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  1. Portland Auto Show 2003 - Pics of STi
  2. The Release Date thread [merged]
  3. WRX/STi body to WRC body style observation
  4. STI Wheel HP's & 1/4mile Predictions?
  5. Will the STI hold its value?
  6. Red and Green Instrumentation on STi?
  7. STi aftermarket wheel news from Prodrive
  8. What should I do for a STi delivery in December?
  9. Will the STi have a cup holder?
  10. New STI uses side feed injectors..
  11. OR or WA Dealers offering STi at MSRP??
  12. turboXS type H blow off valve to fit on sti inter.?
  13. sti at baltimore auto show??
  14. STI Ride Height Question?
  15. Double Deposit: Is this a problem w/SOA
  16. Will price be the deciding factor?
  17. Hello...
  18. Fog lights may cost you big time.
  19. Modern Racer's Review!
  20. im 6'9" Will I fit in a WRX STi?
  21. Whats your excuse NOT getting STi
  22. STi Video
  23. Styling poll
  24. VIDEO: STi Gauge Warm Up
  25. Question about STi foglight covers.
  26. what exactly does DCCD do?
  27. Will the US STI come with a real STI key?
  28. USDM STI vs. UK Prodrive STI?
  29. disappointed about STi seats....
  30. (bi-) Xenon headlights / fogs? Plus other questions!
  31. Nice STi site with car colors
  32. INCOMPATIBLE Rev A/B parts
  33. does anyone know the mpg of the sti?
  34. How exactly does the STi EBD/ABS work?
  35. Age of peopl that dislike the STi's Spoiler
  36. Age of people that dislike the STi's Spoiler
  37. Alternate wheels on the STi?
  38. The End of my BMW years?
  39. STi Interior POLL. Attn. Subaru
  40. STi WRX...
  41. Wheel color option as per dealer
  42. What about an Oil Cooler
  43. What's the deal with the 2.5?
  44. STI Arrival Update (2-11-03)
  45. WOO HOO! I got my STi brochure!
  46. new STi is 3168lbs (according to Video)
  47. For anybody interested....
  48. Only 200 STI in Canada
  49. Anyone know if Cnd STi get HID or not?
  50. No STi in Twin Cities Auto Show
  51. i saw the fax today oh boy(2/12/03)
  52. Radio / No radio?
  53. Canadian STi stats
  54. New STi and the R34 GT-R
  55. Germany only gets the 2.0 STI
  56. STi dilemma...
  57. More than 300 hp?
  58. STI badge / Back light?
  59. STi Vs. WRX 0-100Km/0-60m ?
  60. Toronto auto show is currently going on. STi-S4-S60r are there
  61. 2.5 Sti Review: UK Car Magazine
  62. Does anyone know the red line on the 2.5 US STI motor?
  63. STi 0-60 time confirmed...4.8 sec.
  64. STi in Chicago auto show
  65. Subaru of Canada, Inc.'s STi microsite
  66. Does "lightweight rear window glass" mean "thin and will break easily"?
  67. Chicago auto show...STI pics
  68. Aftermarket possibilities for the STI
  69. POLL: what sti color are you getting
  70. A turbocharger picture
  71. sti retards chicago auto show
  72. Is wheel color optional?
  73. STi article in Boston Sunday Globe
  74. Daily Driver?
  75. Rear seat pass-through?
  76. tech quesions
  77. Intercooler water spray - when do you use it?
  78. chicago auto show rumor, early release
  79. Rea Diff Temp Sensor
  80. Random Idea
  81. Gauge Cluster / Interior (Wich one is it !?!?)
  82. Who makes the STi seats??
  83. STi - Should I be worried about 1st year problems?
  84. STi waiters - what other cars did you consider?
  85. Too much power to handle?
  86. Latest from SCCA Solo II classing... they might stick us in A Stock
  87. Interesting STi ebay auction....
  88. Road & Track STi test
  89. How to export a USDM STi to Germany ?
  90. canadian official sti web site!
  91. Orange belongs on fruit
  92. Poll: Will you be autocrossing your STi?
  93. test
  94. Will 16's fit over the brembos?
  95. is the STi wired for sound??
  96. SOA will not have any trouble selling STI
  97. Headlight mod on STi?
  98. Call from my dealer today...
  99. What does the USDM STi mean for the SCCA ProRally Open class?
  100. How to pay for the STi?
  101. Are you SURE that your dealer is getting an STi?
  102. Car and Driver sticking with $32K price tag
  103. Sorry if I missed something, Any Silver STI Pics?
  104. What's The Deal????
  105. Stealth STi
  106. STi Insurance costs?
  107. INCOME of STI deposit holders ?
  108. STI "new look" video....
  109. Fuji Heavy applies for registered trademark on DCCD
  110. Just looked at UK new style STI
  111. CAS people quote 1/4 times and 0-60 for STi
  112. Milwaukee Auto Show
  113. Slotted / Crossdrilled Rotors?
  114. Anyone have pictures of Black STi
  115. STI or 1999 911(996)with 90k on it,....
  116. Anyone in SoCal put their deposits at Timmons Subaru?
  117. Someone please post a white STI picture
  118. Somebody help me...going nuts here trying to make a decision
  119. Canadian STI price
  120. What are my odds...
  121. Anyone have a Black STI Picture?
  122. BestMotoring VCD (April-2003): EVO8 vs STi Spec C
  123. The MSRP quoted to be in the low $30K...
  124. new pics
  125. New Pics on Subaru Site
  126. DBW ? for Shirokuma
  127. estimates '04 STi [email protected]!?
