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  1. An Impreza for LIFE - help research cure for cancer
  2. Sport Wagon owners, arise!
  3. driving shoes
  4. NEWS: World Trade Center Plane Crash & Pentagon Bombing
  5. driving position
  6. i-Club T-Shirts - first pay, first served
  7. Forum Reorganization!
  8. Let's see you in those i-Club T-shirt!
  9. i-Club Red Cross Donation...
  10. i-Club Forum Reorganization
  11. Threads that need to be moved?
  12. So we can post in here.....?
  13. FAQ: I registered, I'm logged in, but I can't post...
  14. Let's see a show of support here!
  15. Looking for a certain Desktop Pic
  16. OBS with ej22t?
  17. Too All who would like a discount from IBM FREINDS! :)
  18. Can someone carfax this VIN...
  19. AWD vs Viper to 10 ft....
  20. First WRX
  21. could someone please carfax for me
  22. Subiegals!
  23. Wiper Blades
  24. where is A/C drain and grommet?
  25. Voltage for Rear Brakelight
  26. group buyers – where are you?
  27. On Harsh 90degree turn engine bogs
  28. Subaru-powered Sporster
  29. Rear differential protector worth it? anything else i should get?
  30. Nick: This Doesn't Seem To Be Working Very Well
  31. Hey Mods-
  32. Give it up for the I-Club!
  33. Gonna be getting rid of my S2000 for a WRX...lemme know what you think...
  34. for the both new and old check out my movies
  35. Yikes!
  36. Resonator Buzzzzz?!!!help
  37. Service manual not needed?
  38. New to the forum
  39. strange Impreza for sale.
  40. Links pages
  41. Some newbie questions
  42. temp host wrx commercials
  43. damn, hit the snooze button on the line
  44. Street racing, where did my thread go?
  45. What do you guys think of the Imprezza 2.5rs...Please look here.....
  46. My last drive (accident)
  47. Check out this Boxer setup
  48. Where can I get switched 12 volt power?
  49. Feedback Request
  50. Blitz dual TT with keyless entry?
  51. engine swap?
  52. WRX yearly production numbers??????
  53. renew roadside assistance or go with AAA
  54. 360 of WRX, RS inside
  55. Vibration at high speed on HW.
  56. Windshield Advice
  57. Need detailed instructions for.......
  58. Towing your scoobie
  59. 02 WRX running very low 12's!
  60. Insurance question
  61. Models of stock light bulbs?
  62. Got a ride in the B-Spec car
  63. a/c won't turn off!
  64. stealth tt VS wrx
  65. Insurance and mods
  66. Poll.... my and color
  67. another poll
  68. coolest product at SEMA
  69. My way of saying "Hi"
  70. Tell me about this 98 Impreza L and upgrading it
  71. So proud!
  72. 10% off on Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
  73. Anyone Know?
  74. News from the Toyko Auto Show
  75. Here's a heads up on the Red Cross...
  76. Consumer Reports WRX ratings
  77. Anybody with exhaust Buzzzz at idle??
  78. Gtech vs Dyno and drivetrain losses
  79. Another shining review
  80. Says my PM Box is full, and its NOT
  81. "Whose car is this?" post???
  82. Subaru WRC ad on back of Autoweek...
  83. Parts book online?
  84. Help!
  85. Why is Subaru so good?
  86. How did YOU find the i-Club?
  87. Need to see, GC8 on H&R springs
  88. Subaru hoodscoops are popping up everywhere.
  89. Dissappearing clip =(
  90. 11 Subie All Out Battle!!!
  91. Help Needed with my STI cluster STAT!
  92. please please read
  93. Towing WRX behind RV with RV mounted tow hitch
  94. i-Club Admins: A suggestion
  95. Subaru/ Automotive Carreer?
  96. how mush to refill a bottle of NOS???
  97. i-Club Admins: A modest proposal...
  98. Street WRX runs 146 mph in Aust.
  99. subaru starts using .info domain
  100. GF gets a WRX...
  101. Trade In Value..just curious
  102. What size gauges fit in the factory gauge pod face plate?
  103. Do you pay custom import taxes for car parts?
  104. Forums User Cleanup
  105. New clip question...
  106. WRC theme music
  107. How much did you sell your RS for?
  108. I-Club CHAT????
  109. Attn: Edmon Lam
  110. help me understand. Why does
  111. Zmax
  112. Proud Owner 2.5 RS
  113. Wheres all the Subie-party SEMA footage???!!!
  114. New idea (I hope)
  115. Good Deal?
  116. I-club chat
  117. Get Rid of That Nasty Yellow Faded Headlight
  118. I have a problem
  119. Stonguard headlight protection
  120. insurance fraud?
  121. I don't browse every forum... can I have only forums I want listed on the frong page?
  122. really, how fast is a 2002 wrx
  123. impreza vs 911 turbo !!!
