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  1. hella 500's question
  2. Boost gauge
  3. Newbie Question
  4. Morrette HID low beam off with high beams?
  5. HID and daily driving lights problem
  6. Need help to pull out the stock headlight!
  7. Blitz TT installed correctly, Stock alarm unhappy
  8. HID bulb need replacement or something else?
  9. Anyone know how much I could sell my stock 03 headlights for?
  10. '04 STi fogs that don't require mods?
  11. Car has trouble starting up
  12. HID's on 04 rex
  13. Fender Marker Installation
  14. Soldering heavy wires
  15. An answer to a question you have all had...
  16. EGT gauge is acting weird
  17. Catz Hids
  18. How to wire driving lights and keep DRLs?
  19. Ipod Mount?
  20. Hvac Temp Cable
  21. High Wattage H1 bulbs and harness
  22. super dumb question - Parking Light
  23. Question about heated mirror
  24. profec b, how to power?
  25. bad egt sensor?
  26. How do you get to the parking lights?
  27. Adding fog lights to '99 OBS
  28. MY00 Climate Control Relocation
  29. piaa fog lamps
  30. Driving Lights
  31. Connectors melted..need help
  32. Grounding?
  33. anyone have Xenon hid's?
  34. wire sizes
  35. gc8 headlight harness
  36. Aiming EDM lights
  37. My instructions on interior lighting
  38. Wattage when DRL's are on?
  39. remote car starters
  40. I decided on my first mod
  41. Driver Side JDM Headlight More Dim vs Passenger Side
  42. How did you people run your amp power wire???
  43. Noob question about cluster disassebly
  44. defi d series bulb access
  45. fuel gauge
  46. Does an alternator create AC or DC current
  47. Help!!...I think i have a short
  48. If your wanting the best stealth radar dector
  49. 02 03 accessory wiring chart
  50. guage, stereo and ac control lighting
  51. Autometer vs Omori Gauges
  52. ebay multi stage shift light
  53. OEM boost gauge or aftermarket
  54. Headlight Washers?
  55. WRX or Can. STi Stereo wiring info
  56. STi - HID for Canadian models
  57. Cheapest place to buy Hella 500 fogs/drving lights
  58. Wanted pic of HID vs Morette HID??
  59. melted headlight harness
  60. Greddy mechanical boost Guage Q
  61. JDM HID install help
  62. Tach Problem
  63. Osram h7 65w cheater
  64. Need HELP. Urgent
  65. Got my Valentine 1 today!!
  66. tt related problems....
  67. Adjusting STI headlight beams?
  68. i need a source for "switched" + power ...
  69. Legacy Central Locking Puzzle
  70. hELP- OLDSCHOOL GREDDY TT install minus a harness??
  71. HELP! - Fog Alignment Problems
  72. Relocating cruise control switch.
  73. Factory WRX little boost gauge fix's
  74. Gauge compatability
  75. Driving light install
  76. 2004 headlights and HID
  77. Need help w/ aiming EDM, problem
  78. Weird Morette Headlight Problems
  79. JDM Headlamp Wiring
  80. egt guage necessary for cat back
  81. heated mirrors on 02 wrx?
  82. I'm confused! Hella 500's with high beams, how?
  83. Blitz Turbo Timers, Dual vs. FATT
  84. oem gauge pack from the junk
  85. Non HID Morette Bulb Number
  86. looking for another stock WRX steering gauge pod (w/o gauge)
  87. High Beam Problem
  88. 04 JDM STi Headlights
  89. New Kenwood receiver, now static
  90. Grounding mod test
  91. HELP. Wiring trailer lighting, WRX
  92. Where do I find radiator fans?
  93. Need Help!!!!
  94. ECU tach readout stops after UTEC install
  95. picking foglights
  96. Concerning seat heater switch
  97. 2004 MT Radar Detector Review
  98. spare connectors in dash
  99. which ballast?
  100. Fog light question
  101. cylinder 4 misfire
  102. lights wont turn off should i be worried?
  103. Gauge Noise
  104. sti intercooler switch
  105. Another lame Foglight question.
  106. Digital Guage Pack - temperature shows "-E"
  107. Opinion on Acumen HID System
  108. Need help w/ alarm
  109. DIN sized digital boost gauge?
  110. umm brake light went on when it was cold this morning.
  111. Dash/Headlight dims when rolling windows up and down
  112. Cruise Control Troubleshooting
  113. Brighton cluster Question
  114. Will my cellphone set off my airbag? - Real question
  115. need help with gauge
  116. Low beams no workie...
  117. Autometer boost gauge Prob
  118. Dash help for MY00
  119. Lightbar(Rally Perfomance bar) Dimensions
  120. Proform Shift Light
  121. HELP! Someone Stole My Cruise Control.
  122. JDM Projector headlights for 2002 wrx
  123. Projector Headlights
  124. Rear Fog Light
  125. EGT Gauge wiring question
  126. Brighter replacement for 912? (Cargo lamp)
  127. Help!!!! Dash Electrical Problem
  128. How to aim stock foglights?
  129. Issues after battery change
  130. air bag computer
  131. plug 'n play foglights?
