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  1. Stabil in tank+tuning = Help?
  2. Front mounted intercooler question
  3. Need Help Asap With Tuning
  4. HKS speed defencer - pinout diagram needed
  5. TXS Tuner Lite Harnes melted at 02 Connector, need pin out help
  6. engine knocking noise?
  7. Legacy 20T Haltech
  8. need ecu remapping tuning program
  9. Temp Probe Question - Interface with DTEC?
  10. spt intake..hp gains??
  11. Low Torque?
  12. MAF scaling with innerwingfilter
  13. ECU swapping between Outbacks...
  14. Engine Management Preferences Survey
  15. trying logs again
  16. Having some problems.. will someone check out these logs and help please?
  17. Want to datalog my legacy
  18. ambient temp effecting boost?
  19. Question about stock boost controller
  20. Wideband vs. EGT gauge for tuning
  21. Unable to connect (opensource) NOT A COMMON MISTAKE
  22. Tune Erased from extended lenght storage?
  23. AccessPORT questions.
  24. Stock map?
  25. car tuned at sea level driving up at 5k feet
  26. 05 sti timing being retarded to 13 degrees
  27. Wrx OBD2 port wiring?
  28. No nock control under about 1 g/rev?
  29. Engine is shaking while on idle....
  30. 04 WRX oilpan swap inquiry
  31. boost spikes and rpm drops
  32. aem iat sensor, 05 STi maf pinout?
  33. uncommon swap, bizzare problem, p0032 new sensor, good wiring
  35. First gear boost
  36. How would you.......
  37. Flashing to Cobb OTS maps will lose throttle responsiveness?
  38. utec question
  39. Wide band O2 sensor kit
  40. Idle issues, cleaned IAC, no change.
  41. obd II wont set on cobb stage 2
  42. lengthening wideband sensor leads
  43. Effects of Ethanol Versus Gasoline Vehicles on Cancer and Mortality in the USA
  44. E-85 Questions: Ethanol Content Analyzer
  45. What Will Make the 2.5L ECU Work With Hybrid '02?
  46. UTEC or Cobb AP2, Help me decide.
  47. More boost is making car rich...
  48. Factory BCS in 04 wrx failing?
  49. needs help getting exhaust for 2.5i
  50. Oxygen Sensor + Dyno Run?
  51. Just a SRAI, LtWt Flywheel - CEL
  52. Should I go back to the unichip?
  53. First Stage 2 logs - opinions please
  54. Tatrix and #9 pin removal
  55. Greddy V Manage
  56. Seeking Feedback: COBB Tuning AccessPORT 08+ Subaru STI Stage1+AEM CAI Map Survey
  57. New Car Unknown Flash
  58. Emanage Ultimate and STi sidefeeds - ultra-lean tip-in/low rpm knock?
  59. GM LS-1 Coil Pack Conversion
  60. Accurancy of AP dynamometer
  61. Hydra need some help understanding
  62. o2 wideband Loggin options LC-1 W/Tactrix or TXS Tuner W/UTEC
  63. switch from my prodrive ebcs to my old mbcs?
  64. Seasonal Tunes...
  65. Please Help!!!!!!!
  66. Ecuflash problems. (hepping a friend)
  67. locked ECU options
  68. FIC 775 latencies - anyone ?
  69. So confused! What EM should I use?
  70. I Need Help Exhaust Gasket Info
  71. Learned Fuel Trims, + or -
  72. Who wants a $50 tune right now? Im bored
  73. Grimmspeed EBCS and TD-04
  74. Nevermind
  75. Proper grimmspeed ebcs install on tial?
  76. What is the simplest budget EM setup?
  77. Help me pick an ECU!
  78. Fuel pressure seems fine but AFR's are lean as hell
  79. Tired of overrun, need a change
  80. HELP!!! Is my ECU dead?
  81. HELP:grimmspeed EBCS install question
  82. 1993 impreza L Fwd
  83. Intake leak testing / Canned smoke?
  84. 2004 sti Need some input
  85. New to logging, log inside, quick question about small knock as well
  86. Stock Bypass Valve...Worn out?
  87. USDM 2007 STi stock tune. Is it really bad? Log inside
  88. Romraider wont show more than 16psi in log?
  89. What do you think of your 08+ WRX Hatch Borla Exhaust?
  90. Oil Pressure Light Flickers
  91. car bogged at 4-5rpm from a dead stop then CEL?
  92. Looking for a engine tune or base map
  93. Tuning methanol
  94. bricked ecu
  95. Question about Using stock ECU in another application.
  96. UNICHIP version Q help!
  97. wierd issue with 06 stage 2 wrx
  98. Automatic 2005 WRX..want Cobb AP
  99. ? about re-tune with same size injectors
  100. Summer tune and Winter tune?
  101. Need a new Engine Management System, need opinions.
  102. ver 7 jdm sti ecu diagram
  103. driving before car is warmed up
  104. Re-tune soon. FMIC or 850cc injectors/Walbro and E85?
  105. Flashing a Stocker
  106. Symptoms of a blown head gasket or something else? PLEASE HELP
  107. Modifying a EJ20G ROM
  108. Dyno
  109. Dyno
  110. Dyno pittsburgh j&s
  111. Pro Tuners Please Read! Local tuner scam?
  112. Accessport v. 1 won't connect to computer?
  113. Tuning VF39/EWG WRX Help!
  114. mbc question
  115. Looking for a 09 2.5i stock map
  116. Emissions related garbage / tune for Colorad?
  117. Can you E tune AEM?
  118. Want to start logging / OS tuning
  119. Cobb AP after ECU flash?
  120. 07 sti ecu question
  121. Changing spark plugs before retune, will this be an issue?
  122. Which Method?
  123. My pro-tune car still going to be ok at different alt?
  124. AEM getting cold weather no start/no spark
  125. running rich?
