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  1. Need protune in Iowa for my AP
  2. Protune w/boost contoller
  3. UTEC tuning issues need help asap
  4. COBB AP / ST & Wideband O2.
  5. Any one got any EM logs from an APS tune or bolt ons for the STi??
  6. Where to buy COBB AP?
  7. emanage +4EAT
  8. who is the biggest engine guru here? I need advice
  9. 05 WRX...wondering what to search for
  10. AVC-R help?
  11. Crower WRX Cams on my EDM STI?
  12. Talk to me about upgrading my boost solinoid
  13. New GUI version of EcuFlash reflashing tool
  14. Got my AP
  15. lights are still on!
  16. FYI: Cobb HWG vs Actuator Arm
  17. Why do so many people hate the AP?
  18. UTEC on top of ECUTEK quick question.
  19. 05 wrx ecu swap to 05 ecutek problem?
  20. Project802 Performance Logger
  21. Subaru 2.5 RS Turbo Running very bad (need help)
  22. anyone running AP with aftermarket intake?
  23. Need help Quick, Utec CEL flashing and car wont start
  24. AP placing?
  25. OEM Front O2 Sensor #1 Voltage
  26. When installing the GM Boost Solenoid do you keep plastic restrictor in Vacume Line
  27. Which Ems if money were not an issue?
  28. ScoobyView free digital dashboard display
  29. Problems around 2500rpm - Logging
  30. Does cobb AP give you a new restrictor to replace the 1/8 stock one like Vishnu does?
  31. Thinking about ST
  32. g tech pro ss
  33. Tuning 101 for n00bs?
  34. What do I need to adjust on my EM to run the GM Boost Solenoid
  35. What do you think about Ecutek?
  36. Install of Apexi RSM Question
  37. DeltaDash On-Road Dyno's
  38. About Ecutek??
  39. AP Low voltage fix
  40. UTEC Knock Sensitivity Tuning?
  41. Tuner in IL
  42. Do wrx's have a WB o2??
  43. rough hp estimation from maf flow or volts?
  44. stupid question about my vishnu reflash
  45. Odd knock issue (UTEC, VF34, etc)
  46. Owned by Delta Dash
  47. boost controlller and ecutek
  48. question autronic!
  49. snow performance "Safeinjection"
  50. Calvin's done it again...
  51. Cobb AP - Please help a newbie
  52. Diy Ap?
  53. Hot Water???
  54. Electronic Boost controllers vs. stock boost control selenoid.. + & -?
  55. P0031 Issue with 05 WRX Ecu
  56. Another: help analyze my logs thread (UTEC)
  57. UTEC + LC-1 Help.
  58. HELP - EM Noob, I tuned my UTEC for more fuel and now their is a wierd popping noise
  59. anyone have a map of factory ecu/utec?
  60. IDC and Maf values after porting tgv's
  61. reasons of my detonation...
  62. Downpipe bolt..
  63. realtime map vs base map
  64. So my girlfriend said she was going to get me "that animal thing for my car for Xmas"
  65. STi: Aftermarket Cruise Control Options?
  66. Should my Utec look like this?
  67. EM for frankenbuild
  68. Utec Ver 5.0 vs. Cobb AP /w protune
  69. old school ignition hacking. input needed please. powerfc. coilpack vs pack on plug
  70. looking for stock 05 vs 06 WRX on same Dyno?
  71. utec or xede...for stage 3 turbo upgrade...
  72. utec standard settings?
  73. High Boost on Ap stg1 v1.30
  74. Scanmaster 3 negative knock correction values?
  75. AP with BOV?
  76. Help! My 2004 AccessPORT thinks it's a 2005, and won't let me load any 2004 maps!
  77. something like fuel stock boost
  78. Cobb Accessport voltage problem
  79. Which version UTEC?? HELP
  80. Questions about Accessport upgrade...
  81. need some help with my utec logs
  82. Check engine light flashing (UTEC) when miss shift?
  83. MAY96-97 GC8C48D ECU Logging
  84. Would bad/no signal from VSS cause CEL?
  85. how high to turn boost gain???
  86. Flash to stage 2 with no mods???
  87. Cam Position Sensor Signal
  88. Dataloggers
  89. Running tari logger - knock / overboost probs?
  90. which one is for me
  91. What causes the boost to spike and drop around the target level (gauge=metronome)?
  92. utec for 06
  93. A Tale of Two Tuners
  94. Advance Utec user Help with Timing. Knocks! Confused on Fuel/Timing Knock.
  95. Perfect Power Map
  96. closest dyno for EM tuning
  97. tunning with safc-II
  98. UTEC will not connect in car
  99. Ecutek VS Cobb
  100. Need help with AIT sensor PN
  101. Enginuity
  102. Fuel Rails and Stock injectors
  103. What ECU(s) can a run?
  104. Need help. Boosting only 8 psi
  105. Scary lean?
  106. Unichip
  107. How high can Inj Duty % go?
  108. Ecutek vs Utec...mods
  109. should i add utec to my ecutek for nitous or aquamist
  110. Street Tuner vs protune vs Ecutek ???'s
  111. I'm still in UTEC Old School!
  112. do my logs look ok?
  113. Any Bugeyes with different atennas?
  114. 25:1 a/f's during engine breaking... with logs
  115. Not Enough Fuel / Timing Question
  116. Here's another log, Cobb Stg 1 99.35% IDC and 214.65 MAF
  117. can you read Volt of ECU from UTEC??
  118. Bigger Maf?? Replace with what?
  119. Questions about AP
  120. 06 WRX, how much boost can be run on pump gas?
