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  1. lookin for help
  2. Georgia UTEC owners
  3. Is GT35 really a T3/to4e?
  4. RC injectors/lag time
  5. UTEC why not straight PSI setup?
  6. Quick Tidbit - true 4" inlet helps a good bit
  7. Accessport with intake
  8. AccessPort and STX
  9. 02 2.5RS Engine Overheating - need help
  10. Opinions please on my charts after 20g install
  11. can someone please send me stage4 4.2 basemap
  12. cobb 2.5 with tgv deletes ok?
  13. What would you do next?
  14. really low mileage - usdm ej20 swap
  15. Just noticed this about cobb tuning stg II A/F ratios or is it Subaru?
  16. Accessport: unable to change realtime maps for 02 wrx
  17. Blitz SBC I color?
  18. What to replace with a new Timing Belt?
  19. how many KM do you get on Accessport's economy map for 02 wrx
  20. Where can I get an OBD-II -> COM port wire?
  21. trouble codes P0171, P0303, P0304
  22. How can you see if an AP is married to an ECU without hooking it up to a car?
  23. UTEC Help
  24. defi D-Gauge AFR gauge question
  25. DatalogLab worth the cost?
  26. Total timing advance for stoich idle + lightweight flywheel + 92 octane
  27. Where can I buy an EMI/OLM?
  28. Used Accessprt ?
  29. Idea for the datalogger builders and programmers...
  30. can compression test be done with accessport and antitheft mode?
  31. Cobb Stg 1/2 psi numbers inside
  32. Plug Condition Help Possible Rich/lean ??
  33. Accessport not hitting target boost
  34. utec 5.0 uploader won't recognize usb->seriel
  35. for txs - port problem - fixed!
  36. Do you have wired sound at low RPM??(not not-enough torque)
  37. 1.8L SAFC install: RUMBLE POP BANG limp mode...
  38. AVCR - my display reads mmHg not kg/cm^2
  39. avcr wire taps
  40. UTEC 5.0 failure
  41. Request: Tari DL1 Log
  42. Found a disconnected wire under the dash...
  43. Is there a fuel injector CEL?
  44. Just Bought AP. rockin stage 1
  45. Exhaust manifold torque specs
  46. EJ16/18 (N3) ECU Pinouts and Expected Gains with S-AFC2
  47. what do i need to get in mid low 12sec
  48. Target boost for COBB Stg 2
  49. Can a 2003 utec be upgraded and put on a 2004 wrx?
  50. PC to AP problem
  51. Higher Pressure MAP
  52. Cobb AP question, 05 STI
  53. Higher Compression and Tuning
  54. Ecutek Removal???
  55. CEL --> too lean
  56. One reason I harp about EGT gauges.
  57. where can I buy just a diag port cable?
  58. Possible EM switch?
  59. Tiny det issue. Thoughts?
  60. clearing the CEL
  61. Utec Question
  62. Pressure sensor from AVC-R
  63. (HELP)TurboXS UTEC or Accessport Programmer(Cobb Tuning)
  64. Low emission requires closed-loop or no?
  65. whens the STI Firmware going to be realeased???
  66. Anyone have Datalog #'s on stock STI?
  67. Modded Stock Injectors 900cc
  68. Q: Aftermarket Gauge
  69. Wideband going crazy! Sensor gone bad?
  70. Cobb Accessport upgrades, no mention of uppipe!?!?
  71. Cobb Protune, list your results.
  72. A/f ratio goes lean on a dyno? Log inside
  73. street tuner revision
  74. does the mil eliminator eliminate.....
  75. 02 4EAT Access Port Question...
  76. Timing problems after broken belt
  77. whats a good wideband
  78. sti fp green with 38mm ewg and fmic utec maps needed
  79. power loss
  80. COBB AccessPORT and emission testing
  81. Thinking of going ECUtek. Help needed.
  82. Accessport v. ECUtek
  83. Announcing the TurboXS Electronic Boost Controller
  84. Ecutek monitor?
  85. 850cc injectors with Greedy e-manage ?
  86. EcuTek DeltaDash & LC1
  87. more problems
  88. vf22, fmic map
  89. ST vf23 question
  90. IAT and MAP Wiring
  91. Computer ready codes
  92. Accessport Power Cable
  93. Are ODBII cables proprietary?
  94. Accessport power supply
  95. Zeitronix Zt-2 User Input 0-5V Options?
  96. Cobb AP stage 2
  97. Ford 42lb 440cc inj in RS???
  98. Protune...
  99. Stock ECU's Interchangeable?
  100. Vishnu, Prodrive, or Cobb for STi
  101. Problem w/ stage 1 utec on 05 sti
  102. Strange problem, running out of ideas
  103. AP owners help
  104. Looking for a gauge that I can measure TB input temp.
  105. greddy profec setting
  106. AEM EMS in a week
  107. Cobb AP for '06 STi?
  108. how to raise rev limiter
  109. understanding a 'built' engine
  110. Injector Wiring Question
  111. Will Cobb Street Tuner do EGT?
  112. Any good Cobb AP Tuners in the NY/NJ or Phila, PA area?
  113. Tuners In South Florida?
  114. A/P problems
  115. Utec: tons of knock
  116. Has anyone used either UTEC and Cobb AP...
  117. boost spikes with utec
  118. turbo back with out em?
  119. Can I tune my car with Delta Dash?
  120. Can I use a Cobb AP on an Ecutek ECU??
  121. only 10 psi???
  122. AccessPort or UTEC?
  123. Cobb AP maps running lean?
  124. aem for STi??
