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  1. cheap laptops?
  2. utec stg 4 bucking and hesitation
  3. Anyone have experience with Tech Edge W/B Units?
  4. Future engine managment on an N/A. What guages to get?
  5. TMIC question
  6. Pro ECM? Automatic?? whats the deal???
  7. Besides Pro ECM what r the alternatives to eliminate the Speed Governor
  8. does the utec beep?
  9. does the utec help in passing emissions?
  10. Need opinions on engine management for 18g
  11. Ispeed Ecutek???
  12. Wanted: Link Plus Harness
  13. Boost Spikes with a Greddy ProFec B
  14. Vishnu have support for 2004 WRX?
  15. need a stage 4 map for utec with vf23 turbo
  16. General Wiring/Installing S-AFC, J&S
  17. knock between gear shifts
  18. Am I expecting too much???
  19. TEC2, TEC3 - Use same MAP sensor?
  20. where to buy toluene?
  21. 2002 RS... What will remove the 112mph speed limiter
  22. Did any other XEDE users see this?
  23. Opinions please: is it silly to be stingy with your dyno tuned map?
  24. reseting ecu after a CAI
  25. fuel economy
  26. PossumLink
  27. Using External EGT Sensor w/Delta Dash?
  28. UTEC Stg 1 question. Oxygenated gas?
  29. Water Sprayer into the air scoop?
  30. UTEC MAP settings
  31. Anyone with a Deadbolt Map?
  32. High intake air temps
  33. Do i need to worry about base maps?
  34. Where to buy Link Plus for 2.5RS
  35. Need help....safc not working
  36. Launch control install (another)
  37. 2004 WRX exhaust CEL fix
  38. UTEC ? - Blinking cell, Datalog shows no knock.. what gives?
  39. CEL thrown after VF34 upgrade
  40. jerky acceleration from idle
  41. cold weather tuning
  42. 04 ECU problems with UTEC
  43. UTEC, rev limiter, and blinking cel. Normal?
  44. Link HP capabilities/maps
  45. Need Link Plus
  46. Fuel injector problems
  47. cobb stage 2 reflash questions...
  48. Auto vs Manual ECU
  49. Cobb Restricter, How it works?
  50. utec
  51. Need Engine Management for 2000 RS-T!!!
  52. Changing tranny fluid
  53. Just added water injection... need tuning advice...
  54. what is the output of the 02WRX factory MAF sensor?
  55. Need advice on which form of engine management to do...
  56. Haltech maps...
  57. knock sensor
  58. Help! Stuck in CLB
  59. UTEC internet maps with more rows?
  60. Delta Dash logs question
  61. PSI3 Unit
  62. utec base maps?
  63. Link vs Utec with STi 550's, a VF30 and 5800ft
  64. Knock Problem (link ecu)
  65. Cooler Weather HP safety question ...
  66. Wanted: Link Plus Adapter Harness (2000 RS)
  67. Vishnu EMI adapter, will it work on a 2004 WRX ??
  68. Where is the STI ECU ? Need help asap!
  69. Cel thrown saying lean on bank one
  70. Best MPG with Link?
  71. Should i get my UTEC tuned now, or wait?
  72. Got Books?
  73. larger diameter MAF housing w/larger injectors
  74. COBB Stage 2 vs Turbo XS Stage 1
  75. Perrin downpipe
  76. Acronym help?
  77. My car is idling roughly. Can someone look at this DeltaDash data?
  78. Post subject: blinking CEL under WOT, can someone help me with my log pls!
  79. Front O2 replacement.
  80. Delta Dash Logs
  81. Anymore info on this?
  82. HELP!! Car stalls after throttle is pressed...
  83. Warm Vs Cool weather Dyno Comparison ...
  84. blitz sbc boost controller with cobb ecu
  85. This should take a second to answer! I need a yes or no.
  86. CEL with uni chip.
  87. vishnu stage subzero - fuel economy
  88. ECU for 2.5rs
  89. 100% idc on a vf34 @ 17psi?
  90. Boost Spike in 4th and 5th
  91. Stock Boost Gauge Inacurracy Question
  92. safc settings need help
  93. Fuel maps
  94. anyone not using the IAC with a stand alone?
  95. Stuff don't work after ECUTEK reflash
  96. timing help please
  97. Question on internals. Please help
  98. A/f or EGT for tuning SAFC and how help
  99. a/f on apexi tt
  100. toulene?
  101. PCMCIA serial adaptor for Link or Haltech
  102. CEL @ 51k
  103. what is better as far as boost controller and utec?
  104. Null Trouble code: P0000
  105. USDM STI ecu vs JDM STI ecu
  106. basic settings
  107. any one heard of Aqua F-Con pro?
  108. where do you get access for a boost guage?
  109. HELP! Major problem please read!!!
  110. whp vs. engine hp
  111. running open filter with ecu tuning... bad?
  112. Whats a good intake?
  113. Need help about UTEC
  114. CEL with stg2 TXS unichip, now what??
  115. HKS vs APEXi
  116. ECUtek Gains?
  117. boost channels?
  118. Does anyone have a Link base map?
  119. GM part # for a 3 bar MAP sensor
  120. Idle question
  121. differences between scanner and reader?
  122. 3/16 T/AccessECU-stg2...theories?
