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  1. The Official "I Wrecked My STi" thread
  2. 5k to 6k Markup in Nor Cal!
  3. Suburban Subaru, Vernon, CT.....2 STi's up for grabs at MSRP..
  4. Any STIs in NJ yet? I would like to see one, preferably in white.
  5. Sti base numbers and Mods inside
  6. hmm... I looked at an EVO today
  7. Model NUmber. confused
  8. STi in the Bay Area
  9. Dealers under MSRP for STi?
  10. Big wing/big scoop - why
  11. Camaro SS beats STI and EVO on Track!
  12. Alright, enough already, where is my car?
  13. Ohh, the brutal temptation...
  14. WRX STi vs. Audi S4 Impression
  15. My brakes are squeeking
  16. Attn US STi owners: Did you get the color combo you wanted?
  17. Alexandria, VA - Sighting
  18. Escaine protectant
  19. wheel color exchange
  20. Request for pic of Blue/Gold in front 1/4 shot
  21. please post HID pic
  22. $10,000 mark-up
  23. New STI engine
  24. Got Mine!
  25. White sti spotted in Atlanta
  26. stereo installation
  27. Dealer gouging public on delivered STis before filling pre-orders
  28. STi first impressions
  29. 2 Sleepless Nights, What to do???
  30. Pics of my Blue STi w/silver wheels
  31. STi Purchase
  32. Recommended Oil for the STi
  33. 070's in the WET?
  34. Mississauga Cars Are In!!!!
  35. 5000 mark up
  36. jdm silver STi video
  37. STi pimpage at Monaco Formula 1
  38. modded sti thread
  39. What is the deal with people falling off the STi "waiting lists"??
  40. Maintanence on STI
  41. Ok, someone in here better be proud of me !!
  42. Wait list not allowed to purchase first cars?!
  43. Moderator, why was STI, EVO, Camaro thread locked???
  44. they things we do for a sti
  45. JDM STI Seats availability
  46. Insurence..
  47. Got Mine!
  48. Plastic DIN cover removal?
  49. No Rear Wiper
  50. Would you buy a slightly used STi for MSRP
  51. Radio Antenna
  52. Reverse Hood Scoop...Why Not???
  53. More crappy STi pics of the same stuff you've already seen
  54. STi in Memphis
  56. STI in Southern California (OC) (story inside)
  57. Alot of people not keeping their orders, alot of STI's available in Baltimore area-
  58. STI available for immediate delivery in Minneapolis - I Gave up my spot
  59. STI's in Milwaukee
  60. Washing STi
  61. STi floor mat GB thread.
  62. STi in Illinois
  63. STi brake question
  64. Picked up my new WRX-STi today!
  65. Anyone with a June 2 date still waiting?
  66. Stopped by Irvine today
  67. 32k what would u buy
  68. Extra charge for STI
  69. STi smokes a zo6 and others vid!
  70. Interesting comparison test
  71. New STi owners, what did you get in trade for your WRX
  72. STI Beating Mad Cars In Drag Race! Video Inside!
  73. Outside Temperature Display Farenh/Celcius??
  74. SOA needs the money for STI
  75. OMG!! look at what happened to the car I turned down!!
  76. Anybody get the stereo added at the port?
  77. What are you sacraficing to get your Sti
  78. HID lamps only in low beams, why?
  79. STi muffler swap with 02 wrx?
  80. nice recaro sti seat
  81. the definition of frustration
  82. License plate holes in front
  83. STi test drive - My driving impressions and comparison with Evo
  84. New England deliveries
  85. another reason to buy an STI
  86. STI water sprayer parts here, where does the bottle go in the STI?
  87. 301 whp and 312ft lbs with simple mods
  88. Another age thread...please read
  89. autoweek classified
  90. Sti V6 & V7
  91. Stongard for STI
  92. Any STi's in NE yet?
  93. Change of Plans...For the Better!!!
  94. **sti In Central Coast Ca**
  95. people backed out, 2 sti's for sale in Hunt Valley, Maryland
  96. STIs Locations
  97. Blue STI '04 for sale at MSRP
  98. So I guess I got the first STi in the GTA...
  99. San Luis Obispo, CA......DELIVERED!!!
  100. Phx AZ, Took Delivery Today!!!
  101. STi with 400 miles on it being sold to me...
  102. 4 good ? about new STi
  103. Are the new STi heads shim-under bucket?
  104. exactly why did magazines find the EVO better?
  105. Holy LSD Batman! and first impressions
  106. STi spotted near philly
  107. I got a ride in a STi today
  108. Drive By Wire.
  109. Intercooler temperature gauge??
  110. Exhaust for the STi?
  111. Valet Parking Your STi....How???
  112. Mounting holes in wheel wells....
  113. SOMi sucks....switched dealers and got it!
  114. My STi is in!
  115. Brake dust
  116. STis in only HALF the country?
  117. Resonator Box
  118. What is the best Subaru dealer in NJ? I want to buy an STI within the next couple...
  119. New STI's in San Francisco!
  120. STI pics ?
  121. STi Speedometer Off By 3 to 5 MPH
  122. I'm an idiot!!
  123. Vehicle order number
  124. Poll: Is charging over MSRP unethical?
  125. Anyone in Southern CA wana trade wheels?
  126. I just got mine today.
  127. How's the handling?
  128. Crappy road compliance of the STi vs WRX
  129. DCCD Position????
  130. here we go!
