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  1. how long for delivery after choosing options?
  2. Does the tranny, center diff, and front diff all bathe in the same oil?
  3. Help STi cel and cruise light
  4. ne1 else have 28 miles from the dealer?
  5. I have great White on gold pix, and Evo and sti together, pix, can anyone host a link
  6. Silver STi pics
  7. turbo cooling
  8. STi WRB pics today at Carillion Point
  9. STi antenna?
  10. Another STi vs. Evo vs. R32...
  11. storing a STi
  12. Car comparison: STI, Evo VIII, Golf R32! Must look inside!
  13. My STi's first mod! :D
  14. Problem?
  15. Southern Cali STi Prices
  16. E-Brake Disingages the Rear Diff !?
  17. Motorweek STi review on TV at 10:30AM CT Sunday!!
  18. STi gauges.
  19. evo vs sti on supertuner tv
  20. Super tuner on TV with STi and EVO! (PIC)
  21. STi stickers Pink?? or not??
  22. STi logo pdfs
  23. STi Antenna + tinted windows
  24. Dccd Driving Impression. 75 Miles Of Backroads...
  25. Mods for the STi
  26. E46 M3 traded in a STi
  27. Anyone in NJ have an STI yet? If so, where did you buy it?
  28. Gauges inaccurate?
  29. STi 1/4 mile times
  30. pressure valve release sound
  31. Turbo timer
  32. STi owners...which TT's and why?
  33. WTT: Stock WRB WRX Wing for STi Wing
  34. Oil Filter for STi?
  35. Available STi's in the Washington DC area
  36. Gas Mileage
  37. for anyone looking for 2004 STi...
  38. Armrest Extension
  39. Whad-cha yall thinks of this 36/30 F/R !?!?!?!??!
  40. Does this make me "odd"???
  41. installing 4 point harness...
  42. thump?
  43. New to the board...Awaiting my STI in NH!
  44. Anybody else notice how much pedal...
  45. Small rattle from rear passenger side seatbelt?
  46. Burning?
  47. Scared by an STi!!!!
  48. Subaru Extended Warranty
  49. Should "Pacifica Blue Pearl" be offered for the Impreza?
  50. gas pedal feel?
  51. whats your boost preasure?
  52. A few things that SOA will not warranty
  53. AMG V8 first miles are on the dyno, what about the STI?
  54. How does your STI sprayer work, with splitter in the way?
  55. sti pricing
  56. STI Tranny Noise
  57. Color numbers changing around
  58. To all those in the know about allotments
  59. i got a call the other day...
  60. Did I not understand Car & Driver's review?
  61. STi tires
  62. Just wanted to Share STi pics please post yours
  63. If "GOD" is getting [email protected] tq, who's gonna add the PRODRIVE kit?
  64. Silver/silver STi spotted in downtown L.A.
  65. break-in period
  66. tax and regestration for STI
  67. Best Motoring Vid: EVO 8 vs STi at Tsubuka!
  68. Dyno results
  69. Pinging and detonation for Mr Newb.
  70. injector size???
  71. SCCA Stock Class?????
  72. Silver with gold wheels?
  73. couple parts for my new ride
  74. Parts from WRX fit STi?
  75. Help!! Has any STi owners install a remote starter??
  76. Debadged in less than 500 miles... =(
  77. Ultimate Launch
  78. Trunk Lid Swapping
  79. Brake Squeel
  80. STi - Tilt wheel?
  83. 2 STi in Rhode Island
  84. Help! need to see the wiring diagram of the STI upgraded security system
  85. STi Suspension
  86. pic of black sti with silver wheels
  87. Looking for White STI with Silver Wheels??
  88. No STi crashes yet ?
  89. Hood/ Hood scoop, DCCD, fuel...CAUTION!!
  90. STi Ride and Drive
  91. finally
  92. Bodykits
  93. Black and Silver STI pics for those who are interested...
  94. knock/ping
  95. STI Ebay listings.
  96. Gas Tank Fill up Problem
  97. Turbo back exhaust?
  98. 1st problem
  99. Favor To All Sti Owners Or Soon To Be's
  100. Black Silver STi pics
  101. anyone have pics of a white sti?
  102. Problem with dealership
  103. request - earthing check
  104. Turbo Backs and CEL's
  105. any collectors buy the sti to store it?
  106. SDC/SNE region deliveries?
  107. The ship is in!
  108. Need Some Advice Please
  109. All the DET / PING threads
  110. found a couple other oil filters
  111. Silver STI for imediate delivery
  112. Price to Selll STi Wheels/Tires?
  113. Notice from Moderator(s): Do Not Start Another Detonation/Ping Thread
  114. anyone want my spot Pgh, Pa?
  115. STi + Tein s-tech springs?
  116. SNE STis are in....
  117. Wheel weights
  118. aftermarket parts
  119. STi kit from TAS, Japan
  120. STi Black pics
  121. What's the sticky undercoat?
  122. STi Detonation and Pinging thread - Information only.
  123. two questions
  124. debadged!
  125. *Northeast STi is at dealership waiting for me!!!
