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  1. clunk clunk
  2. Help me build my AUTOX monster
  3. Gauging Interest... Oil Cooler Kit for APS FMIC
  4. Colorado!!!!
  5. Will a 6' step ladder fit inside a WRX Wagon?
  6. NASIOC chapter?
  7. how much louder is...
  8. STI RA SPEC-C seats
  9. NO! 06 wrx magazine reviews?
  10. 05 sti modded and 06 wrx tr comparison
  11. Vendor
  12. Blow Off Valve Question
  13. March Incentives???
  14. Wingless trunk?
  15. Mosler's MT900S rocks a WRX steering wheel!
  16. I Never seen a Subaru like this.....
  17. Subaru arriving in Mexico
  18. Subaru Rated Best in the World
  19. what turbo comes in the s204??
  20. Looking for Subaru Quad Picture Tread
  21. SEATTLE - WRX crash [2 killed]
  22. 06 STi or 06 Legacy GT B.spec?
  23. So, where do you park your STi?
  24. Cargo Basket
  25. looking to trade my rx8 in.
  26. Looking for Subaru PN for '05 coolant header tank.
  27. How much would you pay for RS seats?
  28. bov sound clips
  29. Ticket advice, not the usual stuff
  30. Motivation
  31. Does anyone sell STi boxer shorts?
  32. In regards to exterior parts which side of car is which?
  33. Why no big finance incentives to buy a Subaru?
  34. Fender bender question?
  35. Silver STI sighting
  36. New Goodies on the way
  37. Important: Emails from Chase!
  38. NADA or KBB
  39. Interview with Rick Crosson, VP Subaru Marketing
  40. red intake??
  41. Subarus in movies
  42. Prices for front upper strut bar
  43. google fight: sti versus evo
  44. 06sti, You Need To Contact Me
  45. Military with subaru's overseas, help!!
  46. Exhaust mating
  47. Statistics
  48. Suby owners around moscow pullman area?
  49. Subaru Vehicle Modification Reimbursement Program
  50. grades of steel
  51. v7 spec c swap in 3 days!
  52. opinions
  53. Need help fast- front hub assembly- please help
  54. 06 STI vs. 06 EVO IX
  55. Just got my new car
  56. 05 STi for me.
  57. How much boost will cat's handle???
  58. my cobb tbe w/cat ... two ways to use it???
  59. I know there are a few Perrin rotated mounts floating around here so does
  60. ?Have you seen this sti video
  61. Have you gone from Sedan to Wagon or W 2 Sedan?
  62. Survey says... I miss my Subie
  63. Avis commercial
  64. 2002 with 2006 conversion on ebay???
  65. WRX and 2nd car?
  66. vandalism
  67. Short Best Motoring STi clip....
  68. busted fuel needle?....
  69. Question about radiators
  70. Roof Rack?
  71. wrx tr
  72. picked up some good driving shoes
  73. Thinking of buying a WRX
  74. Up/Down Pipe time
  75. adding pics to post (wont let me, why ??)
  76. A favor
  77. fixing stripped strut
  78. OBD1 Scan Tool
  79. BOV Return Hose
  80. Another Newbie
  81. not hitting peak boost with vf 34
  82. What would you pay?
  83. Hope my car is ok
  84. what's your mpg?
  85. Ignition Magazine with one crazy STi
  86. aww how nice
  87. Gas gauge
  88. dilemma...wrx...sti
  89. Is my legacy wagon dead
  90. VODCars Podcast - Subaru Nation
  91. Cobb AP comes with stage 2 map already?
  92. Car drivable?
  93. where can i buy oliver rods
  94. 2002 wrx front lip
  95. Towing Question T or F?
  96. Do you use your wagon as a wagon?
  97. Looking at '00 2.5rs with 60k miles with mods...worry about tranny?
  98. Subiesport on Promo at Borders
  99. Finally, wrx baby!!!!!
  100. Maximum weight for roof rack?
  101. What color should i get??
  102. Love my new ride!!
  103. Great Website!!
  104. Beware!!! 6-speed on eBay from UK
  105. lightening the load
  106. 2.2l sound clip?
  107. proud new owner
  108. Newbie has question-abbreviations
  109. Stolen Sti Pics!!!!
  110. Uppipe and Turbo Back Exhaust question
  111. Subie Keychains!
  112. Oil Pan Assy parts...
  113. 10 days and $800 Dollars later...
  114. Funny story at local speed shop
  115. Racing Shoes?
  116. Would you buy a car from Vermont?
  117. To those who sold their sti......
  118. Oh Ya just got a steel gray
  119. Gas Mileage
  120. Should my lights blink on alarm activation?
  121. Most miles in 1 year?
  122. Suggestion/advice on modded wrx
  123. Advice from you guys & girls!
  124. New Driving Sports Weekly Video
  125. Water leaking into my car!!
  126. Selling my car, need some opinions?!
  127. Recycling used/worn out parts - struts & brakes
  128. Bell open face helmet $29.95
  129. New owner here
  130. Sport compact car
  131. how to go roundabout...
