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  1. Anyone hack Morettes to have a flat cutoff instead of __/ ?
  2. turbo timer harness?
  3. Need how to on boost gage install
  4. Drivers side window proublems..... HELP...
  5. Aftermarket lighting
  6. Anyone have any experience with
  7. 3.3 OHM resistor, but still have airbag light!
  8. anyone have piaa xt 80 pros?
  9. question about 120w headlights...
  10. Need Help Fast!
  11. Need help! Concerning TT/Keyless
  12. McCulloch HID problem
  13. Panel Lighting Dims When Brake Used
  14. Removing needles?
  15. JDM Foglight Bulbs ?
  16. daytime running lamps
  17. edm sti adjustment off track
  18. Now I Need To Change Out the Parking Lights...
  19. Rewiring stock fogs on a MY01 RS
  20. A Pilliar pod
  21. Boost acting all crazy and stuff...
  22. what color does your 2004 wrx light up?
  23. STi instrument cluster install problems..
  24. Any Electrical Engineers out there?
  25. Foglight pattern
  26. 99 RS headlamp
  27. Subaru 6-Disc Head - Plug & Play?
  28. Electrical Feedback
  29. What brand of gauge pod is this?
  30. airbag and cruise control problem
  31. 2 questions regarding manufacturer...
  32. Piaa WRX Lighting Kit?
  33. Battery replacement?
  34. s.e.v. Marchal lights
  35. OBS temp guage in a WRX
  36. Where to get misc wiring harness plugs
  37. Radar detector
  38. Morettes Broken, need help (56k beware)
  39. help! my piaa xt pro 80s
  40. Battery Recommendations
  41. heated seat wiring question
  42. which is a better hid kit
  43. I need a SMJ harness.
  44. Taking apart fogs
  45. 04 WRX wiring ?
  46. Best HID immitation bulbs?
  47. has anyone modified their bumper beam for jdm fogs?
  48. Factory Alarm light just flashes, won't arm
  49. Omori boost gauge wire size???
  50. How do i aim my headlight?
  51. wire color for o2 sensor
  52. head light part number?
  53. Water Temp gauge
  54. cel question
  55. Backlighting for Gauges and Climate Control
  56. Where is outside temp sensor mounted?
  57. Best battery?
  58. wiring GReddy gauges
  59. Need help deciding on a car alarm
  60. Turbo Timmer ??'s
  61. Tachometer Bulb 2000 Outback
  62. Nearly Dead Battery
  63. Autometer Gauge bezel?
  64. new age impreza: REAR fog-light?
  65. Single 52mm gauge-Best spot?
  66. Passanger Window Switch problem
  67. Loose belt or alternator on last leg?
  68. Any Pics of Aspen White STi w/ HeadLight Mod?
  69. Upgraded headlights '96 question...
  70. best place to buy JDM projector clusters?
  71. need help with gauges
  72. HID's in the GC8 Question
  73. Will the HKS wire harness work with the Apexi turbo timer for the 04 Wagon?
  74. autometer guage question
  75. '98 Impreza Power Windows Fuse Location??
  76. Installing JDM STi steering wheel/airbag in 02 WRX
  77. STi parking lights replacement
  78. Everyone with a GC8 read this
  79. Prodrive/Vivid uk300 headlights
  80. fog light help
  81. jdm gd wrx/sti climate control... plug and play?
  82. Anyone moved battery to trunk?
  83. Another 12v power source?
  84. A Pillar or Center Guage pod?
  85. Installation of Defi CONCEPT VSD/Link meter
  86. '97 Facia Conversion
  87. How to remove headlamp bulbs
  88. Surprising grounding mod
  89. Defi Boost Gauge installed-Low Readings?
  90. Anyone know what the plate bulbs are??
  91. What's wrong with my Tach?
  92. Anyone wire up a JDM rear wiper & switch?
  93. My right headlight keeps turning off.
  94. Harness available for headlamp tilting motors?
  95. color match
  96. Best Column boost gauge setup?
  97. wiring diagrams legacy MY98/ WRX04
  98. Anybody done this?
  99. gauge question
  100. Where can I feed these?????
  101. WRX auto-dim mirror upgrade
  102. Rally Innovations Light Bar Lighting Ideas?
  103. Dim Autometer Bulb, part deux
  104. HID trouble shooting help needed
  105. Will the greddy EGT gauge come with a sensor??
  106. HID help
  107. auto AC removal mod?
  108. Sylvania SilverStar 9007 and H3 difference?
  109. Need Emergency Help: Alarm System
  110. Auto Down window controls for all four?
  111. need help choosing foglights
  112. wiring diagram for compass mirror
  113. Where to get Omori's?
  114. Screw light on bumper
  115. Rear mirror with temp guage
  116. ECU differences
  117. HID for home lighting?
  118. Need help finding my blinker relay
  119. wrc replica (the cheap 150$ ones)modification
  120. DEFI Install?
  121. Strange electric/lighting problem
  122. Another Gauge Wiring Question?
  123. intercooler sprayer hookup?
