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  1. wierd utec logs plus maxing out injectors on stage 1 base map
  2. AEM on STI? Dead?
  3. a/f readings during cruise and boost
  4. ODB-II and Boost readings…
  5. Need advice ASAP
  6. cm2 converted to A/R.
  7. Compression ratio question.
  8. Problem with Accessport
  9. Accessport with a 4eat worth it?
  10. Question about ECMs (Utec and the likes)
  11. Cobb AccessPort doesn't work anymore?
  12. ? about the ecutek
  13. Reflash after tranny swap?
  14. Question about Cobb AP Stage 2.
  15. AVC-R help...
  16. UTEC tunning tips needed
  17. Cobb AP Stage 2 on 2005 STi questions.
  18. ECU reprogramming
  19. Stock STI EM tuning Question
  20. What gear to log
  21. Ecutek question....
  22. Utec upgrade problem!!!! Please Help!!!!
  23. Delta Dash Q
  24. Is there an ideal A/F ratio for ALL RPM range?
  25. Any suggestions on Air Intake Modification for 2005 STi?
  26. UTEC Software Question
  27. which exhuast to buy?
  28. Just got my AP, quick Stage 1 Question
  29. engine and turbo upgrade (important please look)
  30. Cobb AP Stage 1...Will it work with a DP??
  31. Accessport, UTEC, Ecutek
  32. Knock right after boost.
  33. Utec+Modded Injectors= Giving up!
  34. UTEC Logged RPM's are wacky?
  35. tunning boost controller
  36. Hesitation in part throttle MY03
  37. Any positive 1/4mi, Auto x, Road Race, Dyno Runs on an STi with AP tuning??
  38. cobb stage 2 question
  39. MAF signal
  40. Driving experience: UTEC vs. AP
  41. TMIC vs. FMIC with UTEC
  42. Anyone tried a USED AP?
  43. PROBLEMS hyperterminal & UTEC i get -/%WE1/4 etc....??
  44. any recomadations on what setting to set boost
  45. Is it safe to turn the knock sensitivity down on a Utec?
  46. Blown engine while using UTEC
  47. on vacation - car problems
  48. Access Port Stuck In Stage 2
  49. Cobb Stage 1 and high EGT's
  50. ecutek boost problem
  51. jdm pop up screen wiring
  52. where to get the best deal
  53. wandering idle with valet mode [utec]
  54. UTEC + CEL flash + backfire = ?
  55. Fresh UTEC Install. Problems w/ ABC
  56. Cobb STG 2 + downpipe only...results?
  57. cobb stage 2 owners, is a EGT gauge a must?
  58. cobb ap question
  59. ECU Reset
  60. Switching back from OLF to CLF
  61. anyone want to try my sti map...
  62. How hard is it to work a AccessPORT
  63. STi Initial AP stage2 power
  64. UTEC stage one interesting logs
  65. UTEC VALET, Still reaching 15psi
  66. couple of quick questions
  67. AP w. aftermarket intake?
  68. Hickups
  69. 05' STI Cobb Tuning Accessport
  70. Will AP Remove Up Pipe EGT CEL?
  71. UTEC, can you pass CA smog with it in?
  72. 02 wide-band sensor same as EGT?
  73. Can Dealership Detect AP Stage 1 Flash?
  74. utec ?
  75. UTEC damage engine? any UTEC Gurus out there
  76. Scangauge. Any good ? (obd scan tool)
  77. Just ordered my AP!
  78. Solution for CEL after 24psi boost
  79. ECUtek + Boost Controller
  80. Cobb AP Stg 2
  81. Fake Premium Gas???
  82. Scanmaster 3 tested
  83. XEDE tuning questions
  84. Compression?
  85. Accessport base map question
  86. Manifold pressure sensor
  87. Calculate VE from MAF readings?
  88. 91 or 93 octane for EcuTek reflash?
  89. Fuel soak, perrin rails + sti 550s + UTEC on EJ20
  90. tune settings with higher octane
  91. ECUtek mod similiarities...ok to run w/o re-tune?
  92. Xede vs Cobb vs Utek... serious inquiry
  93. Can someone send me their E-Manage MAP...
  94. ATTN: AEM WB and UTEC users
  95. 16g and modded injectors
  96. 2.0 Twin Turbo Parts
  97. Help with autologger 5.0.6
  98. acessport stage 2 safety
  99. does utec block check engine lights
  100. can a utec get rid of cat efficency codes like a AP can
  101. diy speed limit removal possible?
  102. AccessPort Install
  103. Finally, KingPin resolved my ecu-tek issues
  104. intercooler suggestions
  105. getting knock
  106. AP Injen intake Map
  107. Custom Map cross refrence
  108. Greddy Profec B2 Experiences
  109. Blinking cruise light only - no CEL?
  110. Which Intake???
  111. Failed AccessPort Install on 05 STi
  112. Why not put the MAF in the throttle body?
  113. Cobb accessport???
  114. Accessport+Stealthback Q's for owners of either
  115. Boost gain question..
  116. what em should i get
  117. Aem Ems
  118. I Could Use Some Help From Tuners on a non-Subaru Tuning Argument!!
  119. AccessPort Mother FAQ Thread
  120. Wheres the diagnostic connector on a 95 Impreza?
  121. What E.M is better the UTEC or AEM EMS
  122. What would be the best engine managemant for my rex?
  123. question on TurboXS stage3
  124. Boost control solenoid ticking / clicking
  125. will the computer work?
