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  1. Can we use synthetic oil for WRX?
  2. EJ25 oil filters
  3. Cool new forum.
  4. Synthetic oil...when is best time?
  5. Extended Warrenty Service Treatment?
  6. I finally found where that rattle comes from!
  7. Welcome
  8. WRX 1K oil change?
  9. WRX Service Manual
  10. Getting the 2.5 block apart
  11. Maintainence Schedule?
  12. 50K miles on my 99RS
  13. 15K service for WRX
  14. Oil Additive?
  15. Where is the Back-up Light Switch???
  16. Here is the 2002 Impreza Maintenance Schedule
  17. Just changed oil to Mobil1 0W40
  18. Took the door apart this weekend
  19. 30K Service
  20. What oil?
  21. Leaky Trunk? Am I the only one?
  22. check engine error codes
  23. Rattle while deceleratong in 3rd gear
  24. Do people buy the extended warranty?
  25. 5w30 or 10w30???
  26. Can the dealer tell that I've buzzed the engine?
  27. WRX Oil Filter
  28. Non-synthetic oil
  29. 22500 mile service?
  30. Best windshield wipers
  31. Want to pirate service manual...
  32. car lifts for maintenance & upgrades
  33. Oil lugnut rotation?
  34. wrx mpg- what's everyone averaging?
  35. Oil Filter
  36. Mobile 1 or Another?
  37. "Subaru Maintenance Plan" - what exactly is it?
  38. Mobil-1 Oil Filter for WRX
  39. Before going to the dealership..
  40. Cleaning cabin air filter
  41. Moderator "Kastle" setttle down!!
  42. sucking/squeaking noise after oil change
  43. Okay Mr."North" you're bad!!!
  44. Anyone Replace Rear Wheel Bearings?
  45. window problems
  46. IS there a way to double-check my timing belt alignment?
  47. cruise control is broken
  48. RS Dash for 99
  49. Motul Recommendation
  50. Anyone used this oil filter?
  51. 1997 Outback, 94000 miles, problems
  52. Transmission oil Questions
  53. Service Manual
  54. gas that smells
  55. Doing your own oil changes (WRX)
  56. What Does an Empty Rear Differential Sound Like?
  57. r-12 to r134a conversion
  58. Is WRX undercarriage rustproof?
  59. Best Oil for 98 RS?
  60. normal tire pressure loss?
  61. Is my Tranny screwed up?
  62. Want to disconnect door chime...
  63. How to disable DRL's
  64. I'm an idiot (where's the oil filter?)
  65. My Gas Milage Sucks!!!
  66. I think i have something wrong...
  67. Just a little help please--->
  68. back from the dead
  69. what are the differential ratios on my '93 impreza
  70. Fram X2 oil filter
  71. just changed my oil
  72. Water pump?
  73. Rust on my MY00 RS!
  74. Valve adjustment w/ solid shimless lifters?
  75. remove transmission oil
  76. flashing car, compass gauge pack
  77. windshield squirter leak (aka., hood stain)
  78. Help! Q: about oil filter type???
  79. Switching Oils Often Bad?
  80. Lights don't flash with the security system (WRX)
  81. Windows won't roll up or down at all!
  82. 15K mile service...
  83. Disable A/C on Defrost?
  84. how to install O2 sensor, fuel filter and air control valve
  85. scratch repair
  86. I'm new (and I have questions...)
  87. Noisy tachometer??
  88. For those of you who want an easy time getting off oil filters
  89. Green Motor Oil?
  90. My parking lights won't turn off?...
  91. New MY02 Service Manual Supplement
  92. does it void the warranty??
  93. Rusty drums
  94. How long should I warm up?
  95. How do you take care of the engine?
  96. 9 quarts of oil in a 2002 WRX (big problems i think)
  97. bad fuel pump?? any aftermarket??
  98. 2.2L (EJ22) 1997 OBS Interference or Not?
  99. Inside Fan is Noisy - how do I get to it?
  100. NAPA Part numbers- can we have a nice thread with numbers listed?
  101. Subaru Not Prepared
  102. Brake Rotor Replacement
  103. Z-max
  104. noise
  105. Location/look-of Diagnostic connectors for the FI computer?
  106. How do you clean your engine?
  107. Need a new bumper
  108. synthetic... can I go back?
  109. Think I broke my steering rack, please help:
  110. wrx 3 gauge dash SNAFU...a little help please...
  111. Driver's window stopped working
  112. cel allways on?
  113. Roof rails on 2002 TS
  114. I am the guinea pig
  115. check engine light is on
  116. Engine coolant Q
  117. Torque Wrench
  118. What's everyone's frequency of oil changes?
  119. 30,000 mile Checkup Questions?
  120. oil drain plug size
  121. Jackstands
  122. Is it possible to perform coolant flush without engine?
  123. Legacy dehydrated?
  124. cel light just came on....
  125. jack stand placement??
  126. engine misfires, stalls
  127. clutch to floor?
