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  1. Attn: Warning STi owners!!!
  2. Need help with customized plate for STi
  3. BPM Exhaust on STI
  4. Exhaust stains
  5. So who has the fastest 1/4 mile STI?
  6. Dealer wont align car to my specifications....
  7. Clutch noise when car is on.
  8. So what was the deciding factor on STI vs Evo?
  9. 1 set of tires he says!
  10. Got my STi on monday
  11. DCCD settings
  12. My alignment Specs and efforts to get the steering straight
  13. STI Turbo
  14. Mastro Subaru in Tampa just screwed me!!!
  15. Where do you park your STi?
  16. Anyone Using the Jax STi IC screen?
  17. Found my STi!
  18. Anyone have difficulty with warm engine starts?
  19. Bad bearings at 1200mi
  20. anyone experiencing wing rattle?
  21. Cost of first oil change at dealer?
  22. Ontario, Canada STi get together/race get together
  23. Socal Members: Anyone still waiting for your STi??
  24. What BRAND are ...
  25. Valentine 1 fix for Sti
  26. A few more questions from a prospective buyer
  27. Are you using a turbo timer?
  28. STi brake pad clunking noise?
  29. Plz help on mudflap install....
  30. Will an 03' WRX Trunk fit on an 04' STi?
  31. STI Rage??
  32. Gallas & Davis Got Three More!
  33. How could I turn off a CEL.
  34. STI gas mileage trick
  35. Ride Quality Question
  36. STI track day recommendations?.
  37. Hyper REV vol. 84
  38. STi Vs. M3
  39. speedpro (F.A.S.T.) and ignition
  40. lil' flutter with blow off valve
  41. Dummy switches
  42. Heated mirror conversion
  43. Bolt Pattern
  44. A/C shut-off at WOT
  45. Anyone use the Dyno function of Delta Dash?
  46. Opinions STI Stainless Steel Brake Lines & Fluid
  47. just redlined my sti at 1400 miles for the first time and...
  48. Does the STI weigh less than the EVO?
  49. STi's coming to the Shootout?
  50. How you know your getting "heat soak"
  51. Rear Wiper for STi
  52. Available STi
  53. STi road racing questions
  54. BBS Gold Paint & Brembo Caliper Paint, where to find?
  55. Maybe you can help me out...
  56. Quick ? about the I/C Spray button light
  57. Scary experience
  58. JDM equal length header for US Sti?
  59. Let's play...anyone else notice!
  60. Rain
  61. Using toluene with lubricants?
  62. What are some good all season tires?
  63. Boost Guage Question
  64. Hard to downshift to first, ne one else???
  65. Garage full of smoke... ??
  66. Mudflaps
  67. Track Prepping the STi
  68. info on new generation of ecu's
  69. power loss after running out of gas PLUS incorrect fuel capacity specs?
  70. sadness
  71. "subiegal" ? Anyone? Any definitive answers on STi mods voiding the warranty?
  72. Is it bad?
  73. Installing the Security System upgrade?
  74. Rear Trunk light?
  75. Turbo back exhaust, a must mod for STi
  76. Will These TE-37's Fit?
  77. Quick Steering!
  78. Quick Q: Drop in filter
  79. what should i do next?
  80. Dual exhaust on STi?
  81. Is your trunk release lever hard to pull? Found fast fix.
  82. 4 Brand New Gold Bbs Rims With Tires For Sale
  83. STi spare fits over front Brembos
  84. Differential capacity
  85. 3/16" restrictor mod
  86. Well my Sti hoodscoop just killed its 2nd bird in 1 week...
  87. Caddy CTS-V vs STi
  88. dccd failure ,help only400 miles
  89. Concerns about STI in snow.
  90. ITR thread turned into STI theft thread
  91. Edmunds review of the STi vs. Evo...
  92. Hey Porter
  93. Perrin Intake ?
  94. Serious Octane Booster? Race Gas Alternative?
  95. Nitrous on a 2004 STI
  96. DCCD Problem
  97. Photoshoot of White STi
  98. Odd wire/cable in sti wing
  99. STi Transit Time
  100. Faster shifting
  101. so sick of car mags saying evo faster then sti
  102. All Season Tire Choice for STI?
  103. Bridgestone Praxis suspension???
  104. $1,000 To spend on mods.... what to get..
  105. STI tuning kits?
  106. STi on MSN Frontpage
  107. Where to buy an STI?
  108. How much weight can the spoiler take?
  109. Laws regarding exaust systems (VA)
  110. STi springs fitting what ?
  111. Air conditioner
  112. Omori Boost guage for STi
  113. STi throttle response?
  114. Cross drilled brake rotors
  115. Can my STi do this?
  116. STi vs. Jaquar S-Type R
  117. Who has put TurboXS on STI
  118. Trunk hole plugs?
  119. STi front air dam
  120. best exhaust for the STI?
  121. Where to get a stock STi 6 speed shift knob??
  122. Anyone see this FMIC yet??
  123. Just bought a V1 - where to put it / how to wire?
  124. Tokyo AutoShow 2003 Pics - 56k warning
  125. STi 3rd Gear
  126. Buying some 18" Volks from Gruppe-S
  127. Can you make STI BOV whistle
  128. Where is the Subaru Port?
  129. emergency STI RPM wire
  130. anyone wrecked out their STI yet?
