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  1. Stock ecu
  2. Electromotive guys look here plz
  3. Anyone install e-Manage on MY03 (not bugeye model)
  4. Accessport Stage 2 - will adding a Turbo-back Exhaust kill my Subaru warranty?
  5. STI Accessport, 2nd Dyno run after 2 weeks of ECU learning
  6. Need WRX XEDE harness.
  7. Wiring question; XEDE in and out.
  8. Need help finding injectors.
  9. Boost Lower with UTEC
  10. Weirdness after Vishnu Unichip Install
  11. manual VS auto ECU
  12. dastek piggyback install on 02 wrx?
  13. MoTech is the only way
  14. Part 1 - EcuTek User Tune Primer
  15. High flowed injectors - Any good ?
  16. the best injector how to install Ive seen
  17. Cold Start Problem
  18. Need HELP with AP
  19. utec stutter, stage two
  20. Re-Mapping, Accessport
  21. open vs closed fuel loop
  22. Emanage injector and timing tuning
  23. "short term fuel trim error"
  24. 720cc injectors, 90% IDC, 16psi of boost??
  25. cel on utec
  26. UTEC problem
  27. STi EcuTek reflash?
  28. UTEC Resources
  29. sti boost creep with accessport
  30. UTEC remote switch
  31. lookin 4 link map 4 99ej22 w/ ludespeed stg 3
  32. utec versions
  33. Cobb maps for TMIC/FMIC ???
  34. Need wires for TEC2 RS set-up
  35. 04 STi ECU Wiring Diagrams
  36. Spiraling AFR's when pumping the brakes at idle...
  37. COBB Stage 1 + Uppipe?
  38. Link help
  39. '03 RS Chip question for the pros
  40. Accessport: Necessary to connect green connectors when changing realtime maps?
  41. Cobb Stage 2 - 5K rpm bucking
  42. Running different stage unichip
  43. custom maps for accessport?
  44. Back off throttle AFR went rich, why ?
  45. No sparkwith linkplus
  46. Problem with GReddy Spec-B and Stg.4
  47. cobb stage 2 sti's what are you guys running in the 1/4
  48. AEM Plug N' Play EMS is out for WRX!!!
  49. Take a look at my VF22 UTEC log?
  50. Split Sec FTC1 Maps
  51. Name that ECU... cuz i dont know.
  52. RS ecu upgrade
  53. Knock threshold UTEC version 4.2 setting help….
  54. i just got a UTEC, but dont have stock restrictor
  55. Have Accessport...need cel fix?
  56. Need STi Utec Map
  57. Question about STI Pinks size
  58. UTEC Boost troubles?
  59. aps 'e-map".... new tech or renamed old stuff?
  60. VF30 and supporting mods on Cobb stage 2 map... help
  61. Wideband Oxygen Sensor
  62. help with utec and tps
  63. Accessport detectable?
  64. How to add a helper spring to your IHI turbo
  65. getting tuned any suggestions?
  66. Accessport and gas with 10% ethanol?
  67. Misfires up the wazoo
  68. PA Emissions Problem
  69. Bosch LSU4 Wideband sensor
  70. Best boost controller for my setup?
  71. Removing auto wrx speed limit
  72. TurboXS Unichip w/ABC and plug'n'play harness
  73. Launch control - ign or fuel cut?
  74. What controls OP/CL switchover in MY04 WRX?
  75. yet another TPS ? for utec LOL
  76. Looking for part number on ECU..
  77. Making a tapered boost map (STI UTEC)
  78. Anyone dyno a tuned sr50 on sti yet?
  79. Is anyone running the STI ecu in the Forester XT with the stock turbo ?
  80. help utec with mod injectors
  81. All you Link or LinkPlus guys read this please??
  82. UTEC Quick Questions...
  83. who has a sti utec in stock ?
  84. Ok to leave Accessport in car?
  85. STi UTEC
  86. sti ver4 engine management
  87. tunning modded injectors
  88. Car running rough after Link plus install
  89. Can you suggest a colder plug?
  90. EcuTek Dash Display
  91. PE injector tuning???
  92. UTEC reliability?!!
  93. 05 STI accessport
  94. Used dyno's for sale?
  95. Utec base map, 2.5, 550s, vf34
  96. Utec 4.2 + Water Injection
  97. EGT Bung
  98. Info Needed About APS WRX UNICHIP
  99. safc 2 on MY00 2.5rs, will it work?
  100. Engine management with an STi swap
  101. i need engine managment. please help a lost soul!
  102. Wirring Anti Phase fuel injection
  103. Installed STI accessport today
  104. Article: Calculating VE
  105. UTEC, boost tuning, boost gauge vs map psi
  106. UTEC Fuel Quality Test
  107. what you guys think is wrong ? Just installed utec
  108. Low end torque with cobb stage 2?
  109. Boost Control
  110. Ultimate fix for Cobb stage 2 low boost problem...
  111. UTEC and clutch switch
  112. 04 Sti UTEC installed no hesitation problems
  113. Cobb stage 1, check engine light
  114. 98 2.5rs DOHC in need of ECU...
  115. Engine Management: What To Do?
  116. Buying an AccessPort but I have a question
  117. Accessport Stage2 Question
  118. Anyone have a map for TXS stage 2 w/ header + uppipe?
  119. 100+ Octane With AcessPORT?
  120. Post your Zeitronix LT-2 Reviews here.
  121. Cobb stage 1, worth it for me?
  122. Negative Manifold Absolute Pressure (Utec) Question
  123. Where to get new EJ25
  124. Used UTEC Question
  125. Stock ECU learning fights piggy backs? -AccessPORT, UTEC
  126. Simple utec q's
  127. underdrive pulleys
  128. ?s safc settings?
