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  1. Build date related to det
  2. I'm Selling My STi
  3. any sti owners swap trunks with wrx owners?
  4. What snow tire do you recommend?
  5. High beams.
  6. Weight of the stock STi bbs wheel?
  7. RFL Ti Video
  8. Somebody shed something on this
  9. Madza RX-8 buy back. Could this happen w/ the STi?
  10. How to get 93 octane in CA
  11. Weights on the ADVAN RG's?
  12. I join the Few and Proud
  13. Has anyone changed their wing?
  14. DCCD Failure Fixed/Important Info Shared
  15. How important is a catch can
  16. Switching my parts over!????!
  17. STi LOW HP after Reflash
  18. Two STI's in Waldorf MD
  19. SoCal Sti owners, you bought without test driving?
  20. Exhaust Wanted
  21. Good Day Bad Dealer
  22. Just got the call today......get my Sti in 2 weeks at $2000 below msrp..!
  23. Bov!!
  24. any body had to put tranny fluid in ?
  25. Help from STi owners who have driven the Evo
  26. New Intercooler for my STi installed
  27. Need inexpensive rims and winter tires for STI, what and where to buy ?
  28. Blitz Boost Controller Install
  29. I/C water spray light comes on
  30. Cherry Blossum mmmmmmmmm :)
  31. Speakers for STi -
  32. Sti w/ Monster Sport cf trunk lid
  33. Any Last Tips before doing an Oil Change?
  34. Break-in Question
  35. Just changed tranny and rear diff. fluid, finding.
  36. Continental Extreme Contact tires?
  37. 114 Octane in Colorado Springs, CO
  38. Sti picture thread?
  39. STill Will, I need to get in touch with you
  40. STi Oil Filter, which one to use?
  41. Nosie form DCCD
  42. cannot find site with WRC pics-help
  43. Torque Specs for the Wheel Lugs
  44. Okay, *why* don't I need a turbo timer??
  45. 2 hours of WRC coverage in 5 minutes!!!!!
  46. ECU processing power and XEDE?
  47. STi available
  48. gfb bov installed and intake silencer thoughts
  49. 13 gallons = 133 miles?
  50. 04 RS mudflaps/splashgurds on the STI
  51. Trading in 03 WRX for STI
  52. DCCD question.
  53. Username changed. Person formerly known as JDM nut is now JDM addict.
  54. Speedometer versus GPS
  55. Rear strut tower brace on STI questions
  56. 12.85@103.69 TurboXS stealthback
  57. Where is the oil filler on the STi transmission?
  58. sti with s-afc
  59. Volk Gram Lights 57C ?
  60. Anyone looking to buy an Sti...look at Van Bortals
  61. optimum rpm for shift?
  62. jdm strutbar and auto ic sprayer question
  63. Wheels USDM Stock BBS Vs Version 8 UK Sti Wheels
  64. invidia dp for (sti)
  65. Just saw the C&D TV comparison between the Evo and STi
  66. anyone painted an autometer a-pillar mount to match interior ?
  67. heat shield on stock turbo
  68. 97 sti ver4 ecu pinouts
  69. 97 sti harness
  70. i am officially screwed!!
  71. In search of a switch hot wire near IC sprayer switch.
  72. First time at track. Ran a 14.1 best. Kept bogging out from traction?
  73. Rally Australia
  74. Need some help with air filter
  75. How to...
  76. that annoying blue paint dot on BBS
  77. Why is the STi DCCD better than WRX Viscous Cent diff?
  78. Have you timed yourself on a 0-60 run?
  79. STi Owners that have swapped wheels comment...
  80. Projectors for the STi???
  81. Breaks squeak when applied when backing up
  82. 22B is back!!
  83. STi automatic throttle blip?
  84. clutching and shifting question...
