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  1. BigMAF and air flow
  2. CEL P0447 And Access Port
  3. What & When?
  4. check engine light on; knock sensor
  5. How do I know if I have an "immobilizer" equipped ecu?
  6. who makes a good piggyback?
  7. Cold Air Made Car Flutter and Turn Off!
  8. need a little help datalogging....
  9. Tailpipe wideband error?
  10. New Y-Pipe worth it?
  11. UncleCocky request's info on tunes
  12. J&S mounting location.
  13. Effect of Turbo inlet on tuning... advice
  14. "Safe"A/F ratios
  15. approximately how much power?
  16. what kind of engine managment with 16g turbo?
  17. finally did some logging....
  18. AFR sensor
  19. how do i fix this CEL
  20. Tachometer "strip"?
  21. Air Fuel Learning (Long Term Fuel Trim?)
  22. Non subaru tuning/emissions questions
  23. Hotter Coil?
  24. Is the Unichip / other piggybacks that bad?
  25. Cel P0442
  26. Knock/Piston Slap??
  27. ECU upgrade help
  28. utec stage 4 on automatic?need map!!!!
  29. Using and EBC with Streettuner or AP
  30. Audible knock... and questions about A/F
  31. Getting protuned soon... question on plugs
  32. OBDII logger for Mac
  33. Reflash JDM ECU's
  34. Inspection with modded injectors and utec
  35. Oil Catch Can Install
  36. Zeitronix ZT-2 + ST in '06 WRX ?
  37. Forester intermittently bucks and stalls
  38. Wastegate duty cycles and spiking
  39. AP won't connect to ST or AP
  40. ECU pulling lots of timing 1800 rpm and below
  41. Synchronic FPR for the Impreza
  42. oem ecu closed loop targets other than 14.7:1?
  43. so... vishnu or cobb for stg2......
  44. USB-Serial Cable that works with the AP and ecuExplorer
  45. need help with looking at logs
  46. HELP!!! My car won't start!
  47. PDX tuning Accessport maps
  48. partial throttle knock
  49. Dyno tune vs. Street tune
  50. Max MAP reading on STI?
  51. 2001+ JDM STI logs
  52. 2004 wrx 2.0 ecu
  53. Best EMS for 2.5RS
  54. Initial impressions on PDX maps
  55. TXS knocklite...maintenance free?
  56. Stay with cobb or get something else?
  57. Best BANG for the buck
  58. wrx ecu in a 98rs...
  59. analyze my graphs/datalog
  60. Subaru Prodrive ECU 2001 UK300 Scooby
  61. Target AFR with water/alchy injection
  62. does your DTEC read too high?
  63. HKS CAMP and Bosch LSU4
  64. Too many miles for AP?
  65. High octane swapping?
  66. Cobb Stg 2 w/ or w/o cat?
  67. Tuning for Efficiency
  68. Any one using the Zeitronix Boost module wiht the ZT-2
  69. 06 Wrx EM
  70. Utec + S-safc
  71. 06 WRX Question
  72. Different boost w/different RPM starting points
  73. with these mods how much power am i looking at?
  74. WB narrowband output to stock ECU?
  75. Measurements for FPR
  76. ecu reflash questions
  77. WG DC always 45%!?!?
  78. Running lean after JDM WRX swap need help!!
  79. Cobb stage 2 or Vishnu stage 1?
  80. Why taper the boost curve?
  81. DTEC settings comparison thread
  82. new turbo and injectors, should i run em on my current utec tune?
  83. Blow-through: how is your MAFv affected?
  84. Need advice, potential AP problem
  85. Safe Runnin HWG With 100 Octane ?
  86. Utec...hyperterminal connection to COM1
  87. Turbo XS DTEC or Apexi AVC-R w/ecutek fp green set up?
  88. o2 sims
  89. Should I be disappointed?
  90. my car + ap = broken
  91. UTEC vs. Cobb AP
  92. why not just GFTW?
  93. wastegate duty cycle zero, AFR high?
  94. mod without engine management
  95. ECU Reprogramming Options. Which...
  96. Lm1
  97. Switching catback after getting a tune??
  98. Fuel injector placement ?
  99. Boost controller with Ecutek??
  100. Stage 2 impression accurate?
  101. Does AEM support 05 STi?
  102. A/F on spoolup and cruising
  103. Warning! New Summer blend 93 octane. If you are tuned read!!
  104. Cobb stage 2 dilemma?
  105. subaru factory reflash question
  106. Apex Power FC / HKS F-Con Pro any info???
  107. how to read data logs? is there a FAQ? or already written somwhere?
  108. boost is too high?
  109. Fuel Consumption Curves?
  110. Any NJ/NY/CT tuning events ?
  111. Air/Fuel guage issues
  112. Odd Problem..
  113. LM-1 Logworks and Streettuer
  114. Stall/idle problem?
  115. Unexplained loss of MAF Voltage (lean-out)
  116. Duplicating 2005 STi Key
  117. Ecu-tek or AP?
  118. Tial 38mm EWG seat diameter?
  119. WRX ECU to control JDM version 7 motor for emissions?
  120. UTEC or Cobb AP for mods listed
  121. Knock Detector and Wideband AFR
  122. Not sure where to post: Fuel Pressure & EGT Gauge installs?
  123. part number for GM Air Tem sensor
  124. Ecu
  125. life with PDX maps/your impressions?