  131. Double scooper (pics)
  132. BOV vents to intake...
  133. Rear STi wing revisited w/pic...
  134. BBS or STi valve stem caps?
  135. Speaker size
  136. US HID's
  137. my dealer is screwy!
  138. speed limiter
  139. Day 1 STi Check Engine Light (help)
  140. New Toronto area owner
  141. Gas Mileage
  142. Gauges!!!
  143. Multimedia set up??
  144. Day 1, "Check Engine" Light also?!
  145. c'mon everyone who has missed 5th and got 3rd.
  146. Visual difference between STi and regular WRX?
  147. Stock Sti Motor Oil
  148. Finally Got One! (pics)
  149. Anybody not recive STI yet?
  150. STi over EVO review!
  151. Great Subie Dealer
  152. STI wheels?
  153. Best mods for the STi?
  154. poll:what to do with dealer closing
  155. white or black? which is safer from cops?
  156. STi OWNERS: How's the handling?
  157. regular meeting place for wrx's
  158. y are the evo guys so hot on bov's?
  159. gold for silver in Texas
  160. Sti Transmission
  161. What makes the STI so heavy?
  162. WOW! Which BOV is this car using??
  163. Stupid question about gas cap in STI
  164. rear wing blocking view
  165. My car is here, what do I look for when I inspect?
  166. Broken-in: First Drive
  167. My Ride has left me Black & Blue (pics inside)
  168. STi vs M5 and RS6, etc.
  169. For those who plan to mod their STi
  170. Speedometer Accuracy?
  171. Can't we all just get along?
  172. Where to get Potenza RE070s?
  173. Gold wheel problem?
  174. Rear wing.
  175. Calling SoCal STi owners!!
  176. My STi review
  177. Over half way through break in!!!
  178. WRX STi vs. Evo vs R32
  179. Just wondering
  180. VF39 vs VF30
  181. photochopped: Wingless, Scoopless w/ front mount IC
  182. STi Check engine light
  183. My new STi Austin, TX PICS
  184. STI prices, And WRX Trades???
  185. Auto IC water sprayer?
  186. Anyone look under the STi for the oil plug and filter?
  187. Little Black Box?
  188. Sti Brochure....available now
  189. For those that are discouraged by dealers asking over MSRP...
  190. Noobie Needs Non-Biased Advise Pls
  191. USDM vs JDM parts??
  192. 2nd Allocation Run?
  193. "Flappy" hood and wing (per C&D mag)...
  194. gas for the sti?
  195. Changed oil today on the STi
  196. Dealer pulled a fast one
  197. STi in Indiana?
  198. S.E.C.S. installed
  199. Scoop Delete
  200. Is it worth it??
  201. Some Interesting FACTS on STi...
  202. STi's in the Midwest?
  203. STi Vanity Plates...Ideas?
  204. 02-03 wrx have the same trunk as the 04 sti
  205. Transporter Damage
  206. Take over my spot white/gold
  207. STi's in Alaska
  208. STi vs R34 GTR video
  209. Finally, STi has competition
  210. Spare tire.
  211. 3M paint film unacceptable on STi white paint
  212. Best Way to Break in a New Engine ??
  213. STi gauges
  214. Motorweek STi vs. Evo this Weekend...
  215. To break-in or not to break-in ... that is the question !
  216. Please bring me back to reality!!!
  217. Fess up about STi det problems!!
  218. Is STi worth it?
  219. Test Drove STI at Dealer
  220. Subaru Sti Reliability
  221. Changed the diff oil, Ugly looking.
  222. Dealers dont understand
  223. strange request: cup holder
  224. Does the 02 wrx trunk fit the STi?
  225. Defining "sucks"
  226. Service Manual > BODY > EXTERIOR/INTERIOR TRIM
  227. STi seats and above average size guy..should I be worried?
  228. Hot to pull carper on sti?
  229. Speedo off a few mph's
  230. Considering Limix Lineas?
  231. STi lug nut torque?
  232. hey moderator,.why cant I post my pics of my white sti with my buddies white evo..?
  233. STi sightings on dealer lots?
  234. STi Owners not using the "Subaru Owner's Manual" break in?
  235. Help! STi went into Limp Mode
  236. has anyone leased a STi yet?
  237. My 2004 STi with 2002 parts (pix)
  238. SOA doing 0% financing on STi?
  239. Lease residuals suck on STi
  240. somebody post Sube inventor link
  241. Anybody know the price for Re070?
  242. NE1 Have Real 1/4 Miles Times For The STI Yet?
  243. Break-in over!
  244. Sti & EVO test drive
  245. STI Being Built where??
  246. gauge pack installed
  247. Insurance question
  248. Getting the Orange Out....
  249. WRX parts on STi???
  250. Wearables for STi