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  1. Another tuner Noob here trying to figure out which way to go & why
  2. Using an LCD to monitor parameters
  3. Greddy FMIC. Need Advice.
  4. vishnu stage sub-zero
  5. Vishnu EMI adapter or reflash ECU?
  6. closd loop and intake tunning this weekend need some advice
  7. Reflash options for 94 octane?
  8. haltech tuning in or near pittsburgh
  9. need wiring and tuning 4 motec in philly
  10. I'll try this again, MBC + EMI why not just leave it alone?
  11. Open Loop vs Closed Loop UTEC boost map. Example?
  12. Question about S-AFC installation..
  13. XEDE vs. UTEC
  14. how does a downpipe affect gas mileage?
  15. apexi turbo timer hard wiring
  16. Help with tuning UTEC in 1st and second
  17. UTEC Question RE: CEL Flash at Startup (Map#)
  18. Specs for front O2 sensor
  19. JC SportsTorque Chip
  20. First engine mod installed! EMI adapter, but need advice/help
  21. Injen Intake
  22. Tuning methodology & Theory questions
  23. STi Injectors plus UTEC - help
  24. Vishnu Tuning Shiv...Need Advice!
  25. BOV adjustment???
  26. Danger in off the shelf maps?
  27. Computer requirements for Link software?
  28. Check Engine Boost controller
  29. UTEC tuner in LA area - sugestions?
  30. replacement BoostMOnkey-still waiting.....
  31. Turboback only?
  32. Random ECU / UTEC behavior observation
  33. Help me decipher this log
  34. What's a better option?
  35. UTEC Boost control as good or better than other boost controllers?
  36. Worth upgrading to utec from unichip?
  37. Ecu programming language?
  38. DeltaDash Beta version with road dyno
  39. CAIs and after market EM
  40. UTEC Stage 3
  41. knowledge perf. utec tuning
  42. Who's gone from unichip to utec and kept same mods?
  43. Good Place to start....???
  44. Wideband o2 Sensors
  45. Anyone running another engine mgmt.,besides Unichip, with APS exhausts?
  46. UTEC questions.. experience needed
  47. please help, UTEC boost control woes!!
  48. UTEC remote MAP selector
  49. Muffler Question
  50. Ecutek and CEL
  51. Misfire HELP!
  52. Is There a Correct Order?
  53. Any Aem Standalone Experience?
  54. UTEC and Flame throwing
  55. Exhaust temp guage
  56. HELP- Aps CAI, SR40, Apex SAFC
  57. Anybody have advice and/or tips on Installing Greddy boost control?
  58. Hks F-con
  59. UTEC + VF34 + etc.
  60. UTEC Tuning: IDC and Timing
  61. Link wiring ?s
  62. Newb Utec Question?
  63. Question about Utec install!
  64. Real Problem With My HalTech E6K
  65. Need help with Utec newbie timing
  66. MY first CEL
  67. Utec Heeeeelp !
  68. Knock VS Octane
  69. Next mod safely
  70. When is the time when you really need EGT gauge?
  71. DIY Turbo Porting/Polishing
  72. 87 octane and UTEC?
  73. How stealth is the ECUTEK?
  74. UTEC should be here tomorrow and my laptop sucks
  75. Can I leave the serial cable plugged in my UTEC all the time?
  76. need help
  77. need help w/ UTEC... Please
  78. Open-Source ECU Tuning
  79. Vivid Racing Power Package
  80. Anyone use the unichip with a FMIC and an intake
  81. Fuel warning
  82. UTEC Stage 1 and ABC?
  83. Vishnu stage1 map...How much boost?
  84. Headers...necessary?
  85. Nothing but the Unichip
  86. Resetting the ECU
  87. A noobie with a few questions on Reflash and ECU's
  88. Prodrive ECU
  89. ecutek vs. utek
  90. ECU Reset?
  91. Tuning Newbie needs to get started
  92. Another shady Ebay UTEC dealer?
  93. Ok guys its like 20 deg out, with wind. need to instal my UTEC. Any bets on time?
  94. JDM motor/ECU converts
  95. Data log and clear CEL software
  96. Stock Ecu: Knock correction?
  97. My UTEC doesn't work
  98. TurboXS Stage 2 UTEC
  99. UTEC editing maps -silly editing question
  100. People with aftermarket BOV's
  101. Need help finding O2 sensor lead
  102. Unichip tuning hell
  103. What will aftermarket ECU do over stock?
  104. someone from turbo xs please answer
  105. tuning with mac?
  106. Datalogging with Tec 3
  107. TGV elimination options, Tuning for decent idle?
  108. map request for vf23/fmic/sti injectors
  109. 92 octane = knock
  110. Vishnu vs. TurboXS
  111. UTEC Maps Suggestion
  112. dyno tune VS street tuning ... you help pick
  113. Blitz SBC-iD help...
  114. Can anyone help
  115. Guage Questions
  116. power expected to gain from UTEC with my mods?
