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  1. I need some help with a JDM ecu. (98 sti type ra)
  2. Help Identifiying a ECU
  3. Running your Wideband Turbo XS w/ UTEC Connection Help
  4. Tactrix / DIY Tuning Alternative
  5. UTEC vs AP/ST for GT30 w/ Alky blow thru or MAP
  6. Pumping Aerosoled Fuel - thoughts and effects
  7. 2006 STi ECU pinout... PLZ...
  8. How to post your logs correctly
  9. XPT/octane- research verification
  10. For those Unmarrying a COBB for OSECU....important
  11. Aeromotive A1000-6 FPR fittings...
  12. anyone have problems with the Blitz SBC id controllers?
  13. XPT Stage 3 Maps - Anyone tried them?
  14. Let's all laugh at my LC-1 Install =D
  15. How to splice in an E-Manage Ultimate
  16. looking for something
  17. Post - Sensor Exhaust Leak a Problem?
  18. AEM uego logging problems
  19. socal protune
  20. SAFF II issue. I think
  21. ported and non ported
  22. race gas and AP
  23. A/F Contoller Help
  24. Tuned with BOV
  25. LC-1 Wideband owners... Please Help!
  26. Stock O2 sensor accurate?
  27. Switch to Blow Through with SD? Prefabs?
  28. Where are you saving your stock roms?
  29. Question for KNOCKLITE'ers.....
  30. 800cc Injectors with vf39?
  31. Tactrix/ openecu question
  32. Interesting observation 93 to 94
  33. e-manage ultimate
  34. De-tune an open OTS map?
  35. Want to put one of my 02 wrx tuned maps on an 05 wrx
  36. Top Feed VS Side Feed?
  37. What Management for 2004 JDM STi?
  38. Can a SPT intake cause issues with an OTS stage 2 map?
  39. What program are most using for logging?
  41. AVCS+meth: which em?
  42. Ecuflash/enginuity users... any ideas?
  43. MAF Translator Pro or GEN2?
  44. Is it possible ton run a V7 jdm sti ecu on a 2002 wrx engine?
  45. EM,ECU,Accesport...noob questions
  46. Need help with base timing!!
  47. anyone know ANYTHING about this ignition amp??!!
  48. GReddy Profec-A boost controller.... HELP!!!
  49. Passing emissions testing
  50. Stage 2 AP vs TXS??
  51. What tuning program should i use??
  53. Greddy E-Manage Ultimate GC8 Harness released
  54. Has anyone been tuned with the 3rd cat left in????
  55. Tuning AEM EMS on 02 REX
  56. Greddy turbo timer wirring diagram
  57. Orlando area Tuning question
  58. WRX 02 with STI 2.5 block Boost level help!
  59. Apexi Power FC/datalogit
  60. Downpipe without engine management for a brief period?
  61. What can a re-tune do for me?
  62. E85 project, 98 2.2
  63. A few questions about the COBB AP
  64. Which HALTECH ECU do I need?
  65. Injector Scaling and Latency Values.....
  66. Noob question on UTEC
  67. Realtime map vs Base map?
  68. Question about oil adaptor
  69. Very Urgent! Need Tuning Tips!
  70. Overboost Issues
  71. how does everyone feel about the pp smt6
  72. TXS Utec problem - no rev limit
  73. 2005 sti 50000 miles
  74. my idle is weird
  75. is my boost gauge nuts?
  76. AVCR vs. HKS evc 6
  77. HELP! Need a good tuner
  78. If I sell my AVC-R what boost solenoid to use
  79. question about idle a/f ratios
  80. fuel pump issue...
  81. Perrin 816cc latency values
  82. Repeat Question: ROM Compatability 02-03
  83. How-to: Tune a map from solenoid to MBC
  84. GReddy E-Mange v. Cobb AP 2.0
  85. how to "tune" an aftermarket blow off valve?
  86. AP stage 1 w/ s-ram intake...known issues?
  87. A couple ECU questions (P0420 code, osecuroms map)
  88. do i need a re-tune when buying a FMIC?
  89. Ballpark WHP #'s on a 07 STi?
  90. 1999 OBS lightened flywheel and engine chk
  91. 06 sti red intake manifold on 06 wrx?
  92. Perrin recirc bov ok for stock turbo ?
  93. whats the cheapest way to switch btw maps on the fly??
  94. My Open Ecu Journey......
  95. How much is a degree of timing worth hp wise?
  96. AP or TXS??
  97. Any open souce programs control st\lt trim?
  98. Odd question on dialing in AFR's...Air is only 20% oxygen.
  99. LC1 wiring question
  100. Is there an EMS that can control 8 injectors and still be able to abdII scan?
  101. How closed/open loop affects tuning.
  102. best computer for my motor!
