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  1. cobb accessport conflicting with my high beam indicator...
  2. UTEC controling fuel but not boost or timing
  3. Cut Out!!!! Yeah!!!
  4. I-Speed 2.5RS reflash impressions (the gist of it)
  5. Yet another Cobb 2.5 low boost issue
  6. Is Boost Controlled by ECU?
  7. Helix top mount on the way. Anything else??
  8. How much of the E-Manage does one need?
  9. looking for good ecutek tuners in socal
  10. Stage 2 AP on WRX - EGT looks high, AFR looks lean...?
  11. Laptop necessary for Street Tuner?
  12. accessport 2005 sti firmware updates?
  13. To all Turbo XS rfl ti tbe owners
  14. Trouble Shooting Cobb STG2 Low Boost
  15. SAFC Install need help please
  16. Cobb AP Street tuner / Pro tuner and PE 850's
  17. STI Ecutek Stage 0
  18. Need help/advice tuning EJ25 in my '00 RS
  19. vf23 + ~10lb helper spring = 250rpm less onset
  20. utec and coilpacks
  21. Stock Wrx Ecu Needed
  22. Does this look like misfire?
  23. Best engine management for these mods?
  24. AP, Stage 2, Back Pressure, Boost Question?
  25. MAP Needed - VF39, stock injectors, modded FPR, STi fuel pump
  26. Lets discuss timing on the STI/Utec
  27. Does cobb make new maps for STIs?
  28. AccessPORT bypass emission test in CA?
  29. How much flow with stock inj and AFPR
  30. Cobb had VF22 or VF23 map in the past?
  31. What EMS on RST???
  32. Trying to upgrade turbo w/out EM
  33. AP questions
  34. thread link to gm solenoid boost install
  35. MAFT Pro?
  36. Greaddy EVO 2 ???
  37. Accessport 04 to wrx 05
  38. wiring up a link plus to a 98 2.5RS, wiring help (pinout included)
  39. Utec Experts: Shortblock swap won't start
  40. Question about my EM
  41. Timing Belt
  42. dyno tuning, motec systems
  43. LINK 44S help PLEASE!
  44. protune over cobb stage maps
  45. Lean burn on oem ECU - use PIC to offset O2 sensor?
  46. UTEC ???'s
  47. WTLW? RCE 1000cc/min TF injectors
  48. Utec Help
  49. Which cat to keep for AP?
  50. Difference in wrx sedan and wagon ECU's
  51. Wrx Vs. Sti Map Sensor
  52. What Should I Do
  53. what ecu pinouts?
  54. StreetTuner with 18G and UR 785cc injectors
  55. AVCR Wiring info
  56. AP Economy Map ok for city driving?
  57. New guy wants info
  58. J&S Safeguard and 4eat
  59. Help with EcuTek and mods
  60. Misfiring and not road tuned, need a UTEC map help!
  61. new firmware? on the way?
  62. Cobb Accessport question, please help!
  63. Fine tuning a dyno tune after minor mods?
  64. Shorted something at the ECU? HELP!
  65. California AccessPort Users: Which map?
  66. utec vs cobb AP
  67. TPS Location
  68. Emanage interaction light on
  69. S-afc
  70. please help! hunting idle
  71. Queston about the .5L incrase and EM (nOOB inside)
  72. What would cause boost to drop from 19 to 0 suddenly?
  73. weird UTEC problem
  74. 04 STi utec economy map
  75. cel codes
  76. Cobb AP gas and milage
  77. TEC3, what processor?
  78. K&N typhoon intake safe to run with Stage 2 Accessport???
  79. Help on this set up
  80. possible alternative to GM BCS???
  81. UTEC map request
  82. PE800 idle problems! Help!
  83. Ground wire kits
  84. 03 wrx UTEC
  85. 2005 wrx and UTEC?
  86. Sti Ecu
  87. Help! Stage 2 install gone wrong! CEL 0031!
  88. EcuTek Opinions?
  89. PE 850CC and UTEC
  90. The wrong approach? (n00b alert)
  91. COBB stage 2 sti...max 10psi?
  92. AP + ProTuner ~= EcuTek?
  93. Anybody running the Ecutek display w/ wide band?
  94. Best supercharger for a 2001 2.5 RS?
  95. Danger of Tuning on Dyno Jets
  96. Stage 2.5 + Helper spring Before/After DD logs
  97. Is it safe to use someone else’s custom tune?
  98. Installed Utec, FMIC, Inlet now Car Stubbles at 4k plus. Data Logs Inside.
  99. Turbo XS Tuner Vs Tuner Pro
  100. Perfect Power SMT6
  101. need instrucions for safc install
  102. Help With USB to Serial. This is getting expensive
  103. UTEC Tuning guidelines for only fuel and ingition timing (ST, ESP trim)
  104. very quick YES/NO utec question
  105. Gtech Accelerometer worth it?
  106. any idea when ecutek is comming out with map selector for sti
  107. cobb protuner. is it worth it?
  108. Greddy Emanage Ultimate?!?!?
  109. Sti+20G+Stock injectors+WI?
  110. Timing Belt Replacement
  111. Cobb Accessport?
  112. COBB AP fix up pipe cel?
  113. Pinks, VF39, STi Fuel Pump Tuning Questions
  114. Connecting LC-1 to Serial/Utec
  115. bigger injectors means less gas mileage?