  123. unichip and boost
  124. Looking for older versions of DeltaDash (1.34, 1.35)
  125. IDC's with turboback?
  126. UTEC connection issues
  127. Denso and NGK Spark Plug
  128. Missfireing (sp?)
  129. Utec question
  130. Stg4 WRX, can't get it knock free!!!
  131. Load Sites, MAP, TPS
  132. Need a Link map
  133. turboxs unichip stg 2 question
  134. Check Engine light? just instld UNI CHIP
  135. Flashing CEL - UTEC
  136. can greddy and blitz cowork?
  137. newbie problems with utec, and dyno tuning questions...
  138. blow of valve prob with wrx unichip???
  139. link management w/ boost control
  140. Timing question
  141. Msd Knock sensor
  142. installed untec- need to adjust bov?
  143. TXS Base Stage 4 maps Explain The Difference ATTN: Nathan
  144. OBDII and Palm
  145. Mod Chip question
  146. HSK exhaust
  147. Tec 3...Maps??
  148. UTEC help please!
  149. Unichip Question?
  150. Has anyone been able to eliminate the P0546 using Ecutek?
  151. Adding Bigger TMIC...Do I need re-tune?
  152. Governor On manual WRX
  153. different versions of utech
  154. UTEC + wideband, any news??
  155. What aspects of UTEC require M$ Windows?
  156. WRX ecu in 2.5RS
  157. Is the 2004 USDM STi ECU pin layout the same as JDM STi's?
  158. Utec and remote switch for sale
  159. stage 4 unichip
  160. Have Ecutek, want to add XEDE
  161. UTEC maps for FP18g?
  162. Please help me diagnose a problem
  163. RS-T Tuning and General Tuning
  164. Long Term Effects
  165. UTEC and Blitz SBCiD harder to tune?
  166. UTEC: part throttle boost control
  167. Tuning a 2.5RS ECU
  168. Who uses the restrictor w/ Cobb Stage 2
  169. Intake on a 98 2.5 RS HELP!!
  170. I don't think I want to know..
  171. Rookie ECU question...
  172. Stg 2 w/o EGT gauge
  173. PSI gauge to fit in factory column pod
  174. UTEC vs. UNICHIP on my stg IV wrx
  175. Were can I find Detonation phones/microphones with head set for tuning.
  176. different versions of the UTEC??
  177. det cans, please explain
  178. New Xede harness
  179. good starting point for S-AFC
  180. parts checklist for UTEC ecu
  181. Full boost in 1st or 2nd gear?
  182. Swapping ECUs
  183. vf30/39 comparison?
  184. Lambda link?
  185. Engine Sputtering Problem
  186. would 800cc injectorsbe overkill
  187. Windows CE version of Autologger on the way...
  188. Windows CE version of Autologger on the way...
  189. What size injectors?
  190. Too rich under light throttle?
  191. Attn: TXS... boost on Utec
  192. CEL reset
  193. will my electronic dump create problems with ECU reflash?
  194. anyone got their td04 done by deadbolt?
  195. Pinouts for DeltaDash cable to ODB II connector
  196. Is a SAFC worth it?
  197. What to get a used utec or AccessECU Reflash????
  198. utec question
  199. Utec map for UR 785c injectors w/ FP20G?
  200. CEL fix on 2004 WRX
  201. UTEC Help!! Car hitting 1.5BAR...
  202. Please Help - I lost my TECII bin files
  203. so UTECH with EBC or ABC?
  204. UTEC revisions
  205. Utec Map Selector..
  206. need help modifying UTEC basemap for higher octane
  207. ECUtek question on capability
  208. Vishnu unichip + CAI
  209. MAF and MOD MAF on UTEC logs
  210. ECU Pinout for 95 Impreza L AWD Auto Needed
  211. UTEC: which map to start with?
  212. MAP to MAF ability in UTEC, When will we see this?
  213. What changes you do to timing for winter air (utec)
  214. Ecutek dyno tune results
  215. AccessECU question..
  216. Greddy E-Manage
  217. utec map help!!!!!
  218. UTEC: VF22 map..
  219. Unichip, EMI adapter, pnp harness
  220. Very Brief CEL Flash in 5th gear, should've downshifted??
  221. High-pitched noise after Cobb stage 1
  222. UTEC: power on the DTR and RTS lines?
  223. Need UTEC MAP for Stage 4 with 50 Shot NOS
  224. Reset ECU??
  225. UTEC and knock woes...
  226. Another Access ECU bump!
  227. Cobb stage 2 vs. EVO8
  228. Cobb fixed the open loop prob. on the 04
  229. Help with lean condition...
  230. Another CEL Question.
  231. Thermostat?
  232. How to eliminate rev limiter?
  233. TurboXS Dual MBC Switch install
  234. Dyno or road tune???
  235. utec vs. vishnu tunable reflash
  236. More knock w/UTEC uphill?
  237. problem with Unichip install
  238. Can 1 reflash a 02 5spd ecu to 4eat ecu?
  239. CEL on Turbo XS!!!
  240. Can anyone help?
  241. anybody make datalogger cable??
  242. New UTEC, but don't have any map on it yet
  243. vishnu unichip - spark plugs, but with cai
  244. car keeps stalling after taking turboback!
  245. ECU for the 2.5 RS?
  246. UTEC question - too much boost
  247. Knock >60F
  248. Cobb Stage 1 vs. 2?
  249. Anyone had to replace their front O2 sensor?
  250. LinkPLUS - USBLink users...