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  1. New STi...No Radio?
  2. What do you call an STi with a 2.5?
  3. 2004 Impreza microsite
  4. STI Preview in LA on 1/11/03
  5. A few more questions to ponder
  6. predicted price of a "real" STi
  7. STI availability
  8. Welcome to the STi Information Forum
  9. Any predictions on STi cost?
  10. schnikies!! look what worm posted~
  11. Where is the broadcast... ?
  12. USDM STi Spec
  13. Hey, a new forum!!
  14. "I am an idiot!"
  15. What do YOU think STi stands for?
  16. 2.0? 2.5? I say something different...
  17. Strategies on how to get a test drive?
  18. Check in for trade in.
  20. Can we order STi parts now?
  21. Thats It. 4pm.. 5pm.. ahh!
  22. Live Press Conference?
  23. blue carpet
  24. Who's not getting any work done b/c they are waiting for the STI Specs?
  25. Anybody going to be reporting from the show?
  26. Coverage. 1st facts.
  28. 300hp 2.5 L Turbo
  29. Changes on Microsite.. somethings happening.
  30. Confirmed 2.5!
  31. attn Subie Gal...
  32. WRX STI SPEC's OUT 2.5TURBO!!! 300hp
  33. 2.5L 300hp/300lbft!
  34. Anybody found MSRP yet?
  35. Holy Shiznat! There is a god!!!
  36. who is trading in for an sti?
  37. STi: It's here! 300hp 2.5 DCCD
  38. The Speech
  39. 2004 Impreza WRX STi Press Release
  40. No wagon?!
  41. What if we...
  42. 2004 Impreza WRX STi Specifications and Features
  43. Pics of new STi?
  44. why no fogs on the Sti
  45. Holy SHiizzzznit! A 2.5L!
  46. Well, I called my dealership. They had 'their' $$ number...
  47. 2004 Impreza WRX STi Picture Gallery
  48. 2004 Impreza Brochure Request Link
  49. Big Wing ... SOA please read
  50. Inverted struts: (was: Did I read this correctly??)
  51. Wow! Does Subaru Appreciate U.S. or what?
  52. The New Sti!!!
  53. 2.5L.....That's cheating!!!!..........
  54. I have this feeling its not going to be around $30,000....
  55. Someone go tell those UK/Japan boys that we have a 2.5L 300hp STi!
  56. wow, crowded in here
  57. how much would u guys pay?
  58. WRX wagon 2004???
  59. Im so happy right now, I wanna cry....
  60. SOA actually using the "STi" name
  61. Now I'm REALLY in a quandry!
  62. No more RE92?
  63. I wonder if the STi EJ25 will be as cheap to buy as most subaru short blocks.
  64. Most powerful 4L ever in US??
  65. STI Allocations
  66. ?
  67. STi - top speed
  68. Old school taillights swappable with new?
  69. What about the STi Type RA (or Type C?)?
  70. Let the horsepower wars begin
  71. Small difference between USDM and JDM I noticed
  72. What color you going to get?
  73. Boost Pressure
  74. I want to hug the President of SOA....
  75. If my math is right
  76. My impressions and comments on the new WRX and WRX STI...
  77. Any word on 0-60? 1/4 mile?
  78. The New Era Has Arrived!!!!
  79. The timing of the announcement
  80. Anybody know the weight? Twin scroll and limited front diff?
  81. Who has paid the deposit?
  82. Anyone NOT modding their car now that the STi is coming?
  83. will the USDM STi have the business card holder??
  84. how many will be made?
  85. x-mas all over again!
  86. So we're talking about 375-400 HP w/ mods
  87. What turbo will the sti use?
  88. Why a modded 2004 WRX > than 2004 US STi
  89. 300hp/tq at what PSI?
  90. USDM STi as cool as the new EVO is depressing.
  91. carpoint updated STI info
  92. Car Show Article is up now
  93. 4-5000 a year per SOA
  94. MSN STi Info Updated
  95. STi parts for RS?
  96. So is it coming this summer???
  97. I wonder if it will have the twin scroll turbo
  98. The STi is here, where is the price.....
  99. Any socal dealer take deposit for MSRP??
  100. which turbo ?
  101. What Popular Mechanics has to say...
  102. Redline?
  103. Does it come with air? yes or no?
  104. Soon To Be Owners!!!!
  105. Edmunds needs to get their facts straight
  106. Cupholders? Radios? Come on!
  107. WRX STi Or EVO ?
  108. Rims
  109. Dealer just told me $29,300
  110. what does the sti mean to 2.5 NA motor owners?
  111. just for the record
  112. Subaru really drop da bomb on Mitsu
  113. OK...What I knew...and didn't know
  114. Options?
  115. Special Thanks to current WRX owners
  116. Are we getting the forged pistons and rods too?
  117. "When ya get it, ya get it"
  118. Wrx Has Sunroof!!
  119. Any movies yet? pics from the show?
  120. 8000 red line
  121. Would you?
  122. A couple things...
  123. USDM STI In Wagon?????
  124. What will work in the new car?
  125. Bridgestone Potenza RE-070 (merged)
  126. The bad part of the STi...
  127. Pricing to come out in Mid-May?!!
  128. DCCD: How close to a pure RWD car?
  129. Gas mileage
  130. Rear Wiper?
  131. What is CR going to be ? 8:1 or more?
  132. Automatic owners...
  133. Any WRX owner feels that they should had waited for the STi???
  134. redline? weight? more specific specifications anywhere?
