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  1. N.E.1. ever own this '04, OBP, STI VIN#JF1GD70604L517180, Chicago IL?
  2. She's gone....
  3. Socal 2.5rs Owners Please Read!
  4. Looking for something unique for your bugeye?
  5. How much do you think i can get for my car?
  6. Wikipedia Subaru Info
  7. my luck....
  8. Whats the deal with the Saabaru 9-2X?
  9. cant post in the FS section
  10. Is 30,188 a good enough price for an STi?
  11. Petit Le Mans Sep 27-30
  12. Video Request: Solberg testing blue rally car
  13. What BOV does the Prodrive P2 use?
  14. STI TMIC on stock 06 wrx
  15. WRX/STI videos
  16. Snakes on a Mother Fin plane
  17. HELP!! Can You Put the Rear Seat Down from the Trunk?
  18. Hitches and Aftermarket Exhausts?
  19. Wondering what I saw today
  20. nasioc decal
  21. Subaru Has 2 Entries in 4Car's Silliest Car Name Poll
  22. Pig??
  23. san remo red color code
  24. WRX reliability, should I go SRT-4?
  25. 8/27
  26. ****EMERGENCY***** Topeka,KS
  27. What would you do?
  28. '06 WRX jerky at low speeds
  29. random thought today while driving
  30. b0rked - can't quote an impreza wrx
  31. Engine light?
  32. Any S204 for UK, Australia and NewZealand?
  33. Look what I just took for a test drive!
  34. Warning! SOA dealership surveys are given back to dealers with customer name on it!
  35. '99-'01 2.5 RS vs. '02+ Rs/i
  36. blow off valves
  37. Yay!
  38. Am I The Only One Who Wants A 2008 Sti?
  39. 02-03 WRX Cobb AccessPort for sale!
  40. help with trading in my 03 wrx for 06 sti
  41. Anyone have the SUNAUTO logo
  42. Reset ECU -- Parking Lights are Flashing!
  43. does REPAIRED car damage effect the value?
  44. New WRX site, need help, contributors and Guinea Pigs
  45. how to ship
  46. Need Moderator help!
  47. Do we have the "black box" yet???
  48. Got My Spt Intake *Click for Scanned Instructions*
  49. Towing company drops our car on the ground
  50. Did any yr JDM Sti come with burgandy interior?
  51. Looking to buy another Rex, some questions?
  52. Some advice?
  53. Where can i find this keyring/lanyard (whatever it's called)
  54. Negotiating prices in the US? How?!
  55. Rear Seat floor dented (underbody damage)..opinions
  56. Replacement side mirror (just the glass) - help!
  57. Muffler install
  58. Auto trade for 5 speed at the dealer
  59. Generally, what parts are lacking?
  60. JDM HID question
  61. WRX years, best?
  62. H6 Twin Turbo Wrx Sti
  63. Jack points bending?
  64. Please help me
  65. STI topspeed run (207 mph?)
  66. Know a list of turbo sizes for all Impreza versions? WRX, STI, Spec C etc.
  67. I am impressed!!!
  68. my poor subie!
  69. Great site for comparing performance
  70. New Owner
  71. Trip to Japan, any shops recommend?
  72. Open letter to whoever stole my valvestem caps
  73. How does the WRX (All versions) compare to M Roadster (Z3) & Mazdaspeed Miata?
  74. Where to Order OEM Subaru HID and Ballasts??
  75. i hate deer
  76. New 06 and a problem
  77. wrx hatchback for 2008?
  78. Problems Starting? Help!!
  79. looking to get a subaru
  80. Please tell me what its worth!
  81. Subaru ride = like being on a snowboard
  82. So I have an iPaq (windows CE handheld) that I'm not using for work...use for car?
  83. General Subaru Technical Info Needed
  84. to sell, or not to sell?
  85. thinkging of a 2000 rs turbo?
  86. When will people learn??
  87. Bikers "brake rod" hits my headlight!
  88. Yay, I love vandalism!!
  89. Tribeca front end
  90. Anybody else "catch" the Tach Needle?
  91. Lower my ride in Seattle/ Bellingham?
  92. jerky ride
  93. AC Disconnect
  94. What happen at e-town evo vs. wrx today?
  95. Shift rpm ?
  96. Well this is different. :D
  97. New member wanting purchase info
  98. anyone in san diego????
  99. SVX rear calipers fit 01 Forester?
  100. What happened to the Impreza in 1997?
  101. What are Subaru's marketing plans in Europe?
  102. What's the most that you've towed with your WRX Wagon/Sedan?
  103. Where do we access our vendor/member Feedback?
  104. Opinions requested - trying to decide whether to get a WRX or Forester XT, or......
  105. Rallispec on Vacation?
  106. Straight Ballin'
  107. Does your suby make this noise?
  108. What do you all think? Faster for $, WRX or STi
  109. post pictures..
  110. COliN mcrae R4 car anyone see it?
  111. Calling all wingless freaks!
  112. Anyone know KastlesKorner Number?
  113. subaru rally car coloring contest
  114. 06 WRX featured on NFS:Carbon trailer
  115. Great Deep Dish Discounts on all Group Buys
  116. Will the VIN tell you if certain option came with the car?
  117. right-foot clutching
  118. Need some input. Possible damage to undercarriage. :(
  119. 2006 Impreza Incentives
  120. Which Car to buy? (Please Help)
  121. Anothering Surprising Article
  122. newb questions 2.5 RS
  123. 29k for a used 2006 wrx?
