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  1. If the STI is suppost to be a limited production car.....
  2. STI -vs- EVO -vs- VW R32 <> SHOOTOUT
  3. Steering clunk in slow sharp turns with bumps...
  4. Are people afraid of your STi??
  5. Valet Mode?
  6. STi as a daily driver?
  7. STi first service observations
  8. STi 2.5 Vrs Forester Turbo 2.5 Questions
  9. Does the STi have adjustable suspension
  10. Car & Driver TV: Evo vs STi
  11. oil consumption
  12. Do your STI's mirrors whistle?
  13. Anybody play with their STi in the dirt yet?
  14. Any STi's in the LI area?
  15. STi at Buttonwillow
  16. STi Headlight Protection
  17. pedel locks for your STi?
  18. Any of you STi's want to swap front ends with an 03? :)
  19. Is the STi front bumper all one piece?
  20. what's a replacement boost gauge to replace the oem one?
  21. STi auto-x review
  22. Great STI Story -- I love my car!
  23. Anyone used Goodyear F1 tires before?
  24. STi owners: is it going to get you in trouble?
  25. short shifter
  26. totaled STi Pics.
  27. Anyone been able to rewire windows for auto up/down
  28. pinging
  29. anyone notice...
  30. STi Speaker Sizes?
  31. got my Sti today
  32. 2.5 engine
  33. STi's at Subaru of Morristown, NJ.
  34. anyone's STI feel slow?
  35. Dyno plots: Vishnu, Turboxs, factory
  36. Who's interested to take my spots inNJ?
  37. Anyone throw on a TXS stealthback on their STi yet?
  38. Clear headlight covers from Australia (install/pics)
  39. Prodrive packages for STi...
  40. Odd problem with mine
  41. Sad news.
  42. code po 420-whos got the fix???
  43. If you could add one more exterior paint color as an option on the WRX STI
  44. When is it too early to call...?
  45. Albertans ?
  46. tints for your STi
  47. sti top spead
  48. Anyone get their white STI in canada?
  49. TMIC installation = major PITA
  50. Need a favor from socal STi owners...
  51. "Sticky" thread suggestion regarding wheels...
  52. Question for STi owners
  53. Oh the humanity....
  54. sti car covers
  55. who really know how to use DCCD?
  56. Carbon Fiber Sti Spolier, and trunk wholes
  57. Hard to open trunk fix
  58. STi vs. used C5 corvette
  59. Race gas in Sacramento area???
  60. Potential buyer questions
  61. Weak Link = Clutch
  62. US STI, bigger turbo (VF30ish+) -- and Some JDM
  63. I'm gonna do it..
  64. Any pics of STi with standard WRX wing?
  65. Any warranty repairs needed yet?
  66. White STi up for grabs!
  67. gauge colors???
  68. Looking for White STI to Buy
  69. Delievery time in Santa Cruz area?
  70. stereo and dead pedal
  71. Clutch shudder / drive lash anyone?
  72. A couple of suspension questions
  73. STI Splitter question ... owners, please check for me ...
  74. Anyone else interested in a rear seat pass-through?
  75. finally !
  76. Interesting spoiler option... (two-piece related)
  77. wheres your catch point?
  78. Mods / Accessories / Links
  79. STi vs. WRX launch methods?
  80. STi "prodrive style" upgrade, anyone is gonna do it?
  81. Woo that phone call...
  82. My STi Is In!!!!!!
  83. UHMM... 5 figure purchasing rights for an STI?
  84. White/Silver available in MN
  85. What in the world??
  86. STI Speedbleeders
  87. Anyone got a FMIC on STI yet?
  88. Dealer I went to that wouldn't take deposit called me today. 2 STi's coming.
  89. oil catch can on sti.. anyone done it?
  90. oem replacement tires...
  91. Cruise Control Accel speed and creepage
  92. Sunoco 94 vs 93: Worth it
  93. Subaru to reflash ECU
  94. Maybe it's not det?!?
  95. Does the STI have standard ODB II?
  96. Northern VA Subby STi Ride Along day...
  97. Very Very Important!!!!!!!!!!sti Sti
  98. what is det?
  99. New STI Owner --- Yahoo
  100. heat and humidity
  101. STi foglights? What do they look like?
  102. Tires
  103. Suggestions For Sound System in STi
  104. Northern VA STi/Subbie ride...
  105. Got rear-ended today
  106. Oil filter diameter for STi???
  107. Chicago, n e body want an sti?
  108. STi marketing demeographic - income?
  109. Omori Guages to Match STI
  110. Sti new age Impreza shift knob
  111. I got 4...that is "four"...MPG on a road course...
  112. Dealer tried to rip me off today
  113. Would this fit in my impreza?
  114. What is Max RPM for STI?
  115. STI not OBDII compliant?
  116. corner weighted
  117. Downloaded full STi service manuals from Subaru
  118. I've got wheels to fit my STi for the track
  119. SCCA membership=voided warranty?
  120. STi vs. Evo problems...
  121. What speakers fit the doors of the STI?
  122. Cel ?
  123. Blue/silver STi available at PA dealer.
  124. Tread direction
  125. "non-refundable" what would u do?
