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  1. STI Invoice question...
  2. Anyone put deposit down at Santa Cruz Subaru?
  3. STi suspension myth
  4. Bad Dealer, Bad dealer!!!
  5. Overseas STi
  6. STi brake caliper placement....
  7. residual value?
  8. dealerships in cali
  9. WOOHOO Estmated Delivery date
  10. Dealer Will Do "Ride and Drive" with my STi??? What???
  11. Will STI Brembos fit on '02 WRX Sedan?
  12. how long were you on the waiting list?
  13. Abq Sti delivery 6/2/03
  14. Does Dealer "Pipeline" Give Mileage Info
  15. STi Foglight Covers
  16. STI color swapping thread
  17. Why?
  18. audio system vs weight
  19. STi financing
  20. STi Service Manuals Now Available for Download or Purchase
  21. So, would you mod it to hell or keep it stock?
  22. Motor Week/STi
  23. Changes in handling dynamics by switching front diff...
  24. STi vs Caddy?
  25. STI speed limiter?
  26. Autoweek driver's log of STi
  27. I am dissapointed in Subaru
  28. VIN is IN! woooooohaaaaaa
  29. Houston STi owners!
  30. Octane recommendations from STi Owners manual
  31. Azenis Sport vs. RE070
  32. Unsure about dealer
  33. Sti delivered in ABQ, NM. Real deal.
  34. Just how fast???
  35. Only two
  36. factory boost guage ??
  37. STI muffler
  38. STI or STi - which is proper?
  39. Rota SDR's ?
  40. Under MSRP -- Is It Possible?
  41. Please, last thread to 'criticize' STi vs EVO
  42. My sti is here in nc
  43. Matching stock STi gauge cluster
  44. The Wing Issue (<ducks flames>)
  45. Towing the STi
  46. silver sti pics w/ gold wheels?
  47. Does the STi have an immobilizer?
  48. Anybody still getting STi (California Tax)
  49. what color STi do YOU want? v2.0
  50. what color STi do YOU want? v2.0
  51. Who gonna be the 1st to ECU tune
  52. STi Deliveries as of 05/18/03
  53. STi - Security System Upgrade Kit
  54. STI's in Maryland
  55. Radio Option = Rip Off???
  56. Spotted...enclosed car carrier at local dealer...
  57. Sube 151's STi Shore is Purty
  58. STi Wheel Trade
  59. Earth shattering news (j/k)
  60. STi arrived in Knoxville, TN
  61. California STi arrivals?
  62. STi vs. WRX
  63. Matching Dead Pedal?
  64. Most Power For Under $32k = STi
  65. Stohlman Subaru wants $1,000 over MSRP
  66. What options are you getting?
  67. ECU memory: Just a Rumor?
  68. remember to boycott dealers charging too much
  69. Link to Blue/Silver pictures
  70. White STi with scoop delete
  71. spoiler mount point
  72. Harness and STi seats?
  73. What turbo comes in the US STi .....
  74. Is there a delivery schedule of any sort?
  75. '04 WRX seats same as STI?
  76. STi Turboback same as WRX ?
  77. STi Financing
  78. Can anyone scan the scc article?
  79. People who have taken delivery...
  80. Somebody Pinch Me! Dealer just called
  81. West coast ???
  82. Why Subaru no black STi??
  83. Van Nuys, CA Dealer Update!
  84. 04 guage cluster in 02/03?
  85. Which Floormats??
  86. STI-anonymous,......5 step recovery plan
  87. what do i do ( help )
  88. Question for Subaru dealers...
  89. STi is HERE in these States!
  90. Dealer's control over colors of arriving STis??
  91. Wondering if I should keep my WRX instead...
  92. VIN# -- What does it tell?
  93. Black STi available - MSRP - Northern VA area
  94. STi now available at
  95. STi and EVO - Same brakes?
  96. Question for new STi owners......
  97. STi in Canada early next week
  98. Omfg
  99. Option to get Black car next week or wait till end of June for a Blue one..
  100. STi Heated Seat(s) - Drivers seat Convertion ? or Buying a Heating element ?
  101. stuff on my STi
  102. July SCC STi vs EVO
  103. Any STI 's in Jersey yet.
  104. STi in PA!!!!
  105. what the heck is with the west coast delivery????
  106. 3 Showed up in Asheville NC...So far
  107. Question for STi owners...
  108. Colorado STi?
  109. All season wheel tire package for STi???
  110. Does this mean we can buy STi wheels/uppipe/etc at dealerships now?
  111. Drove Sti in PA today
  112. STi will be in my driveway soon.
  113. Dealer holdback on STi?
  114. STI in MN
  115. anyone's insurance company give them quotes yet?
  116. Black STi in the Netherlands
  117. Herb Gordon Subaru has STi's; pics
  118. The Competition (strictly by the numbers)
  119. How many miles on your STI at delivery?
  120. Bill Gray Subaru - Pittsburgh, PA
  121. sti wheel trade
  122. Black STi at Glanzman
  123. First STi in Cedar Rapids
  124. Ohio, Dayton!!! Delivered
  125. Attn: STi owners, First impressions?
  126. get the #4 spot in Southern New England!!! MSRP!!!