  124. looking to buy a wrx
  125. the thermodynamics of internal combustion engines
  126. Looking for pics of Impreza drawings
  127. Looking at buying a 98 RS
  128. Dealer set CEL?
  129. I'm Back
  130. Protune Tomorrow!
  131. Water pump changing q's...MY00 RS
  132. Grinding sound at low RPM?
  133. Going on the first/final run the weekend with my modded STi before I sell it :(
  134. My 9-2x versus Ernesto!
  135. Need help on possible purchase of GC8....STi!
  136. 05sti vs 06sti
  137. gas pedal problem...
  138. who keeps their car in a garage?
  139. Anyone seen this WRX?
  140. Got a Quote for a 06 WRX sedan
  141. Thinking of towing my car...
  142. what to do with stock parts
  143. Get sponsored quick
  144. vote it!
  145. Everyone wishes they had one - STi powered ATV
  146. Can someone convert the stock MPa
  147. STi Daily driver
  148. anyone with experience on the SI Drive (Subaru Intelligent Drive) feature on 07's?
  149. 93 subaru impreza L not starting - think i found the problem
  150. Help with engine noise after car being parked for a long time
  151. Some questions!
  152. Tis a sad day for Crocodile Hunters everywhere
  153. Does anyone have a sound clip of a cobb ss exuast??
  154. 03 WRX Wagon vs 03 Mini Cooper S
  155. lets see any solutions to that HIGH TECH piece of cloth on the sti steering column?
  156. 1 year coming up.
  157. Looking at buying an STI but need some answers...
  158. stock sti/wrx exhaust on an impreza wagon
  159. So i traded my 2.5i up to a wrx
  160. lets hear how you like the new SPT intake for those who have it
  161. 'air control' switch
  162. Random Thoughts From a Newbie
  163. Quick question on a tire.
  164. gas mileage...?
  165. Where da heck are the meets???????
  166. Cross bar set from
  167. Motul 100% synthetic oil?
  168. crocodile hunter no more
  169. what motor is thisout of?
  170. Kansas City
  171. and another comes over from the dark side
  172. what to do next?
  173. My new Gas Mileage Record
  174. Accident... anything salvageable?
  175. Trouble leaving feedback?
  176. check engine light with cruise control flasjing
  177. too many miles in my 06!
  178. 2005 or 2006 WRX wagon?
  179. MY 03 WRX Owners
  180. My 06 WRX for sale (not be my...I traded it in) :( :(
  181. Vote for Subaru
  182. Installing whitline steering bushing-can't find video
  183. Subaru is Life Seattle Area meeting
  184. 06 STI 1,000 miles "550" hp $46,000!!!
  185. Who has the longest commute to work!!
  186. Chase Finance is screwing me (and the car is paid off!)
  187. My TR arrived, got to see it today
  188. Drivetrain Questions
  189. The Curse of "Worrying About Your Car Too Much"
  190. This months financing numbers?
  191. Those Crazy Brits!!!
  192. 2008/2009 hatchback sti
  193. Brake Upgrade or Turbo Upgrade??
  194. STI engine in an ATV please check this out
  195. Free Suby cell wallpapers =D
  196. Feeler For those with Perrin FMIC and possibly other FMICs
  197. Would you like to see regional dealership review forums?
  199. just another dilema with buying a car.... maybe fellow subaru enthusiasts can help :D
  200. Calling all/any good graphic artists
  201. Sell my wrx for a dodge ram.......
  202. Yet Anudder 05-06 S-Tee-Eye Diffy
  203. 2004 WRX STi for sale on Ebay with [email protected] on pump gas, EXTREMELY FAST!!! CHEAP!
  204. SP Engineering is Now on the Boards!!
  205. shipping by freight
  206. got a 2.5i, now what?
  207. ordered my spt intake and prodrive cat back today
  208. Grrrr! POLL: How long should wipers last
  209. 2001 Subaru Alpine Rally video
  210. Towing small trailer?
  211. NEW SETUP COMPLETE! Its about time :)
  212. Quick question - Subframe piece added during redesign...
  213. What the heck was this all about? Mods??
  214. EASY WAY TO MAKE MONEY! I didnt believe it but its real. LOOK!
  215. 2007 WRX, can anyone help??
  216. utah runs
  217. Unabomber's Vendor Interview: Turn in Concepts
  218. What the hell IS this?
  219. Should I Buy A STI
  220. What is this wire for?
  221. pignose decal for 06
  222. Tech Wise: Has the STi caught up with the Skyline?
  223. having trouble with shipping fenders
  224. Price matching at dealerships?
  225. Questions: purchasing a STI with salvage title
  226. newb
  227. What is it about the "Subaru" which made you buy one ? What makes it a great car ?
  228. Any OEM dealers
  229. Why are WRXs normally less than RS' (used)
  230. Hello Nasico, My GC8 ej20 turbo. 56k beware
  231. ecu reflash
  232. STI with Leather seats
  233. Searching and reviving old topics?
  234. Parking Lights Won't Go Out?
  235. AWD may have saved my life today...
  236. moving outwest hows the scene?
  237. I saw the STi Limited today.
  238. How is it possible?
  239. questions
  240. Help Post Pictures In Existing Thread
  241. Anyone with using Subie for Tow vehicle?
  242. What are your Monthly payments?
  243. Wondering if I can get feedback on the legacy GT and modding in Cali
  244. drag strip age requirement?
  245. new 2006 WRX TR - OR - used 2004 STI ?
  246. Gas Cap cable.... broke?
  247. ej20k?
  248. STI "short" gears
  249. SWEET, I made SUBIESPORT this month!
  250. Anyone who knows clear differences between the 06 TR and the 04 WRX...