  103. Jdm Ecu????
  104. Is boost control options needed if it the car is pro tuned?
  105. Tuners
  106. EM to change fan engagement temp?
  107. A/C air gets warm during idle
  108. Boost Problem
  109. TurboXS DTEC BC - Can it display A/F ratio?
  110. What kinda Grams a second (gs) should a green on a bigmaf pull?
  111. extreme motorsports
  112. My Dyno plot with an IAM of 11 :(
  113. Gasoline Type Proliferation
  114. Comment on this Datalog please
  115. COBB STG 2 and knocking???
  116. engine mangment/ economy help
  117. A/F help
  118. ap and open ecu
  119. Boomslang
  120. Can you tell differences on this Dyno graph?
  121. Abc
  122. Big Blow through maf on 16 bit ecu
  123. What ECU to go with my current setup
  124. Stg 2 ?
  125. Cant change base map AP V2...
  126. Big thanks to Airboy - Retuned my STi
  127. 05STI DTEC wiring map and calibration tips HELP PLEASE
  128. Anyone running a TruBoost?
  129. Is detonation possible to be avoided a 100%??
  130. Motec users- hot restart idle problem
  131. Utec????
  132. Computer
  133. C16 timing map
  134. Auto ECU retard and advance
  135. Going back to stock??
  136. American Idle!!!
  137. Haltech E8 maps
  138. Should I...
  139. DTEC-BC calibration
  140. PP6 Ignition Issues!!diagnostallogy gurus please help
  141. Testing GM BCS
  142. link ecu
  143. dyno tuning or road tuning?
  144. ECUTek Questions PDX Tuning
  145. tactrix
  146. hypthetical ECU question.
  147. COBB Accessport vs. SAFC vs. Dyno Tune
  148. CEL codes what do they mean?
  149. Swapping 06 Ecus
  150. justy em
  151. Open Source for JDM ECU's?
  152. Adjustin DTEC boost
  153. Which ECU's are 32 bit?
  154. HELP NEEDED! Tune n upgrade problems
  155. Gizzmo launch control
  156. EGR for 97 2.2?
  157. DTEC boost setting to wastegate duty VF39
  158. Cobb OTS Map - VF39 93 MT101 Vs. FP18G 93 MT101
  159. Impreza 2.5i 2007 not OBD-II??
  160. MAF stop reading at high HPs
  161. What's the best drop in MAF solution?
  162. Voltage error
  163. Issues with keeping the hood scoop with a FMIC?
  164. AccesPort for 2004 Forester
  165. is my ECU fried?
  166. Cobb AP 1/4 mile test accuracy
  167. ECUTek options on an 06
  168. what is the oldest windows I can use
  169. ej257 causing phantom knock?
  170. Will this work with my motor
  171. Turbo question
  172. Cobb Accessport
  173. Heatsoak and why?
  174. Datalogging on a 2007 STi?
  175. Apexi boost controller
  176. Wastegate flutter fix: Will it affect my Protune?
  177. Please Help! Utec or UTEC DELTA?
  178. ECM's in newer subaru's
  179. engine management for my set up GT35r on C16
  180. Access Port Protune question.
  181. I may be a moron...
  182. Under what circumstances your Knocklite goes off?
  183. XPT Stage 2 Map (2002 WRX)
  184. AVCR install and now CEL.
  185. Cobb Stage 1- 06 wrx limited
  186. DIY : Ion Sensing for timing control
  187. help with check engine light
  188. Load question
  189. LinkECU Software (Linux/Windows) - OpenECU an option?
  190. ECU Pin Diagram for v4 sti?
  191. Greddy Intelligent Informeter, who has it?
  192. Opinions on the right EM for my setup. ASAP
  193. were to locate aem a/f oxygen sensor in downpipe?
  194. tune
  195. When to stop turning up the boost?
  196. Rich between shifts with BPV?
  197. will this downpipe fit? need QUICK replies
  198. which is the best em??
  199. Wideband sensor burning out?
  200. Turbo
  201. does this look right?
  202. math question
  203. TGV deletes + OpenECU + AP
  204. Will I need a tune?
  205. APS CAI question
  206. Just went Stage2 with Cobb AP... Got questions...
  207. Tactrix xpt stg2 reading/flashing help
  208. Torco
  209. Quick AP Question
  210. what should i do?
  211. SPT Upgrades
  212. boost bounce
  213. where i can get a map for my 06 wrx, using enginuity
  214. general function of ECU question
  215. Haltech or AccessPort or UTEC
  216. Can't Read my CEL????
  217. tactrix cable question.....
  218. disconnecting wiring harness
  219. Utec help
  220. Stage 1 log - low boost values
  221. Cel
  222. Did some work this weekend, heard a pop, CEL, limp mode
  223. Which the ECU read rear O2 sensor values on '07 STi?
  224. Nice set of articles diagnosing engine problems - using the right tools of course!!!
  225. Tactrix drivers for OS X?
  226. Ap to Open ECU change
  227. E-manaqe & EJ20k trouble
  228. I've read and read but I have questions
  229. Anti-Lag Systems?
  230. ODB2 cable and software setup
  231. semi-custom tune?
  232. Tactrix ver1.3
  233. Low end power 2.0 rich or lean??
  234. ej22t with rs heads what ems?
  235. question for those with autometer cobalt wb02
  236. Need Help on swapping engines
  237. Knocklite question, what sensor to use with it?
  238. really need old style pp6 map for 98-02 impreza
  239. Greddy Emanage Ultimate + OBS + STi swap
  240. Local shop says i dont need AP for tuning?
  241. So how much mony does a Dyno Tuner Make??
  242. Carman for Nokia N770 and N800
  243. boost
  244. In need of greddy SMI integrate manual translation.
  245. EM Problems after build ~ reward if fixed!
  246. Good tuners in denver, CO area
  247. Resetting ECU
  248. Is there any map sensor you can substitute for the greddy?
  249. Wastegate boost -need help
  250. Emergency... my car is cosuming to much gas