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  1. Abs Relay Service Gone Bad @ Dealer
  2. Any body know how much fluid goes into a Sti 6spd tranny and rear diff.
  3. Wow, where have I been? Torque meter for any ratchet (add on)
  4. air filter: K&N or amsoil?
  5. 30,000 fuel injector cleaning?
  6. Oil leak from starter - overfilled on oil change?
  7. Oil Analysis Results 7000 miles
  8. windshield fogging problems
  9. An extra quart of oil.. Bad?
  10. How to read sparkplugs
  11. Air conditioner problems
  12. Oil filter leak or just spillage?
  13. What's that thing inside the oil filter?
  14. Oil spots in coolant
  15. What is this wobbleing sound on my car?
  16. Creeking sound? help please!
  17. CEL & Error Code P0304
  18. Yay! Blown radiator and no warranty!
  19. A new thought on dino vs. synthetic MTL
  20. Fried Wheel Bearings?
  21. Parking sideways on a hill-->smoke on start?
  22. Engine Flush?
  23. Rear wheels not turning on my AWD!
  24. wack gas guage...
  25. Sta-bil fuel stabilizer
  26. e-brake light stuck on?
  27. Simple Q. -- Is my knock sensor in right?
  28. doing 30K personally, need some advise
  29. comperable fluids to teh OE ones? tranny, diff, brake
  30. Where to buy Subaru specific tools?
  31. Coolant refill
  32. installing fuel filter, did a search on this too
  33. 2.2 Liter Engine bay
  34. starter relay
  35. Changing Oil
  36. Windshield crack repair - am I nuts?
  37. align headlights vertically?
  38. Upgrading brake fluid to DOT 4
  39. servicing the trunk door on wagon?
  40. Is your Draw-Tite hitch crooked?
  41. Wrx Oil Filter
  42. A proper jack stand
  43. 'Click' noise from front of car...
  44. Weird Oil Change experience
  45. Interference or Non-Interference Engine
  46. Best way to get the car off the ground???
  47. Oil Help
  48. brake work
  49. Metallic rattle from rear drivers side??
  50. full synthetic vs. synthetic blend?
  51. binding on tight turns?
  52. rotating tires. . something weird or overworrying
  53. Do you have to top off your oil between oil changes?
  54. my jack points failed
  55. Bad Wipers
  56. Am I crazy, coolant replacement Q
  57. Drivers Seat Loose....How to tighten?
  58. Help: Hood doesn't close
  59. Another 30k Service Thread!
  60. P0328-Knock sensor high input??
  61. Changing WRX clutch and power steering hose question
  62. Valve Cover Oil Leak
  63. How much is the 105,000 timing belt service?
  64. Corrosion on my distributor terminals!
  65. clicking noise when shifting.
  66. metal scraping sound
  67. water pump replacement on 97 impreza
  68. What should I lubricate injector orings with?
  69. Reaching for the spark
  70. heater hose ok for oil lines?
  71. Heater control question
  72. what should i do!
  73. Who's right... dealer or SOA on oil changes?
  74. Lemon law?
  75. PO325 Knock sensor circuit malfunction
  76. engine knock- hydraulic tensoner or piston slap?
  77. Air filters for MY00 air filtration system
  78. Oil change before track event on new STI?
  79. Is it bad for the springs/struts to leave car on stands too long?
  80. Stock radiator leaking
  81. Bad coolant system/I blow my car
  82. turbo oil return line strange
  83. Oil + Filters
  84. need suggestions: my rear end is going out
  85. crazy gas gauge
  86. Removing 95 Legacy dashboard
  87. Bad steering rack bushings causing this?
  88. Anyone have problems from using the rear diff to lift the car?
  89. Frame parts removal help
  90. AC Compressor Removal on '96 OB
  91. Correct Compressor Oil Question
  92. 24k service . . . what should the dealer do?
