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  1. Datalogging timing?
  2. Which utec map to use
  3. i bought a used vf34
  4. Gruppe-S vs. Vishnu
  5. Another AVCR Question
  6. TurboXS Tuner: Intructions suck.. what a surprise.
  7. Will I be okay? Stage 4 map with 20g for 200 miles.
  8. What to expect from intake and inlet hose on Ecuteked STX car?
  9. What have you heard about UniCHip??
  10. How do you tune with a cutout with a utec?
  11. '04 Cobb AP
  12. Does the factory ecu make changes to air/fuel by values from the rear o2?
  13. Cobb AP upgrades - now stalling?
  14. Anyone have a problem w/ their HKS SSQV??
  15. will different year ecus plug into each other
  16. need utec help, wierd stuff
  17. Someone analyze my Utec logs..
  18. UTEC ABC stetting
  19. Has any body figured out......
  20. Cobb AP problem
  21. Stock or upgraded?
  22. STI Type UK - Change from Full Decat 2.5 to 3" - What parts of the MAP need changing?
  23. ECU pinouts / Wiring Diagrams for the UK (EURO) or JDM or AUS Spec 2004 WRX
  24. How many times can EcuTek reflash??
  25. Asking for all tuning gurus assistance.
  26. So anyone here order Street Tuner?
  27. Cobb StreetTUNER manual now online
  28. OBD-II splitter?
  29. Serious Anti-Lag questions, rotary idle, materials, turbo?
  30. what is th ebest downpipe to get
  31. stopping at stage 2, what EM??
  32. Quick Question: ECU Tuned for High Octane
  33. who tunes ecutek better?
  34. Ultimate and Only Cobb StreetTuner vs. EcuTEK Custom ECU
  35. AP stg 1 or 2
  36. Blitz R-Fit Fuel Controller
  37. AP stg.1 or stg.2?
  38. tracking #'s received for AP-ST
  39. dyno tune stock ecu ?
  40. Factory ECU question
  41. Wideband O2 sensor and Helix V2 dp
  42. Anyone know if the GameBoy UTEC controller is vaporware, or is there an ETA?
  43. Need Stg3 Utec map, with no checksum error
  44. Water injection/e-manage
  45. Knocklink...worth it?
  46. Turbo XS UTEC
  47. emanage or split second?
  48. Cobb Accessport Economy Map...Anyone?
  49. BOV Basic question
  50. Multi EM's? how does that work
  51. Which version Cobb stg. 2 map is better?
  52. Tuning Theory (guruís needed you know you are out there)
  53. TurboXS UTEC - Stage 2.5 (Knock Help)
  54. Is reflash needed for Sti TMIC ?
  55. Anybody got their streettuner yet?
  56. dead car with AP stage 2
  57. Cobb Stg. 2 owners, what gear are you hitting target boost in?
  58. Shiv reset and accessport?
  59. AP low voltage check cable, ***???
  60. Accessport 2.5 problem for my 04 can someone help? thanks
  61. Help selecting gauge package
  62. 2005 2.5L Legacy GT
  63. Link Plus and MAP signal (MY00 2.5RS)
  64. utec stage 2oc based map and I ran lean
  65. EBC recomendatoins
  66. utec problem car wont rev over 3500-4000rpm
  67. safe to run base ST maps without addtl tuning?
  68. problems with street tuner. . .
  69. Engine Management Question
  70. UTEC + Perrin Rails = massive over fuel ? HELP
  71. Help me w/ AP & make some easy $$
  72. Help I think I may have gotten screwed
  73. New to tuning...
  74. Scanmaster 3 - Where to get serial sync cable?
  75. STi RA intake manifold (tumbler delete wiring?)
  76. STi RA intake manifold (tumbler delete wiring?)
  77. AP stage 1 realtime map??????
  78. Can I leave the boost controller install in the car when install Cobb AP?
  79. Utec feedback and questions on my05STi
  80. Apexi AVC-R hookup
  81. vf34 w/ fmic map?
  82. Ok so i have everything to tune with, what is an ideal A/F ratio?
  83. jearking a cut off
  84. Why does my map not hold??
  85. logs of my sgp tune and my map
  86. Delete Post Thread
  87. Permanet Closed Loop - Possible?
  88. UTEC Spare Solenoid Does Not Turn On...
  89. HKS EVC V Users: need input
  90. News from Apexi!!!
  91. P2021 Code! Please Help!
  92. problem with Alex Peper OBD-2 on 2004 WRX Help?!
  93. question about AP cal 91 oct map and target boost (possible problems)
  94. n00b question...which EM for me?
  95. unichip + EMI Adapter + TXS MBC + CEL.
  96. utec map switch
  97. Will changing the computer effect my warranty??
  98. help requested. CEL issue.
  99. stage 4 with stock catback? (please help)
  100. 05 WRX and UTEC
  101. Tuner lite doesnt have an analog output??
  102. 02 simulator or simple inline resistor??
  103. Modified Stock Injectors (pics & methods?)
  104. What exactly is closed loop vs. open loop fuel control?
  105. STI Utec Stage 2 question
  106. engine management
  107. Accessport?
  108. how do you tune for headers, intake, and front mount intercooler?
  109. EcuTek knock correction question
  110. ECUTek: Not hitting target boost
  111. Stupid Question on AP
  112. auxiliary injectors
  113. Help! Unmarrying AP now car won't start!
  114. cobb stage 2
  115. so i got my street tuner....
  116. Modded 04 Sti UTEC map.
  117. EFI-101 at Jax,Fl
  118. Boost control solenoid??
  119. Blinking CEL and OBD-II "NOT READY"
  120. for those who have received your ST.
