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  1. Please have a look at this log
  2. sti computer
  3. anyone have a sr30 map i can look at
  4. Vishnu STi Stage 1 compared to similar setup without reflash
  5. fuel econo set up? for turbo subie
  6. vf22 map needed with sti injectors please
  7. Dyno tune vs Road tune
  8. Reprogrammed ECU or piggy back computer?
  9. Delta Dash Alternative?
  10. Setting TPS
  11. Hiding UTEC remote switch
  12. Here are my mods and my log
  13. Am I getting Knock??? Utec says no???
  14. Prob. TXS Unichip in 2003
  15. Motec Table / Values help
  16. ScanTool software options
  17. 2 ECU's for an 05 STI
  18. utec question
  19. utec knock detection settings
  20. Link w/3 Bar MAP
  21. Need advice
  22. Modded Injectors; I know, I know
  23. First time changing belts
  24. Accurate Knock Readings: KnockLink vs MY04 ECU Knock Sensor
  25. need help
  26. UTEC not retarding ignition
  27. anyone have a map for a vf-22 turboxs fmic
  28. Does Utec need to be re tuned after adding clutch/flywheel ,plugs?
  29. Math majors and tuners question...
  30. UTEC shows NO TPS signal NO MAP, and no air or coolant temps.
  31. Help Greddy Emanage
  32. Question bout EM.
  33. Untuned UTEC log - please review
  34. Why do Evo's run low timing?
  35. Botched 4.2 UPload now cant get UTEC back online- HELP needed
  36. which EMS are absolutely compatible with 2005 wrx's
  37. accessport map question
  38. 2 switches on utec what are they
  39. Cant tell if im getting full boost with AP
  40. Maximum diameter turbo inlet that fits under mani?
  41. AccessPort and USB adapter
  42. injector Duty cycle?
  43. ACT Flywheel CEL problem
  44. Design Inlet Temp for Subaru Engines?
  45. sti boost question
  46. PocketPC Datalogging
  47. Unichip Software
  48. Problem!
  49. Cobb AP and NE winter conditions question
  50. Utec tuning question
  51. Stutter when taking off from stop
  52. "Hacking" 95 impreza L ecu to no rev limit
  53. DeltaDash Refresh Rate?
  54. Help please Utec wont boost more than 10 psi
  55. Cobb renegs on REFLASHES?
  56. Utec ?
  57. A few small questions before UTEC install.
  58. Question about maps and removing engine codes
  59. Quick STi utec question
  60. ECU Pinouts.. found one, still looking for one!
  61. will an '02-'03 ecu work in an '04? (STX related)
  62. UTEC Q: effects of changing OLF injector scaling
  63. UTEC Q: does UTEC intercept stock O2 sensor readings?
  64. ihi vf39 with cobb accessport?
  65. OLF tuning Qs
  66. 04 STi Cobb AP Initialization issues
  67. Ecutek Delta Dash
  68. AP help!
  69. STI UTEC Stg1 & Stg2 Maps for 91 Octane?
  70. Anyone have a utec map for the pe1818 or 1820
  71. I mustn't be using the exact terms.....
  72. Greddy Profec emanage?
  73. Any nasioc user end up being beta testers for the Access Tuner?
  74. Link-1 and O2 input
  75. cobb issues!
  76. to those with Yoshio tuned ECU's and non stock turbos
  77. UTEC question CEL blinks at 5K rpm
  78. Bye Accessport.. Hello Utec. Got some ????s
  79. One accesport for two people?
  80. Cobb stage 2 question
  81. how come no race gas map on accessport??
  82. Ultimate Racing 785cc fuel injectors?
  83. '05 COBB APs out today!!!
  84. UTEC Newbie - STi Stage 2 Base Map Log
  85. polished and ported ihi vf 30
  86. Cobb AP vs Link?
  87. Is the Accessport transmission specific ?
  88. Got a check engine light please help P0171
  89. Turbo Xs UTEC or Cobb Accessport?
  90. Post your WRX Cobb AP Stage 1 EGTs here.
  91. Cobb or Utec
  92. Need help with knock guys...
  93. Need a link map
  94. Plug & Play ECU
  95. 4 sets of spark plugs in 4 days.
  96. Xede Manual?
  97. crazy accesstuner idea.
  98. RS to WRX ECU and harness??????
  99. Researching datalogging software...
  100. EGT + Turboxs Tuna Pro
  101. UTEC Stage 4 Knock?
  102. best way to get 75hp
  103. can a rev3 utec work in a 03
  104. High Low inpedance Injectors, Which EMS can do both?
  105. MAP sensor question
  106. cryo cool and intercooler
  107. Is the STi catback free enough for just an Accessport and DP?
  108. 90 Octane in STI?
  109. engine missing after 50% throttle
  110. book:"how to tune and mod EM systems"
  111. Ver7 Stock DeltaDash logs. (Reference)
  112. UTEC gurus! Question about MAP sensor + UTEC's FCD
  113. Anyone received their AP for '05 STi yet?
  114. which EM has best anti-theft/valet system?
  115. I need to borrow a UTEC for my 04WRX for a few weeks...
  116. Does boost gain setting change (on EBC) require a revised engine management map?
  117. CEL light
  118. Brand new Tuna not working...?
  119. running avcs with link ecu???
