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  1. evo/sti scan logger?
  2. Please Check My Data Log (New logs added)
  3. 04 running poorly
  4. can someone lead me in a good direction for going st.2?
  5. Stinger vs. Links ECU
  6. Built motor not starting bad crank/cam signal with AEM EMS and kelford 272s?
  7. 2.5" to 3" flange leak. Help!
  8. Those with MAC, AEM, or Grimmspeed 3-port BCS
  9. engine code p1572????
  10. back in 06 wrx... need help with ecuflash
  11. Running a low DAM number
  12. lc1 in place of stock o2
  13. AccessPORT Update for AP-SUB-002
  14. Help with Tuning 07 2.5i
  15. boost creep for with catless?
  16. Data log a pro tune on access port
  17. swap from 35r to pte 6262
  18. Losing 1* to 2.5* advance under low throttle
  19. Realtime vs. Reflash
  20. How do I get rid of my cel's permanatly with accessport
  21. Maryland emissions test and pending codes
  22. kstech 83mm big maf car stalls on decel...
  23. Need help (injector latency)
  24. TXS Tuner/Runing lean
  25. CobaltSS/SC Stage 2 log. 42lb injectors, 3in Pulley ~15.5psi max
  26. Real Low boost readings on Accessport??
  27. Tuners/Dynos within ~400 Miles of OK... Suggestions/Advice?!
  28. Is tuning for fuel pump necessary?
  29. MAP pulsations at higher boost on a MegaSquirt II
  30. Help 12.0-12.8 Afr @wot
  31. smoke coming from turbo/downpipe area
  32. HUGE knock learning but DAM stays at 1?
  33. check engine light code P0137 o2 sensor circuit low voltage bank 1 sensor 2
  34. Is this a problem ?
  35. how mutch psi will it handle ?
  36. getting stg 2 tuned next week. how to prep?
  37. Connection Issues E-Manage Ultimate
  38. More FBKC when under 1/4 tank of gas?
  39. more WGDC = more boost ?
  40. etune
  41. 06 WRX ecu into 02 WRX?
  42. what is best choice for engine management?
  43. Hesitation 2-3k Data log Q's
  44. Vishnu Vs. Accessport
  45. Help diagnose: weird rattle/flutter from turbo? Or is this knock?
  46. just installed a prosport boost gauge /Boost =16??
  47. DIY: "AEM" 3-port electronic boost control solinoid
  48. HELP, OBDII connector fell off on Accessport
  49. Could somebody look at my Datalog? Logged oscilation also
  50. AccessTuner Dashboard
  51. Which wideband should I get?
  52. UEgo logging --stuck plz help---
  53. JECS 0R55 Injector Latency issue..
  54. Are there any write-ups and where/how to wire GM IAT?
  55. Wideband O2 sensor and separate wiring/gauge
  56. question about perrin uppipe
  57. after removing utec,stock ecu questions.
  58. How do I get my car to tuner 5+ hours away after having work done
  59. 07 wrx tr
  60. Can I Stage II without all the Cobb Equipment?
  61. Why is there so many AP's for sale in the classfields ?
  62. Po137
  63. What kind of EGT difference do you think i am looking at?
  64. Stage 2 what next ?
  65. Can somebody help to identify the Piggyback ECU's model
  66. AVCS Solenoid which is the + or - terminal on plug
  67. Need Code help
  68. Sorry for double post...I need some help please
  69. Humidity Changes
  70. any bolt-on E-bay turbocharger suggestion ?
  71. Cobb accessport, is it worth it?
  72. need some help, ECU is pulling timing like crazy
  73. Increasing timing over 6500 rpms not making a diff..
  74. need some advice
  75. MAP ECU in MAF Car
  76. Some Cobb AP Questions. Logging. Tuning. Stages.
  77. Dashhawk vs Accessport 09 wrx
  78. Adjust injector scale, or adjust MAF curve?
  79. Not hitting correct boost please help!!
  80. So I have the mods, which map to use?
  81. Salt Lake City Tuners?
  82. Will 04 sti map work on 07 sti?
  83. Quick Question
  84. JDM STI Timing and A/F targets
  85. Tuning UTEC in PA
  86. Need help adjusting a EBC?
  87. Logged target boost does not match target table
  88. False knock anomaly due to EWG or something else?
  89. Stage II + STI IC - need another remap for that ?
  90. ECU compatability 05/06 STI
  91. Basic tuning question
  92. AP datalogging issue
  93. Water/Meth w/o Tuning
  94. ECU learning and Clutch Shudder...
  95. EcuFlash Help
  96. power fc tuning
  97. Recurring CEL, yet "no problem codes found". Datalogs included
  98. Tunning For a Stroker Kit
  99. opensource--->>>>Accessport
  100. ap with utec?
  101. ecu questions
  102. 08 OEM Tune. is it Me or, is it Crap?
  103. Engine swap ecu question
  104. What can cause the ECU to force WGDC to 0 (added logs)??
  105. Power FC tuning on JDM GC8 EJ207
  106. Need help! What after stage 2?
  107. Nub dyno tune question
  108. tuner has me confused
  109. valve tap? stage 2 '03 wrx w/ up, tbe
  110. 98 LGT wagon stays in open loop. Help!!
  111. Help plz!
  112. one stupid question
  113. Self tuning with AccessTunerRace?
  114. Help with finding a tuner in washington
  115. Best oil
  116. adjusting a 93 octane map to 91...
