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  1. Driving with a flat...
  2. All around suspension!
  3. Headlight flicker?
  4. Bedliner question
  5. Head Gasket issues
  6. Wins, Lost
  7. Anyone have a LSD installed in the stock 5-speed?
  8. Snow tire suggestions
  9. 60k Service?
  10. First Snow In The Lehigh Valley!!!
  11. Center console and dashboard take apart
  12. Tire chains
  13. Here I Go Again... Trouble Starting!
  14. help I need a new sub frame
  15. Merry Christmas
  16. Suspension lift
  17. Sure Grip Z Cable Chains??
  18. subaru baja misfiring and backfiring under accelertation
  19. FS: VT 16" gunmetal BAJA turbo rims
  20. Front & Rear Speaker Depth?
  21. Baja Factory OEM Bed Cover
  22. Center Diff is about toast
  23. Tires slipping`Bridgestone RE960's
  24. ARE Cap Removal/Reinstallation Question
  25. programming new alarm remote
  26. Baja owners unite!
  27. Danger DANGER Will Robinsion!!! All in one header up-pipe NIGHTMARE
  28. OEM Hard Bed Cover Parts Diag
  29. FS: Baja Turbo OEM rear sway bar
  30. froze t-stat
  31. Fixes for 2000-3000rpm acceleration hesitation? (turbo)
  32. Rear swaybar link replacement
  33. Good Info on
  34. Dashboard Light Change?
  35. Brakes: what would you buy? RSB too?
  36. local area tuners
  37. Blue oil filters
  38. Want to trade my MT NA baja (and cash) for your MT Turbo! Or upgrade advice?
  39. anyone have parts to the soft cover
  40. Baja sighting on TV
  41. Wipers?
  42. Funny time at the orange box store
  43. Help this a bad buy?
  44. K&N Air Filter servicing
  45. donut and spring kit....
  46. The Curse of the Baja CONTINUES!
  47. What is your BAJA useful for? pics, stories, or whatever.
  48. Looking for an ARE Cap for my Baja
  49. My 05 Turbo Baja
  50. Springs?
  51. Moon roof problem
  52. need a little help, wrx caliper compatiblity
  53. Turbo Field repair
  54. turbo whine
  55. cat-back compatibility issues
  56. I am restarting my baja twin turbo project
  57. strange unrepeatable issue...
  58. Rear License Plate Bracket Available?
  59. Xenon Lights
  60. Who needs a mudrat?
  61. Well, my Baja finally needs service. Check Engine light on.
  62. 100,000k mile owners...Question
  63. what diff gears do we have in our baja's?
  64. Considering selling my 2005 Baja Turbo
  65. Baja make list again
  66. sway bar parts?
  67. OMG front page on
  68. Roofrack Crossbar for the Sport Activity light kit.
  69. VOTE FOR ME ON DIRTYIMPREZA.COM!!! voting is now open :)
  70. 60K service in southern Cal
  71. Help with changing my rear turn signal
  72. Baja for sale - Annandale, VA (not mine)
  73. Baja "shaking" at an idle
  74. Dead light in my Gauge Cluster. Stoopid problem but what will it take?
  75. Awww... Baja Gets It Again
  76. noisy suspension
  77. Updates on projects.
  78. Baja Penda Cargo Lid
  79. woah! where did all our threads go!?!?
  80. Another Heated Mirror Install on 2006 Subaru Baja
  81. for those w/a parts # catalog
  82. Turbo Diesel 2003 Baja
  83. Newer Baja owner here, I have some questions....
  84. Bumper switcheroo
  85. Getting a new baja, would like some advice
  86. Selling 04 Baja Turbo 5M in SC
  87. '06 Turbo N/A
  88. Will STi rear seats fit?
  89. Sad story
  90. Paint?
  91. random tech not available anywhere!??!?!
  92. ATTN: ARE Cap Owners
  93. Sti top mount?
  94. Has anyone done a 05- Legacy front end swap?
  95. Front axles
  96. New Dyno Numbers!
  97. non-turbo Intake
  98. Air Conditioner Not Working
  99. Rough Idle For Baja?
  100. What options do I have for foglights?
  101. Suspension for Sale 2
  102. Xenon/Halogen Lights
  103. Why?
  104. vw copy cat?
  105. Baja Turbo 5spd for sale in CO for $13.5k
  106. Random Idea...
  107. Saying My Good Bye's to My Baja
  108. Spotted, new 2010 Outback...
  109. CV joint issues? Anyone had these?
  110. How much hp can a stock 05' turbo A/T handle?
  111. Any pics of 02-05 WRX wheels on Baja?
  112. Baja sport activity lights bypass
  113. Snuglid tonneau cover
  114. HAWK pads
  115. Head-unit
  116. radiator leakage?