  93. Oil leakage question, please respond!!
  94. egr valve
  95. My car needs your help!
  96. Oil analysis: high lead
  97. PO 1442 (Undefined Code)
  98. Oil change Problem, anyone help?
  99. Need replacement key
  100. Clunking when starting
  101. stuck sunroof
  102. Coming up on 20k. What would you recommend be maintenanced.
  103. My Subaru service page - updated for STi
  104. Endwrench Subaru site!
  105. Air Conditioner Smell
  106. Drum brake "puller thingie"
  107. How to change LED bulbs in Spoiler Brake Light?
  108. Anybody ever remove their taillights?
  109. Front Wheel Bearing Replacement
  110. insect problem
  111. For those who change oil by themselves.
  112. Thanks for help with 30K on WRX
  113. Crush Washer Orientation
  114. A/C and water out of floor vents
  115. Rear diff leak, pic included!
  116. Missfire: #4 cyl
  117. Is this a good tire pressure gauge?
  118. caution sparks
  119. What is EGR pipe thread size?
  120. 2002 WRX Engine Oil low by 2.75 Quarts
  121. Rhino ramps on sale at Pep Boys
  122. damn subaru dealer
  123. creaking noise after dealer service
  124. CEL: P0133 front O2 sensor
  125. owners manual screw up
  126. Where do you place a floor jack under the car?
  127. Cleaning the windshield (inside part)
  128. Power Steering Rack
  129. Loud Turbo
  130. Really disappointing discovery
  131. Dealer did not change filter @ 3000
  132. Changed coolant - post-op questions!
  133. Seeking reliable service center near Waltham MA
  134. my window is getting scratched
  135. Canister
  136. I think I have a coolant leak
  137. some bonehead questions about subaru oil change procedure
  138. timing belt
  139. Torque setting for sump plug
  140. AC Compressor Question
  141. Oil leak, help needed
  142. Is My New XT Too Cool, Or What?
  143. how to remove rear bumper cover on MY04 wagon
  144. smoke on start-up? 2003 WRX
  145. Timing Belt 02 WRX
  146. CEL Light and Hard Idle
  147. Cel 1131
  148. replacing 2004 foglight bulb
  149. Fluid Changes... are these choices good? please help I am changing them tommorow morn
  150. Glue removal on car surface (how?)
  151. Clicking noise from front right wheel- Bad wheel bearing?
  152. will I get fouling with colder plug
  153. When are people changing timing belts?
  154. Back-up Light Switch
  155. What color is your OEM Air Filter?
  156. Stinky A/C question
  157. I can't find my transmission fluid dipstick!!!
  158. 30k service questions
  159. Lots of misfire CELs
  160. Anyone ever used a Palm Scan EP, PDA Code puller?
  161. Optima Batteries at Costco
  162. Hesitation at 3K rpm/light boost - dealer fixed
  163. spark plug questions
  164. Oil change question
  165. stanky air conditioner
  166. Leaky headers?
  167. 60K maintenance price?
  168. Clutch fluid change
  169. Oil Filter Access - Has anyone cut the splashguard?
  170. Oil Analysis
  171. Dumb question about oil changing
  172. Changed my tranny lube to synthetic
  173. issue with "security LED"
  174. Help diagnose an oily transmission
  175. need part# for... plastic doohickey
  176. Snapped a strut top mount stud
  177. Protecting the CV boots
  178. A/C belt tensioner is broken?
  179. Warranty vs Customer Pay Labor Time
  180. 30k maintenance price - lets match them
  181. 60K service $$
  182. Anyone have a diagram of the AC system? (MY00)
  183. How to remove household paint from surface of car?
  184. Post Torque Specs Here
  185. Black oil at change
  186. 04 driveability
  187. 2004 WRX Problem
  188. Question about different types of oil and the 10,000 mile checkup
  189. Anyone use Sta Lube?
  190. CEL code question - P4303
  191. need help turbo hose split
  192. leaking heater core
  193. Fuel filter replacement
  194. Other maintenance procedures besides oil change
  195. Procedure to set timing on 02 wrx engine?
  196. Brake gurus...quick question
  197. Should i change tranny fluid if everything shifts fine?
  198. Silly Mistake
  199. Car Cover and Maintenance
  200. Intermittent ignition problem
  201. mositure makes my car run!!
  202. Costal Tranny fluid??
  203. Dex-Cool Users Beware
  204. Good article on oil filtration.
  205. Need serious help
  206. front diffential question on 2002 OBS
  207. Oil and AT plug washers
  208. Fumoto Valve Discount
  209. power loss issue
  210. Suspension maint- how to keep things running smooth?
  211. White smoke on start-up?
  212. Heater core question
  213. Coming up on 7,500 miles
  214. 02-03 WRX top radiator hose
  215. idle problems w/AC on
  216. A\c Problem help !
  217. bent steering column?
  218. Oil leak or something else?
  219. Fumoto valve substitute?
  220. legacy starter
  221. Windshield Pitting
  222. Engine Runs too Hot at Idle
  223. Stupid Purple Engine cleaner
  224. Changing oil, different readings!! bahhhhhhh
  225. Quick alignment question
  226. Coolant Change Question
  227. RS guys, how much oil can you fit??
  228. Resurfacing rotors and other questions
  229. Steering Problem?
  230. PCV on 2003 TS
  231. automatic 95 legacy won't start!
  232. Free 90 psi compressor - Accept or Reject?
  233. EJ18 timing belt questions
  234. which oil filter for MY04 wrx non-STi?
  235. valves clicking louder?
  236. check engine light
  237. Idle adjustmet
  238. shop manuals?
  239. Power steering problems
  240. Another Oil Question
  241. Parking brake light gets stuck
  242. Valvoline Online?
  243. Any opinions on WaterWetter?
  244. Dont change your oil or filter for 10 years:
  245. want to put stock airbox back on
  246. BAD O2 sensor? How do you check?
  247. 2.5RS owners: tell me about your problems
  248. 4 jackstands = chassis flex
  249. best oil filter wrench
  250. OEM Filter always leaks