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  1. Soon to be STi owner
  2. Top Speed?
  3. After 4 months of waiting
  4. 2 large openings in trunk behind seat under carpet?
  5. STI injectors Side feed
  6. Plans for your STi?
  7. Blue STi is available again!
  8. Oil change out at 1k?
  9. knock link questions
  10. wire diagram
  11. TXS TBE 27.8 whp gain w/ or w/o cat?
  12. Free
  13. Vishnu Exhaust Anyone?
  14. What kind of an Audio set-up is in your STi?
  15. wheel spacer for STi
  16. Exhaust Question
  17. Very confused about speakers...
  18. TXS "cat"pipe or racepipe?
  19. What are we going to call an STI Scooby?
  20. Help question about waiting list
  21. STi Turbo Upgrade / Engine Strength?
  22. USDM STI Air FIlter
  23. Knocking question
  24. STi rear window mod?
  25. Road noise
  26. Knocklink installation
  27. Problems with STi paint?
  28. Turbo Back Exhaust ?s
  29. Sti head lights cleared
  30. 3/8ths hose to boost regulator mod?
  31. Where do I get an intake resonator remover?
  32. tech info?
  33. Knock WAV file
  34. HKS CAMP in a STI
  35. STi suspension mod completed
  36. So does the sti come with the datadots, ne one know??
  37. 255's on a STi - barely possible
  38. STI wait time
  39. Want to lower the front end. Advice?
  40. te37s on an STi?
  41. *Pic Request*
  42. do you think the STI will be around for a good number of years?
  43. Top Speed II
  44. What's the difference between a WRX tuboback and a USDM STi turboback?
  45. What about an exhaust bypass
  46. STi Tail Light. What do you think?
  47. interesting news from Prodrive about the Sti
  48. STI Gauge Pack
  49. is my dealer straight? or feeding me ish?
  50. Blue "suede" seat material replacement
  51. 70* + blitz sus = ...
  52. Spare & Jack = 42 lbs !
  53. Trunk Swapping thread?
  54. STi Max Boost: How high are you getting?
  55. Moving I/C Spray and DCCD Switches?
  56. Got my Sti's today
  57. how does the spare tire fit?
  58. What does your STI boost read?
  59. Constant Throttle surge and Detting ... frustrated
  60. Truck Driver lost ALL my keys
  61. A switch ?
  62. Should I Take It?
  63. Will anybody with STI strut bar kind enough to post a pix?
  64. Black/Silver STI
  65. OT but somewhat related octane question
  66. MACH5WRX, do you have an extra res. remover?
  67. auto car washes and the wing
  68. Intake piping, attn: Mach5WRX
  69. STi headlights. Auto off?
  70. How to drive STi: Canadian driving courses?
  71. JBP STi with Advan RCII
  72. Did your STi come with factory alarm?
  73. Sti rear sway bar and links
  74. Aquamist to prevent detonation\pinging?
  75. Videos for STI vs. EVO comparos
  76. Subaru Upgraded Muffler?
  77. Where to get a knock sensor?
  78. Backfire type noise?
  79. i/c spray warning light
  80. Auto i/c spray system?
  81. need some quick help on what to do if dealer screw u up
  82. Cancel Order Due to Det Probs?
  83. Max coolant temperature?
  84. Second Break in?
  85. Speedo Analysis
  86. Insurance on the STi
  87. Who needs/wants STi floor matts?
  88. How are you Yanks getting your floor mats?
  89. To all STI owners...
  90. Installed Secs 1001 !?
  91. Eliminating knock
  92. How accurate is the factory boost gauge?
  93. Hitch Update
  94. Is it really that hard to get a STI now?
  95. Turbo Timer Help?????
  96. What 3 gauges would you get??
  97. STi owners....will our antenna rear window affect satellite radio??
  98. Has anyone tried to take off the wing?
  99. Where is the shock sensor on the STi?
  100. Can't reverse when DCCD in manual
  101. STI Commands Presence at Oregon Rally
  102. Orange out painted black
  103. Phillips Silvervision Bulbs
  104. Exhaust help
  105. temp gauge
  106. Has Anyone Done a Burnout Yet?
  107. ?'s for track junkies
  108. Just got my STi, but have some questions.
  109. ? on first oil change
  110. Matching Gauges?
  111. picking up my Sti tomorrow!!!! any tips?
  112. Anyone with this bumper yet?
  113. Wheels
  114. any STi's vandalized?
  115. STi Stereo Wiring Harness Question
  116. Silver STi available at MSRP in S. Florida
  117. STI stereo question
  118. SS brake lines and upgraded fluid?
  119. Drop in Filter Replacments
  120. UK Foglights ? how to get them ?
  121. easiest car purchase i've ever had in ohio
  122. replacement gold lug nuts
  123. Caliper Part Numbers?
  124. 1 week break in vs 1 month
  125. STi flash presentation
  126. Halogen head light bulb replacement
  127. Graham Goode Mats prices and info
  128. anyone replacing that stupid valve stem???
