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  1. opensource
  2. Anybody ever had their car break while getting tuned?
  3. 2002 WRX ECU Question - Help
  4. can you tune a STI ECU without a turbo?
  5. best way to tune?
  6. Standalone ECU - Will airbags still work ?
  7. ems on ej25
  8. HELP! are 05 and 06 ECUs interchangeable? on STi
  9. TUNERS!!! Big MAF or Blowthrough?
  10. Boost Control
  11. Tuner near Albany
  12. 96-99 Legacy 2.5L DOHC ECU Discussion
  13. 98rs pinout and 96svx
  14. tuning questions
  15. tuning
  16. Opensource EM for smog
  17. How much did you pay for your tune?
  18. sudden high idle?
  19. afr question need input
  20. Can too much fuel kill your IAMs?
  21. immobiliser year
  22. Question about Dynamic Advance Multiplier (DAM)
  23. Knocked twice
  24. Cobb Stage 2 WRX A/F Ratios
  25. uninstalling the cobb ap2
  26. For people with PDX custom relash maps...
  27. Injectors & Ecu question
  28. i need an ECU for my 02 bugeye wrx
  29. Does the ECU erase everything if you unplug it.
  30. Power with Mods?
  31. protune effected by eleavation?
  32. Wondering what kind of EM to use
  33. map sensor and back pressure .
  34. wasegate opening while building boost
  35. Trying to log with Openport 2.0 and not getting far help please.
  36. How was knock detected before the FBKC and FLKC was available?
  37. Need some input...
  38. Does this sound like I am advancing timing?
  39. 07 wrx reflash???
  40. New DP and UP, but tuning a couple days. OK?
  41. Stalling?!?
  42. Of those using the LC1 by innovate.......
  43. Should I stay with Enginuity or different EMS?
  44. VF43 on 04 STI, tuning question
  45. Uego/ RomRaider
  46. What Dyno Shop should I go to? SCIC
  47. DP / UP / Protune - Cost of Installation
  48. ej25 DOHC Turbo tuning and ecu
  49. How do you get back to the factory ECU flash?
  50. ECU part number help
  51. to sell or not to sell?
  52. ecutek & ecuflash, similar?
  53. Wtk Fcon Sz Piggy Back
  54. turboxs tuna install problem
  55. Ecu/injector question
  56. sti oil pan?
  57. SAFC2 guide needed
  58. Help ME w/ Best 3 entry mods for Test&Tune article on the GRB
  59. LC-1..missing adapter
  60. Which map sensor to get?
  61. Rough Correction Range Max help? Random IAM hits.
  62. boost controller question
  63. from catted to catless
  64. HYDRA Standalone??FEED back On anyone using it..THANK YOU>>
  65. contemplating what octane I should tune with
  66. Shaving down engine block
  67. scan tools
  68. EGT at Cruise
  69. Need help deciding one last mod for 08 STI
  70. weird stalling problem
  71. XX Tuning and Xcceleration. Post thoughts and experiences
  72. Latency For topfeed PE800cc's
  73. I want to tune my 1995 L GF8 2.2L AT OBDII
  74. Sti Ecu
  75. who uses HKS EVC 6
  76. Running a 2.5L on a 2.2L ecu... Will I have problems??
  77. data logging program
  78. going stage 2 utec or tactrix?
  79. Need some guidance...
  80. Need a little help. CEL
  81. Tuning MBC + EWG
  82. Changing FMIC change tune?
  83. Stock ECU question
  84. I have checked up about this recently and had mixed thoughts.
  85. Tune on E85
  86. Rear 02 Sensor
  87. Throttle body upgrade questions.
  88. Does anyone make a plug in MAP sensor?
  89. cobb ap v2 dyno
  90. Wideband O2 Sensor for Scanmaster 3
  91. Modification Suggestions for ECU Tactrix 2.0
  92. 02 WRX Connector
  93. Is my car in serious danger or am I just being paranoid....
  94. air/fuel question
  95. My Log anyone have suggestions
  96. Which wideband O2 question
  97. Higher Octane Than Tuned For???
  98. Idle timing/ low load ignition timing adjustment after cam install?
  99. Why does the rpm on my log jump arond?
  100. Logging Question
  101. anybody see these? thoughts?
  102. need a tune on hybrid
  103. Intake good or Bad?
  104. Rear O2 sensor log?
  105. Please help. Car wont start, ecu non responsive
  106. GC8 datalogging
  107. Easiest/Cheapest way to control ignition timing
  108. DIY: LC-1 Install
  109. Little problems that are starting to get to me...
  110. Hks Evc + Mbc?
  111. do i need a tune???
  112. AFR, IGN Timing, Power FC Knock...
  113. PLX Wideband with DeltaDash logging
  114. Map Tunning Suggestions for these Mods
  115. headers/uppipe- tune?
  116. Timing
  117. Uppipe or not?
  118. Link 44s switching to Reflash on 2002 WRX 2.5, fuel problem, help!
  119. stage 2 ecu map
  120. 2000 2001 2.5 RS Crank and Cam triggers
  121. IAC inlet hose location.
  122. CHIPS or Piggyback units for 2.5L N/A
  123. CHIPS or Piggyback units for 2.5L N/A
  124. wrx ecu question
  125. Tune plz southern oregon
  126. Gauges for tuning
  127. check engine after hks bov install
  128. Engine Loom PLEASE HELP
  129. 2.5i Tuning question
  130. will 04wrx ecu work in 05 wrx?
