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  1. Anybody have insider info. about real release date for Vishnu Stage 3?
  2. Best way to remove the pins out of ECU harness?
  3. High A/F at low load question (UTEC)
  4. Vf22 + Utec
  5. Utech Question
  6. How can I monitor idcs
  7. N/A tuning w/ aftermarket ECU
  8. NYC tuner or reflasher needed
  9. Bov
  10. Does anyone know release date or info. on Scoobysport Stage 3 kit?
  11. BOV VS Diverter
  12. New CR, Off Boost Fuel Adjustment (Link Plus)
  13. Prodrive air->water intercooler
  14. BOV cleaning
  15. Need some help, Hypothetical Situation
  16. NEWB question...What is
  17. n00b needs help and yes I did search
  18. need some fuel/ignition maps
  19. question on fuel pump
  20. Strengths, Benefits and weakness of the different aftermarket engine management
  21. Ideas on where to mount Utec remote sw
  22. HELP: looking for wrx inj. on time
  23. 2004 USDM STI ECU Pinouts
  24. can i use sti injectors w/pe1820
  25. UTEC Maps
  26. STI Stand Alone?
  27. injector size
  28. installing xede
  29. UTEC w/ reflash tuning
  30. Advice: AccessPort or ECUTEK?
  31. MBC on an STi
  32. utec help
  33. Wire loose in UTEC?
  34. So AEM will come out with a EMS for the STI1
  35. LM-1 A/F users
  36. O2 Sensor
  37. Utec: Stg 1 Flashing CEL
  38. Possible UTEC hack?
  39. New to engine management. have a few ?'s
  40. tapping into existing knock sensor--diy knocklink/detcans
  41. aem wire in anyone?
  42. 2-step launch system?
  43. Best source for Fijitsubo exhaust
  44. HKS oil cooler
  45. Utec stage 2 maps anyone???
  46. Xede 93-94 stage one MAP in the STi and dyno
  47. TEC 2 or 3 Map?
  48. STI ecu check
  49. Bigger Injector with light mods?
  50. does vishnu ever answer email? what can i use for forester without hacking harness?
  51. Unichip Install "HELP"
  52. UTEC 9V adaptor
  53. no CEL after more mods...?
  54. Knock At Low
  55. help me understand this...
  56. Stage 4 base map...very rich...?
  57. Early 04 STi ecu's and knock?
  58. Engine Knock w UTEC
  59. AEM Wideband UEGO
  60. P0420 and fuel consumption
  61. strange knock logging with UTEC.. ?
  62. APS or other uni-chip tuners remaining?
  63. Fuel Pressure Regulators: Aeromotive v. SX
  64. Cobb stage 1 reflash with stage 2 hardware - problems?
  65. STi ECU
  66. Trouble spooling a VF-34..
  67. STI 565cc o-rings?
  68. 600cc Injectors for free
  69. Stock Boost Gauge Question
  70. Looking for UTEC Tuner shop In L.A.
  71. Drivetrain???
  72. Latest on when AccessPort will be shipping?
  73. Anyone reflashing STi ECU's ???
  74. TXS Tuner.. Remote Display?
  75. Just a quick question...
  76. looking for s-afeII tuner in WA
  77. SPT downpipe and REar O2 sensor placement
  78. Cobb Stage 2 reliability? Any issues?
  79. random question, but do tec IIs get hot
  80. Wolf 3D were?
  81. custom tuning vs shelf maps..
  82. Delta Dash help
  83. 2002 Wrx Ecu
  84. 10psi at 3500 sometimes at 4000? What the?
  85. Confused on UTEC tuning
  86. P0440, P0420 the CEL's that stay
  87. HKS SS BOV adjustment ?
  88. I have a question,......
  89. UTEC Question
  90. safc 2 install and initial impressions
  91. Utec Boost
  92. UTEC 16G map
  93. What is involved in installing STi injectors?
  94. ECU question. Ecutek vs UTEK?
  95. TXS stage 2 Unichip vs Cobb Stage 2 Access ECU
  96. OEM ECU Plugs
  97. Looking for a bolt on FPR
  98. Beware when you are coating your exhaust pieces.
  99. Dastek computer
  100. how to read ignition timing datalog?
  101. UTEC v. Stock computer upgrade
  102. uni-chip retune vs. new Utec
  103. Troubleshooting code P0546
  104. Bigger turbo for ej22t Legacy
  105. Is it true about the Unichip....
  106. Swapped turbo...same map that was 18psi is now 13-14psi
  107. Increase stock boost
  108. 02 RS swap with STi
  109. i know i know, but if you guys had your choice, tecII/linkplus
  110. Cobb Stage 2 w/uppipe
  111. gas and tuning
  112. MegaSquirt
  113. boost controller and timer questions
  114. Question on Tuning a UTEC with a EBC...
  115. cobb newsflash release date / prices
  116. Stand alone for STi
  117. Turbo XS tuning costs
  118. XEDE v UTEC
  119. The Death of an Engine.
  120. Invidia + Utec = Stage 2
  121. Cobb Stage 2
  122. Where to find wideband O2
  123. Timing and boost maps for Sti
  124. Which to buy?
  125. aftermarket BOV for stock wrx....?
  126. Will buying Cobb Access Tuner make Delta Dash obsolete?
  127. accessport.. have you been charged?