  117. Make your our bike rack for under $30
  118. Exhaust fitment?
  119. Check Engine Light... Off Switch
  120. Baja tail lights needs to be replaced..WHOLE THING
  121. 2005 Subaru Baja Turbo For sale with pics
  122. Baja down
  123. FS (NH): Baja Penda Bed/Tonneau Cover
  124. dead turbo (i believe)
  125. Looking for someone near Salt Lake City
  126. Seat belt Chime
  127. Anyone need some brand new Baja floormats?
  128. Transmission fluid question
  129. Transmission swap in a Baja? What would I need
  130. New Baja Owner :-)
  131. WTB: Turbo Baja low budget
  132. Finally got a CEL
  133. Original Factory 16" Wheels For Sale
  134. How to change Rear Camber
  135. For sale Mirrors and a driver seat
  136. Dragn the baja
  137. Build your own sub box for the Baja!
  138. Please help
  139. Remove Passenger side fog light?
  140. anyone do the cruise control surging recall?
  141. Inexpensive and Built to Stay That Way
  142. suspension questions
  143. AC Charge
  144. Baja speaker sizes??
  145. xcceleration/random tech. exhaust for sport
  146. WTB: Subaru Baja
  147. The joys of camping with a Baja!
  148. brush guard
  149. wtb front fender
  150. Bed Bike Rack...
  151. Gas Light??
  152. readers rides
  153. Well, not a new Baja owner, but a new Subaru owner!
  154. inner tie rod
  155. 05-06 baja recall
  156. Anyone Cobb tuned please speak up
  157. Would this wheel size fit a turbo Baja?
  158. What year did the wiring and the Fob change?
  159. Who's Baja is this (OR) 5-speed turbo Baja for sale.
  160. Rear Shocks
  161. '03 Baja Sport Exhaust??
  162. Tunning help
  163. U-Haul Hitch on Baja Sucks!
  164. Install Baja Sport Activity Lights
  165. Baja Intake?
  166. Who said the Baja wasnt an off road vehicle?
  167. Weapon R Secret Weapon for NA
  168. Full Size Spare anywhere down there?
  169. Best Paint for Fogs?
  170. Baja Mudding Ver. 2.0
  171. custom grills?
  172. Baja Sport Intake Testing(post your sound or video)
  173. driveability problem with '06 Baja Turbo; need your thoughts
  174. Intake Resonators?
  175. problem with battery?
  176. Protection with no exception..
  177. Tie-down points at high point..
  178. Baja love..
  179. Knob for Baja, help please....
  180. Burnt out dash lights
  181. Any candadian baja owners out there?
  182. Baja end links for rear sways.....WHAT WORKED!
  183. Thinking about a Baja
  184. Back seat folddown pin repair
  185. Cheap 06 Turbo...
  186. Seaping head gasket/s?
  187. Sub installation
  188. Lockers / limited slip on a Baja?
  189. Raptor S/C for non-turbo 2.5L
  190. Hot key
  191. On board Air compressor
  192. baja + dirt bike
  193. 05 baja turbo auto trans for sale
  194. Parted out Baja!!
  195. Timing belt change, do I need the special sprocket wrench?
  196. paint protection
  197. For what its worth, CV replacement
  198. Sport Activity Lights FS
  199. Wind noise fix!
  200. New Baja Turbo Carbon Fiber Hoods!
  201. Lighting problem
  202. Where's the beep?
  203. Wierd Problem
  204. Turbo going or gone, need help!
  205. Fuel Pump Recall Notice Is Out!
  206. tire (barn) woes.
  207. request for help with ongoing electrical problem
  208. smoky turbo
  209. Plug change - '06 Turbo Auto
  210. Lower Cladding R&R
  211. Strut tower bar that will clear STI tmic
  212. looking for part...
  213. A new twist on tire chains...
  214. looking for coilovers
  215. Need Tires
  216. help locate parts
  217. FS: VT 2005 Baja turbo, black, 110K miles $13,500/ OBO
  218. baja turbo de-snorkus and short ram
  219. Hope it was no one here.....just be careful!
  220. Lowering 05 Turbo with Legacy suspension?
  221. turbo people i need help with pics
  222. Trailer Hitch Harness Problem - Please Help!
  223. Rear brakes wearing faster than front.
  224. tailgate won't close, unless I slam it three or four times
  225. OEM lugs
  226. Stock battery longevity
  227. crispy baja
  228. Another full size spare question
  229. Opinions on possible paint scheme
  230. EcuTek DeltaDash
  231. Longterm reports on BajaT's with 4eat?
  232. Parting Out Turbo ANYONE? Scoop and Pieces
  233. ARRRRRR tabs.... RTAB.... rear trailing arm bushings... (yarr!)
  234. Door panel extended pins/clips for aftermarket speakers?
  235. Lightened crank pulley or pulley kits?
  236. Sport Manual Trans and Diff - Fluid Change
  237. Carbon Fiber tailgate opener cover.
  238. Snuglid owners what have you done to water proof yours?
  239. How do you take apart the mirrors?
  240. new wheels
  241. looking for transmission
  242. First Blizzard o' the Season!
  243. Test Drove an Ipreza Premium Wagon - I'm pissed
  244. it's too bad the spt parts won't fit the baja's
  245. New
  246. Serious engine failure and following problems
  247. Going for 5in lift, need Baja owner in N. VA area for documentation and measurements
  248. Prewired for Sports Lights
  249. MPG differential at 4 years
  250. Hard 2 shift 4EAT gear lever into gear-- can this be lubed