  132. My poor scoobie...owned by deer
  133. I'm trying to find an ad for a project
  134. General modding question
  135. Tire Pressure
  136. Need MY04 Sti, FXT or Baja Turbo ecu loaner.
  137. SWEET! I am gonna get to do my first track day
  138. More Subaru On-Air Time
  139. Speed Channel Rally Cross Special
  140. Ever taken a trip to Japan?
  141. Does anyone stay on NASIOC as much as I do ?
  142. projection headlamps
  143. Zero Percent Financing on STI?
  144. new car or used car
  145. boost gauge
  146. board
  147. Free Parts!
  148. Subaru 360 Magazine Article - cool car !
  149. Getting used to...
  150. Looking to sell GC8 for WRX
  151. I'm new here!!
  152. I pick up my WRX tomorrow!
  153. cobb TBE turbo sound???
  154. Said goodbye to the WRX...
  155. 4 year anniversary!
  156. sex on wheels
  157. FHI 1% share?
  158. manual vs paddle shifter essay
  159. Whose 9-2X is this? Anyone here?
  160. Local youth dies in '06 WRX crash
  161. New to Subaru Engines!!! help?
  162. Keep me away from an STi!!!
  163. Consumer Reports says Potenza RE92's are "performance tires"
  164. Subie love
  165. How lucky we are!!!
  166. Sharing recent changes made to my garage
  167. Car smoking bad
  168. For the Pzero Nero lovers...
  169. is there no way to get a TBE and venting blow off valve to run good?
  170. I ran several runs averaging 15 min apart........
  171. The CB/1 Project (Corky Bell/1)
  172. Borla Hush and Trailer Hitch on a Wagon
  173. Auto 06WRX vs Auto 06LegactGT
  174. Where to buy Mines replica these days?
  175. Thinking about selling my GTI for a WRX. Any ex-VW owners?
  176. Accuracy Of Boost Gauges vs Access Port
  177. Sunday afternoon is NOT the best time to decide to do an exhaust
  178. So the mechanic is going to redo my exhaust the RIGHT way...pipe reducers (again)
  179. According to Enterprise, Subaru = Jeep
  180. Kartboy install/uninstall
  181. Need Advice Please!!
  182. Anyone on here go to AWJunkies lately???
  183. Draw-Tite trailer hitch and SPT catback??
  184. is this turbo ok?
  185. Check out this '04 STi...
  186. too much steam coming from exhaust? (non subie)
  187. Highway MPG vs City MPG
  188. dad wants wrx sold!!!help
  189. I am unhappy
  190. Is it worth to trade in stage 2 WRX for STi or EVO9?
  191. Very happy with my 06!!!!
  192. any ideas for the common commuter?
  193. Part out or sell the car as is
  194. bad for car to sit for weeks at a time?
  195. Just drove a buddies '06 WRX, impressions...
  196. STi owners, Anyone have their lights stop flashing when unlocking door with fob?
  197. um... an STi Type R?
  198. Running Lean??
  199. Where to find a blown 2.5L motor?
  200. Subaru Mechanics School?
  201. News Flash: A Subie Enthusiast Needs Advice.
  202. anyone have subarus annual report on pdf?
  203. RHD question
  204. Need Help!
  205. WRX named as one of top 20 cars of past 20 years
  206. 05 STi hood?
  207. holy craaap stick is hard
  208. NASIOC Nationwide Meet?
  209. anyone else do this when driving an automatic?
  210. ***HELP.questions. Thinking of buying a Sti
  211. trailer hitch on sedan?
  212. EDM/UKDM Parts
  213. Window malfunction
  214. Good sound deadener?
  215. Welcome Back !
  216. long commute, tuning help...
  217. I drifted today is my car OK???
  218. Is there a detailed parts listing for the WRC cars? I seek the side mirrors...
  219. Tuners in/near San Antonio?
  220. 2006 WRX/STI Repair Manual
  221. New Legacy... extended warrenty worth it?
  222. Ever been pulled for a "smelly" exhaust?
  223. Ok sell old car for WRX Opinions please
  224. Cool Wallpaper
  225. Good Bye 04 Wagon
  226. how to attch pics?
  227. photo help
  228. Anyone own an imported impreza?
  229. WagonMafia stickers?
  230. New SPT parts?
  231. Is accurate? $32.5K Sti, $2750 down, $364 a month 63 months
  232. nasioc sticker - looks like nabisco?
  233. Alarm beep
  234. 2005+ Legacy GT (auto vs. manual)
  235. Edmunds Article: s204
  236. Engineering Project
  237. Out the door price on an STi
  238. 2007 Impreza to be a Hatchback!
  239. engineering/drafting drawing project
  240. Good new, guys!
  241. Port and Polished Turbo
  242. Red valve covers??
  243. New car cant wait!
  244. all wrx and sti owners wave at me
  245. 10 ways to kill your cars resale value
  246. So many more TRs on the lot than NON TRs
  247. launching and snow tires
  248. Interpereting Insurance
  249. impreza shakedown winners
  250. Suby Wave causes 4 car crash