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  1. OBDI -> OBDII (with piggy back EMS)
  2. Professional dash with integrated data acquisition
  3. Aem Intake Temp. Sensor...
  4. APS Inlet pipe--how to tune
  5. cant reflash an 07 wrx
  6. should i get em?
  7. 1997 JDM Subaru EJ20R Twin Turbo ECU
  8. check engine light
  9. I need help!
  10. logger and code reader?
  11. EGT Guage question.
  12. what is this?
  13. PSI3 dash switching off
  14. I hate utec! Anything better?
  15. 07 sti stock maf g/s at idle?
  16. Instant Gas Sucker? Just add parts...
  17. scanguage II issues under WOT?
  18. Rescaling MAF question
  19. Ams Tuner Coming To Tulsa End Of March Beginning April.
  20. kid blows sti up with 75w90 oil
  21. 98 rs what would you use?
  22. street tune reflash, or buy EM and street tune on a 2002 wrx
  23. Please define what a conservative tune is
  24. Road Dyno software OS
  25. bcs question
  26. Engine Management
  27. ? about protune
  28. Ecu question
  29. Fried ECU?
  30. help with a 95 Imp Wgn L?
  31. STI MAF the same as a WRX MAF?
  32. Greddy blue vs. Greddy Ultimate
  33. AFR Targets for ACN 91 and 100oct
  34. hows my datalog?
  35. Getting tuned at AMS on Monday!!
  36. bov question
  37. Motec Ecu's
  38. need a tuner
  39. Anybody using an EeePC for tuning?
  40. Need a Shop in Houston or Dallas Areas
  41. How do I relocate my OBD2 Port
  42. Light Mods
  43. Perrin Inlet Collapse - possible fix?
  44. Coolant Temps and Effects on Fuel Map
  45. p1560 fix (backup circuit voltage low)
  46. data log lab ...who's using it?
  47. How do I cycle my OBD2 system for system readiness?
  48. Ej22e-t Ecu
  49. My first ECU logs
  50. Which Lap Timer to Buy ??
  51. Computer reset problems?
  52. Best EM for supercharged application???
  53. a lil help plz
  54. Is this wideband sensor awesome or what???
  55. Best Wideband O2?
  56. Has anyone heard of a Hydra EMS?
  57. GM selenoid install for EWG??
  58. Target boost Vs actual boost
  59. one more for FB
  60. Looking for a tuner
  61. No one tunes emanage?
  62. Anyone heard of.....
  63. Ecu Broken?!?!
  64. tune needed if.. downpipe hks to bellmouth
  65. UTEC with Boost warning light?
  66. ok, im really sorry to ask this question...
  67. 05 sti ecu diagram
  68. Engine Managment Question
  69. Which Utec Delta is right?
  70. vf39 or 34 upgrade
  71. Stage 2 HP numbers?
  72. GM BCS Question regarding my TiAL 44mm EWG
  73. MAF Scaling
  74. ecutek'd
  75. Removing a SAFC II
  76. Idiots guide to getting DYNO data from Airboys great Spread sheet
  77. need halp 95 impreza wagon with ej20r swap
  78. Emission test pros
  79. XPT stage 2 questions
  80. Accessport question.
  81. how can i lower idc
  82. Tuning Chevy 350 timing w/ Holley Commander 950 w/ wideband
  83. tuning
  84. looking for DIY Crushed BPV?
  85. 95 impreza wagon 1.8 turbo
  86. AP V2 manual reboot?
  87. OBD II code reading software
  88. Tune and reset ECU
  89. HKS ssqy vs. APS bov
  90. How to flash
  91. Cobb AP - What map should I use?
  92. Part # for a GM BCS
  93. how long after you reset ECU,does it take for the sensors to warm up?
  94. 07' 2.5i Open-Source Maps available here!
  95. Did my wideband take a crap or is something wrong?
  96. How to mount the data log cable clean?
  97. Help with VF48
  98. Reset ECU
  99. Tactrix Cable
  100. So how bad is 101% IDC?
  101. car not taking timing
  102. Pro ECM Installation Question
  103. Anyone have any exp. with this E85 Kit?
  104. Tactrix cable help
  105. stiscan experiences?
  106. e-Manage Ultimate
  107. Wideband installation
  108. To Tune or Not to tune: JDM Version 7 sti for 91 oct
  109. Logger for 08 WRX
  110. Buying an ECU for EJ20 swap. Quick question.
  111. ELM327 (OBDII to USB)
  112. Can a stock wrx be tuned?
  113. Ecutek Map Switching Question
  114. RomRaider Forum???
  115. Anyone ever tune Legacy GT?
  116. HELP APv2 Problems! Won't power on it car.
  117. CEL's come on even when they are disabled
  118. Bad miss, Accessport won't communicate
  119. putting stock turboback back on after being stage 2 tuned?
  120. Idk wat bov to go wit?
  121. COBB vs XPT tuning
  122. Zeitronix 3.5 bar MAP sensor
  123. HYDRA PC Cable
  124. Ecu Update
  125. tuning a usdm 02 wrx ecu vs. a jdm 02 sti ecu
  126. WB02 Readings fluctuating is this normal?
  127. problem when removing utec
  128. vendor recommendations for WB02?
