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  1. tec3 boost control solenoid
  2. Up pipe down pipe pass E check?
  3. Urgent help - Vishnu Stage 1 w/ PNP or TXS Unichip 2?
  4. is 2002 and 2003 STI ECU Pinout the same?
  5. Bang for the buck
  6. Stock Boost Controller Removal
  7. utec stage 2 knock
  8. Delta Dash alternative?
  9. Some information which you might find useful
  10. New UTEC instructions; it's a start.
  11. can't hyperterm into utec, help!
  12. Link ECU (I dont know anything about it)
  13. Apex Exhaust
  14. cel after hitting a dip
  15. dual solenoid UTEC or XEDE boost control
  16. EMI installation question
  17. Vishnu: Using a unichip mapped for 91 octane on a 93 or 94 octane gas.... advice
  18. Boost Solenoid + RS-T + Link
  19. utec stage three question
  20. Expert tuners - help!
  21. UTEC Stg1 Map,First Impression.
  22. UTEC Stg 1 and weather
  23. Tuning UTEC for race fuel?
  24. E-Manage & Profec E-01
  25. Stg 1 UTEC, need ABC?
  26. Should I buy a Link for my 2.5RS?
  27. Custom remaps at no extra charge - Pittsburgh or Western NY on the weekend of 15th?
  28. New Information on Inductions Systems and their effect on ECU calibration
  29. A plea to new Stage Zero / Sub-Zero owners...
  30. Stage 3 Injector Duty Cycle Confusion
  31. Now that Haltec's are cheap are they worth it?
  32. ECU Problems!!!!
  33. UTEC with SBC-id
  34. Unknown CEL Code!
  35. Confused with UTEC
  36. UTEC, Up-pipe leak, and det
  37. Does setting up a laptop for a utec load any software?
  38. Best place to mount SBC i-D
  39. Borla Cat Back Exhaust
  40. Scoobysport Exhaust
  41. vishnu or utec
  42. utec: can't rev past 6.5k
  43. what to do with XEDE and DeltaDash?
  44. does the utec use the factory boost solenoid?
  45. First Data Logging - HELP
  46. Add injectors w/out larger turbo?
  47. Null modem adapter
  48. Utec launch control tried out on my 03 wagon
  49. xede
  50. WRX comp?
  51. UTEC experts, look at my datalog.
  52. Okay guys. Which ecu to get. My motor will be done monday.
  53. Link+ and USB ports
  54. How long will my scoob be hitting the rollers?
  55. GReddy e-Manage for Fuel control?
  56. My initial Stage 3 results
  57. ECU Price?
  58. OBDII Friendly Aftermarket ECU?
  59. Which ECU should I get im confused...
  60. utec and power light
  61. No 02 bung, sensor goes where?
  62. is this normal? UTEC question (map/cel flash related)
  63. How does Vishnu unichip work?
  64. Throttle response delay and Ghost sparks in TEC II???
  65. Xede or UTEC?
  66. 2001 STi JDM Specs
  67. COBB/AccessECU
  68. Why are ECU flashes so expensive?
  69. Help!!!
  70. Will the UTEC Stage 2 comp chip be ok with these mods
  71. wierd utec prob.. check engine light on when i disabled it
  72. Stage Sub-Zero detectable?
  73. ECUTek or XEDE
  74. need help on picking a new ECU
  75. ECUTek
  76. dropping utec IDCs
  77. haltech question
  78. Supra Fuel pump install
  79. EMI installation w/Turboxs Harness
  80. help with J&S Safeguard
  81. Engine Managment Softwares
  82. Maps for FP Turbo upgrade
  83. MBC or EBC?
  84. UTEC or Vishnu Unichip?
  85. Up Pipe Questions
  86. Utec vs. Unichip
  87. vishnu vs. txs unichip ??
  88. Factory ECU reset
  89. hooking up my safc
  90. Anyone running a UTEC controlled shift light?
  91. Delta Dash road dyno glitch?
  92. I need a map-utec
  93. what to get?...
  94. Reading Xede Maps
  95. Stock ECU
  96. Turboxs Axle Back or Tannabe Catback?
  97. vishnu unichip and re flash ECU
  98. Microtech Retailers?
  99. Technical Question
  100. 1st CEL with light mods...HELP
  101. linking utec to laptop
  102. UTEC Staged or custom?
  103. unichip reprogramming for a turboback
  104. Timing control for a '98 RS-T?
  105. Ease Diagnostics
  106. it smooth??
  107. Yet Another UTEC first Impressions Thread
  108. UTEC closed loop boost gain setting
  109. Stage 3 IDC question, Fuel pump alone?
  110. Has anyone switched from Vishnu's Ekutek to their Xede?
  111. Greddy profec B
  112. anyone still using Unichip?
  113. utec closed loop...
  114. AccessECU is here!
  115. High IDCs (UTEC/PE1818F) - Would love TurboXS comment
  116. utec stage 4 map and stage 4 tmi map the same?
