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  1. OBD1 vs OBD2
  2. HKS SLD for a 2006 WRX. Need more info.
  3. Negative Knock Correction???
  4. Need help with CEL's
  5. 06wrx diagnostic mode
  6. How do I read the logs from ecuexplorer?
  7. PO had ECUTek, now what...
  8. Datalogging for dummies
  9. What to do about ECU for a Swap
  10. Exhaust leak as it relates to AFR readings
  11. Anyone logging or flashing with the AP2 Cable?
  12. Megasquirt??
  13. A/F Meter
  14. After installing sz49/850cc and walbro 255
  15. TGV deletes and throttle hangup
  16. injector question
  17. my first "log"
  18. Which advance multiplier and engine load from ecuexplorer to log?
  19. Difference between MAP and MAF sensors???
  20. Ecutek protune and opensource
  21. DTEC: Is there a quick way to select scramble?
  22. Blue side feed injectors
  23. 16g tune
  24. IDCs and Adjustable FPR. Can I increase pressure without scaling?
  25. Read codes with tactrix
  26. Can anyone break it down for me Barney Style.....
  27. Manual Boost Control (MBC) question
  28. My car doesn't turn on!
  29. Tuning a stock STI
  30. Tuning a stock STI
  31. RPM signal for Piggy Back
  32. Differences Link 44S ECU and Link G2/3
  33. Winter tune - how relevant are the conditions?
  34. SDS engine management VS JE257
  35. headers+tmic, XPT vs pro tune?
  36. Tuning for 2002 TS?
  37. Logs with and without rear 02 sensor inside
  38. will this work?
  39. Txs Tuner Pro wiring problems
  40. Concern regarding the long-awaited MY07 STI & WRX reflash from Subaru.
  41. open ecu tuning with an accessport
  42. My TDC stage2 logs look good...
  43. anti-lag
  44. Aem Or Hydra Ems For The Sti
  45. Step by step ROM pull off ECU using ECUFlash
  46. Anyone in NY running a standalone on an OBD2 car?
  47. gutted up and down pipes and EM..??
  48. my data log from the other day....
  49. legacy gt ecu help
  50. Ultra Noob Question
  51. ecutek or autronic ?
  52. Tuning Quiz - case study
  53. turbo xs piggy back vs cobb v2
  54. 07 STI ECU swap able?
  55. Problems while logging.. Help!
  56. Help interpretting log file
  57. Please Help!!!!! Cam Sensor Trouble
  58. hybrid ( rs head with wrx block )
  59. noob: which Engine Management is right for me and my car
  60. How Do U Reflash Comp With Out Reader
  61. Tuning with 2 EMs... UTEC and COBB AP
  62. My new data logs! now with CAM 2
  63. Running very lean!!
  64. Logging with PLX wbo2
  65. what is my best option? (02 legacy)
  66. What's so difficult about an intake to tune for?
  67. What exhaust system to get for my '04 WRX.
  68. Relocating with a few tuning questions...
  69. Having real issues tuning a 4EAT for 18G/800cc injectors
  70. what obd2 system to use for NY?
  71. How to "tune" a "set" RRFPR
  72. Cause?
  73. Someone check out my data logs..
  74. What is the coldest/hottest temp mapped in the stock ecu?
  75. Questions: Engine tuning for a school project
  76. Protune and boost spike
  77. Can I use a resister here....
  78. Questions about my ecutek ecu
  79. 06 wrx OpenSource EM requirements?
  80. engine misfire
  81. Question about parts
  82. Running a vf34... with no map?
  83. car not idling please help!!!!
  84. how to use logging software?
  85. Boost Control on my hybrid...
  86. Please help take a look at my logs...
  87. 06 WRX Engine Manigment Need Help
  88. ODBII to USB?
  89. Logs of knock...
  90. flashing cruise control with no chip
  91. Cobb Accessport 2.0
  92. help with ECU
  93. Has anyone tried the PLX SM-AFR A/F meter?
  94. Perrin SRI throwing code p1153?
  95. JUST the wideband sensor
  96. How do you Reset the ECU Without Disconnecting Battery
  97. stock 2.0l wrx 18g datalogs - any inputs?
  98. OpenECU logs Knock Correction but Street Tuner doen't
  99. Stock Wideband Sensor
  100. Problem with LINK G3 - URGENT :-(
  101. Knock Lite
  102. ROM tune
  103. New AEM user... looking for a map
  104. SZ55 @ 7psi on pinks?
  105. Cruise Control Failures on 04 STi?
  106. What do you do when you can't get 91/93 octane?
  107. Perfect Power ECU with PnP Harness... Help!
  108. XT6 injector question?
  109. Rough Idle- not driveable
  110. ECU Rest
  111. Air/Fuel Correction #1 Running Rampant
  112. AVCS not showing on stock logs...why???
  113. 347whp H6
  114. Check engine and cruise control light on
  115. Open ECU or AP
  116. INQUIRIES NEEDED. which tuning software?
  117. need tuning???
  118. How to Get an Accurate Baseline Dyno Run with an Aftermarket Boost Control Solenoid?
  119. bad A/F Sensor?
