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  1. Exhaust Install Step By Step
  2. Available STi
  3. Joined the STi ranks!
  4. foggy mirrors
  5. bolt pattern & offset, 18" wheels???
  6. Ping/Det...will it hurt my car?
  7. why buy a exhaust system when you can replace the cats
  8. All synthetic ???
  9. Red outlined Impreza WRX badge. Why not on US STi?
  10. Broken Rear Stabilizer Link
  11. How/When do YOU use your IC Sprayer?
  12. STi Pink "I"
  13. very happy to see.....
  14. Voted best overall official STi site!!!
  15. how many have scratched front lip
  16. STi front lip and rear skirt
  17. Tirerack finally updated their wheel database to include the STi
  18. Found 4 STi's for sale at Michigan dealer (Selling at MSRP)
  19. Porsche 911 owner wanting an STi
  20. Pink came off on front STi badge????
  21. STi K&N Filter = 33-2232?
  22. Air bag question
  23. STI brought to altitude, boost from 16 to 11psi? why
  24. Bob Baker Carlsbad
  25. STI pics from Tokyo AutoSalon 2003
  26. Why my Sti always have boost spike?
  27. Just ordered my STi!
  28. Who is playing with the boost ?
  29. Extremely hot engine bay normal?
  30. ASA KA3s for STi
  31. STi Wing removal...
  32. Harsh gnashing sounds in gears 1-3. Anyone else?
  33. AVO Large Intake Pipe
  34. Gas mileage
  35. Dead pedal.
  36. Ok STi guyz... help out this lame WRXer
  37. pictures of Blue/gold STi's with window tint
  38. 2 STi's available at Van Bortel ($29k) for immediate delivery!
  39. CA smog check "FAILED!" no OBDII communication?
  40. UTEC questions
  41. painful pictures OUCH!!!
  42. Red Bags on shocks?
  43. Delivery Question//search function is out
  44. Question about exhaust fit on STI
  45. STi for $5k over MSRP? get it!
  46. Low boost w/boost controller?
  47. STI & EVO Track pictures
  48. gruppe-s manifold v2
  49. Wastegate porting for boost creep?
  50. STi Extended Warranties - info / advice request
  51. Look at this new car key I'm getting for my STi
  52. Retrofit Seat Warmers in this car?
  53. Why Can't We Search!!!!!
  54. Need Torque specs
  55. subbie stereo adapter pinout
  56. Strange STi Handling???
  57. Is STi trunk same size as '03 Wrx trunk? or just '04?
  58. STi does 12.9 in 1/4 mile(video link inside)
  59. ECUTEK released?
  60. Trunk Swapping
  61. Help - low boost
  62. CEL fix?
  63. Correct mileage to switch over to synthetic oil?
  64. Modifying hood scoop into an air intake? with FMIC
  65. Blue 'i' center front grill badge
  66. My Week old STi was not aligned properly by the Dealer!!
  67. Trade WRX for STi??? Anybody Done It?
  68. A-pillar gauge pod color code match help please!
  69. good locations to tap in for water temp & oil pressure ?
  70. anyone use the stock EGT probe to run your gauge ?
  71. anyone have a factory gauge pod they want to sell ?
  72. sti
  73. Anyone's STi Stolen?
  74. Important Rear LSD question...
  75. TurboXS HPBC: two questions
  76. My lights won't turn off
  77. Seat passthrough application, how to tie down large objects
  78. STI oil filter?
  79. Black w/ gold avialable in Georgia
  80. BC, Canada STi Owners: Anyone want to swap rear seats?
  81. glove compartment STUCK!
  82. Importing sti to canada?
  83. SoCal STi Inventories 7/4 to 8/15
  84. disable ABS == no auto DCCD ??
  85. Reflash in Canada?
  86. Absolut Top Speed
  87. hks header ???
  88. STi = smoke show
  89. I would like to see some pics of a black/gold STi
  90. Great Shift-Light idea..How can it be done?
  91. STi should be able to run on E85!
  92. Pics of all 4 STi colors together!
  93. Apexi TT installation and stock alarm
  94. NEWBIE question
  95. Coilover newbie
  96. Turbo Spool -- I Don't Know Everything
  97. STi Donuts
  98. So CLOSE!!!
  99. is an apexi safc useful for the sti?
  100. Brembo brake dust
  101. lower boost= Better gas mileage?
  102. Retractable wing?
  103. New Spoilers??
  104. Anybody has the H&R springs for STi?
  105. Stereo..Will these fit?
  106. STi door sills (need answer FAST - auction ends in 4 hours!)
  107. Stock usdm sti turbo specs???
  108. Require Info On US spec STi
  109. JDM parts help.
  110. STi Alarm Malfunctioned!
  111. STi Sway Bar
  112. factory alarm concerns...
  113. How to change the steering feel?
  114. 2 STi's available in Grand Rapids, MI
  115. Van Bortel Count..
  116. Best air filter/intake ?
  117. Optional Security Upgrade
  118. Need link: Aussy Wrx Sti technical writeup (acrobat file)
  119. Still using oil at 5000 miles
  120. How can you tell if you have a boost leak?
  121. Oh my goodness, what a difference!
  122. Thomas Subaru Bedford, PA 29,999 for a PSM STI
  123. Yes, Finally STi tuning has begun.
  124. Attn Janq: Where do you get your carcover?
  125. Any problems with your STI and with SOA?
  126. Winter tires on Rota Downshift or SDR? Any STi Pics?
  127. Source for brake pads?
  128. TSX Exhaust - STi vWRX?
  129. Why no chips?
  130. another break in question- be nice!