  117. chip or not
  118. Does stage 1 and 2 on a UTEC lean or richen fueling?
  119. Best Code Reader?
  120. Closed loop boost adjustments
  121. Tuning for max hp
  122. JDM ECU part numbers?
  123. rpm reading problem
  124. knock- how bad
  125. Apexi AVCR install w/unichip
  126. used unichip reprog
  127. boost control gain
  128. ODB 2 scanner for laptop
  129. Anyone have TXS unichip stg4 + mods?
  130. Greddy Type S BOV
  131. utec upgrade
  132. Hard starting with Tec3
  133. Stumbling with ECUtek
  134. problem upgrading 2.2 software
  135. J/W What is a datalog and how do you do it with the UTEC?
  136. What is the best set up on Tec3
  137. Unichip questions about stage 2 with mods
  138. WBO2 bung thread size/pitch
  139. utec much boost in first gear?
  140. Makes u wonder about Vishnu's tunning
  141. VE table Question
  142. knock w/ stage 4 map on UTEC?
  143. quick utec question
  144. need help with my utec log....please
  145. UTEC fueling values for tuned Stages 1 or 2
  146. Vinshu Vs. TurvoXS Unichip
  147. Someone please help me with UTEC!
  148. Link connection problems
  149. Cobb Wired Unichip
  150. Help me, I'm dumb!
  151. Darn, need some UTEC help (datalog included)
  152. AFC ECU Pinouts for a '98
  153. Upset with utec.
  154. UTEC - TPS threshold point - question please
  155. Link idle - another post
  156. i need help boys and girls. usb to serial cable?
  157. problem with utec remote map switch
  158. anyone have a complete Super-ITC manual?
  159. My last post now bed
  160. need help to install Turbo XS unichip
  161. Running really rich on TEC II
  162. LOW KPA hesitation and brubbly noise.
  163. What is the best Haltech system for the EJ20, or for Subarus
  164. Remapping TurboXS Chip
  165. which up pipe/down pipe combo??
  166. Timing or Boost?
  167. I think my SAFC just went to SAFC heaven...
  168. Help: Tumble valve voltage
  169. S-AFC II in a 97 OBS..
  170. expert needed: UTEC w/ VF22 walbro and stock injectors
  171. EcuTek raises the bar again.
  172. can someone give me the stock utec parameters?
  173. EcuTek reflashing / tuning in Phila - Easter?
  174. UTEC stage 4 + FMIC maps needed.
  175. Unichip Help!!!
  176. Tec II rev limiter ?'s
  177. UTEC compatible with Macintosh?
  178. Spare ECU part number
  179. utec or greddy e-manage
  180. The ABC on the Utec...a question?
  181. Fuel Map
  182. Which engine management?!
  183. Standalone options
  184. crank pulleys and utecs
  185. Access ECU Stage 1 is on my door step
  186. Does anyone know of a fuel rail kit for the 2.2L?
  187. For guys with the UTec...
  188. UTEC log question -still knocking hard, need help
  189. Mis-Firing System install
  190. TurboXS Stage 1 Computer Uprgade
  191. Knock Link?
  192. Stumbling with ECUtek Part 2
  193. TPS caliberation help?
  194. utec remote switch launch control on 4eat
  195. fast flashing cel
  196. need advice
  197. What electronics should I buy for my Turbo kit?
  198. Exhausting subject
  199. whats wrong?? help me!
  200. Link Fuel Maps
  201. how far should i go....
  202. greddy emanage
  203. IDC with Ecutek or Cobb reflash?
  204. ZEX Nitrous and exhaust q's
  205. Resonator Box Removal necessary with Stage 1 UTEC?
  206. utec stage 4/FMIC
  207. Who Has TXS STAGE 1 Upgrade?Good or Bad
  208. Got the Cobb AccessECU Reflash Today...
  209. too much knock
  210. I need a stage 4 map minus the turbo
  211. Grounding mod for a WRX?
  212. UTEC: Rev limit = 6.5k
  213. knock link vs J&S
  214. Link help
  215. JDM ecu help.
  216. TurboXS Stage2 Unichip probs...
  217. Can you do an ecu reset with the utec still plugged in?
  218. UTEC vs. AccessECU power gians, reliability and monitoring.
  219. Please help shops read all read! need info fast
  220. Before & After ECUtek?
  221. How do I modify my stage 3 UTEC map for Race gas?
  222. Vishnu Stage Sub-Zero
  223. What are your CLB stg 4 settings?
  224. Chasing the phantom knock....
  225. Link dual knock sensor?
  226. which is the fastest way to send ecu.
  227. E-manage on 98RS
  228. OBD-II datalogging on Stock ECU
  229. ECU rebuilding
  230. Any UTEC owners logging/monitoring with a Handspring?
  231. Keep OEM EGT
  232. Exhaust Question, HELP!!!
  233. UTEC boost spikes.. anyone?
  234. Winter gas + UTEC.. how do you fix?
  235. noob ecu reflash ?
  236. Link plus problem, I'm running out of ideas.
  237. Is it safe to drive with a re-flashed ECU before the mods are done?
  238. Who offers ecu reflashes for 1820 setup?
  239. O2 sensor vs water
  240. ECU in an accident, Safe to plug in?
  241. TPS caliberation, need help!
  242. PDA software
  243. is there a second manual for the link+?
  244. Which tuners have maps to reflash the Automatics either with the EcuTek or the Cobb?
  245. Vishnu Stage1 Unichip w/ EMI adapter
  246. Utec and AccessECU combined?
  247. blow valve
  248. why cant my car run 12's?!
  249. calibrating for correct PSI readings with UTEC. - help
  250. boost question