  131. Hydra EMS running hot
  132. check engine light after exhaust install
  133. Anyone use HKS a/f knock amp?
  134. MAF CEL wont delete
  135. emissions questions
  136. Need tune southern oregon
  137. running rich at highway speeds??
  138. need tune southern oregon
  139. Engine code P0171 ???
  140. 2008 wrx o2 sensor power supply
  141. Question about tunes
  142. Problem with my LC-1
  143. Dual Boost Solenoids
  144. Can a boost leak cause a knock?
  145. MAP based ECU reflashing
  146. v7 ej207 ecu
  147. $20 MAC 3-port BCS; similar to Grimmspeed
  148. Help me tune for injen CAI
  149. Help with O2 Sensor ID?
  150. finally tuned
  151. Add HP
  152. AVCS Puzzle
  153. Tuner confusion
  154. Air conditioner making engien run way lean??
  155. Blocking EGR in 1998 Legacy Outback 2.5
  156. Southern oregon Tune!
  157. A/F ratio question
  158. LC-1 AFR Sensor Placement in DP skewing results?
  159. IAM "stuck" at 15? Help!
  160. tune needed, or recommended
  161. ATR vs. Romraider
  162. Just tuned by
  163. BOV suggestions??
  164. K & N Drop In Panel Filters
  165. MYTH? 2.5" muffler gives more torque then 3"??
  166. ECU Question
  167. what's your tuning laptop...
  168. can you use a P/S cooler core as a engine oil cooler core?
  169. Factory pressure sensor gone bad?
  170. Opinions on my possible exhaust setup
  171. timing map for n/a EJ18
  172. How-to temporarily install LC-1 for tuning in place of rear O2
  173. E100
  174. VAG-COM help! I've tried seemingly everything and it only logs
  175. Help...AccessPort Stage 2 Tune Throwing Codes?
  176. Front Oxygen Sensor Amp Range
  177. Need to run some pulls w/o O2 Sensor, will this cause havoc?
  178. computer swap question?
  179. Datalogging
  180. 02' WRX 2.5l swap w/ UTEC tune??
  181. aem not starting my car!
  182. CEL issues
  183. lean when using launch control
  184. 38mm ewg setup, on a td04 and having boost creep!
  185. ecu restart every time i start the car
  186. Is there any benefit from being tuned w/ cobb AP, open source, utec, etc?
  187. Help! Demodded 2008 WRX for sale, now issues with map/detonation
  188. SE Florida Tuner
  189. car falls on its face 4k RPM+ (logs inside)
  190. what could be wrong???
  191. Noob question about Utec please HELP!!!
  192. 280's??
  193. How can I get more horsepower out of my governer chip
  194. Cobb AP OBD connector
  195. Question about Headers???
  196. bypassing an o2 sensor
  197. cel question...
  198. About to buy a WRX with full TBE. Owner bought it that way and doesn't know about EM!
  199. ej-25 hybrid tuning question
  200. Hybrid Map needed urgently
  201. How do you tell if a WB 02 Sensor is bad?
  202. Accessport Question [dyno]
  203. Help! Change Oil, Cleaned Air Filter, and MAF now car acting weird
  204. In-depth HALTECH Install (LONG)
  205. Reading Hydra Datalogs
  206. Will Engine Management help me pass MD Emmissions ?
  207. Reading CSV log Files
  208. Power module on my 02 wrx
  209. How lean can you run E85 under WOT/open loop without seeing knock/detonation?
  210. Looking for a compressor map vs a wrx's rpm range and boost
  211. thoughts on Mead Engineering
  212. Making Hrosepower and Torque Calculator
  213. Pectel DESCPROW Software
  214. Passed Emissions with a few tweaks
  215. Can data logging cause operation problems ?
  216. Took my WRX out to do some logs, Negative KC on a stock car??
  217. Retuning the ecutek for new turbo and injectors on LI...where?
  218. First time logging, can I get some input?
  219. Modded injectors?
  220. Problems with timing and DAM
  221. Dumb Noob Questions - AP vs. OS
  222. Is my Avcs not working properly ?
  223. 07 JDM Rom Reading
  224. Boost gauge at altitude.... anyone?
  225. Problem with open/closed loop
  226. Engine management system 500hp
  227. Need ECUExplorer/Tactrix Driver Help!
  228. Can somebody identigy what Turbo XS device this is?
  229. 'AZN' gas differences?
  230. could i flash
  231. !tuners! i need advice on getting tuning experience
  232. In need of some logging help!
  233. moving obdII port
  234. Data logging
  235. take my exhaust off?
  236. ODB II to iPod!!!
  237. Tactrix and 2001 RS
  238. Ecutek logs, JDM Sti7, please have a quick look
  239. Help!!
  240. Innovate LC-1/ XD-16 issues
  241. my accessport woes
  242. Turbo Swap
  243. Problems with acceleration
  244. Tuning A/C----without A/C
  245. cobb vs crawford
  246. ECU pinout needed- 01 Ej22
  247. Q concerning ECU Flashing
  248. Low Boost! :(
  249. ecutek reflash questions...
  250. Manual for Simtek Ecu