  132. Where to find Catz H1 5,500k Bulbs
  133. Hella Mirco FF or MIcro DE
  134. Gauge Choice Help Wanted
  135. arg another gauge lighting thread
  136. Answers to your H.I.D. ?'s
  137. Switched Ground/Driving, fog lamps.
  138. Supertone wiring help?
  139. Clock Removal ??
  140. both right lights are out
  141. What Would Cause Lights to Stay On?
  142. Knock sensor
  143. JDM battery question
  144. guage cluster needles
  145. DRL relay behind G-compartment????
  146. EDM Harness Wiring
  147. Socket & Pins
  148. Anyone have a PSI 3 unit
  149. HELP! Asap... weird parking light flash
  150. subaru remote starter
  151. Vlaentine One Display Question
  152. SPA backlight failing
  153. rear wiper switch
  154. How many ppl have 04 WRX gauge clusters in their 02-03 WRX
  155. Greddy Universal A-pillar work ok?
  156. using foglight switch w/ Hellas - answer + diagram
  157. gauges!?
  158. Gauging interest: Alarm LED relocation
  159. What kind of bulb is used in the EDM STI lights?
  160. turning the switches to Red?
  161. HID harness question
  162. cracking apart headlight?
  163. Boost control solenoid removal?
  164. retrofitting usdm cruise control hardware onto jdm sti srs momo steering wheel
  165. Looking for LHD masks for JDM projectors
  166. i want a shift light!
  167. Supertones, wiring, mounting, laziness, etc.
  168. will a turbo timer affect programming new keyless remotes?
  169. had no clue where to put this (water in the interior)
  170. Speedometer problem...
  171. Help! I broke my #&[email protected] fog light!
  172. Wiring Harness Information
  173. Question regarding Hella 500
  174. Remote Trunk release
  175. Bad alternator doesn't trigger batt light
  176. Escort Passport direct wire pinouts (8500)
  177. EDM headlight bulb Q?
  178. 98 RS to 99-01 RS foglight conversion - HELP
  179. subaru australia clear foglight covers?
  180. which turbo timer is a boost gauge also?
  181. EDM STi lights-Pass side is dull??
  182. How do you hook up JDM lights with Hanabi 8000k already in them?
  183. Stack Display Units for WRX?
  184. Alarm problems.... Light Just Flashes
  185. A-Pillar Guage Pod?
  186. Which wire for dimmer switch?
  187. airbag light problem??
  188. PSI SECS VFD display ??
  189. shorted gray wire on security module now abs light is on
  190. power mirror problem
  191. Omori Oil Temp Gauge
  192. Wireless radio
  193. Onboard batter maintainer ??
  194. Hella Compact Trumpet Horns
  195. Apexi Turbo Timer Help!!!!
  196. Where to find 12 volt dimmer switch?
  197. I Need Help Re-Connecting My OEM Side Marker Bulbs...
  198. Xenondepot Hid???
  199. EXhaust temp gauge
  200. Need help on the DEFI BF INSTALL
  201. Rain Effect Current, Noise Level
  202. Air/Fuel guage worth while?
  203. Anyone ever install a turbo timer in STI
  204. Apexi Turbo Timer install on GC8
  205. need some tips on a heavy duty headlight wiring harness
  206. JDM HID need help
  207. where to get an alternator
  208. JDM STI HID... NEED answer please
  209. Install A-pillar... lights
  210. Replacing factory '02 wrx fogs
  211. 03 wrx, fog lights universal per side?
  212. STi...In dash Elec. Connector causing CEL????
  213. need some help wiring up fogs/driving lights
  214. illumination control module
  215. The light setup from the H-word!
  216. No Tail Lights, Parking Lights, or Instr. Panel Lights!
  217. Bulb size??
  218. 04 Java headlight mod
  219. Is my grounding mod shocking me?
  220. Baja 2003 fog lamp bulb replacement; how to do it?
  221. 99 rs airbags?
  222. MY04 WRX Headlamp Wiring Mod
  223. A new Catz HID dual beam problem
  224. Help...EGT install problems!
  225. Uk300 / triplus - what connectors needed for harness?
  226. STi headlight alignment issues
  227. WRX vs RS Steering Wheel ?
  228. Radio Noise, could it be alarm?
  229. In need of 2004 wiring diagram....
  230. headlight gravel guard
  231. Turbo Timer ???
  232. Re: STI / WRX seat sway question
  233. The Owner's Manual Gave The Wrong Bulb Size!
  234. hella trouble...wiring
  235. side mirror problem
  236. Cobb Access Port... good 1st mod?
  237. WRX windshield squirters not working
  238. Green Film in Instrument cluster.
  239. Brightest foglights for an 04 RS?
  240. help!!!!
  241. Boost gauge question...
  242. finally
  243. i want HIDs, but which kind???
  244. Need help/explanation on wiring, fuses and HIDs...
  245. chrome bulbs?
  246. Spliced 12 volt wire
  247. Dim Autometer Bulb?
  248. Bulb for JDM STI Light.....
  249. Has Anyone tried retro-fitting OEM HID into EDM Projectors
  250. Anyone have that video of the STi cluster / shift light going off?