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  1. GOLD and GRAY Wheels available
  2. when does the sti get to the US?
  3. deposit placed
  4. Motor pictures, no throttle cable!
  5. 1 STi per dealer?
  6. Position/height of shifter and other ?'s
  7. STI vs WRX
  8. STI 2.5 Bored and stroked plus Injector size
  9. Does the STi clunks on fast shifts?
  10. Who made the first 2.5T STi prediction?
  11. DCCD, want some specs
  12. Chicago Auto Show
  13. So, my 10 year old son says...
  14. 8.2:1 Compression Ratio and 3.9 Final Drive
  15. Ricey factory wing...
  16. Deposit due?
  17. STi Sunroof?
  18. Will the new STI use a twin-scroll IHI turbo?
  19. Speed??
  20. OFFICIAL "Fact or Fiction" Thread for the STi...........
  21. Performance stats for 04 WRX STi
  22. 227 hp x 1.25 = 284 hp !
  23. How do you afford your STi lifestyle?
  24. Best Motoring Feb '03: STI special
  25. say it is not so... This pic suggest returnless fuel system
  26. STi only in 1 color?
  27. A List of Dealers who WILL Sell at MSRP
  28. STI cockpit view
  29. What is your favorite color? Poll
  30. US STi weight predictions
  31. 0-60 ?
  32. USDM STi vs. JDM STi info
  33. This might be blasphemy but...
  34. Official Pictures from the Detroit Show
  35. What will be the primary use of your STi?
  36. The best part about the New STI......
  37. only 750????
  38. STI and SCCA speculation
  39. 2004 Car of the Year competitors?
  40. I think the dealers are BS'ing people into saying there selling into MSRP
  41. 2004 Impreza WRX & WRX/STI SOA Media Pictures
  42. US Sti Weight?
  43. Subaru Dealers....
  44. what does the STi key look like?
  45. pros and cons of STI or 04wrx (IMO)
  46. STi key for the 04 STi?
  47. Exchange Rates
  48. So now predicted MSRP went from low $30K's to below $35K
  49. Keep S4 or get STI?
  50. Trunk Mounted Innercoooler Water Sprayer
  51. new color rumor
  52. The Cheapest STI for Sale in The Country
  53. Small STI Video, from Car show
  54. Rims for winter / gravel - Will 16" RS rims fit?
  55. What turbo and boost for US STi
  56. list of unknown statistics
  57. Redline = 7000
  58. More NAIAS Pics!
  59. STi Western-Region-Unveiling Photos
  60. LA Auto Show is CRAP - NO STI !!!
  61. This should answer some questions...
  62. A moment of clarity on the whole non-refundable deposit thing
  63. The wheels on the car at the autoshow are 17's, not 18's!
  64. Pics from the Petersen of the STI
  65. anybody HEAR the STi?
  66. Where is the fuel filter on the new STI?
  67. sti and wrx press kit from detroit show
  68. How did the USDM seats feel?
  69. new rear stabilizer bar mount
  70. STI and IMBA
  71. Timing belt or timing chain?
  72. STi is a looker!
  73. resin composite intake manifold
  74. An ugly thought, but... (STI crashes)
  75. STi body style for 2.5 RS?
  76. Members with STi Pics! PLEASE READ!
  77. reserve spots on ebay
  78. Any word on stainless steel brake lines?
  79. So how will you pay for the STi?
  80. Paint code for Aspen White?
  81. Pros and cons of trading up from WRX to STI
  82. Not bad pic of STI
  83. Question concerning headlights/foglights
  84. Oil cooler on STi?
  85. STI Interior?
  86. Anyone have a feel for the STi Torque Curve?
  87. Aftermarket WRX to STI parts swap???
  88. Lack of Experienced Technicians/Mechanics To Work On The STi at Dealers????
  89. Was anyone else online during Petter's webchat?
  90. Front lip for the New MY04 WRX and STi?
  91. Heel and Toe and LFB
  92. Will the STi get a NAV system?
  93. Will The STi Have Problems Being A First Year Model???
  94. when are they gonna release the official price?
  95. Intercooler water-spray
  96. Red Interior light?
  97. STI spec list? Know anything post it !
  98. STi underhood pics taken at NAIAS tonight
  99. Question about the new headlight setup...
  100. wrx sti looks more like legacy now~
  101. STi deposit non-refundable?
  102. Just bought a Japanese Sti magazine...
  103. wrx sti
  104. Pros and cons of sti 2.5 vs. 2.0
  105. STi WRX factory assembly process
  106. Why no STI pedals in the US WRX STI? Is there STI door sills?
  107. autoweek online article - not new
  108. New switch in the new WRX?
  109. First 2004 Sti on Ebay?
  110. More STi Pics; 35 High Rez From Detroit
  111. Non-world rally blue STi pics?
  112. Front fenders special to STi only?
  113. Build your STi!
  114. Just what colors is the STi offering???
  115. STi turbo-cooldown...
  116. White or Black Silver STI???
  117. Suspension Geometry = anti-lift
  118. In your opinion about the US Spec STi...
  119. Availablity in the future??
  120. Chicago Auto Show
  121. Editorial from apexJapan
  122. STI in this weeks AUTOWEEK
  123. Has anyone else seen this?
  124. What color STi?
  125. STI seats vs. Sparco's
  126. STi Redline? What is Ecsaine?
  127. Waxing nostalgic
  128. 2004 STI on Ebay.....