  120. UTEC Overboosting
  121. Deleted
  122. Is this too much AIR on stock MAF sensor?
  123. 4EAT (what is this)
  124. UTEC ?? about mod changes....
  125. More Utec problems...
  126. Help! THe cold killed my car! (SAFC)
  127. STI UTEC maps needed
  128. DTEC Owners?
  129. Stage 1 STi UTEC and knock sensativity
  130. UTEC experts?
  131. replacement LM-1 O2 sensor....
  132. location of WBO2 sensor
  133. Question about my new AccessPort on 05 STi
  134. AP vs. Cold temps
  135. For All EcuTek Owners on their STi's...
  136. Why can't i get a connection from my Utec to my laptop?
  137. i need a EM that i can update in the future?
  138. Colder spark plugs....
  139. info needed on greddy Emanage.
  140. 785's and driving in the winter???
  141. 6th gear UTEC to ECU transition knock ... Need Help
  142. throwing cel P0139 with accessport stage II
  143. FP 18g map
  144. Perrin Boost Controller?
  145. Map For Pe1818 With 650cc Inj
  146. AccessPort STAGE 1 Users
  147. Need some advice re-tuning my car...
  148. requesting UTEC map
  149. does someone wanna buy my vf39
  150. Cobb stage2 a CEL question?
  151. STi Utec: Boost problems
  152. P0130 help!
  153. anyone done inspection with cobb stage 2.5?
  154. EGTs and headers
  155. Calling everyone with EGT sensors
  156. time for new wires and new coil
  157. Ecutekd my car tonight but have a CEL light on?
  158. SMC Alky injection - what else can i use in it?
  159. Fun with gnuplot...
  160. External MAP sensor for Link Plus
  161. CEL P0244 Again (hopefully different)
  162. AccessPort Stage 2 Owners...
  163. New York State Enhanced Vehicle Inspection
  164. anyone in the Louisiana area wanna help tune?
  165. Tuna install with Forester DIN Pocket
  166. Cobb AP...boost down after a few days
  167. Where to get the original Accessport Stage 2 maps (91 and 93 octane).
  168. i need info on utec
  169. wideband question
  170. proposal: open ecu flashing project
  171. I need an '04 wire harness.
  172. Summarize UTEC shortcomings
  173. COBB Tuning
  174. AP stage 2 users
  175. need help.. af target # please see graph
  176. 43 counts of knock @ only 16.6 psi, what could be possibly wrong?
  177. LINK Rally Implant for 2,5?
  178. Fooling the TPS
  179. LinkPlus with EJ20G... help?
  180. I got a box from Cobb today and...
  181. Which EGT gauge should i buy?
  182. Utec hyperterminal connection problems...
  183. UTEC install question: A or B toggle position
  184. E.G.T Probe and wideband
  185. Pulling CEL's with Accessport
  186. Boost all over the place
  187. greedy profec e-01
  188. AP Question: CA Map and Road Trips
  189. power question
  190. ecu-tek question
  191. Misfire question
  192. Can an off-the-shelf ECUTek reflash for vf34 with STi injectors be tuned with...
  193. Help with A/F meter install please!
  194. Knocking...
  195. high cruise egt. utec log inc...
  196. Xede ECU
  197. HKS Super AFR
  198. Interesting read : Detonation and Preignition
  199. UTEC and OLF studder
  200. AP CA Maps safer than stock ECU tune?
  201. My Ghetto $7.50 AFC
  202. labda drop to 0,76v after 3000rpm wot
  203. Left field EM question/ 2.2 liter L with WRX exmani and turbo.
  204. Injector Duty Cycle 100+
  205. Need help with LinkPlus stand alone & ej22t
  206. STI UTEC logg take alook
  207. help communication error
  208. EcuTeK Dashboard Display Questions
  209. Which UTEC for Euro spec wrx STI
  210. Jdm Ecu Reflash
  211. Lift throttle stutter?
  212. Relocating MAF sensor
  213. Confused why my ECU is pulling timing...
  214. cobb accessport ODB2 connector HELP in NJ
  215. Knock @ 2000 rpm in vaccuum, need some help.
  216. MY00 WRX & Power FC
  217. boosting 3psi open/clsed boost
  218. AP stage 2 map?
  219. utec, can't upload maps
  220. Utec questions
  221. where is the ambient air temp...
  222. New Turbo, no em yet, under 10 psi
  223. txs tuner and dtec?
  224. Dealer/Accessport Help needed
  225. UTEC prob?
  226. Ecutek and Ex Waste question
  227. front mount with accesport
  228. Greddy profec b spec 2 Help!!
  229. STi Utec question...confused about fuel
  230. Popping at 6400 RPM's>>> UTEC??? Please Read...
  231. apexi avc-r pointless for UTEC owners?
  232. what do you think of your ecutek
  233. Utec questions
  234. thinking about a vishnu
  235. Ignition Timing and AFR's
  236. Tuner Pro showing "Err"
  237. Car won't start/stalling out...?
  238. ecutek ?
  239. Question about Cobb AP & Utec
  240. cobb accessport questions
  241. finally got my accessport
  242. TBE question and COBB AP
  243. headlight replacement 05 sti
  244. scaling the 850cc injectors
  245. cobb tunning accessport stage 2.5?
  246. UTEC + Ecutek tuning for HOT(272) cams
  247. Cobb Map Mgmt NOT Working
  248. AccessTuner
  249. STAGE 4 utec?
  250. Sti Utec Owners