  85. Its about time!!!!!!
  86. 45 degrees + water Spray = WOW
  87. Steering Rack Bushings
  88. Who had a stereo installed for the drive from Van Bortel?
  89. Freezing distilled water in ice trays and throwing them into IC resevoir for a event.
  90. Finally raced an Evo
  91. aps is up dating thier site
  92. Impressive press
  93. Who's on the waiting list at VB for white/gold?
  94. Help Fuel Pressure Guage Install on STI
  95. Front Lip Question. Hardware?
  96. Track spies...
  97. Euro Spec V's USDM Spec STI
  98. STi in the winter?
  99. DCCD is a wear item!
  100. Anyone installed Mud flaps or wants them?
  101. Prodrive Mats from Gwinett Subaru
  102. How to convince parents I need an STi
  103. Paint to match STi silver interior?
  104. Ping issues
  105. Help, Need STI rear swaybar pics
  106. K&N filter
  107. anyone tap into shift indicator light circuit yet ?
  108. STI vs. EVO....locked...serious question
  109. Hotchkis bars.
  110. intake for STI
  111. STI Turbo
  112. Silver BBS wheel touch up paint?
  113. STi Mats Available!
  114. Finally got my Baby back :)
  115. Next Years Allocations
  116. Hi all, new to the forum, STi question(thinking of getting one)
  117. Foglights without headlights?
  118. VOLK wheels on STi
  119. Fastest US STi 1/4 mile time? Are you the fastest?
  120. Sweet looking wheels for the STi
  121. TurboXS stealthback noises??
  122. STI VS 2k Vette
  123. Badge theft on STi 36 hours old
  124. Oil squirters?
  125. turboXS stealth back or Godspeed + 3" catback
  126. How much hp does downpipe and exhaust give u?
  127. Anyone else???
  128. STi's not selling well
  129. ANNOUNCEMENT: Closing of the STi Information Forum
  130. Keep STi Information Forum Alive!
  131. Catless cel fix
  132. Cusco 02R on an STI?
  133. 550 miles got my oil changed
  134. Dealer cost of STI?
  135. STi Forum
  136. Please don't close my wearable DCCD thread.
  137. Does your STI do this
  138. ODBII output question
  139. Die-cast STi model
  140. Okay, so now that I got the stuck fuel injector fixed...
  141. STi Envy?!?
  142. White/Silver STI available (PA)
  143. 'Japanese Animated Car'
  144. ideas...maybe some will inspire you?
  145. WRX and STI questions!!!
  146. One Blue STi available in Canada immediately
  147. I need snow tires
  148. Help with front strut install (horn?)
  149. changing Sti gauge cluster color
  150. DCCD sounds like a bell?
  151. Letting off the gas at 3.5k rpm
  152. Dont buy STI plates on ebay from this guy.
  153. Trunk rattle
  154. Limix Linea BE5
  155. EVO magazine STi Spec-C review.
  156. Sti in the wet?
  157. Perhaps I missed it, but this is dead sexy!
  158. Project STI SPEC C: How to convert our STI into a Spec C
  159. how about a NEW STi forum instead ?
  160. Funniest STi related Goof i ve seen
  161. How do I turn off check engine light
  162. water in car
  163. STI Air Filter
  164. Rear wiper?
  165. 91 or 93 octane?
  166. Exhaust Gaskets same as WRX??
  167. dont move this thread...
  168. just thought of something stupid
  169. ASTe bodykit
  170. why a MY04+ forum instead of STi specific ? That isn't much of a "compromise"....
  171. Nice to meet you SHOracer!
  172. Sti vs turboxs stg2?
  173. uh oh!!'s another STI forum out for the moderators!
  174. FS or TRADE - (4) RE070 tires
  175. Another place to meet
  176. STi specific forum info....
  177. My new co-driver!
  178. STI Forum?
  179. JDM STi front lip & rear bumper strakes?
  180. ALL orange scarlet wombat goose throated warbler ALL the time
  181. The STi is a WRX ?
  182. Gotta Buy the New Evo... (the mag, I mean :D)
  183. black/silver STi in Sant Rosa, CA MSRP
  184. It's interesting that they don't seem to care about internet performance!
  185. Need a Fix?
  186. Too bad
  187. ANNOUNCEMENT! **NEW FORUMS**, please read.
  188. The end is near!!
  189. Yet another thread of disapproval
  190. poor sti :(
  191. Attn: Mods
  192. Just a ? not a Bi*&h
  193. For those feeling displaced by the closing of the STi Forum...
  194. A suggestion to make the ending of the STi forum easier to live with.
  195. 12,001 miles after 4 months, and now they end the forum,..
  196. Our Loss
  197. Closing the STi forum is a good thing.