  131. Today may be the day!
  132. Turbo Timer
  133. Available pads for Brembos
  134. To buy, or not to buy that is the ??? in California
  135. lookin to buy an STi
  136. Finally! PRODRIVE'S wheel webpage updated!
  137. GB STi T-Shirts
  138. How did you fare on trade in for STI (WRX 02) specific?
  139. Any other problems with the stock STi?
  140. Gutterguard In Hoodscoop
  141. Racepipe or Catpipe on exhaust?
  142. STi intake question/debate...
  143. How often do you use the IC spray?
  144. RNR racing exhaust for $650
  145. Alignment or Wheel bearing issue?
  146. Stereo Installed Pics
  147. Smaller than 17" wheels & 4-pot Calipers?
  148. Invidia Down pipe good or bad?
  149. Holy Waiting list Batman!
  150. Noob Question
  151. Good NY Dealer Experience
  152. Anyone know part number for the electrical manual for STi?
  153. kb3drfsti - what is the result of your dccd failure?
  154. Are you bored with your STI yet,...then stop complaining.....
  155. Upgrades in your future?
  156. STi has a shorter stroke than the Evo?
  157. WRX (STi) Turbo Back/Cat Back shootout with Dyno Plots & dB ratings [HiRes Scans]
  158. flutter when acceleration
  159. California Gas Alternative?
  160. where can i find zero sport Radiator Shroud
  161. Losing HP with RFL ???
  162. Surging Issue fixed!!!
  163. 4 point seat belts
  164. Who changed their Sti Stock exhaust already?
  165. Who wants to sell me their 6 spd sti knob?
  166. 2 different ECUs for STIs?
  167. STI owners vs Porsche owners,....
  168. Picked her up yesterday :) blue/gold va :)
  169. Just bought a WRX STi
  170. WRX/STi fiberglass Air Silencer Eliminator
  171. STi on the track??
  172. Mud Flap pic please!
  173. STi Stereo Install
  174. Wow Rev limiter!!
  175. gas mileage
  176. Noob Question re: Turbo
  177. Finally got one, super indepth impression, MUST READ if you are considering a STi.
  178. Need recommendations for an STi audio system
  179. Shifting question -- do or don't?
  180. What's the longest you have kept the same car?
  181. Who else knows they are going to lose their license with this car.
  182. What's the longest you have kept a car ?
  183. Question regarding a particular sound (air sucking)
  184. intake
  185. Door panel removal?
  186. Defi gauges.
  187. Do mechanics respect our STI'S
  188. DCCD Question
  189. BIG difference in OEM vs. Prodrive STi wheel fitments. Why?
  190. question for oem lugs
  191. wow the sti is a blast to drive!
  192. Test ride in Sti..... Toronto-Hamilton area???
  193. Engine undertray cut at the port??
  194. Weird sound when turning at low speed
  195. 3,700 detonation free miles and then Ping!!!!!
  196. STI Kill Switch Type Master Key??
  197. Deciding between the Sti and the Evo... help
  198. Apex Japan,.when are you guys coming to the US to report on anything?
  199. floor mats
  200. STi/WRX track pictures (56K beware!)
  201. Question for thoose who drag their STi
  202. snorkle mod
  203. Data Dots do we have it too??
  204. Where to buy Knocklink
  205. Turbo Backs
  206. Question for those who have had extensive track time with the STi
  207. Winter wheels test fit...
  208. for those who traded wrx for sti
  209. Questions about tires, wheels, exhaust, and break-in.
  210. My "Test Drive":-)
  211. Will Rota Tarmac fit?
  212. STi Shut off.
  213. Question
  214. Factory boost gauge, accurate enough for tuning?
  215. My baby... dead at 1050 miles.
  216. My first oil change on STi. Expieriences.
  217. WRX vs WRX STI
  218. jumpy idle speed... is this normal?
  219. Sun visor?
  220. Blue paint dot on wheels.
  221. Any New Orleans (or thereabouts) STi's?...
  222. where can I purchase the STI front lip?
  223. sti oil filter
  224. great reactions to the Sti
  225. Best commute yet.
  226. shat exactly is the 'vishnu method' for re-learning the ECU ?
  227. STi BOV sound clips anyone ? plus de-snorkelfying q's...
  228. STI or BMW M3
  229. possible speaker size
  230. Warantee question.
  231. dccd failure update Matt seriuos!!
  232. ideal alignment
  233. Why isn't the tranny covered in power train warranty
  234. share STi with my dad?
  235. Puerto Rico STi Owners
  236. STi video
  237. Any more STi's this year?
  238. Bike Rack for sti
  239. Brake Noises and Excessive Squealing?
  240. Need part # for STi blank radio cover (faceplate)
  241. Got reflash... still pinging...on 94
  242. Does anyone have a silver/silver STi in N. VA I can see in person?
  243. No radio music in my!!!
  244. Does the front diff make a clunk too?
  245. STi Good! Problems Bad!
  246. Tint options that don't blow reception.
  247. Exhaust clip thread??!
  248. while day dreaming the other day...
  249. will future STi shipments be ping free?
  250. Sti insurance rates......?????