  125. Turning up the gain on SBC-ID EBC
  126. Profec B
  127. power loss..which maps?
  128. My Setup for Logging/Displaying EGT's with UTEC/Tuna
  129. Motor with TGV's + JDM STi ECU...
  130. fuel cut defender
  131. Ecutek with UTEC
  132. utec upload error
  133. whats wrong with my logs?
  134. I have ecutek can i disconnect my battery without it messing ECU up?
  135. Should I switch to UTEC??
  136. List of ProTuners?
  137. economy map out for sti
  138. Unichip too old?
  139. 04 sti water injection install and dyno pics
  140. Interesting... OBDII reader problem with UTEC?
  141. CEL for running to rich....
  142. Vishnu Packages, Why Doesn't Anyone Go With Them Anymore?
  143. Need help diagnosing log (2.5 Hybrid w/knock)
  144. Question about 04 sti Cobb ...
  145. Tuning Advice for my Frankenstein motor! (V7 heads, crawford block)
  146. Does the protune get rid of TGV CELs?
  147. UTEC map for V7 heads/ecu and EJ257
  148. Help with Knock, logs inside
  149. Blow Through MAF made easy
  150. ECUtek + port & polish
  151. emissions question
  152. Another txs unichip question
  153. swap guys! specifically the ones NOT running OEM turbo ECM
  154. UTEC Knock threshold safe setting values help
  155. LINK / LINK PLUS users
  156. TXS Unichip Question
  157. A/F question
  158. Temperature and Timing Correction for Utec5.0
  159. Will this work with my WRX?
  160. Any one running utec w/750cc injectors? thats dyno tuned? 03 WRX
  161. What is Up-pipe for?
  162. Power problems
  163. Should I switch to a Utec from my unichip
  164. RS-t Safc-II settings
  165. cant connect to utec
  166. Cobb AP software problem
  167. 18g utec map anyone??
  168. need help with WRX 2.5l swap, WRX Heads and UTEC
  169. protune and exhaust install same day?
  170. AP vf30 map for a VF35 w/pinks
  171. Tips on VF35 UTEC map?
  172. Cobb Street Tuner or me decide.
  173. Desperate for Help with Cobb AP.. Please help
  174. vf39 on wrx and vf22 on sti help
  175. n00b UTEC question on raising the boost cut
  176. LM-1 troubleshooting help, anyone?
  177. What are the requirements for Utec Stage 4 ??
  178. AEM Uego Wideband wiring
  179. Accessport Protune Questions
  180. If you clear a code with an OBD2 Scan tool do you need to do the vishnu reset?
  181. wiring question: crimp or solder?
  182. Need help with Turbo XS Tuner (just purchased)
  183. Looking for costom Cobb AP Maps
  184. Quick UTEC LC question
  185. StreetTUNER question
  186. unichip on 01'RS
  187. The remote AFR/knock display for the Tuner-Pro
  188. What is my ECU telling me? (log inside)
  189. Turbo XS StageIII help
  190. WHat is highest knock count the UTEC can read using stock sensor?
  191. new txs firmware to cure crossover herky jerk?
  192. what to use for engine management
  193. 04 STI utec work on an 06 STI?
  194. UTEC MAF Scaling?
  195. 60a relay? utec & NX. ... HELP!
  196. Weird RPM surge with accessport stage 2
  197. cant upload new 5.0 quick help?
  198. Wire in link
  199. Converting ECU back to stock?
  200. Best Low Boost Solution.
  201. Difference in Utec versions??
  202. Does anyone have a hard time justifying spending $500-$1000 engine management?
  203. Slow starting on Link Plus
  204. Knock with UTEC at idle
  205. EGT sensor question
  206. frusrating knock on utec
  207. Additional Knock Sensor Location - Aftermarket - TXS Tuner Pro
  208. cobb stage 2 - getting knock
  209. Checklist before a tune...
  210. Used Cobb Ap
  211. ST Map Question
  212. Perrin EBCS wanted in the UK
  213. RalliTek PerfectPower
  214. Wasgegate Duty cycle questions
  215. AEM EMS Owners
  216. Japtrix Offers cobb tuning now! West Palm Beach, FL
  217. Just purchased AccessPort..
  218. alcohol injection
  219. Cold Air vs. Short Ram....the debate continues with a little tech flair
  220. Removing boost controller without stock parts
  221. MAFci tunable intake system
  222. reset ECU
  223. anyone on earth using a 98 rs and EM?????
  224. question about UTEC Spare Solenoid & LC / Flat Shift
  225. COBB Access Port Map Question: Turbo Noise!
  226. 97 suburu power
  227. 65lb/min (FP red, GT35R) and larger MAF and fuel requirements
  228. UTEC "outlearned" by ECU?
  229. BOV good or bad?
  230. MAP sensor replacement...
  231. dont know much about engine management, but i'm looking to do some tubo'ing
  232. W/I Soleniod control by UTEC
  233. big turbo+utec+TPS= :(
  234. Does Stage matter for AP Economy map?
  235. ECU Pinout question
  236. quick question
  237. 2.5 Hybrid Tuning (UTEC); Need base
  238. AP econ mode horsepower?
  239. Best tune?
  240. What TMIC to get ?
  241. Perfect Power Question..
  242. Map sensor Need advice asap
  243. Need help deciding which EM to get
  244. What EM should I use????
  245. Is cobb AP enough for what I want to do?
  246. Octane Boosting
  247. Launch Control problem... 1st gear rev limit...please help
  248. I'm having install problems too *downpipe*
  249. accessport stage 2 boost
  250. Dynopack operators: Possible bug in your software?