  128. why not use fuel system components for WI?
  129. vishnu chip help
  130. EJ20 Shortblock into my RS(What management?)
  131. Will this hurt the engine??
  132. Who has tuned their Unichip and where???
  133. Greddy Support tool software
  134. Boost gauge necessary?
  135. Flashing Cell
  136. Perrin is modifying stock sti injectors?
  137. A little help please. Gettin a few counts of knock. Here is my AFR etc
  138. UTEC serial cable.
  139. does getting a cobb stg. 2 reflash make u a "stage 2 wrx"?
  140. OBDII engine check tool
  141. With an obd scan tool, can you read fuel pressure?
  142. unichip emi and boost controller
  143. Apexi RevSpeed Meter Removes JDM Speed Limiter???
  144. Got the 740's running good w/ Link 44s
  145. anyone with a stage one reflash on a 04 wrx??
  146. Quick question re: MBC and UTEC
  147. no cats and never thrown a CEL for cat inneficiency
  148. Best way to ~300hp
  149. Map for WRX single-cat stock exhaust and catless uppipe
  150. OBD2 scanning question (TPS %)
  151. vishnu reflash
  152. need Help on choices of ecu!
  153. Link + Tuning Issues
  154. Quick Question
  155. Free 740cc injectors flow test report from RC Engineering
  156. What Engine MGT JDM STI VII?
  157. Good Turbo Timer for 1995 Legacy GT Wagon
  158. Still waiting on UTEC fix...
  159. vf28?? opinions/info(flow charts, hp)
  160. tec-3, anyone running it?
  161. ProEcm problems
  162. changing idle???
  163. Which to believe: Mechanical or Electronic boost?
  164. Why So Little Boost
  165. Who has been tuned @ Axis by Ron???
  166. "Check Engine" warning light question ...
  167. MAF or MAP signal for Emanage??
  168. Searched to no avail on my utec?????'s
  169. Ignition Advance Multiplier question
  170. Cobb stage 2
  171. mbc question
  172. Anyone have the STI wiring diagram....
  173. Fuel Pressure Gauge Question
  174. Where can I get cheap 2004 ECU ?
  175. Ecutek license
  176. Autometer EGT Gauge Question
  177. Utec Stage 2 New Boost Levels ?
  178. STI utec ?
  179. UTEC tuning help
  180. My04 Utec
  181. MY 2.5RS what can i do
  182. Why the heck can't UTEC tuning be automated?
  183. Engine Upgrades
  184. 02 forester idles rough in gear
  185. manual boost controller
  186. 1998 Governor/Rev Limiter Problem
  187. Ecuteck & Utec
  188. AccessECU
  189. Turbo Timer installation in a 95 Legacy
  190. Important Ecutek question
  191. Someone please read, and tell me if this is cool to do or not
  192. help vishnu stage 1
  193. ECU removal?
  194. Just got my new ECU (Microtech)
  195. Help me find some info
  196. Chip Question
  197. UTEC toggle switches.. Is towards the plugs B?
  198. Cobb Stage One
  199. Dyno needed in Tennessee area...
  200. Thinking of going to Link from UTEC.
  201. Poor communication from COBB...
  202. E-manage with Support Tool question
  203. upping boost?
  204. exhaust problems
  205. smoking turbo?
  206. check engine light
  207. emanage constant flashing red light
  208. SUBYDUDE STAGE 1: Track hog
  209. ATTN: Profec B Users
  210. FP18 log w/question
  211. The Dr. Says I need a new ECU
  212. ignition timing???
  213. Is my ECU dead?!?!
  214. Tuning A/F off stock O2 sensor?
  215. e manage
  216. Cobb Stage 1 + Blitz with silencer
  217. CEL, does really matter??
  218. is there a way to read what my cel is
  219. E manage
  220. Utec Boost Map???
  221. Will UTEC launch control and the "switch" for...
  222. UTEC and Shift Light?
  223. for link guys with 255 lph fuel pumps....?
  224. cheap reliable gauges
  225. pro-ecm chip?
  226. Idle Fluctuation?
  227. unichip
  228. Does the odometer work without the ecu plugged in?
  229. About Stock O2 Sensor
  230. jdm wrx ECU on usdm wrx?
  231. Hooking up a shift light to a Utec
  232. Xede Or Utec
  233. standalone people:how do you know when a sensor is bad
  234. TXS Stg4+FMIC Overboost P0244 (log included)
  235. does anybody have the Andy Whittaker OBD-2 hardware?
  236. afcs on wrxs? HELP!
  237. Does the hyperterminal connection to you UTEC ever freeze on you?
  238. 17 psi on cobb stage 2 normal?
  239. Cobb Stage 2, with MBC?
  240. what utec to get for 03 wrx???
  241. Experiencing jerky motion even after ECU reflash?
  242. reflash an ecu
  243. got a fuel Q
  244. Cold air intake worth it with ECUtek?
  245. accuracy for LM-1 (or other A/F sensor) with exhaust clamp and cat?
  246. APS 70mm CAI + Utec
  247. UTEC users with DYNO TUNED stage II setups
  248. Are there any good FMS for the '04 ECU
  249. Another Flow Test Report from RC Engineering for The "Free Injector Mod"
  250. invida catback exhaust