56. help quick!!!!!
  57. Legacy A/C conversion - R12 to R134a Tutorial
  58. O2 Sensor Question
  59. power steering rack
  60. Plastic screw near dead pedal
  61. Is Valvoline synthetic better then Mobile1?
  62. What parts are needed for Headgasket change?
  63. unsmooth power
  64. Vishnu Underdrive Pulley Problems
  65. knocking noise at idol to 1500 rpm please help
  66. Newbie Question on 7.5k service
  67. Is 600 5 mile trips = 100 30 mile drives???
  68. time belt or cam tensioner knocking noise
  69. Gas tank overflowing problem
  70. 30k tune up list?
  71. Too much oil? CEL?
  72. Clutch replacement
  73. Do I need to change oil sooner after engine rebuild?
  74. OBD II Code Scanner
  75. 20w/50 ???
  76. water in trunk
  77. window off track?
  78. Tell me jack about jacking
  79. Where to put jack stands?
  80. replacing fuel filter in 2002 2.5 liter OBS
  81. Coolant Resevoir Question
  82. Oil filter difference from stock factory?
  83. Left/Right Turn Clunk Noise
  84. compressed air tools question
  85. Honda Type 2 coolant in a Subaru?
  86. Oil filter comparions?
  87. brake fluid?
  88. SOA part #'s for throttle body and timing belt
  89. Best rust removal/ remover??
  90. Recalibrating Speedometer
  91. rubber pads on pedals wearing off
  92. Subaru Top Engine Cleaner or Seafoam use questions
  93. Service bulletin question
  94. Repair manual
  95. Subaru Technical Information Service
  96. what's your prefered method of changing oil?
  97. $140 for 7,500 mile service?
  98. Speedometer failure & simultaneous CE
  100. Replacing windshield wipers
  101. Engine shudders when 1st started
  102. Too many problems with no answers
  103. 5w30 or 10w30
  104. Removing broken center air vent
  105. MY00 RS overheating only when at a stop light
  106. sunroof maintenance?
  107. Where can I get Wiper Arm wind deflectors that will bolt/snap on?
  108. Service brakes??
  109. Power Steering Problems?
  110. About to replace tranny seal have question 02 WRX MT
  111. Rejected for the test
  112. windshield wiper malfunction
  113. Oil Analysis Results at 5300mi
  114. Am I doing the right thing?
  115. timing (cam) belt tensioner was the cause!!
  116. Service Manual
  117. removing driver's door panel
  118. Oil light on for few seconds after engine started up.
  119. My drivers seat
  120. just did oil change
  121. Dino or synth?
  122. Bearings covered under warranty?
  123. Help me get my seat apart.
  124. WRX window wiper arms dulling
  125. 2002 WRX wagon problem- hatch noise from hell
  126. under my backseat is soaking wet
  127. Cruise control question
  128. Running hot? Thermostat perhaps?
  129. Oil light on if you don't prefill your filter?
  130. top end power loss in 98' OBS
  131. Thermostat installation
  132. Prevent debris in HVAC blower?
  133. WRX Wagon Trunk closing/opening questions
  134. P1088 Passenger Tumble Generator Valve
  135. Anyone ever get road stripe paint on your car?
  136. Rough idle at 8000 miles on WRX could it be the fuel injectors?
  137. Okay, what does "turning rotors" mean?
  138. Are these decent jackstands/floorjack?
  139. Cause of car not starting every time?
  140. Rear plate lights are not working
  141. Too late to switch?
  142. what is clutch shudder?
  143. windshield cleaner
  144. Airtools question
  145. Timing belt tensioner P/N
  146. Fuel Filter Question
  147. Stock air filter element replacement - yikes!
  148. Going back to the dealership?
  149. Car wont stop dying!
  150. Timing belt done at dealer
  151. Dexcool coolant seem to cooldown forever!!!
  152. Clutch Adjustment
  153. Banging sound up front on rough pavement...
  154. Washing bugs off without ruining paint?
  155. Help, no power steering
  156. Draining all water/antifreeze mix, getting a higher temp thermostat?
  157. steering feel looser after alignment?
  158. How long can you drive with a spare tire on?
  159. any ideas?
  160. bumper part#
  161. Zymol Zyntek motor oil
  162. OBD II Scan Tool. Laptop or Palm?
  163. Cam seal install?
  164. help me fix my cel problem
  165. brake fluid question
  166. Sqeaky rear brakes
  167. Interesting oil analysis results, proof that thicker isn't better?
  168. FedEx truck sucks
  169. Anyone have a squeaky seat?
  170. Anybody know how many labor hours for cam seals?
  171. Going to be driving to school
  172. Wheel Speed Sensor Failure?
  173. Performance Alignment in Sacramento?
  174. Shops in NH
  175. How many quarts needed when oil filter has been prefilled?
  176. Where are the sparkplugs? Misfire in #2
  177. UOA For 2002 Impreza TS Wagon 10353k
  178. Window Chip: Bad to drive with small chip?
  179. Cam shaft belt inspection at 101K?
  180. Cracked windshield
  181. Anyone replaced PCV valve yet?
  182. Coolant leak, 98 RS, water pump? seal?
  183. WRX oil change
  184. Left Fender Replacement
  185. WRX overheating at track during driving school
  186. not me
  187. Here's the deal...
  188. Noticable Power Loss... Help!
  189. Air con question
  190. One new tyre
  191. Knows problems with Subaru during their production!!!
  192. Tranny Oil change...when?
  193. What oil do you use?
  194. Heavy Jerking Back And Forth When Getting The Car Going?
  195. Burned clutch in reverse
  196. Banjo Bolt washer question?
  197. oil drain plug torque
  198. Codes P1088, 1089, 1090, 1091
  199. Can I replace my 02 sensor myself?
  200. Burning Oil
  201. what kind of wax do you use?
  202. Please read: alignment and steering feel part 2
  203. Oil temperature/pressure?
  204. Fuel sensor
  205. 30000 mile service
  206. Oil Change + What Other Services?
  207. Torque wrench questions?
  208. Yet another oil change question
  209. Dealer Service Question
  210. Spark Plugs
  211. Need help w/ my AC
  212. AC question
  213. stuck bolts
  214. Militec
  215. Check engine light?
  216. Checking 4EAT fluid
  217. I can't change my oil
  218. CEL help
  219. clicking noise when turning?
  220. Blown head gasket?
  221. What are these and how taut should they be?
  222. Frt Wheel Bearing: Replaced @ 55K Mi
  223. Weather stripping pulled off of door trim
  224. map sensor interchangeability...
  225. Broken A/C line - help!
  226. Clutch "Clunk" Noise - Anyone else?
  227. timing mark on crank pulley
  228. Big deal re-use crush washer?
  229. How tight are the MT and Diff drain plugs the first time?
  230. Ever use a Honda filter on a Subaru?
  231. A/C Freezing up?
  232. upipe install/torque wrench absolutely necessary?
  233. Misfire & BOV
  234. about to change coolant..
  235. no power
  236. OK to jack the rear under the differential?
  237. What are these knobs and pipes?
  238. Need Advice: WRX Fluid replacement
  239. Help Replacing A/C Compressor
  240. Cruise control
  241. Oil Level: ?'s about after change.
  242. The best wax ever
  243. Floor Jack Suggestions?
  244. what wrenches for car work?
  245. Oil Filter Fell off
  246. Frame Inspection report
  247. leak around timing belt cover
  248. Bad thermostat?
  249. Problem during startup
  250. synthetic oil and changing the filter with out draining the oil