  129. Do you think the 2.5 Turbo motor will have oil squirters?
  130. Picture request: Semi closed STi block
  131. STi wing replacement question
  132. WRX over SUV
  133. Rear wiper on STi
  134. Black Sti with non-gold rims
  135. need help with sti related ?
  136. Angry about STi
  137. Some new MSRP info from dealer
  138. I can't sleep cuz of the STi...
  139. What would make that you would NOT buy the STi?
  140. Seats in the brochure
  141. What Colors???
  142. WRX power steering
  143. SUBARU READ THIS: What color STi's should get gold wheels?
  144. anyone know about sunroof?
  145. STi coming because WRX had good sales?
  146. Will Current Aftermarket WRX Exhaust Work On The STi???
  147. will sti have ATD like WRC car
  148. Shaved Door Handles, Tinted Windows
  149. These pix mite be old.....(56k beware)
  150. STI Wallpaper??
  151. My 2 cents about the Japan/Euro STi vs. US STI
  152. know what I really want to see?
  153. Ne word on the release date of the car
  154. 2004 WRX Sti in Canada
  155. Safety for possible pedestrians you hit
  156. '04 STI 2.5 motor problems???
  157. 2004 USDM STi performances
  158. Prodrive AYC???
  159. brakes...
  160. Is the STi's chassis the same as the WRX?
  161. Nice things about mr. STi
  162. Who is making the 2.5 engine ???
  163. Option on the STI tranny
  164. A couple things missing from our STI
  165. 2004 STI curb weight?
  166. Obtaining 2.5 Sti engine.
  167. WRX Wagon, STi colors???
  168. Multiple lists?
  169. Age of future STi owners?
  170. STI Availability
  171. Anybody want my #1 slot @ Faulkner? Free.
  172. STi vs. Lancer...websites?
  173. so many new cars in 2003-2004 ?
  174. '04 STi's with body kits from TAS....
  175. 2.5l?
  176. U.S. Canadian swap
  177. SOA e-mail of Sti information. June?
  178. no FOGS for the STi?
  179. Would you put a $5000 deposit down?
  180. SCC claims that Xede Piggyback will work on USDM STi
  181. STi seats
  182. STi Questions and concerns
  183. Wrx Sti Vs Bmw M3
  184. Us Sti Price
  185. No more STi for 2003 Auto Shows
  186. Who recieved the sTI survey just now?
  187. Do the dealerships know which color they are getting?
  189. BBS wheels!
  190. Anybody that was in the market for this car a year ago...
  191. New option on Imprezas!!!
  192. STi at shows
  193. Rally version of STi?
  194. Will the STi have the Immobilizer?
  195. Prodrive version
  196. About to buy STi, question about Subaru's fit & finish...
  197. Stealth STI?
  198. Morettes for New STI
  199. STi quarter mile times compared to the EVO8
  200. Just got off the phone with my dealer...
  201. UK and Japan STI 350 hp!
  202. STI Moonroof? The WRX gets one this year.
  203. Sunroof Issue Resolved
  204. How is the Sti going to be marketed as?
  205. Will my REX, IC Hoses, Cusco DP and Vishnu UP Fit the new STi?
  206. Facelift WRC car at Houston Auto show
  207. How modable is the 2004 WRX STi going to be?
  208. Can someon please post white STi photos?
  209. Pricing in low 30k... Why no official pricing? nice theory here...
  210. I Have The Inside Edge.....
  211. the WRX STi is NOT for you if...
  212. sti parts.
  213. Huh? What's the point in...... ?
  214. STi Paint
  215. Why no auto waterspay?
  216. Synthetic Oil...
  217. Turning radius and steering box
  218. The New Sti Pics U Haven't Seen!
  219. Bridgestone Potenza RE070 ?
  220. Dealer placing order yet? Also, question on insurance.
  221. Performance Potential
  222. Decisions, decisions.........STi or regular WRX???
  223. Avcs
  224. bling factor?
  225. 350 HP Subaru STI
  226. STI Seats
  227. Just saw the STi!
  228. Any Wagon owners Moving up to WRX STi ???
  229. sti article
  230. Administrators... like to contribute a STi video...
  231. Port of entry
  232. Pricing and Quantities of the 2004 STi, look here
  233. Interior color options?
  234. 2.0 vs. 2.5 emissions
  235. I finally get it! "The STi is not for you, if..."
  236. STi and Evo at Portland Auto Show (mini report)
  237. STi????
  238. Center Gauge Pod in STi/New Impreza
  239. Touchy feely....stuff...(Turbo, uppipe and other news)
  240. Would you take a loss on your 02 or 03 wrx for the STi
  241. Engine Redline
  242. Hot Off The Press Sti Price!!!!
  243. Who deserves an STi
  244. Immobilizer on the STi
  245. STI Color debate
  246. Photoshop: Red WRC STi w/ gold rims
  247. The official "Guess the STI MSRP" Poll
  248. Dealer rumor: STi production upped to 800 per month
  249. Info on wheel/color combinations...
  250. The answer to the STi - WRX spoiler swap question...