  135. found info on quarter mile and 0-60 ect...
  136. What mods will carry over to the new STI?
  137. Will the US get enough of the STI to meet supply and keep gouging down?
  138. (Poll)22B or USDM STI?
  139. YATTA!!!finally US market gets a real car!
  140. webcast of unveiling?
  141. Any rumors on a RA yet
  142. '04 STi Insurance...
  143. Please trade in your REX, So i can buy for cheap
  144. Sti 0-60
  145. Beyond my wildest dreams!
  146. Thank you letter to Subaru
  147. what do inverted front shocks do?
  148. limited production run......
  149. Glenn: thanks for closing all the threads.
  150. i wonder... insurence...
  151. STi License Plates :-)
  152. STi Wallpaper
  153. what's up with that Collapsible pedal?
  154. Subaru Copying my RST?!?!
  155. North America's STI
  156. whats the difference between the 2.5Rs engine and STI engine?
  157. STi availability and dealer mark-up
  158. Theories on lack of specifics during launch
  159. STi on the news!
  160. Is there a front LSD?
  161. So WHEN's it coming??
  162. DCCD on the fly?
  163. Is there a video footage of the STi release?
  164. Even the Japanese are in on the USDM action
  165. Will Current (2002) parts fit the new (2004)Sti?
  166. How to use the DCCD properly
  167. Scoobynet thread that explains DCCD
  168. Other 2.5 turbo applications?
  169. this is what my dealer told me about the STi...
  170. Who's actually gotten a dealer that allows a downpayment/reserve for the STI??
  171. Pics of STi 2.5?
  172. What next?
  173. Speedoptions article
  174. Do you regret buying your 2.5RS or WRX?
  175. Day after...
  176. 2004 Impreza WRX/STI Brochure Scans
  177. SOJ played it perfectly... 2.5 STi was designed to wake up the world
  178. So how many STi's get destroyed in 2003?
  179. So how many STi's get wrecked in a year?
  180. Subaru Impreza WRX 25S Type US Sti Version VIII
  181. How can the US Sti be put in the same class as the US Evo!!
  182. Posters?!
  183. Just got 2 STI's, guaranteed!
  184. SOA Balancing Act for Marketing
  185. DCCD explanation and proper use
  186. New STi is loosing it's root
  187. The "completeness" of this car is astounding
  188. where do I post that I am taking orders for STi's?
  189. 2005 STi?? or a 2nd run of 2004 STi's??
  190. what cars will the USDM STi be capable of competing with
  191. In the words of the great Petter Solberg
  192. STi-T? Any chance of a Track version?
  193. "The STi is four inches lower than the WRX"...
  194. lights.....
  195. Fog Lights?
  196. autoweek's blurb.
  197. why no subaru wheels?
  198. STI video at NAIAS
  199. STi seats
  200. When will we see the first STi roadtest in a magazine?!
  201. Can't wait to get this Feb 03 BestMotoring... new STi vs EVO7
  202. STi - where to buy?
  203. Intercooler water spray - when to spray?
  204. Sti steering wheel is trivially smaller
  205. When will we see USDM STI Road Test ?
  206. anyone going to the STi private showing at the Petersen Auto Museum?
  207. broken?
  208. No mention of STI in Canadiandriver .com
  209. Sti parts on '02 - '03 WRX's
  210. Too good to daily drive?
  211. Sunroof in 04 WRX - Yes in 04 STi yes or no?
  212. What is the difference in function between the Rear (viscous?) and front "Suretrac"
  213. STi QUESTIONs!!
  214. Sti Video
  215. Different types of differentials
  216. 2004 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS?
  217. Why no audio system?
  218. BIG Wing - Yes or No ? [poll]
  219. will there be good jdm tuner parts for this 2.5L turbo?
  220. Is the USDM really that much better?
  221. how strong is the new 6-speed trans.?
  222. READ THIS: subjects not for this forum
  223. The Clutch
  224. EJ25T?
  225. STi cost of maintenance compare to our WRX?
  226. Cruise Control?
  227. Rear Viper?
  228. STi/WRX seats
  229. Wheels
  230. No pass-through on rear seat?
  231. More STi rumors?
  232. Will they be selling the STi for the next 3 years?
  233. STi = High Theft ???
  234. STi excluded from VIP program
  235. How many are really getting one?
  236. canada and the sti.... yada yada...
  237. How Long Will Subaru make it
  238. US Spec STi vs. US Spec Mitsu evo
  239. STI wheel upgrade: would chrome or gold 20's look better?
  240. Factory Tint
  241. Can't wait to see real world stats :)
  242. The 2004 WRX+STI
  243. Will it have PW, CC, AC?
  244. Engine questions for STI
  245. Here is some good numbers, do you think they are accurate?
  246. STi equal length header?
  247. Factory Boost Gauge ???
  248. **NEW** Pictures from Detroit Auto Show!
  249. BBS Wheels...
  250. Nice STI photoshop shoot