  127. Blue STI in Alabama
  128. Blue spot available in Grand Rapids MI
  129. Got mine!!! Philly area, PA
  130. All Moderators Who Are Taking My Posts Down
  131. Fully loaded STi now or wait??
  132. Has anyone got confirmed lease terms?
  133. STi delivery damage (read if you have taken delivery)
  134. New STi owner over here
  135. Another sighting Pgh PA !!!
  136. Sti Wait Spot, Delivered Today! Take It From Me [email protected] Msrp
  137. Hell Yeah, It's here!!!
  138. Saw a nice comment about STi
  139. Another question on delivery, its different though
  140. Anyone In NY Heard Anything?
  141. drive by wire and increased boost?
  142. My sti is here in wisconsin!!
  143. Trade-in value on WRX for STi???
  144. Edmund's STI Pricing
  145. WALLBANGER read this
  146. oil cooler?
  147. Has anyone recieved insurance quotes for the STi?
  148. Canadian STi newspaper article mentions Evo
  149. I might be seeing things....
  150. STI winter wheel plan, (mine). post yours too
  151. STI in Columbus, OH!!
  152. Here's one way to get an STi
  153. STi in Allentown PA
  154. Curious to know the average age of STi owners. they
  155. Crash test results for the STi same as the WRX?
  156. Got mine
  157. What is the break in period on an Sti?
  158. Anyone in Oregon taking delivery yet....?
  159. West Coast Delivery - First STi
  160. Attn: Skagit Subaru (WA) waiting list people
  161. WOO HOO !!! *Doing cartwheels*
  162. Latest STi info for Mississauga!
  163. when you shell out 35 + G ...
  164. My STI came in,..after a 10 year wait,..
  165. Congratulations
  166. front door panels
  167. First STi in SoCal
  168. Buying STi later today - Blue or Black?
  169. Do the Subaru delivery trucks run on Saturday?
  170. What is the rule of thumb for proper break in of the STi?
  171. Is the new STI IC same size as old IC?
  172. buying a demo car
  173. Details on the sound & security options?
  174. STi's arrive in Colorado
  175. STi boost guage question.
  176. STi owners: Insurance costs?
  177. what is the thingy on the rear differential?
  178. THE STi IS HERE
  179. Sti popular group 2b??
  180. Chicago STis?
  181. Will you drive your STi in the winter?
  182. Dealership in Birmngham, Al 6K over MSRP!!!
  183. They've hit Washington
  184. Atlanta, Ga Dealers Jack Up Prices
  185. anyone put speakers in the STi yet?
  186. Pics of STi @ Hueberger (Colorado Springs)
  187. Any Pictures of the STi Keys?
  188. NY, VON number....
  189. They are in Texas!
  190. STI Doing Donuts & More Donuts (Video)
  191. Is there an STI seatbelt pad?
  192. Heard conflicting reports. Foglight covers
  193. STi Owner's Manual Octane Discrepancy?
  194. Does anyone have a sti top mount intercooler for sale?
  195. Evo/ about some love
  196. what are sti buyers really paying
  197. USDM STi Engine Power potentials?
  198. How many and how much in WV/VA/MY??
  199. You will salivate to this !!!
  200. In car STi video (found in SCIC)
  201. STI and SCCA membership?
  202. STI steering rack ... fit "03 WRX Wagon?
  203. Front Strut tower brace
  204. US STi tires do well in the wet?
  205. Memorial Day deliveries?
  206. Yet another question for STi owners...
  207. WRX radio in STi - what's involved?
  208. STi brake-in period
  209. defi triple meter hood in sti?
  210. STI at Franklin, Pa for sale!
  211. Got my STi! Any Questions?
  212. STI in Houston
  213. too many wreaked evo's, so be carefull in your STi please!
  214. classic in Atlanta screwing soeone over please READ
  215. Do we know if the STi NEEDS the big scoop?
  216. Which parts can I swap to the STi??
  217. TEIN's in STI would you?
  218. First STi in Arizona?
  219. Drive Home With STi???
  220. STi sighting on route 87 (NY) on Memorial's week day
  221. Need more pics of White/Gold STi
  222. Can someone post pics of a black STI?
  223. Mixed drinks with milk?
  224. hoodscoop screens
  225. Fooled around and fell in love today...
  226. i/c water spray in the winter
  227. Need pics of Silver/Gold STI
  228. Braking breaks wreak STi during brake-in despite being carefull!
  229. SCC Streets of Willow lap times...
  230. To Owners: How Bright is the HiD?
  231. Is the STI blue different from the '03 WRX blue?
  232. Pdi?
  233. apexjapan technical Q request
  234. Some STi Pictures!
  235. Pre -Production STi exhuast was smaller..
  236. STi pics
  237. Which color STI is best
  238. STI wheel weight
  239. Floor Mat Options
  240. Has NE1 swapped out the trunk of the STi for an '04 WRX trunk?
  241. So, who's getting one in Santa Cruz?
  242. I get my STI on Thursday
  243. STI in my garage
  244. Indy has them
  245. Got the call, could be worse
  246. STi vs. Modded BMW in handling...
  247. STi owners. Who wants to trade wing/trunks w/04 wrx
  248. Finally saw them in Person
  249. Rarity of White/Gold USDM STi
  250. Got Some Good News Today!!!