  129. XPT help!
  130. Tactrix cable for 07
  131. cobb stage 2 ca/nv/az with x02 TBE- noobie
  132. AFR, O2 and Misfire question
  133. anyone local to Sandy Utah or Salt Lake able to reflash my car? stage 1?
  134. i tuned my car at ds1 motorsprts.not very happy.
  135. Car breaking up at 4800RPM
  136. Ebay OBD2 USB cable and software... will it work ??
  137. Acess port of or a pro tune?
  138. Want a Blow off Valve
  139. Possible to get STi ECU to pick up non-avcs cam signal?
  140. Anyone have data logs or message format for Subaru CAN systems?
  141. weird ECU problem.....anyone else have this happen
  142. What do tools I need to swap out ecus? swapping 05 ecu into 04 wrx
  143. WRX/STI MAF Pinouts
  144. Why do subes run such large injectors?
  145. Can't start my engine! Help please!!
  146. STi injector (pinks) question
  147. Engine Misfire please help!
  148. Cam tuning - hints needed.
  149. Perrin EBCS question
  150. 18g Can It Make About 400 Whp
  151. AFR Realtime Readings All over the place?
  152. How many people here running stage two with...
  153. 2.5 EGT temps
  154. Measuring AFR's with meth
  155. Problems with Cosworth Motor - Camshaft
  156. Tuning an N/A ECU
  157. 98 RS , Aftermarket MAP sensor? or bigger(blowthrough) MAF?
  158. Is a remap needed when changing an axleback muffler?
  159. Garret compressor/turbine corrected flow?
  160. aftermarket ecu, what is it???
  161. I'll ask here...
  162. question on injector connectors
  163. "gear to gear" vs load boost variations problems
  164. How to log LTFT and STFT?
  165. tuned?
  166. Initialization connectors
  167. Anybody have hard timing vs afr vs spool data?
  168. multiple year mixup !!!
  169. KC, When it's bad, When can I relax?
  170. Utec v. Open source
  171. Forget the accessport get a protune?
  172. In need of a tune
  173. Stage 2 Protune
  174. PE850 pulse width
  175. Pre Dyno checklist....Does this cover it?
  176. Need A Good "no Slosh" Fuel Tank!
  177. xpt stage 2 or rays tune from turbotek
  178. tuna mounting
  179. AVCS Signifiicantly different between V7 and above
  180. Which ecu to run with ej255?
  181. Anyone know Python?
  182. Accessport or Ecutek
  183. tactrix cable, where to buy in washington
  184. Garrett Turbo Speed Sensor
  185. LTFT reset
  186. Which EMS?
  187. On the quest for max torque
  188. Need help with setting for Greddy Emanage Ultimate?
  189. Turbo Heat Shields w/Front Mount
  190. ECM Case Numbers
  191. torque chip II
  192. Different EM for an automatic?
  193. quick simple question
  194. [Question] Intake manifold pressure & engine load
  195. Data logger for Mac?
  196. best location for wb sensor?
  197. Help identify this ECU
  198. Tuning Question...
  199. New to subaru world looking to mod
  200. My 04 WRX engine is bogging kinda...
  201. Dyno Stats!!!
  202. HELP, what the [email protected]#K!!!!!!!
  203. Boost LOW when ambient temp is high
  204. Affordable tuner in SoCal?
  205. Access Port vs UTEC - Is there a clear winner?
  206. Since this question is about tuning
  207. subaru vs a custom tune
  208. Broken Wastgate
  209. ScanGauge II XGauge Commands that work with Subarus
  210. Greddy E-Manage help!
  211. Will the ECU lie about being in C/L?
  212. ROM Reqd.
  213. More MPG in my legacy... how to?
  214. Need to be able to adjust ignition timing.
  215. MOTEC:Dual RPM limit is on. Help!!!
  216. ECU Switches
  217. Ebay GF8 Eprom chip, is it good one?
  218. a/c pull timing?
  219. Cobb AP (V2) or TurboXS Utec?
  220. Accessport
  221. looking for a trade....
  222. How big is the Evo 9 turbo?
  223. Cobb accessport
  224. *NEW* I-speed 2.5RS Reflash SRS-30 Impressions
  225. COBB stage 2 or XPT stage more time people
  226. Tactrix 3-Port Boost Control Solenoid
  227. This doesn't seem right to me >_>
  228. headers
  229. Downpipe, ap v2, heat shield install + 07 STI ?
  230. Help Me Pleaseeee
  231. Camshaft Sensor
  232. 02 sensor placement
  233. Need your comments!!! FPRed 1.8bar 98+ALKY
  234. tuning in NY/Westchester area...10956
  235. Mods Req'd to run E85 on an '04 STi?
  236. accessport question
  237. Choosing a OBD II Computer: Need your input
  238. Tuners in CO
  239. Dbw Aem Ems Yeaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Its Here
  240. looking for a tuning shop in clearwater/tampa FL area
  241. lc-1 probs
  242. Questions to the Ecutek gurus
  243. Looking for a tune shop in....
  244. Slow Spool Woes
  245. AEM EMS Launch control
  246. Ap V2 Vs Xpt
  247. Primary waste gate logs 04 JDM STI
  248. What does everyone do after a big install at their house to get it to the tuner?
  249. 02 Subi Idler Sensor...?
  250. 0-60 time cobb 1 06/07 wrx