  128. Backordered replacement parts - try Canada
  129. 30k service- Do the Subaru Manuals Help??
  130. When I go to college, where are subie dealers?
  131. How many quarts for the WRX auto tans?
  132. Hood ding! :(
  133. History of oil/synthetics from a dino (I'm 40 yrs old)
  134. Subaru (New) Select Monitor
  135. WRX spark plugs wanted.
  136. Engine Fluids?
  137. What to do with used oil filters?
  138. CEL *after* ECU re-flash?
  139. maybe there should be...
  140. subie windows
  141. Please utilize the search function
  142. Heater making flapping noises...
  143. Anyone Else Think The WRX Headlights Stink??
  144. Name this object...
  145. Noise
  146. Quick oil question, need quick answer.
  147. CE light
  148. Squeeky windows & how to quiet them
  149. Changing MT oils
  150. Anyone ever have a strut mount replaced? have estimate, want input
  151. Just put in Castrol Syntec Blend...
  152. "knocking" noise when engine is cold
  153. Which Synthetic to use?
  154. Wheel Bearing Grease
  155. 15k service prices
  156. WRX Trailer Hitch Wiring cheat sheet
  157. Brake Pad Part Numbers
  158. Mileage
  159. 24km maintenance
  160. Timing belt tensioner holding tool?
  161. Synthetic > Regular
  162. Delivery of WRX - 500 miles of break-in on the interstate?
  163. Low oil question
  164. Need a floor jack... advice needed
  165. Call me dumb but....
  166. Radiator/coolant
  167. Talk about not reading my manual
  168. Headlights: Right - Working, Left - Not working
  169. burning oil smell after oil change?
  170. Smelly '02 OBS
  171. mileage related to service intervals
  173. Ignition Wires ???
  174. Changing Timing belt on 91 Legacy , need manual help !
  175. Quick Water Pump Question
  176. AT oil temp light & lagging
  177. How often do you change engine oil with synthetic oil?
  178. 2002 WRX security light flash, 2000 miles?
  179. Minor Oil Leak Discovered!
  180. ABS and AIRBAG went out!
  181. Rear Diff Drain
  182. Tdc
  183. misfiring problem
  184. Noise over 100mph on WRX
  185. I'm taking my car in to the dealer for syncro problems, will I get a loaner car?
  186. strange noise
  187. Crush washer - change or re-use
  188. wrx wagon rear pass window not working
  189. need help! where is the coolant sensor (EJ25 SOHC)
  190. How do I clean my spark plug wires?
  191. 2.5RS Mileage
  192. driveline noise
  193. OBD-2 Tool trouble shooting
  194. Trailer Hitch Wiring, what's needed?
  195. is my O2 sensor damaged?
  196. dirty oil
  197. HELP! Electrical Problems...
  198. Subaru Electrical Connectors
  199. check engine light
  200. Headlight adjustment
  201. WRX Engine Warm-Up Questions
  202. 30000 mile service
  203. I'm leaking something...
  204. Someone hit my new WRX
  205. parking lights not working
  206. Frnt & Rr Diff + X Case Fluid change
  207. One Fo Light Out
  208. whats the best non-synthetic oil?
  209. how can you tell if your differential was damaged due to towing?
  210. Power Steering (around there) Leak
  211. Wind Noise at Normal Speeds in WRX
  212. Source for Red Line Oil?
  213. Which weight oil to use in this situation?
  214. Please help with wiring
  215. How are you supposed to torque a fluid line?
  216. Timing belt question
  217. REQ: Picture of Transmission Drain Bolt
  218. Check Engine Light (CEL) !!!
  219. Can-t find brake pad install instructions
  220. headlights flickering
  221. 2000 miles and Im already a quart low!
  222. Rough Idle? Any ideas? Normal?
  223. Erratic Idle??
  224. Rear diff. fluid change w/ Primitive Skid Plate
  225. "Street Dyno"
  226. anyone have service manuals...?
  227. Called Redline about MT oil
  228. Help! CEL On after Spark Plug change
  229. Break-In Advice
  230. Tranny Fluid Fill ???
  231. WRX Oil Leak
  232. trouble starting car
  233. serious idle problems on 99RS
  234. oil filter difference?
  235. Help: Loud "clunk" when backing out of garage?
  236. what oil filter
  237. A simple oil change
  238. Place to buy Motul or ATE Super Blue
  239. Voltag Regulator?
  240. What brand of tools do you guys and gals buy?
  241. Rubbing brakes / noise from front driver side/AC buzzing sound
  242. Changing Oil?
  243. Oil in the Spark Plug Well!
  244. Ramps and jackstands...
  245. Headlight Plug Fried...
  246. Windshield Chips? Paint touchup?
  247. When to replace synthetic tranny oil?
  248. Signal Lights/Flashers Problem
  249. oil change - put it up on ramps or no?
  250. 1000 mile oil change: Dealer says no way!