  117. Blow off Valve
  118. 2005 WRX - 4EAT - Cobb AP Stage 2 Questions
  119. Aus GC8 OBD?
  120. Hesitation (Possible Detonation) at 20 Second Intervals
  121. MAF Translator Pro - Thoughts?
  122. fuel to engine
  123. UTEC vs COBB
  124. What Oil to Use?!?!?!?!
  125. AEM EMS DVDs
  126. Air/Fuel ratio...
  127. Does the stock ecu keep mileage?
  128. At long last ECUTracker (alpha) is ready!! OBD2/SSM Display Software.
  129. e85 base map
  130. Strange FBKC after e-tune
  131. MSD downside
  132. 19 psi 11.6 AFR target, is 20 psi OK?
  133. ECU went bad, is it safe to get it repair?
  134. Will a 2005 WRX ECU work in a 2004 WRX?
  135. possible MAP sensor problem or something im not seeing!!
  136. mega squirt
  137. EM with external wastegate
  138. Absolute Minimal Engine Wiring Needed
  139. aps unichip help
  140. Turbo Build help!! GT30r??? 20G?
  141. Cobb accessport 1.0 possibly unable to change maps?
  142. STI 2008 engine wouldn't start
  143. Anyone know a reputable tuner around Pittsburgh/Erie?
  144. Pulling timing?
  145. Help Needed
  146. Accessport sending corrupted data to ecu- problem solved
  147. learning to tune - strange knock
  148. 03 wrx E85????
  149. ECU won't turn on
  150. maf scaling question - i'm running rich
  151. What is Lean Burn?
  152. tuning with my laptop
  153. Romraider not working on my XP
  154. can someone please take a look at this datalog for me?
  155. -1.4 Deg Knock Correction 09 wrx
  156. E85 on 02 wrx
  157. cannot flash 08 sti
  158. Hydra for 05 STi
  159. 2010 WRX ecu def not found
  160. GM BCS vs. Grimmspeed
  161. Rev Limiter = Ignition Cutoff?
  162. Ghetto map switching
  163. 5TH injector kit?????
  164. 6s ecu speed limiter removal?
  165. CEL & Cruise Control Light
  166. Data logging (WPSM) and VAG USB cable on a Tribeca 2008
  167. Front AF Sensor Q's
  168. ecu reset with short ram
  169. Exhaust-ed
  170. Rom raider wi cobb cable?
  171. Can i use an RS map for my OBS?
  172. tec 2
  173. AT doesn't retard Throttle on shifts !? Help!
  174. data logging programs
  175. Can someone look at my AP Log - AVCS Issue
  176. Tumble Generator Valve? Help
  177. Equilibrium Tuning is proud to announce our New Official Remote Tuning Service!
  178. Audible knock with no logged knock?
  179. injector interchangability
  180. Hydra vs HKS F Con V Pro
  181. Logging app for Iphone
  182. Evo Scan, anyone using it on Subies?
  183. Ecu number
  184. cyl #1,3,4 missfire wi wastegate high duty
  185. Can't hit target boost of 1.6bar
  186. ecutek questions Input on new ecu
  187. clearing CPU?
  188. 04 sti learning view
  189. Autronic Standalone Question.
  190. ECUtek to AP question
  191. To MAF or not to MAF
  192. Cobb SF Intake
  193. Tuning with the Tactrix cable
  194. factory boost solenoid problem
  195. If I add intake, do I reflash UTEC?
  196. How to run 1600cc injectors for E85
  197. Codes Thrown P0335 and P0340
  198. LOL is this true?
  199. Omni Power 4bar map Sensor
  200. Ecu went, what now?
  201. Turbo
  202. Bov
  203. system too lean after header install
  204. Piston slap
  205. Please Take a Look at these Logs
  206. Vf-39 to VF-37 tuning question
  207. Could BOV mess with tune?
  208. Does code P0031 have anything to do with Knock Sensor?? Please Help
  209. Ideas for a 3rd Gauge
  210. help with romraider? I think I'm right but IDK?
  211. Need a vouch or non vouch
  212. some issues
  213. Cobb AP or Open source?
  214. ECU power source
  215. EcuTek Easy ECU vs COBB AP
  216. AEM uego Wiring to stock ems.
  217. UTEC AND OS tuned
  218. phantom fuel cut at 5k?
  219. tuning issues
  220. What is normal for roughness monitor?
  221. MAF covered in gunk
  222. luigi at olympic motorsports
  223. 3" TBE, loss of throttle feel, AVCS, etc.
  224. logs
  225. How to adjust my speedometer?
  226. 2010 WRX Boost Creep Catless Downpipe
  227. closed loop MAF scaling
  228. at what point should you go stand alone ecu?
  229. 4wd dyno in NY, or CT
  230. OBDI Subaru Data Logger
  231. Quick question
  232. quick question about boost selinoids
  233. COBB APv2 help
  234. ecu troubles please help
  235. Cosworth cam angle sensor bracket problem?
  236. Open Source and Innovative LC-1 Help
  237. ECU Located On Driver's Side
  238. How target boost is calculated (Do I have this right?)
  239. Coming Soon: DW1300cc Top-Feed Injectors
  240. Pulling timing after 4k rpm on my 05 sti w rotated 35r
  241. Manual Boost Controller or Electronic Boost Controller?
  242. A/F to run with Coolingmist
  243. Did any one ever hear of KRAZY HOUSE CUSTOMS please i need to know because they are
  244. Knock Learning sustained before boost hits, sluggish feel.
  245. delete.
  246. Turboxs Wideband tuner
  247. accessport or dynotune?
  248. HELP V1 AP problems
  249. reading boost gauge and intake question
  250. Please help read my logs