  126. Sti Track Day: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  127. Car Cover
  128. Good winter wheels and tires?
  129. Undercoat?
  130. STI spec-c type RA front strut theory,.attention Paul Hansen and others..
  131. Squeaky Brakes
  132. Trailer Hitch
  133. 1st Oil change at 1000 or 3000? Synthetic?
  134. Scratches on front bumper....on delivery
  135. High Octane in Los Angeles ... here ... and ALTERNATIVES
  136. who still waits or installing turbo timer to let the turbo cool down
  137. Auto button and DCCD knob position? Misc questions....
  138. ABS light on at 470 miles
  139. STi Turbo Timer installation
  140. Any CELs yet with new exhaust?
  141. Janq drives a G, and rides an STi...
  142. Sold the M3
  143. For those who have heard the STI ROAR!!!
  144. 99 STI :: Battery / Check Engine Light
  145. 38 psi in the tires at delivery
  146. sti speakers??
  147. black spot on my exhaust tip?
  148. STi Race Pad Info... Possibly no need for them!
  149. Common problem with steering on STi's?
  150. Has anyone seen/got a White Sti in Canada?
  151. Possible DET remedy
  152. Anyone here got their STi from Beyer in Alexandria.....
  153. 3 sti's
  154. Would you buy this STi?
  155. Prodrive P1's do NOT fit the STI :(
  156. STi muffler.
  157. Things to check at the PDI...?
  158. STi
  159. What RPM's is your engine idiling at?
  160. STi Owners- How many miles did ur car have?
  161. Need recommendations for car cover for my STI
  162. stock wheels vs GC07's
  163. where to get Rays duralumin lock & nut ?
  164. STi differences
  165. STi pinging and detonation threads "re-worked"
  166. Anyone else sick of Dead Bolt Editing Info Posts to his Pleasure?
  167. Lots of STi pictures and information
  168. cobb tuning question???
  169. Diameter of the STi steering wheel?
  170. What to do before you buy an STi?
  171. shift light
  172. det/ping idea...
  173. tire advice needed
  174. Got My STi
  175. NYC area stis are in
  176. Found bags on my suspension after 150 miles
  177. New Sti burn in smells, smoke
  178. re: So who's interested in a plug and play extension harness?
  179. Tax and Registration in SoCal
  180. Dealer installed security system
  181. are the leather Bra's out for the STi?
  182. Top Gear (not Fifth Gear like I last posted) Vid of EVO 8 vs STi
  183. Rota wheels
  184. STI Stereo components ordered
  185. wing safe for car wash?
  186. Possible gauges for STi (idea - suggestions please!)
  187. Lease: Money Factor for STi?
  188. What does pre-wired for stereo really mean?
  189. Why did the Check engine light comes on when i install the Blitz Intake?
  190. How Many Happy STi Owners out there?
  191. Adding options to the STi once it's in.
  192. MSN American Subaru Owners Club
  193. STi engine for sale at
  194. Any reviews on Subaru subwoofer/amp??
  195. dB of STi sport muffler
  196. Remember WRX CEL?
  197. 76 Racing gas 91-100 Octane ratings
  198. Insurance Problems (Toronto, Canada)
  199. STi's in Orlando?
  200. NEI have Body Shop Quotes on Wing removal?
  201. good replacement for stock boost guage?
  202. Anybody try Delta Dash yet?
  203. Star Shield Paint Protection Kit
  204. So few 1/4mile reports. Why?
  205. Limiters
  206. Sti: does it have the baby seat LATCH system?
  207. How are the 070's doing in the rain?
  208. I finally got my STI (NJ)
  209. my insurance printout is the wrong model
  210. Subaru Sending Letters To Dealers To Stop Mark Up!!!!
  211. STi CF Strut Tower Bar
  212. For those who have Blitz Turbo timer...
  213. How many miles do you go between fill ups?
  214. STi interior
  215. Spank the STI, SCC Mag. July
  216. Scrach!! on the wheels
  217. Check engine
  218. sti wheels
  219. latest sportcompactcarmagazine...
  220. Delivery scheduled for today but dealer had no plans of calling me
  221. STI causes miracles
  222. Leasing Info!
  223. Track Day In Montreal This Saturday
  224. a few questions
  225. Wilkies Subaru
  226. I just got "the call"
  227. Quick easy Q, Sti headlights
  228. dealership cost of STi?
  229. HP & Torque graph for STi?
  230. Locked out of the trunk! (help)
  231. 2 intercoolers?
  232. springs??
  233. What is your DCCD set to right now?
  234. parking lights wont come off
  235. 1000 miles, woohoo!
  236. Trunk alignment problems?
  237. sti and wrx junk yards in so cal
  238. tar splattered on my STi...
  239. STi AutoX Alignment specs ?
  240. Mastrow Subaru Tampa ?
  241. Utah STI And Dealership - First Impressions
  242. Potenza RE070
  243. How are people cleaning their wheels?
  244. Poll..... What color is your STi
  245. My Silver STI @ MSRP has arrived
  246. US STi HID ---> Canadian STi / US WRX
  247. size of front and rear sway bar
  248. bar under rear seat?
  249. Insurance - Why young people will pay more.
  250. "backup" STi key?