  129. Sub box question...
  130. 6,000 miles and my STi is using oil, THIS IS BS!!!!!
  131. picking uip my STI tomorrow
  132. Have Sti need help with stock head unit
  133. fold down rear seats?
  134. What does STi really stand for?
  135. Warranty and aftermarket radios?
  136. need infor aboout a 2003 2.5
  137. How many RS owners skipped WRX to STI
  138. Clock Color Change
  139. STI system install! pics
  140. Prodrive PFF7's, will they fit?
  141. Bumper Plugs
  142. Picking Up STI on Saturday
  143. Prefered STi color scheme?
  144. My experience with detonation (long)
  145. New STI in NYC area
  146. Alignment Questions
  147. removing 2nd element
  148. Warenty Info
  149. STi rear sway bar mount
  150. Wheels question
  151. Is Subaru lenient on mods regarding warranty?
  152. fuel economy
  153. Michigan STi
  154. My car arrived at the dealership.
  155. apeed signal for navigation system
  156. Suspension question...
  157. Glove Compartment Noise
  158. Who has paid the least for their STI? Location?
  159. A little pull to left...
  160. What type of Gas Milage are you guys getting in your Sti?
  161. Test fit of Prodrive PFF7 (18x8")
  162. Why isn't anyone buying the STi?
  163. STI @ MSRP in Bergen County NJ
  164. sound at high speed (resonating ? / horn like)
  165. Subaru's STi email advertising campaign
  166. GruppeM intake
  167. Car Alarm?
  168. Floor mats & Oil filters Finally!
  169. Timer Circuit
  170. Misc questions about the sti.
  171. STi or regular WRX?
  172. Initial Oil Change Dilemma
  173. News about det probs?
  174. DCCD display hack idea
  175. Pulled over in STI
  176. Sti Flash Video from subaru
  177. The Sicket STI EVER!!!
  178. At What Milage are people seeing DET, Knocking and Ping problems
  179. STi's at Subaru Ride and Drive...
  180. Sti replica rear strut install
  181. TE 37s on STI
  182. Reply from chevron concerning octane
  183. Love those Defi BF gauges
  184. My brakes seem to suck...
  185. Cross drilled, slotted rotors?
  186. Cost of reducing STi weight
  187. Why is STi insurance so cheap?
  188. No More Ultra94 In Pa!
  189. STi Air Cleaner Element????
  190. Collision Repair Update
  191. putting a subwoofer in the STi
  192. WRB STi Available at Five Star Oneonta,NY
  193. Who's using underdrive pulley on STI
  194. Do ya' ever wish we had a 7th gear?
  195. some suspension questions...
  196. STi stereo blanking plate
  197. What is the best downpipe for the STi?
  198. Squeaky STi Suspension Noise?
  199. To all STi owners!
  200. floormats
  201. What kinda interest are you guys getting?
  202. Comparison photo of PFF7 and stock BBS wheels...
  203. What set up should I go with???
  204. who thinks STi can own C32 AMG?
  205. The Wait
  206. Picked Up STI with tint,turboxs, and omori stuff installed Host Pics?
  207. Evo Spankin!
  208. Problems with Rockblocker Paint Protection on STI
  209. Flash cruise control light (NO CEL!)
  210. Godspeed downpipe and GReddy EVO
  211. anyone running a EBC or downpipe yet?
  212. LEAST expensive STI stock stereo install (EVER)!!!
  213. LEAST expensive STI stock stereo install (EVER)!!!
  214. STI Shifter Solution?
  215. Anyone running APEXi Power intake?
  216. What Mods are Warraty friendly on STI??
  217. To all STi owners!
  218. Dealer drowning in its greed
  219. Some more NJ STi at dealerships
  220. Clicking or Rattling behind dash/instruments
  221. Having trouble with Sti Pedals
  222. Plastic over shocks?
  223. WRX and STI O2 sensor the same?
  224. how strong is the STi clutch
  225. Dealer experience.
  226. STI model
  227. STi car cover
  228. TMIC airflow improvement
  229. Aftermarket Exhaust Illegal in NH
  230. The ping fix thread
  231. Silencer Mod
  232. Intake/DP/Exhaust ?
  233. USDM Rear seat pass-through conversion revisited
  234. Oil Cooler
  235. DCCD question?
  236. Blue/Gold STi Found at MSRP
  237. Bought the Gold warranty. Was it a good move if I plan on keeping STi stock?
  238. Proper Tire pressure for stock tires
  239. Where to buy OEM parts?
  240. Anyway to read in English?
  241. Oil Temp Gauge
  242. Overboost cel in STIi not present??
  243. Another Blue/Gold avail in VA
  244. What HID level setting do you drive around with at night?
  245. ECU Fix on all inbound STis?
  246. Removing the Intake Silencer Benifits and Negatives?
  247. Spare tire donut question. Donuts clear Brembos?
  248. stock boost gauge
  249. Anyone in Roseville with STi?
  250. Monthly payments on your STi's?