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  1. adjustable boost controller
  2. Best engine managment with an upgraded turbo?
  3. TurboXS Type H-RFL Blow-off Valve +UTEC
  4. I need a ForcedPerfomance turbo UTEC map.
  5. TurboXS Stage 1 vs. Vishnu Stage 0 - any thoughts?
  6. Sunoco gas quality
  7. UTEC Removal
  8. Didn't want to hijack Gimp's thread but "c'mon 12's"
  9. 87 carb ecu vs 88 f/inject ecu
  10. unichip, or turbo xs
  11. UTEC spare solenoid problem
  12. Best Software for pocket PC
  13. Greddy E-Manager Vs. Apexi AVCR & SAFC
  14. utec w/laptop
  15. Knock with 2.5RS NA & Link PLus
  16. Turboxs do reflash?
  17. Link Map Compare Program..
  18. flashing cel with utec, what could be causing it?
  19. UTEC dashboard question
  20. what boost controller do you use
  21. problems with my stage 3 tune
  22. TurboXS Dyno???
  23. cobb ecu reflash dynographs
  24. Any 2.2 turbos out there w/Link plus?
  25. switching from stage "1" to "0" w/UTEC
  26. i can't lose the knock, i need some help with these logs!
  27. Utec....done with it..
  28. Anyone running the (PSI 3 SECS monitor) ?
  29. CEL flashing after A/F Install...
  30. pretty much stage 2 clb questions
  31. Noob AFC questions. what kind?how much power is worth?
  32. Wastegate dump and O2 readings
  33. Best way to "make" TEC 2 Injector harness, and Tec2 mounting ?ss
  34. PuLLEY help
  35. Very noob question... please dont yell!
  36. UTEC: STG. 1, what boost level???
  37. VF22 with unichip problem
  38. UTEC tuning help in So Cal?
  39. Utec as a turbo timer?
  40. Stg 2 base map == knocking HARD
  41. My A/F ratios from tuning last night
  42. Boost curves/graphs
  43. How do you tune a turbo using an EGT?
  44. Intake advise
  45. Tuning UTEC for an up-pipe
  46. Which Eng. Mgmt. will get good torque?
  47. Which ECUTEC installation place? LA area
  48. Tuning the APEX'i S-AFC
  49. UTEC Stage 2 Dyno Numbers?
  50. UTEC Stage 2 Dyno Numbers?
  51. Does the mail order Vishnu remap do this ...
  52. Haltech Manuals/Software now online
  53. e-manage and profec e-01?
  54. Inacurate UTEC boost reading vs gauge
  55. ecu reflash question
  56. Utec wont load stage 4 map..
  57. Do ECU reflashes (ECUTEK, COBB, etc) allow for full boost in 1st gear?
  58. Injector Question
  59. tmic ic just put in.. examine my utec logs
  60. TXS Unichip burnt
  61. Cobb ECU reflash: anyone with any experience?
  62. Which Stage AccessECU reflash for my mods?
  63. help me pleeeeeaaaaassssseee
  64. DeltaDash - A crushing blow...
  65. PROecm
  66. Vishnu/TurboXs
  67. p166 good enough for tuning? What do u use?
  68. UTEC stg II timing..weak uptop?
  69. EMI adaptor installed
  70. Q for MAF guys with a Link
  71. anyone with haltech experience willing to do a IM walkthrough
  72. Engine Management help
  73. ecutek raising the = misleading
  74. Stock ECU
  75. Vishnu Tuning Dyno Days for Tri-state (Ecuteck/Exed Tuning Only)
  76. AccessECU vs. Tuned Ecutek (GRD)
  77. Cobb Tuning
  78. anyone have a UTEC stage 4 map with ION instead of a VF30
  79. Water Injection+UTEC
  80. My flowmaster 40 series
  81. Can anyone help me with a UTEC map for a VF24/stage 4?
  82. DeltaDash Security
  83. Just a follow up on UTEC Stage1
  84. Cobb mailorder vs. Vishnu custom dyno-tune
  85. utec and ECU resets
  86. J&S install question
  87. $1,000.00
  88. greddy boost controller anyone
  89. help wanted, RSTs with link+
  90. tuned remap or tuned UTEC
  91. Xede users where are you?
  92. Link Plus o2 voltage range?
  93. AVCS time!
  94. how do you hook up the hpbc w/a UTEC
  95. ECU resets after mods?
  96. fuel pump controller
  97. Sti Injectors w/ stock ECU
  98. my UTEC had a nervous break down
  99. UTEC Stage 2 kit Maps
  100. Tec3: Warm up enrichment
  101. Southern Vishnu appearance?
  102. Vishnu Stage Sub-Zero and Warranty?
  103. WRX Tuning Question
  104. TMIC to FMIC conversion - Do I need to retune my LINK ?
  105. UTEC boost control and weather
  106. Anyone have to remove fuel out of their idle on the UTec?
  107. questions about A/F ratio w/ Unichip
  108. Eliminating the Rev-limit
  109. UTEC Closed loop boost accuracy
  110. UTEC Remote Map Selector
  111. '00 RS Fuel Rail kits
  112. possible to paint tec2 DFU?
  113. UTEC: rich and advanced or lean and retarded?
  114. New Link
  115. Unichip tuning question
  116. Need Help: What is considered Knock as far as Timing goes?
  117. Any reason not to get a Lite Weight Pulley?
  118. utec stage 2 + uppipe 91 octane map needed!
  119. Help me find correct settings for AVC-R
  120. Help ECU
  121. Unichip and need MBC? What is the unichip doing/good for then?
  122. possibly fry ecu?
  123. got a plan but need preference....