  131. Stock axle back pipe diameter?
  132. advan rgs on sti, now what springs ??
  133. re cat back exhaust
  134. Hot Twins....BRA-LESS
  135. Tires for STi
  136. Can we say STi look alike from KIA
  137. just got insurance quote...
  138. Ordered my wheels. Can't wait.....
  139. mud flaps
  140. Topless at the Beach
  141. Test drove the EVO yesterday and......
  142. from rear wheel to awd- I'm lost-help
  143. RPMS and Speed -- What's the Connection?
  144. 100 miles on new STi .. should i be concerned?
  145. Leveling swtich
  146. cleaning your STi seats
  147. grinded my gear?
  148. Radio FM/AM reciption problem
  149. shes arrived!
  150. My Baby!!!
  151. duct
  152. STi Technical Discussions... We should move to NASIOC Technical
  153. Anyone Have/Getting Advan RG's?
  154. Autoweek STi Review -I'm Published!
  155. Does the STI come with winter tires during winter?
  156. 6mt Lightweight Flywheel
  157. WOOT! Breakin period done.
  158. STi without stickers??
  159. MY STi...
  160. Subaru wheel locks for STi. Are they all the same keys? Safe?
  161. How do you clean the STi engine safely?
  162. STi Owner Manual states you must use 94 octane?
  163. jacking points for the front and back of the STi
  164. Brake suggestions for 15" wheels?
  165. Insurance info and questions...again
  166. sti plate covers?
  167. Paint trouble!!!
  168. Here's some STI floor mats for sale.
  169. My new STi polished and waxed
  170. black interior for STi??? ever??
  171. Wohhh, Is the Black STi really this gold paint??
  172. STi with 350 miles? How much off MSRP to ask?
  173. Drivetrain issue.
  174. NE1 with C5, Supra, M3, Porsche etc.
  175. Racing Seat Installation in the STI and Review
  176. Who's still stereo-less in their STi?
  177. Re: sti transmission cooler configuration
  178. Another reason to debadge...
  179. What's the best way to fix/repair minor scratches?
  180. 350 hp STI twin turbo ???
  181. how easily can you see your swirls for Java Black?
  182. Interior noises??
  183. Anyone Not Install a Radio?
  184. 17 x 7.5 Comp SSR's dont fit
  185. What are the lightest 18's that fit the STi?
  186. We made Playboy
  187. pics of my new STi and some others
  188. Guys, I finally got my Sti test drive and all I can say is.......
  189. Track Report and some assistance needed.
  190. Launching the STi
  191. do 2 subies= one ZO6?
  192. impressions at 6 mi. and 1200mi.
  193. exhaust ??s
  194. Helms Repair Manual for the STI????
  195. Low Boost?
  196. STI Floormat options
  197. how long for major
  198. Winter? Wheels and Tires
  199. Autometer Air Fuel Gauge Install
  200. Read Before Changing Your Oil
  201. What is the Speed Governor Set On?
  202. Antenna Question
  203. August released STi's and pinging?
  204. Sti on the quarter mile
  205. New '04 STi trunk will not open??
  206. Autometer Boost Gauge Help
  207. Reflashed ECU, who has done it?
  208. Sti's in West Palm Beach, Fl
  209. Links for those considering Wingless, Scoopless (FMIC), or what color to choose.
  210. advan rgs 18x9.5 ????
  211. What speakers actually fit???
  212. STi impressions, mountain pass.
  213. My driver side window makes a cracking sound!!!!
  214. Pepsi EVO
  215. bad gas = massive ping?
  216. Flat spot after 5000 rpm?
  217. Which wheels for winter?
  218. exhaust advice needed
  219. Hitch Wiring on 04 Sti, is it there?
  220. Vishnu STi Tuning...272lbs/tq!!!
  221. Detonation With The Sti
  222. blitz sus -> stock
  223. GB on STI chrome licence plate covers
  224. is it worth $1.89 for 94
  225. Ajustable Boost Control
  226. Dumb Question
  227. Bent STi Rims
  228. Who knows where to order OEM carpet sti floor mats
  229. Black Box tells all - Questions
  230. A day at Watkins Glen
  231. Performance loss when switching from STi BBS wheels to wheels with +48mm offset?
  232. First MOD: Added 50 horses!
  233. #98 at irvine is up
  234. Fuel delivery problem at high RPMs
  235. STi windshield wiper
  236. blue 'i' front grill emblem
  237. STi Hood Scoop Options
  238. best brand of octane boost to use?
  239. MotorTrend STI vs. EVo.
  240. STi Rims/Tires on GC-8
  241. Shiv's take on the STi ping...
  242. I/c Outlet Coupler Sux!
  243. Volk TE37's for sale, they are 17X8, and Painted Black
  244. how u adjust the gfb stealth bov
  245. Test Drove a NEW STi
  246. Wanted: Heat shield part number...
  247. sti side skirt
  248. 02-03 WRX brake ducts don't fit on STi
  249. Vendor for Competition SSR type C wheels
  250. The badest pic on an STI yet