  120. Front mount intercooler question
  121. Emanage Ultimate - New Knock Correction Features?
  122. The "MMS" ethanol additive thread. (What's with the syringe?)
  123. Wireless?
  124. Road Race Tune or Drag Race Tune?
  125. Wastegate Duty Cycle?
  126. UTEC and OpenECU?
  127. Possible to datalog a 2007 STi?
  128. 07 2.5i ECU Pinout
  129. Please evaluate my log, first timer!!!
  130. em choice
  131. What is learned ignition timing??
  132. My first logs second attempt.
  133. Can you use a WB02 in place of the rear 02?
  134. Exhaust / high flow cat question
  135. Car computer question
  136. LC-1 Install Write Ups?
  137. EMS sensors & Wiring?
  138. ECUExplorer (Tari Software) question...
  139. PDX & Distance Tunning
  140. tips/things to do before going on dyno.
  141. wideband 02 lifespan
  142. Are subaru dealers reflashing now?
  143. Edge EA25000 Computer
  144. How to flash an xpt map
  145. Group Tune @ PDX
  146. are these logs safe??
  147. Cobb AP or Ecutek ?
  148. Noisiest engine (or recording method) ever
  149. Rev Limiter Options
  150. Utec, Cobb, Boost Creep, restless...
  151. SZ49 Logs
  152. Cobb vs. Utec pro's con's?
  153. Who offers speed density?
  154. timing advance at idle speeds
  155. 15:1 at WOT and 18.5psi ...
  156. desktop dyno programs for mac
  157. added a fcd and still overloading the maf
  158. Log analysis!
  159. Fuel Pump Duty Cycle?
  160. Boost Fluctuation with AVCR
  161. Greddy Profec BII + UTEC
  162. Using Greddy AFR with UTEC
  163. wiring in Emanage Ultimate harness...
  164. Why is my boost so low??
  165. Reliability from Big Modifications
  166. GM BCS on stock WRX
  167. jdm ecu and OBDII
  168. AFR wavering - causes?
  169. Perrin EBCS or TXS Dual-Stage MBC for tuning (your personal experiences)
  170. Re-mapping the ECU
  171. Few Questions
  172. Aem Ems Vs Utec
  173. My OBDII scanner doesnt work...
  174. Brockway R2000
  175. Tactrix
  177. Can't access anything on the ECU.
  178. Quick Tuning Question
  179. Bosch LSU4.2
  180. Cobb version 1 for my 04 STI
  181. Avoiding Boost Cut......?
  182. A/F ratio's
  183. Cobb exhaust to stock
  184. 07 sti ecu retrofit?
  185. Stay Cobb AP or go Hydra?
  186. How does this log look and say?
  187. Ecu De-learn modification.......possible cure
  188. Boost cut or normal
  189. new ecu?
  190. Hybrid EJ257/WRX Heads on WRX ECU reflash?
  191. DBW: What is the minimum needed at the ECU to control DBW?
  192. Open source and Cobb AP question
  193. UTEC: how many lines per second does datalog display?
  194. Wiring wideband into PP6 - HELP
  195. 04-05 STI ECU's, Interchangeable?
  196. Is the 02 wrx manual/automatic ecu's the same?
  197. reseting the stock ecu
  198. help a kingpin recovery get running
  199. Is it possible to remove ECUTEK?
  200. Cobb stg 2 issues
  201. how to detect upgrades ?
  202. acutek flash 07 sti
  203. LINK Problem over 6.000 rpm...
  204. Remove stock o2 for wbo2?
  205. Utec and 3.5" MAF tube
  206. XPT or Cobb AP v2?
  207. PA,MD,DE ECUTEK or other tuner shops?
  208. AP Cable and Ecu explorer?
  209. help ><
  210. Only seeing 90% TPS?
  211. What can you tell about running conditions with this graph?
  212. ***TGV deletes installed, now i have a check engine/flashing cruise***
  213. Datalogging sensor values (IAT & Coolant w/PLX R500)
  214. should I reset my ECU?
  215. How can people can say "my car is pulling timing".
  216. launch control
  217. modifying without engine management
  218. EJ22T/2.5 SOHC ECU help needed!
  219. do i need to reflash or have any tuning done with this mod????
  220. is 20 psi safe foe a vf22 turbo????
  221. still confused help!! :|
  222. KC values lower than 5 , bad or OK?
  223. Apexi Ecu Info
  224. Car feels slower.. HELP!
  225. ECU and WBO2 AFRs match at cruise, but not at idle
  226. COBB AP Questions
  227. MegaSquirt-II Programmable EFI ECU
  228. Knocklite calibration question
  229. Any One??
  230. MAF readings and AP
  231. Removing speed limiter???
  232. Weird Codes for me too
  233. GM BCS or any aftermarket BCS for tuning an FP Green?
  234. From the engineers that brought you Megasquirt.....
  235. 07 ecu chooses from 3 maps? explains why car acts like Jeckly or Hyde
  236. Emanage Ultimate : P1112 diagnostic code
  237. Do I need a wideband O2 sensor?
  238. ecu problem
  239. Cobb Stage 1, Safe for Track Day?
  240. EGT and Water Injection relation
  241. Apexi Neo VS. Greddy eManage Ultimate
  242. Experience w/ Performance Electronics ECU (PE ECU)?
  243. Apexi V-AFC on WRX?
  244. Tempature sensor
  245. Horsepower Higher than Torque?
  246. any expirence with the g3 link
  247. AP Cobb Stage 2 vs Opensource stage 2
  248. Greddy Emanage Ultimate discussion
  249. noob needs help with pp6 install
  250. cobb accessport stage 2 what is the kill list