  124. UTec Map? Which one?
  125. Vishnu EMI adapter and CEL...
  126. E-manage on a 00 2.5RS
  127. Exhaust Vapor question
  128. MIL trouble code P0171 ? OBD2 Reader.
  129. URGENT-PLEASE HELP: Does ECU log drive time?
  130. Boosted ej25, O2 voltage =?A/F
  131. UTEC knock correction
  132. Age Old Question: UTEC or COBB
  133. pls help me to set up my AVC-R
  134. using toulene for tuning and where to get?
  135. I wanna Make my car spit FLAMES!!!!!!!
  136. unichip help - PLEASE read
  137. Question about FMIC. Please help!
  138. Opinions on Greddy Profec B...
  139. How do you reset the ECU?
  140. A/F ratio. Which is leaner or richer?
  141. emi help
  142. Recommended setup question?
  143. regarding the "learning" ecu that subaru claims
  144. does the coob flash hurt fuel economy?
  145. UTEC, I'm new to Tuning.
  146. Txs Stage 3 Question
  147. questions about access ecu
  148. Hardwire Delta Dash plug?
  149. Why is timing referd to in degrees???
  150. utec,1820 w/650 inj
  151. ECUTEK anyone with any experience with it?
  152. Removing Stock WRX ECU
  153. avc-r tuning questions for ya???
  154. Add Timing until knock?
  155. CEL flashing at high speeds
  156. What are the tuning settings on an s-afc for a 2002 WRX???
  157. Help with UTEC tunning and removing some knock
  158. "New" mail-order Vishnu Re-Map, dual parameters? HAPPY with it?
  159. ECUtek and DeltaDash tuning questions
  160. Engine management options for SVX?? Help?
  161. Heat soak and knock questions
  162. Where does this cable go...ground? on 02 wrx
  163. EGT change with Headers
  164. Help with hooking up a SAFC
  165. Just installed some questions...
  166. UTEC & Gas Mileage
  167. TurboXS engine kits
  168. Is the Vishnu mail order re-map very generic ... or how custom?
  169. Initial Link Setup (before starting car)
  170. The difference 1mm can make...
  171. UTEC @ Stage 2
  172. Wiring Harness?
  173. E-manage maps
  174. How to hook up shift light to utec?
  175. Vishnu Stage 0- what to look for?
  176. check out my utec logs, please help!
  177. What ECU mod system should I get with current mod?
  178. MPG from OBDII?
  179. Xede statistics and future
  180. 93 LS cheap performance upgrades?
  181. Cobb & Vishnu Octane requirements
  182. TechEdge WB: Anyone logging RPM?
  183. Quick help needed
  184. Blue Smoke ?????
  185. Exhaust-stock looks- good power?
  186. Best In-Cabin Controllable Boost Controller that works well with the UTEC?
  187. Have you seen this?
  188. turbo xs stage 2
  189. WRX fuel injectors, high or low impedance?
  190. Any bad exp. with ECU reflash base maps?
  191. water in your engine??
  192. What Engine Management Should I Get? Help!!!
  193. SR40: Dire need for a UTEC map!
  194. quitest exhaust
  195. prodrive power pack
  196. Do colder plugs require a different Unichip map?
  197. Got my Vishnu re-mapped chip today ... Question?
  198. Stock Solenoid Gone Bad?
  199. Scooby sport exhaust sound clip?
  200. So NO ONE has the answer ...
  201. ECUTEK info please...
  202. Props to Vishnu.
  203. UTEC launch control...when?
  204. ECUTEK Tunning with All WHEEL DIRVING DYNO
  205. Access ECU Boost is Lower Than Stock Now
  206. UTEC - Auxilary Boost Controller
  207. Temperature-reading equipment
  208. any ecu tuners in the chicagoland area?
  209. Vishnu Unichip
  210. Utec boost map ???'s
  211. Are you adjusting boost to MAP or to gauge on UTEC?
  212. Link users (cold start answers?)
  213. I need help with utec logs. PLEASE HELP!
  214. Pin out for 99 RS ECU?
  215. Stage 4???
  216. size and weight of MY02 impreza wrx ecu?
  217. turbo upgrade
  218. Help HKS BOV made weird noise
  219. Handy tip for datalogging to a PC
  220. Psi - S1004
  221. CEL Light Question
  222. 2000 2.2 NA and Link Plus Observation
  223. Dyno Numbers After EcuTek
  224. Need Info Pe1820
  225. tuning an safc (what gauges neede)
  226. ECU too smart for EBC... how about UTEC?
  227. Study Up And $ave Before You Modify
  228. Can somebody please help me with this problem
  229. 3/16" mod and AccessECU?
  230. accessECU spiking
  231. Is the data used in maps universal to all engine management chips?
  232. Where do I find Link for MY02 RS..
  233. Attn TEC-II Users: Your Modified Crank Pulley..
  234. What UTEC map to start out on?
  235. Any AccessECU StageII users having PTFB issues?
  236. Utec spare solenoid power not working...
  237. closest all wheel drive dyno with knowledgable tuners
  238. ECUTEK Expert Needed...
  239. ECUTEK Expert Needed
  240. AccessECU/ECUTEK
  241. utec troubles??!!
  242. from unichip to UTEC
  243. Log of SR30/SR40 equipped car
  244. This is killing me
  245. Reviews/Comments on dual-map ECUTEK?
  246. Finding a NTK L1H1 sensor?
  247. New Engine Management on the Horizon (Long)
  248. Techedge Wideband Question
  249. You can tune your ECUTEK Reflashed ECU yourself now?!
  250. Driving from FL. to Virginia. Link Plus Question