  121. Cobb Stage 2 Log - Should I pull a little timing?
  122. Ok to use a battery booster / charger while loading my AP
  123. flashing cruise light
  124. Cobb AP + MBC?
  125. ecuExplorer Engine Load address for 2002 USDM WRX?
  126. Charlotte Area AccessPort Owners
  127. ECU compatiablity
  128. Just Stage Two'ed - question
  129. Newbie questions - just started logging
  130. Utec with no abc boost controller
  131. CEL with accessport...need help
  132. Cobb stage 1 and my04 hesitation
  133. please help diagnose my UTEC log (and a wicked shift knock???)
  134. upgraded wastegate?
  135. STI Chip ?
  136. Safe/amount of boost?
  137. Green plug question
  138. Boost values maxed? 05 sti UTEC
  139. tunning S-AFC in my sti
  140. Using Turbo XS ABC to Run More Boost With Cobb AP??
  141. which re-flash do use?
  142. UTEC AFR goals
  143. cel after installing APS TMIC with cobb 2.5
  144. Slight Lag/Hesitation With UTEC
  145. Need a HUGE favor from STi Owners
  146. ecu pin-out diagram 2005 sti
  147. Anyone Know Bout Can?
  148. Accessport = Overheating?!?!
  149. so do i need a EM?
  150. Vacume Line size
  151. Do I Need A Tune???
  152. UTEC Check Engine Light
  153. Lag/Pause with New Utec 5.0 Firmware Upgrade
  154. AP: Help Loading a Protune map
  155. Help with loading a Protuner map
  156. Use UtecLogger & UtecEdit to Edit v5.0 Maps?
  157. Grounding Harness for STi
  158. Question about haltech eng managment system
  159. Reduce Utec boost numbers for 20 deg weather - how much?
  160. ecu question
  161. do i need a boost controller with AP and protune
  162. greddy emanage ultimate...
  163. Ralitek Perfect Power
  164. FP Green STi part-throttle bucking ... help!
  165. What's up with these "screws"?
  166. notes on cold weather, non-open loop utec fueling
  167. how the ecu works...closed loop?
  168. Hybrid 1-count knock Part2: Spectrum analysis
  169. P.O.S. front o2, voltage range?
  170. Stage 2 Map on 06 WRX TR
  171. turboxs knocklite install on 05 STi please???
  172. DIY: ECU removal instructions?
  173. cobb stage 2=happy
  174. When you unmarry the AP do all of your base maps remained saved?
  175. how do i know if an ecu has been ecuteck
  176. Ecutek with rotated gt30r
  177. Any one heard of
  178. boost gone crazy/ need help
  179. 06 Em?
  180. 0k, another cobb ap vs utec...
  181. Anyone installed HKS A/F Knock AMP
  182. utec or cobb??
  183. any experinces with the Perfect Power 7??
  184. AP valet mode=no tickets???
  185. need 05 sti ecu pin out
  186. Stage 4 catless-Wanting to install Cat have UTEC
  187. 17 PSI on cobb stage 2
  188. Anybody ever has an Cobb AP S1 Protuned?
  189. tuninig in NJ
  190. Wideband for the UTEC
  191. Can an AccessPORT read OBD-2 CEL codes from any car?
  192. Motec
  193. Engine Rev
  194. knock counts, timing, and problems help please
  195. fuel cut help!!
  196. Should I make adjustments for different altitudes/temps?
  197. AEM Intake ????'s
  198. Removing Cobb ap
  199. boost drop at redline with AP
  200. Looking for a 96 Legacy L auto pinout... HELP!
  201. Drivers Image in Skokie, IL and Negligence
  202. BIG problems... check my logs..
  203. Total noob help please
  204. Beginner Engine Tuning?
  205. Can ecutek be flashed back to stock??
  206. whats a decent not too expensive emc
  207. Accessport saves gas?
  208. 2006 Sti 1st mod???
  209. Need your help fellas on a good boost controller...
  210. haltech interceptor
  211. Help Me Understand Turbo Dynamics tables in StreetTuner
  212. e manage base map?
  213. IAM keeps bouncing 16 to 12 to 16
  214. just went sti cobb stg2 and...
  215. Fuel Tuning Help? (MAP ECU)
  216. AP and ECU ?
  217. Protuned Map Questions...
  218. function of tip-in enrichment
  219. UTEC vs AP with street tuner
  220. New To Utec, Need Something Better Than Stage4 Basemap
  221. Bummer: Where is my ECU located? ('05 STi)
  222. Where the F#(& is the injectors on a side feed WRX?
  223. Come see the benefits of Water Injection inside!
  224. ap 91/93 map question
  225. How do you know....Ecutek.
  226. I must Be Lean, 00 2.5rs running 7.5psi boost wrx inj..53% dutycycle
  227. I want more TORQUE!!!
  228. subaru injectors
  229. SAFC Newbie...reset or removal?
  230. Weird result pulling CEL code from AccessPort?
  231. AP response from 2k - 3k rpm ?
  232. Cobb Stage 2 Plug and play?
  233. UTEC/What would happen??
  234. Reflashing AP necessary?
  235. AP stage2.5 problem
  236. cobb vf34 map with pump
  237. cable compatible with EcuFlash?
  238. stock injector tuning
  239. accessport or utec for this setup?
  240. cobb ap for 04 wrx
  241. need help with my Link Plus
  242. Utec vs. Dtec vs. Street Tuner
  243. Access Port Question
  244. NEW OBDII port scan for emissions testing.... Accessport = pass or fail?
  245. UTEC - Knock Count flashing cel
  246. Boost Controller
  247. I thought the LC-1 comes with a Bosch sensor?
  248. Knock Sensor...Negative Timing?
  249. CEL not flashing w/ map selection?
  250. HP Question