  126. Cel fix
  127. tweeter placement in dash
  128. Someone PLEASE look under their hood ... Single IC Sprayer Nozzel?
  129. My "SUBARU" on my trunk is slanted
  130. Pinging based on manufactured date
  131. do not remove radiator cap
  132. how can there still be STIs available in Cincinnati?
  133. STI in NYC
  134. Anyone else's exhaust tip have this residue?
  135. Wasps nests in STi
  136. clear bra installed!
  137. cleaning the STi
  138. sti brakes
  139. light bulb question?
  140. I picked up STI
  141. 2 days... 650 miles...
  142. Available STi for sale
  143. Less expensive brake pads needed
  144. Received VIN!!
  145. What's the chassis code for the USDM STi?
  146. quick question
  147. Pinging: getting better or worse
  148. 2nd allocation out?
  149. STi WHP?
  150. How much gas is left when the low gas light comes on?
  151. defective tires RE070???
  152. It's in!!!
  153. pics of the sti without the fog covers please
  154. how long after receiving your Vin did your car arrive
  155. OEM BBS wheels
  156. silver/silver and blue/silver sti in nj for msrp
  157. How to change the Low Beam bulbs by yourself?
  158. If someone wants a white STI in NJ...
  159. Prices???
  160. Hyperfest @ Summit Point Raceway July 5th and 6th...
  161. Factory STi alarm turbo timer install???
  162. Got it in 45 minutes.....the whole deal!
  163. Pics of my STi and an EVO + quick review
  164. The Sounds of STi Downloads
  165. Anyone in NNJ looking for a Silver / Silver STi, PM me or hit me up on AIM.
  166. Car and Driver Video
  167. Maybe selling
  168. Anyone want a Blue.Gold STI? you can pick it up today!
  169. STi = Impreza Base??
  170. Prodrive ECU Update
  171. STis available in the Seattle area for MSRP
  172. Weight of the stock STi forged BBS wheel?
  173. Dreams do come true, got mine
  174. Radiator Hoses and Cap
  175. USA STi doesn't have forged pistons?
  176. STI sound options
  177. K&N filter
  178. Break in Period 500 or 1000miles?
  179. White STI available in K of P area in PA
  180. Do BBS RK wheels fit on the STI?
  181. STi airbag sticker -- DESTROYED!
  182. picked up my sti today in Md
  183. So what does the AVCS actually do?
  184. STi Attention Problem
  185. shift knob
  186. moon roof
  187. 04 STI ECU pinout needed
  188. if i have no ping now...
  189. tire pressure
  190. Considering a Sti
  191. sti heads lights to jdm clear
  192. Trade in for STi = 2002 WRX = How Much Can I Expect???
  193. Help, should I wait for my STi to pay less of a mark up?
  194. Cusco downpipe too short?
  195. Watch out for curbs when you're parking!
  196. Are the 02/03 sedan trunklids the same as 04's?
  197. STi Leasing Update: STi leases are available!
  198. How to rub out small scratches?
  199. i knew i wasn't crazy!!!
  200. daily driver, STi or 330ci
  201. Notes / questions about my STI...
  202. Since the STi came without one ...
  203. prewired for sub/amp?
  204. what type of HIDs does the STI have? (anyone have pics?)
  205. is the stock boost gauge worth getting
  206. How strong is the stock gearbox?
  207. My STi Review and Pictures
  208. Austin Subaru denied service on my STi
  209. Impreza Mag #19
  210. knock / octane question
  211. Trunk hole plug pics...finally
  212. Anyone installed an S-AFC
  213. Blitz SUS and defi boost pics
  214. Problem with gas gauge in STi...
  215. RedLine "Water Wetter" & IC Sprayer
  216. My new wheels
  217. Can I replace the whole trunk door?
  218. How is everyone's paint doing?
  219. Question about DCCD from owner's manual.
  220. Integra Type-R to Sti....
  221. Pinging clarification
  222. Colder plugs for track days etc
  223. What Speed @3900 RPM in 6th gear?
  224. Which bumper is on Fujitsubo STI?
  225. Speaker Install
  226. gauges pics
  227. 100% octane.....
  228. Does your STi make funny noises when the AC is on??
  229. Just got 2 extra STi's
  230. CEL with flashing cruise light help needed
  231. toluene vs xylene
  232. Which color looks the best - Black or Silver?
  233. STi brochure!
  234. Seattle, 2 STis in [email protected]
  235. STI "Premium Package?"
  236. Question for subaru dealer employees.
  237. Blue with Gold UK 17" wheels
  238. Selling My Spot in Line STi (Delivery SOON!)
  239. STi floor mats - where? without group buy
  240. Do the gold wheels and silver wheels come with the same lugnuts?
  241. Attempted theft of my STi
  242. Picture request: Lowered USDM STi
  243. HID performance
  244. Canadian STI: HID installed.
  245. Synthetic oil and oil filter
  246. Rear view mirror removal?
  247. Outside Temperature Gauge
  248. Vishnu... where are you?
  249. PSI^3 S.E.C.S and USDM STi?
  250. Synthetic oil and oil filter