  129. avcr install pics?
  130. Just installed Access Port...
  131. Apex SAFC II
  132. Tuning a large turbo STi with UTEC?
  133. UTEC Question???
  134. What to tune with?
  135. avcr install pics?
  136. avcr install pics?
  137. Question about tuning LT/ST fuel trims with UTEC
  138. Accessport notification
  139. STI Front O2 sensor and logging questions
  140. Loaded TXS Stage 2 base map, now what to do?
  141. UTEC boost and timing issues with big turbo
  142. Linkplus and idle
  143. Installed modded OEM Injectors and BigMaf
  144. TPS mod to kick ECU into closed loop
  145. UTEC: CEL on at idle...goes away after moving
  146. I just got my ECUTEK installed last night!! wow
  147. Anyone heard of or use FJO Racing standalone?
  148. Accessport Live Boost Accuracy vs Boost Gauge?
  149. Poll: Modified Injectors
  150. 39.x deg. of timing too much when cruising?
  151. UTEC: Will MIL Eliminator Cause Issues?
  152. Cobb stage 2 with low boost problem... read this
  153. Vishnu Xede STI PnP Harness?
  154. Next best mod?
  155. Turned boost up on ABC, getting a lot of
  156. What causes Misfires??
  157. Evo Utec?
  158. Cobb AP vs. TurboXS UTEC
  159. How to properly use utec remote switch q
  160. Quick help needed
  161. AP: Changing to real time map on the fly
  162. Ive Tinkered Ive I ask anyone have my map?
  163. My accessport stage 1 review...
  164. 02 wrx stock ecu - excellent condition
  165. Reflash? Suggestions on my application please!
  166. upgrades & octane
  167. AccessPORT...done; turbo-back & uppipe today... CELs? HELP?
  168. What MPG are you getting with your AP on your STi?
  169. can some body post a pic of a proplery installed ABC
  170. Finally knock problem FOUND and SOLVED!!!
  171. oil leaking from the valve cover side as long as the engine on
  172. A few utec questions
  173. Changing UTEC software/maps???
  174. Cobb Stage 2 (with Cobb street Turbo-back exhaust) - emissions-legal?
  175. sedan vs wagon 2003 wrx ECU
  176. Badly knocking on a track, none on the street
  177. Has anyone every used this little guy for tuning???
  178. LM1 RPM Converter on WRX??
  179. Recommend a plug to me!
  180. Need help to choose the right EngineManagment
  181. 18g with modded stock injectors what to do so I can get it tuned
  182. How to pronounce ECUtek
  183. Tuning the V7 RA Spec C with a UTEC, no flash
  184. sharing of utec OLF fuel maps
  185. Utec Q's
  186. e-manage??
  187. ECU reset + Stall??
  188. Misfire in Cylinder 1 CEL after Flywheel install??
  189. 1st - 4th gear log, I need a tune bad eh?
  190. Random (?) IDC spikes
  191. AP stage 1 or 2?
  192. Part 2: An EcuTek DeltaDash User-Tune Primer
  193. Boost Controller with AccessPort
  194. Those with STI,UTEC, DD and modded Perrin injectors
  195. Weird noise at high rpms with Cobb Stage 2.5
  196. Cobb Stage 2 - Any suggestions on a good, quiet TBE setup?
  197. AccessPort - Running 93+ on 91 map
  198. Knock Sensor Information.
  199. Oil on the top Spark Plug Boot
  200. COBB AccessECU specifics Stage 1
  201. IAM = 16, Knock Correction learning turns off.
  202. 3" Turbo Back Exhaust questions???
  203. Timing and Engine temp
  204. Accessport upgrade question
  205. Accessport Newb Question
  206. AccessPort Map available for Stage 2.5 with TMIC & Port/Polish VF34
  207. Got XEDE PnP harness, now a couple questions about it.
  208. Timing, knock correction, and other questions
  209. P1400 Fuel tank pressure control solenoid valve circuit low input after utec install
  210. Where can I get Cobb's Accessport ASAP for '04 STi?
  211. SAFC-a good mod for me?
  212. unchip install
  213. unichip help! please quick!
  214. Umm....did i just broke my car?
  215. Idle Logic Question
  216. Help with Code
  217. E-manage with WRX ECU??
  218. UTEC?? does it support ...
  219. Utec Troubles
  220. My Cobb Stage 1 dyno #'s
  221. UTEC will not connect!!!
  222. Beltronics FX2
  223. my98 obs sport turbo
  224. 05 ecutek reflash?
  225. tumble valve generator.
  226. OLF tuning for 800cc injectors.
  227. Emanage Installed and working writeup
  228. zeitornix wideband installed
  229. resetting a Link ECU ?
  230. Fuel Duty Cycle = 100%
  231. Delta Dash Owners...
  232. Backfiring when decelerating with SM2 ECU
  233. A/F gauge EGT help.
  234. boost spikes with utec and flat-foot shifting
  235. Greddy E-Manage Q's.
  236. Accessport+Deadbolt Monster Stocker+STi IC??
  237. Impreza L ECU swap to RS ECU
  238. Which one to go with?
  239. Saw on the turboXS website
  240. 155hp ECU!!!!!!!!!
  241. High Flow to Race Pipe
  242. MBC on an ECUTek reflash
  243. UTEC questions
  244. accessport base map question?
  245. need some advice on gauges
  246. From UTEC to stock
  247. ATTN TXS: JDM vs USDM UTEC Questions
  248. F-con S for GDB
  249. TurboXS Tuner PRO Re-introduction
  250. Nemisis on 2.5rs-t 99-01? Status?