  126. sti vf22 map needed to get me running
  127. vf34 users please reply
  128. how do u know what map u have loaded onto each number on the utec
  129. Java UTEC Tuning Tool (JUTEC)
  130. Accessport stage 2 with fmic?
  131. 100 Octane Utec Sti Map
  132. Older revision Cobb Accessport Maps
  133. My COBB nightmare...resolved by Bill K. at I-Speed USA
  134. What's included during custom tuning?
  135. Accessport connection problem
  136. Getting P0244 with Cobb AP.
  137. Curious - Open Loop/Closed Loop
  138. AccessEcu/Street tuner
  139. Can Standalone EMS's block CEL's?
  140. WRX stock ecu upgrade
  141. Aftermarket ECU and Inspections
  142. utec map selector q's
  143. Cobb Accessport and cold weather
  144. Aftermarket Knock sensor locations on STI
  145. After these mods, what ECU management could be done?
  146. lets hear about your AP problems,,,
  147. Cobb Accessport 02-04 WRX up for grabs
  148. WRX borned to be aggressive???
  149. EM questions...
  150. Help! engine knock after installing Vishnu stage I
  151. EcuTeK and 05 Immobilizer function
  152. ecutek with boost control Q
  153. Tuner Pro WBO2 not working...!!
  154. Quick Question about Real time and Base map
  155. Hesitation between 3-4k
  156. What's the type and size of the ABC "tool" for adjusting boost?
  157. Need EJ25 TECII bin file
  158. Link Plus: Question on RPM pin output
  159. Dyno help Southern California
  160. ECU Upgrades
  161. ecu timing
  162. head light click
  163. link plus maps for special setup
  164. who has gone to atlanta gwinnett subaru to get a tune
  165. smog help
  166. UTEC through USB port?
  167. haltech into RS help(!8complex!)
  168. I know i'm going to get flamed but Intake question
  169. will this cure PTFB problems with MBC's??
  170. would it be possible to pass emissions if...
  171. wide band o2 sensor, is this one cheap...
  172. link plus map for a stock 2000 impreza
  173. anyone know if any vendors have AP's in stock?
  174. stg 2 vs stg 3 utec
  175. Cobb Stage II at 10 lbs boost...
  176. Unichip PnP harness 02-03???
  177. how to install remote selector
  178. Holy Crap my IDC's are maxing out!!! WHY?!
  179. Need help 04 sti with Downpipe need EM
  180. Cold air intake on STI
  181. utec maps
  182. Awesome EGT probes!
  183. Need some help understanding BOV
  184. ignition map for NA ej25
  185. stall problem after flywheel install
  186. map clamp voltage oddity.. and low map value oddity
  187. What Does A New APS Unichip Go For?
  188. Cobb AP - economy map
  189. Looking for LTFT and STFT advice
  190. COBB Stage 1 vs Stage 2
  191. Looking for A Turbo upgrade
  192. Cold morning startup probs and ECU conflict
  193. Need help with AP stg. 2. spiking and surging
  194. Unable to change Maps with AP
  195. Dyno tuning question
  196. Any ODB Readers through Bluetooth?
  197. Is COBB's AP worth buying?
  198. Link 44s for wrx with custom engine?
  199. UTEC compatibility
  200. Where to get UTEC 'tunes'?
  201. cobb AP vf34 users(stage 2.5)
  202. STI Injectors with stock ECU vXXXXX
  203. Cobb stage 2 map feedback
  204. Increasing Spool up
  205. Best ECU for my Ride??
  206. Please contribute your info. (AP users)
  207. Fuel pressure
  208. Vishnu
  209. vishnu remap
  210. cobb ecu?
  211. utec stg 2 knock problem
  212. Mystery CEL
  213. Tanabe Medallion Sound File
  214. Cobb AP and CEL
  215. Finally getting ready to gauge up...
  216. APS unichip -> AP, low boost
  217. question bout the utec locking up
  218. modded WRX injectors vs. sti pinks
  219. Need Advice: COBB Stage 2.5 Boost Issues
  220. Why wait for the AP for '05 WRX?
  221. AP stage 2 w/ Injen map
  222. got ECU?
  223. What does Water injection change ?
  224. Time gap betw. wrenching stage 4 and teh tune
  225. Getting utec, help finding tuner
  226. hyrda and emmissions
  227. Random misfires, all cylinders
  228. Accident and ap question
  229. UTEC Questions
  230. oem ecu load scale conversion
  232. My COBB daydream...dyno'd @ Tuning Technologies
  233. EcuTek or Hydra E.M which is better?
  234. Black smoke = good?
  235. what is the difference with revisions and versions with the UTEC ?
  236. New Cobb Stg.1 map better than the old version?
  237. 05 sti utec
  238. 2.5 L sti stock shortblock for WRX
  239. Help please. Tuning RS-T at Idle
  240. cobb stg 3?
  241. Vishnu stage 0 with EMIA
  242. AccessPORT stage 1 failed OBD II emissions test!
  243. AFR /w new uppipe
  244. Accessport with Delta Dash
  245. Need UTEC start up map for MOD STI injectors please.
  246. sti utec map..
  247. UTEC or HYDRA for GT35 Kingpin Turbo Kit
  248. Vishnu Treated me well.
  249. stock egt vs aftermarket
  250. ECUtek in Comparison to UTEC...