  126. Used AEM EMS-What is it worth
  127. New to this
  128. GoLink Scan Tool (Basically OBD2 to IPhone) Anyone Try It?
  129. battery backup during AP unmarry?
  130. air fuel question
  131. spark plug questions
  132. FAQ'S from a newbie
  133. Cobb tuning question
  134. AEM UGEO 30-4100 and logging with Romraider
  135. Need someone to look at my 2 Romraider logs.
  136. Some datalogs and Knock issues
  137. AccessPORT Manager Update
  138. converting older tactrix cables to work like 2.0 ones?
  139. Throttle Tip-in Enrichment? - E85 Question here.
  140. Looking for a good stage 1 map
  141. Finally fed up enough to ask for some help.... WARM UP SUCKS!!!!
  142. Newb Injector Scaling Question
  143. Turboback for 04 WRX+ Without Tune
  144. Why do I need a boost gauge?
  145. Learning View very odd - what do I look for?
  146. Lots Of Work, Lack Of Power......
  147. Installed Invidia Up and Downpipe, removed EGT, but no CEL?
  148. What all is required to run over 22 psi?
  149. SPT-Subaru Performance Tuning
  150. 2006 JDM wrx timing
  151. Lots of work, TOO MUCH POWER
  152. Could this be the cause of WOT surge? (pic inside)
  153. P1086 - ??
  154. ECU tuning needed???
  155. PLEASE HELP - Tunning Diagnosis problem
  156. need a tuner in the seattle/portland area
  157. sound like an average price for pro tune?
  158. Help!! Added a tmic now my boost is F'd
  159. subaru mods and unichip help
  160. PLX Kiwi -- Got one?
  161. Slowboys here to help!
  162. WRX AEM Question/Scam?!?
  163. GC ECU resistor?
  164. Info/DIY - Virtual Gauges on Carputer
  165. link g1, power cut out @ 15psi...?
  166. REQ: 2L w/VF39 Virtual Dyno plot, also questions about tuning
  167. Tuner guru's please look at my logs.
  168. P2005 CEL code thrown. ???
  169. Accessport Reset after replacing battery?
  170. Sti neutral position switch - diagnosis HELP, advanced tech
  171. AP 2009/2011 wrx maps?
  172. 02 wrx flat foot shifting and launch control?
  173. changed my axleback, do i need to RE-TUNE?
  174. Tuning an ej20g with a megasquirt
  175. My Visit To JAPTRIX/Pics inside/BAD EXPERIENCE
  176. utec switch issues
  177. Knock sensor frequency?
  178. do i need a protune if i run a stage 2 map? 2011 sti
  179. removing subaru ecu
  180. Help me determine why the IAM is dropping, plz
  181. OBD2 Port Problems
  182. Looking for a Cold Air Intake for a 2010 2.5i impreza wagon
  183. EcuTek data monitor question
  184. stage two
  185. Best place for EGT sensor?
  186. 04 wrx stock reflash
  187. Dual cam ecu for 2004 impreza rs (na)
  188. boost question
  189. New motor - AVCR / Power Fc Help!
  190. frying coils!!
  191. Safc Neo pinout needed for 03 lgt
  192. 06 sti ecu in an 06 wrx?
  193. Any Tuners In Central Florida??
  194. Greddy Profec b spec 2
  195. MAF setups for 4in turbo inlet
  196. Which port to reference boost for AEM TruBoost?
  197. 1&3 misfires bank 1 running lean faults
  198. AFR problem
  199. LC-1 Installation Question
  200. Launch control/FFS
  201. Question about using Aftermarket ECU with Factory 4 Eat controller
  202. anyone tried the busted motorsports cable?
  203. programmers
  204. Best ECU for high powered drag car build
  205. Data logging on RomRaider w/ AP cable
  206. 2011 OP tune #'s???
  207. question about aftermarket top mount
  208. fuel cut maybe????
  209. Hydra utilizing stock rs wiring for turbo setup?
  210. *** Holiday Help From Phatbotti Tuning ***
  211. Aem 2 step
  212. Engine Shut Off During Deceleration
  213. Questions about Accessport to protune with mods
  214. GM 2.5bar map sensor interchangable with stock?
  215. ej207 injection timing
  216. Want your opinion on a timing table.
  217. How much HP does Cobb Stage One really make?
  218. Car wont boost over 10psi
  219. Stock ECU question....
  220. TMIC to FMIC Retune necessary?
  221. stock 2.5TS
  222. Tune too low?
  223. Fuel in my oil catch can?
  224. A/F ratio question.
  225. Tuning on the road or dyno? Same result?
  226. Want a second opinion on my timing tables
  227. Car running richer when its cold outside
  228. 05 rs at base map
  229. 20:1 a/f ratio
  230. xpt stage 2 race tune on a 2.0?
  231. EGT and Oil Pressure sensor location
  232. EM, Tuning, and OBD-II Emissions Testing
  233. IAM Will not climb. No FLKC/FBKC
  234. zeroports intake
  235. Fuel injectors
  236. Does this seem right?
  237. ACCESSPORT stuck on "connect to update" screen
  238. Romraider boost control disable not working
  239. catted DP and catback require tune?
  240. Stock BOV versus after market BOV
  241. Can AP tables be accurately copied over into an OpenSource tune?
  242. Cobb V1 Stage II Question
  243. New to Cobb AP
  244. Newb Question About Weather and How It Affects Tuning
  245. GR with AEM CAI and Cobb v 1.06 stage 2
  246. p2109 & p0638 on 08 sti
  247. Engine limited during break-in?
  248. JECS MAF V VS G/SEC part # 22680 AA160
  249. wb o2 sensor location - updated with o2 question
  250. HOA 3 Port BCS