  128. Trunk release on keychain
  129. USDM '04 STi Desktop Background
  130. What Kind of Diff is this ?? R-180 ??
  131. STI engine opinions
  132. I've searched, but still can't find a black sti.
  133. STi rear diff question...
  134. 360 degree view of 2004 STi
  135. what is this ?
  136. How might the STi muffler sound?
  137. wondering if steering response was a consideration for STi
  138. Ordering tomorrow and a little nervous. Need Support!!
  139. $$$$ STi maintenance costs = Porsche pricing
  140. STi 0-60 and tranny gearing?
  141. STi gearing and 0-60 times.
  142. STI Income Poll (NEW) - Please read RULES before responding!
  143. STI Income Poll (NEW - please read RULES before answering)
  144. Red Line Light !?
  145. How much is the #1 spot on the list for a sti
  146. is anybody getting a sti under msrp ?
  147. JDM Accessories for the WRX STi
  148. Car and Driver JDM STi Type RA Spec C Review
  149. 2004 STI accesories
  150. How Much Down Payment On STi?
  151. might be giving up Number one spot for STI
  152. sti information?
  153. Two questions:
  154. STi sounds
  155. UK Engines: High rev test?
  156. Where is our USDM Nav system?
  157. McIntosh Head unit an option in the STi?
  158. Dealerships in the Northwest not taking deposits?!?
  159. The Sound of STi
  160. STi order and delivery notification
  161. BS the dealer told me today....
  162. EVO VIII or STI
  163. Stamford Suabru CLOSING!!!!
  164. #20 on waiting list.. will i be wating a while?
  165. ProDrive in US
  166. Why is there a waithing list??
  167. All Sti Colors On This Link!
  168. Buying an STI in Houston????
  169. New Impreza WRX STi VIP Launch Photos
  170. STi Purchase Agreement
  171. STi article at JapanToday Metropolis
  172. New update to the Impreza/STi microsite???
  173. Have to re Order
  174. Inconsistantsies from dealer to dealer
  175. Sloppy handling?
  176. Deposit Holders please read!!
  177. Blaming DCCD?
  178. So excited!
  179. Some nice ice racing pics
  180. STi Chassis Reinforcements
  181. Security system / alarm
  182. Just saw Java Black
  183. Help dealer has backed out of STI preorder..
  184. STI key
  185. Brake lines....
  186. STi - where NOT to buy (charging over MSRP)
  187. Any other poor people here considering getting an STi?
  188. front mount
  189. mag info
  190. potential BLACK STi owners need to see Java Black Pearl
  191. factory option bbs wheels
  192. What kind of numbers expected from the STI?
  193. Consumer Reports 2003 Car Guide lists STi price as $29K
  194. will mods from the wrx fit the sti?
  195. STI Markup
  196. Bored of the waiting :(
  197. To Wait or Not to Wait...(in need of enthusiast opinions)
  198. STi turbo lag and Montreal Canada STI allocation...
  199. PLEASE HELP! Looking for a particular STi pic - for a billboard!!!
  200. canadian sti site
  201. STi pricing
  202. Other Markets?
  203. Spoiler/wing downforce
  204. Price drop and patience with the STi
  205. Finally getting ready to let go of my car...
  206. I think I saw an STi
  207. Theoretical question
  208. STI Options
  209. Price of UK STI conv. to US$
  210. USA STi gets taller 5th and 6th gear
  211. What to put in the radio hole in my STi?
  212. Software Sim USDM STi 1/4 mile Run
  213. Setting the shift light
  214. Evo dyno results
  215. drive harshness of the STI
  216. To the guy driving the white STi in Ann Arbor...
  217. Order confirmation
  218. STi first impressions
  219. SOA, we need some more news
  220. Rant: Cruise but no radio?
  221. Shiv will test STi @ Willow Springs in 2 wks.
  222. Parts is parts ? ? ?
  223. Irvine Subaru Preview
  224. Chop-top STi?
  225. Going to have to give up my #1 STI spot. Anyone want it?
  226. STi Performance limitations
  227. Why is Subaru so quiet on STi?
  228. US STi performance parts from Prodrive on!
  229. front seat legroom - STi vs EVO
  230. STI steering wheel size ?
  231. STI Seats
  232. SOA Trumped Mitsu at Launch - But now What???
  233. STi exam at Atlanta Auto Show
  234. Big Wing reduction idea
  235. BOV in STi
  236. Newbie Question, WRX STi 2002 or 2003 better?
  237. Actual Seat Color
  238. Thinking of giving up STI spot, 6 in Indy, MSRP dealer
  239. Truckload of STi's spotted
  240. what's the deal with WR blue mica???
  241. STi Dealers In Washington State?
  242. Official weight from SOC for the STI
  243. saw STi in commercial!
  244. 18 STi's on the 405southbound last night (socal)
  245. does anybody know about impreza 2.5 2003?
  246. Subaru Loyalty?
  247. Is the STi at the denver auto show??
  248. What the heck
  249. What's with the "I'm giving up my spot" stuff???
  250. USDM STi Injectors