  116. A/C Woes - AP possibly the cause?
  117. utec boost question
  118. Boooooooooooooooooooost
  119. Is Using A Mechanical CEL Fix ok to use with the Utec?
  120. power FC questions
  121. Losing bust at WOT? after removing silencer.. could it be the tune?
  122. Cobb 05 WRX AP reflash from Legacy 05
  123. Bosal Downpipe with Cobb Stage II?
  124. STI pink injectors compatibility
  125. BOV ?'s...
  126. Should I go with Vishnu Performance for my '04 STi
  127. EcuTek Question
  128. UTEC and ecutek works better?
  129. Any Protuners in Florida?
  130. Sti Intercooler flow/cooling rates
  131. Please help put the P1446 Issue to rest
  132. What is your current IAM? WRX users, please
  133. how do you hook an aem wideband to a utec?
  134. more lean burn trials/methods
  135. using 3-bar map sensor with utec
  136. running two ECU's ?
  137. Need help identifying this (stock) ECU
  138. Question About 04/05 Sti Exhaust??????????
  139. questions about tuning ej207/03 wrx swap???
  140. Neep help/idle problems 02 wrx
  141. AP Map Manager: Upgrading older version to v1.63
  142. ecutek question
  143. UTEC - knock sensor question
  144. Any clips of how knocks sounded like on a EJ motor?
  145. TurboXS Tuner Shows 14.7 constant? Got an answer?
  146. HELP!!! i need help on a UK 1995 Legacy Turbo
  147. should i get cobb tuning ?
  148. Basic UTEC Maps
  150. how do I lean tune for economy??
  151. Cobb Access Port..Big Problem!!!!!!
  152. need stage II map
  153. Instead of dealer reflashing 04 STI AP
  154. where is the ecu rpm signal wire?
  155. booSt conTroller opiNions
  156. At altitude: Running extremely rich AP stage II
  157. Accessport: Can't import .ptr files into accessport!!
  158. Anyone have a cure for lean backfires(UTEC related)
  159. ProECM 2005 Compatibility?
  160. Quick Question about COBB AccessECU
  161. cel on again
  162. 03 2.5 rs.
  163. Tuning with a Mac?
  164. looking for a place to get tunned
  165. stand alone ECU
  166. roughness monitor
  167. where can i find this?
  168. perfect power smt6?
  169. Fuel pressure guage tap in (snap-on guage)
  170. Best way to tune for higher temps/evnvironmental changes?
  171. Need AP Map managment software
  172. Accessport question
  173. How do you know if your wideband is telling the truth?
  174. AP question about intercoolers
  175. Cobb Stage 2 299hp?
  176. SMC or other ALKY Injection users - where did you tap boost for controller?
  177. WRX UTEC lean vacuum driving problem ….
  178. UTEC question
  179. UTEC - MAF sensor values?
  180. ecutek compatability
  181. StreetTUNER help
  182. AP update 05 back to 04
  183. Vishnu Stage zero question...
  184. Off the shelf Stage 2 better than stock for fuel economy.
  185. cobb street tuner
  186. Is Methanol injection safe for cats (meow)??
  187. WRX Tuner in South Florida
  188. Cobb AP and Subaru Reflash
  189. Best Gauges
  190. JDM GC8 EJ20G EGT placement question-
  191. Anyone verify Cobb stage 1/2 claims?
  192. boost controller with accessport
  193. just reflashed to cobb ap stage 1
  194. Protuner, anything I should do first???
  195. 05 sti + 05 utec = no ignition. help!
  196. Diagnosis of sensors
  197. Question about Protune and raising boost psi.
  198. injectors questions
  199. UTEC Help! Idle problems!
  200. knock detection with ST
  201. Measuring in-cylinder ionization currents to infer peak pressure and optimize timing
  202. Tuning a 4EAT WRX ?
  203. Neutral Switch Input
  204. HELP! car reassembled now running so rich it wont even idle
  205. New to Cobb AP - quick help
  206. just fried my accessport
  207. Tuning for first time tomorrow, need tips
  208. cobb 2.5 a/f ratios at redline
  209. Dyno Tuning w/ awd
  210. Accessport / Safe With Mods?
  211. My car won't stay running.....Utec
  212. New WRX UTEC firmware
  213. 02 utec on 04
  214. N00b tuner Q: I've got WBO2 and EGT and it will log RPM/MAP along with it, what else?
  215. Cobb Stage 1, Wastegate & DBC
  216. Anyone?
  217. What Blew? Who tuned it? What ECM used?
  218. tuning help for hybrid swap into 03 wrx???
  219. Effects of 04 WRX ECU swap with 04 ECUtek
  220. boost targets?????
  221. utec upload error
  222. Cobb AP resolve 04 STI pinging
  223. ECUtec with boost control
  224. Can't find what I am looking for
  225. Thinking about a power fc
  226. 2.5RS supercharged
  227. Ecutek vs AP
  228. PDX by mail
  229. sti with injectors/boost controler.
  230. 18g data logs.
  231. Car will not start! HELP!
  232. 92/93 octane safe for 91 Octane Map?
  233. Settings for GReddy Profec B spec 2?
  234. Noobie ECU - Reflash question
  235. UTEC v5.0 help... CEL
  236. Analyze my Log; Knock readings
  237. UTEC Flash gone bad?
  238. DIY (homemade) LM-1 RPM Converter
  239. Accessport Boost Controller Question
  240. do you need all the parts that come with the utec?
  241. Map selection question (cobb)
  242. Is Cobb Worth It ?
  243. Rave: UTEC 5.0
  244. i want +400hp
  245. mines ecu on ej20g
  246. Which injectors swap?
  247. Impossible to get Link-1 to idle stoich on an RS-T?
  248. lost (misplaced ?) my OBDII connector for Delta Dash- replacement available?
  249. new to UTEC, not connecting
  250. where to find stage4 utec 4.2 maps