  117. Eliminating P0420 CEL
  118. Wideband vs Narowband o2
  119. Need help installing Tanabe Cat-Back!
  120. Any knock problems with exhaust mods only?
  121. Gains to expect with engine management?
  122. ECU Reset Questions
  123. tuning with Wine or Virtual PC (or anything UNIX)
  124. ecu conversion ?'s
  125. Cobb introduced their own reflashing technology today
  126. EFI Tuning Fundamentals Seminar!
  127. UTEC tuning with PDA what do I need?
  128. APS Intake MAF Error
  129. adjusting hks bov help
  130. Can a UTEC be used with intake and FMIC ?
  131. Anyone got a map for my mods?
  132. 100% Atmosphere BOV with ECU reprogram?
  133. WRXLINK TPS setting?
  134. Unichip users- is it a good for the price
  135. Turbo Timers
  136. Latest UTEC software version??
  137. Defi Link system
  138. UTEC Stage 5 help (FMIC,565cc,ect.) Q and A
  139. utec
  140. Ignition system question
  141. Anyone got S-AFC II diagram or can anyone read Japanese?
  142. Anyone with the ECU reflash pass OBDII emissions test?
  143. Exhaust Question
  144. Delta Dash Backorder
  145. Well-rounded EJ25 Link map?
  146. What do you use to edit your UTEC maps?
  147. link or sds digital system
  148. anyone have a pict of UTEC on the ECU?
  149. Idle Problem
  150. EMI adapter w/turboxs harness
  151. settings on the power meter i-d
  152. Ecutek reflash tuners
  153. Prodrive-USA to offer 292 ho kit for standard WRX
  154. Utec.
  155. Utec install for dummies... ok, so im one of them but finished.
  156. Reflash with Automatic ?
  157. in-dash ECU adjustment
  158. Does the T-sport flat shift really work?
  159. UTEC Maps -- Let's help each other out!!
  160. question about utec
  161. 98 RS guys! - Link vs Utec vs Exede vs flash
  162. UTEC Open to closed loop, whats the big deal?
  163. JDM/Motor/ECU/ECUTEK
  164. Vishnu Stage Zero plus downpipe
  165. FYI, the LINK doesn't like...
  166. haltech on a wrx
  167. Good News for PossumLink, LinkPlus, Tec-2, and Tec-3 Owners!
  168. How stock ECU works really???
  169. Stage 3 map out next week
  170. Stage II + Uppipe and IC hoses... retunning??
  171. which system on motorswapped car?
  172. UTEC versus standalone?
  173. LINK and CEL's?
  174. SDS Digital ECU
  175. do all UTEC's come preloaded with Stage 2?
  176. HalTech E6K help
  177. Utec tuning in eastern canada
  178. UTEC Data Log Info Required
  179. Does the UTEC always come with the ABC?
  180. some utec tuning questions
  181. is the abc for the utec necassary?
  182. removing the Unichip for an ecu upgrade?
  183. Help me out(utec, datalog)
  184. UTEC map question -regarding knocks and lean
  185. Egt Gauge!!!
  186. ecu question...
  187. Ecutek Reflash Issue
  188. Don't understand about tuning UTEC
  189. Re-flashing flashed ECU (ecutek)
  190. PE 1820 map ????
  191. Have to ask
  192. UTEC Install Questions.
  193. Vishnu Dyno Plot Wish List
  194. laptop for UTEC question
  195. Crappy/ Winter gas maps
  196. Can any UTEC by reprogrammed??
  197. UTEC woes , some quick questions
  198. Is TurboXS ecutek better than Vishnu b/c of 93 Octane
  199. looking for vf22 UTEC logs
  200. UTEC fuel tuning question
  201. EMI Adapter I Have Doesn't Match Diagram
  202. UTEC and CEL0420
  203. solving knock but retaining power
  204. timing question
  205. Where to buy an In carr WB A/F?
  206. Help on some Delta Dash Questions
  207. What comes with Xede
  208. mattrandolph??
  209. are my crank/cam sensors broke?
  210. Magnaflow Exhaust
  211. Remap Unichip for Axleback?
  212. VF22 Utec map
  213. Link2 map for NA 2.5RS
  214. Choosing a Boost Controller
  215. txs stage 2 utec question!
  216. TXS Stage 2 Engine Knock Question
  217. UTEC Boost Pressure
  218. Got a UTEC tuning issue.
  219. PLEASE HELP! Exhaust Question...
  220. bov, dp, up, ebc
  221. Noob UTEC Question Re: Knock and 91Octane
  222. UTEC Question
  223. vishnu unichip question
  224. Redline 7,000, Rev Limiter 7,500
  225. which engine management??
  226. Super Noob!
  227. boost question involving UTEC
  228. boost controller + UTEC
  229. help
  230. super noob tunner
  231. UTEC = no boost
  232. unichip revisited
  233. tec3 tps low voltage
  234. mrt cai
  235. Vishnu EMI problem, please help
  236. TurboXS Stage 2 and high EGTs
  237. Want to learn how to tune an ECU...and actually do it on a real dyno?
  238. CanI get any hp increase from only upgrading the fuel pump?
  239. n00b UTEC tuners CLB log. please take a look!
  240. Basic tune and feedback question
  241. Utec probs with stage 4 boost
  242. Exhaust power gains
  243. Apexi S-AFC Ver.2
  244. Haltech USA closed -- Prices drop!
  245. Question on SAFC
  246. Delta Dash Dyno question
  247. Help With UTEC LOGS.
  248. UTec
  249. Loud Exhaust = Knock?
  250. Burning Smell from 2003 WRX