  124. Why In God's Name?....
  125. Members section
  126. my poor wrx
  127. How to make your car handle to your liking
  128. woohoo! Winter.. Time to remove A/C belt!
  129. Smashed Up
  130. Surfari 2.5rs/wrx owners
  131. Heres the other video... Sahin vs. Moded WRX...
  132. 95 winner
  133. how long till touch up paint fully dries?
  134. Good price for a 1991 legacy turbo motor??
  135. poster
  136. Kartboy shifter
  137. I ordered my WRX today :)
  138. sticky-est forum ever?
  139. A lap with Stefs "Cossiekiller" around the Ring, aka Nordschleife
  140. Which reminds me..
  141. CA gets 91 Octane
  142. Where to buy a Hood Deflector
  143. Who will win the Rally of GB?
  144. Anyone else get this e-mail?
  145. My Subaru's being attacked
  146. Scooby in Gotham
  147. Gathering of the Gods
  148. I Hate Finance Guys
  149. Some pics of UCI meet 11/11/01
  150. Question for Clevelanders
  151. Anyone order from
  152. OBD-II interface
  153. "ATTN: Imprezer" or "ATTN: Nick"
  154. Subaru Club
  155. Question bout hood scoops...
  156. automotive repair manual for a '97 Impreza L?
  157. East Coast Meet.... in MD...
  158. Thanks
  159. Torn between 2 cars
  160. Expected price to pay for WRX?`
  161. sighting at mojave
  162. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.......Oi,Oi,Oi!
  163. Help me out on my scooby !!!!
  164. modified wrx being built in sydney
  165. New impreza videos
  166. shipping hood
  167. Car and Driver poll: RSX is beating out the WRX for best sporty car ~$25K
  168. WRX vs 9-3 Viggen
  169. Has anyone ever heard this before or is my dealership bsing me?
  170. Anybody have experience Eloan?
  171. Anyone know who sells Lumbar Pads?
  172. rebuilt engins
  173. Scooby of the Week...
  174. crazie engines
  175. AAA’s haggle-free purchasing service?
  176. You have to see this!
  177. interior lights for my 99 RS
  178. Import an STi
  179. i-club icon in IE
  180. found this today, kind of funny
  181. pop off/ blow off valve
  182. Has the i-club ever "lost" any of our members?
  183. Okay, what happened to the thread aobut helmets in the Vendor Forum?
  184. Anybody have experience with Travelers insurance?
  185. Side molding screw rivets
  186. Hello everyone.
  187. Mod gone bad, pls read
  188. Getting ready to buy, need your thoughts
  189. Am I Worthy for home Page Scobby of Week
  190. Need info on Legacy Turbo
  191. Subaru's Marketing Angle
  192. My WRX saved my butt yesterday...
  193. PRI any one
  194. OK...who's coming to my Rally?
  195. WRC2001 (game)
  196. Should I Wear A Bra?
  197. new import tuner
  198. take a look at this desktop background i made.
  199. Anyone who's been trying to reach me
  200. 2002 Legacy GT - Why SOA Why?
  201. wsup everybody
  202. is the outback an imprezza wagon???
  203. Barrecrafters ski racks?
  204. K&N Air Filters
  205. Need your help.
  206. ATTN: Nick
  207. Considering buying a used Impreza Wagon within the next year
  208. WRC Wallpaper
  209. SWRT Beanie
  210. How does the stock ECU learn?
  211. Where to buy a muffler
  212. Scoobie of the Week?
  213. WRX turbo gauge package - Pricey?
  214. i-club store sent 1/2 my order and....
  215. A different take on performance...
  216. GMs Bob Lutz on the WRX and AWD
  217. Oil Drain Pans...
  218. Anyone catch the Treeline Rally
  219. Legacy guys!!! and anyone else....need help pricing.
  220. One of these things is not like the other.
  221. Point of Catback exhaust
  222. Will Subaru replace front seat due to squeaks?
  223. Freakin' "Hot Import Night"
  224. New WRXer needs mods advice
  225. Durability and reliability?
  226. What DOES "RS" stand for?
  227. STi Zippo lighter for £87!!!
  228. Ok Whooooos is this I must know!
  229. "Losing" posts - help
  230. subaru icons??
  231. What is this?
  232. Who has been to the STI shop in Japan? Worth going?
  233. Electronic over Manual Boost controller
  234. Pics of Rallycross
  235. Shipping Steering wheel, illegal?
  236. Great Subie Articles !!
  237. What kind of wheels do I have??
  238. what's cobb tunning's website?
  239. Sard
  240. Anyone know how to replace a heater core?
  241. Sketchy Initial Build Quality
  242. Grrr! Why can't I view older threads???
  243. is isrperformance closed this week?
  244. Anyone have a spare GC8 hood scoop?
  245. Subaru Automatic Transmission Driving Habits Poll
  246. WRC Baseball Hat
  247. rim size?
  248. Happy Thanksgiving
  249. Newbie here!
  250. Hyperex, I think we need alittle more info about your car...