  126. 1999 2.2L ecu question
  127. Timing values and alcohol/meth, water injection
  128. MBC and Cobb stage 2?
  129. Map Load Point question
  130. EcuTek is the best!
  131. Innovate XD-1 gauge w/ Hydra?
  132. ebay chip for wrx
  133. PDX stg2 STi datalog
  134. LM-1 in place of rear o2?
  135. Info on "NEW" AccessPort
  136. NEW STI HELP wanted
  137. COBB AP StageII 1.05v 93 WANTED! Please!!
  138. Are there any "easy" chips for the '06 wrx powerplant?
  139. Autronic SM4, who knows it and/or has worked with it?
  140. installing as speak, please help!
  141. Light knock around 4k...OL/CL?
  142. Ecutek and stalling, I did search too
  143. EBC question
  144. Is higher boost even possible? Log inside.
  145. Question about knock correction
  146. 02 wrx ecu same as 03-05?
  147. are boost levels correct.. please comment
  148. ECU Pin Out Diagram DTEC 2005 STi
  149. PPP2 hardware w/AP?
  150. What is the best handheld wideband o2
  151. Ap Vs. Utec Vs. Ecutek
  152. Can BOV's and CAI's be tuned to run properly?
  153. Eqtuning ?
  154. Vehicle speed sensor...
  155. where is that thread?
  156. AP & UTEC together?
  157. leaned out??
  158. ready to get tuned
  159. Will a Unichip KILL ME?
  160. Logged Knock suggestions
  161. Turbo not boosting, maybe its my blitz bc?
  162. Utec anti theft mode flakey
  163. Pretty dissapointing time after going to Stage 2 from Stock (STi)
  164. The Perfect Power Experience
  165. Converting MAF to MAP
  166. Stock ECU reflash for UP/DP combo
  167. Expert Call-out: Tutorial on ECUTek/UTEC Combo
  168. Cheapest place for AEM UEGO gauge?
  169. Unmarry my AccessPort: Will I have a CEL if I keep my stock JDM uppipe
  170. Vf39 setup?
  171. Any advantages to tightening wastegate arm?
  172. Question about Accessport and Utecs
  173. why can't they make a self tuning ecu?
  174. Ecutek or COBB
  175. ecu swap and immobilizer?
  176. DTEC-BC Problems with RPM...
  177. Factory AVCS Map
  178. Fuel and ignition tables
  179. silencer delete?
  180. How do you actually use all these free ECU flash things
  181. Tuning as a career?
  182. Backfire sound
  183. New idea? or rehash?
  184. Need help With Gt35r Map
  185. Any one live in NNJ who can meet to explain how I flash my ecu?
  186. Problems with Cobb AP
  187. 04 STI - UTEC or AP?
  188. Help....installing dtec with wiring
  189. Plx M-300 Usb
  190. Help with log max out wastegate and fuelpump
  191. street tuner map for small 16G on 03 wrx?
  192. Gas Mileage....waywayway down
  193. UTEC Tuner in AZ
  194. New Map - Does this sound right
  195. ej22t users, flexible but cost effective options?
  196. usdm sti autronic coming soon
  197. Want a little more HP
  198. what em to go with??
  199. Real Time OBD Question
  200. Going from 2.0 to built 2.5. EM Questions
  201. 2003 RS ECU Pinouts
  202. WRX ecus interchangeability
  203. wrx computer for an ej22t
  204. how many WHP from a dyno tune?
  205. Opinons on ecu management
  206. hydra tuning
  207. Already Have Ecutek, thinking about adding UTEC...
  208. Maps for a gt35r with street tuner.
  209. AVC-R or DTEC?
  210. E85 is available acrossed the street, LIGHT mix for detonation buffer?
  211. Ecutek Reflash vs Cobb AccessPORT?
  212. best map for bad gas
  213. Cylinder 1 Misfire CEL - Anything to be worried about?
  214. AVCR Problems??????
  215. Dtec Gear Selection Problem
  216. UTEC & AP base maps
  217. protune vs hydra
  218. Engine Management recommendation for heavy track use
  219. knock correction explained?
  220. would a tune be able to get rid of the CEL caused by aftermarket pulleys?
  221. OBX Fuel Management
  222. Is Injector Latency Linear
  223. The Knock Box
  224. Parts for a Blitz SBC-iD
  225. you like it or hate it?
  226. A/F learning.. and hack air box..
  227. Map ownership
  228. oxygen sensor codes on a Ecutek, dang it
  229. Need latency values please
  230. Intercooler airflow. How Much??
  231. Is my ECU USDM or JDM?
  232. Serial converter question
  233. Codes pulled!
  234. Directhits ignition upgrade?
  235. ECU License
  236. Utec Or Cobb Ap
  237. DTEC FC problems
  238. swapping ECU's
  239. tuning books
  240. Will my faulty header thats hitting the k-member cause false knock?
  241. ambient temps and whp/wtq
  242. AP/Ecutek issue
  243. WRX Tari Engine Load ECU Explorer code in first page?
  244. CEL but AP says no engine codes
  245. Severe negative knock correction (w/ logs)
  246. Post your ECU Logs here
  247. some logs for review
  248. changing injectors on utec
  249. Link/Motec/PowerFC which one for ej20k???
  250. TXS Knocklite Install - Advice Needed