  121. knock threshold setting on utec
  122. Cobb Accessport Install
  123. UTEC/MY compatability
  124. Street tuner and frustration levels
  125. ECUTek'd JDM ECU into a USDM WRX question, pre-engine swap
  126. intake
  127. tuners in NC area??
  128. UTEC question...bucking at around 5k RPM in upper gears.
  129. Cobb AP - Cool Toy or Nightmare?
  130. Can atmospheric bov's help with shift knock?
  131. GC8 STI ECU pinouts
  132. anyone tuned UR 785cc injectors with ECUteK?
  133. Utec w/EBC
  134. More Street tuner Love
  135. Back to Stock EM with An Intake for A Couple Days...Problem?
  136. LED's on the Tuner what for?
  137. Success with Street Tuner?
  138. Brand New Gold Rota SDR
  139. need help finding a tunner shop
  140. which tuner has the most reliable stg 2/3?
  141. Adding mods to a Cobb reflash
  142. AP stg2 ECU learn
  143. Just flashed Cobb Stage 2-93 octane. Quick question!
  144. problem with my RS
  145. 04 and 05 ecu
  146. New UTEC User - Question(s)
  147. 05 STi AccessPort, cannot initialize ECU!
  148. UTEC Tuning question....load site's
  149. Best EM Management option?
  150. ST not working 100% to Car not starting
  151. need map for vf-39,sti pinks,sti intercooler..
  152. Getting new exhaust. Should I use anO2 simulator or what?
  153. Cobb Accessport and QTP QTEC Cutout
  154. Tips for tuning at high altitude
  155. utec trade
  156. Scanmaster 3 Palm Recommendations
  157. Stage 2 v1.04 Question
  158. Cobb Stage 1 93 oct EGT's
  159. StreetTuner: What will happen if I dont unmarry?
  160. Anyone w/LINK 44s engine management..
  161. What stage to run?
  162. AP boost levels, is this right????
  163. 10mm wrench is my friend? (stock ECU resetting)
  164. External wastegates and tuning.
  165. boost fluctuating, well, on my autometer mech gauge.
  166. VIVID and UTEC
  167. Tec-II diagnostic
  168. Im
  169. Street Tuner Datalogging Problem
  170. wastegate
  171. Not hitting 100 on load sites and boost fall off.
  172. Cobb PROTUNER Release?
  173. StreetTUNER update v1.0.1.0
  174. Perrin E.B.C.S.
  175. injectors questions
  176. What changes in tuning for 92 vs. 100 octane?
  177. UTEC and anti-lag
  178. Anyone else running a very MODERATE 2-step?
  179. EGT Numbers, need info (Please expert tunners)
  180. Xede Subzero on STI...(or whatever)
  181. injectors
  182. Installed Cobb Access Port tonight !
  183. Installed Cobb Access Port tonight !
  184. Need UTEC stage 3 map
  185. U-tec and methanol/water injection on STI
  186. Rev Limit Q for 2 different shortblocks
  187. UTEC and cruise control switching
  188. Recommend a EM for my WRX.
  189. Can the EcuTek get rid of the TGV cell?
  190. Franz @ KTR Tuned last night!
  191. Will an Ecutek and EBC/MBC work?
  192. Ca Ecu Map???
  193. E-MANAGE with PROFEC E-01 question
  194. New MY04-05 WRX AccessPORT Upgrade INSTRUCTIONS
  195. Scale mod injector size on stock injectors?
  196. tec2/tec3 and a ej20 anyone?
  197. AccessPort + Running lean
  198. utec tuning problems , load
  199. Just Got Ecutek...holy Crap
  200. Stage 2 Reflash
  201. Water Injection Help
  202. Cell code P0300??
  203. Cobb Stage 2: Anybody have problems while running a bov?
  204. where is your wideband?
  205. Vishnu trick
  206. OK, heres a question for you all you tuning techo's
  207. AP with other mods
  208. more stage maps for accessport
  209. unichip
  210. `02 wrx stock ecu and 2.5L block
  211. Subaru Trouble Code Info (OBDII)
  212. please help me (noob)
  213. Tuner Checklist
  214. Cobb AccessEcu Compatibility?
  215. Intake Air Temps
  216. Strange fueling problem... STI RA-C
  217. Unplug the EBC solenoid & install AP stage 2 tonight....but
  218. looking for an item, any ideas?
  219. do wideband sensors have universal fitment?
  220. Most reliable reflashed ECU?
  221. Help with ODB-II - 'no communication'
  222. Changing OLF Switchover OK??
  223. how do my logs look? new map
  224. UTEC version 3.1 stage III maps
  225. Ecu wiring for wrx/sti v5&6
  226. The real UTEC Stage2 whp
  227. obd2 code reader
  228. anyone running, UTEC STAGE 3 ???
  229. Utec Stg II without catback
  230. Any advantage with higher octane?
  231. utec, perams question
  232. UTEC map for 95 or 98 octane
  233. My car is getting Horrible Gas milage - WHY?
  234. Do I need tuning ?
  235. What should the cost be on dyno tuning for vf-22 turbo?
  236. Not Reaching Target Boost
  237. CEL P1446 after AP install on 2005 OBXT
  238. Need help with STi ECU part number
  239. National 720+cc injector shortage?
  240. ECU reprogramming and dyno questions
  241. Neglected to change oil...
  242. link+ question
  243. Modded injectors and IDC
  244. walbro fuel pump need tuning?
  245. Does New ECU Need 'Initializing'?
  246. Second Processor in STI Utec
  247. Pulled codes today
  248. How long should I wait untill trying the HWG map?
  249. How do you tune out boost creep with Utec?
  250. Simple CEL fix?