  124. Does wire gauge matter on sub install?
  125. Replacement fog bulbs?
  126. Need help with gauge readings
  127. Help me with the boost gauge readings
  128. need some wiring help please!!
  129. HIR bulbs
  130. APEXi turbo timer
  131. Driving lights for STI
  132. Best Replacement Bulbs for Morrettes?
  133. Is this official Mcculloch?
  134. GC8 Gauge Cluster Swaps
  135. EDM heavy duty wiring harness problem
  136. 97 legacy hazards wont stop blinking. please help
  137. Voltage troubles
  138. need fog lamps
  139. Want to upgrade headlights on 04 STi
  140. Gauge problem
  141. compass
  142. DEFI BF oil temp?
  143. gauge pod with clock!
  144. EGT gauge problems
  145. Electrical Connections
  146. Sidemarker to turn signal conversion
  147. Gauge Question; worth keeping?
  148. Loose wires behind the fuse panel
  149. hella h7 +50% and Sylvania, which is better?
  150. 100watt bulbs in foglights w/ stock wiring?
  151. Headlights cause tone in speakers when on?
  152. Single action wiper function stoped working
  153. Brighter Headlights
  154. 04 STI gauges in a 00 RS?
  155. need pics of hella 550's
  156. Right ignition coil wire for tach sense on STi?
  157. Morettes wiring need help
  158. Rear tail lights dont work
  159. Holy hell I need help - ASAP
  160. fog fuse frustration
  161. Anybody know where I can get wiring diagrams?
  162. Remote start - Lock wire which goes negative
  163. HID installation
  164. rear tailights dont work
  165. Need Foglight part #
  166. Clutch Bypass help needed
  167. Reverse Indiglo cluster gauges freaking out
  168. Update a 2002 WRX Gauge Cluster with 2004 Cluster
  169. Full LED Tailight Conversion Complete
  170. have to re-aim headlights after headlight removal?
  171. should this be disconnected?
  172. Radar detector hookup
  173. HID bulbs??
  174. 04 JDM fog lens.
  175. radio wiring - battery terminal
  176. Headlight problem
  177. Coil Pack and wires installation?
  178. HID Fogs for STi
  179. Best source to power gauges from
  180. Alternator Problem
  181. What bulb for the trunk?
  182. Changing gauge cluster color
  183. Prodrive UK300s with HIDs
  184. Sti shift light trouble
  185. How hard to upgrade Morettes to HID?
  186. Help quick: Sti gauge cluster
  187. ASAP need stock map wire pin lable
  188. LHD STi Headlights -- High Beam Bulb
  189. High Beam Low Beam Project
  190. MY new light bar
  191. apexi turbo timer, help
  192. anyone using this "built in turbo timer"
  193. hella 500 fog lights
  194. STi dash cluster: Low Tire Pressure Indicator light ? (Pics)
  195. Running lights won't turn off.
  196. Headlight mod help
  197. Factory oil temp gauge broken........
  198. Higher wattage bulbs in '04--what's the problem?
  199. Help---please
  200. JDM STi headlight adjustment
  201. Look at this ECU Pinout and tell me what you think?
  202. Odd turn signal behavior -- ??
  203. 04 tailights
  204. 6-disc WRX stereo plug n play to OBS??
  205. Electrical supplies
  206. Blitz turbo timer
  207. OBDII/Palm Pilot reader?
  208. Headlight mod on 03 WRX
  209. Stock Blacked Out Headlights
  210. 04 JDM STi (HID) headlights on WRX
  211. Installing Gauges Q's
  212. wiring help with piaa 510's
  213. Converting BF Defi gauges to red backlight
  214. HKS Turbo Timer in an 04 with Security.
  215. Has anybody these Headlights?
  216. '04 STi cruise control wiring
  217. 02 Sensor Help Please!!
  218. which fuse # to get spare power?
  219. Anyone ever test for electrolysis? (grounding mod)
  220. please help i am in desperate need of starting issues
  221. messed up speedometer
  222. ABS kill switch
  223. autometer gauge bezel install
  224. UK300 lights
  225. Foglight keeps shorting out, please help!
  226. can't get to grommit in firewall for amp power cable.
  227. FAQ of the century: Why won't my parking lights shut off?
  228. Anyone ever see this with gas filled bulbs?
  229. apexi tt install = blank screen, no worky
  230. Osram Silverstar H1 in 04
  231. Alternator Question
  232. Replacing front fog light bulbs
  233. Help greddy e-01 setting
  234. Select Monitor free soft (like DeltaDash)
  235. Underbody glow kits
  236. Catz Galaxy white bulbs
  237. JDM STI genome boost gauge wiring?
  238. Has anyone seen (or know) posted weights of the oem stereo bits?
  239. I couldnt find fog light relay of my 98OBS
  240. Just installed PIAA Ion Crystal Fog bulbs
  241. Apexi TT w/aftermarket alarm help.
  242. Problems with my Passenger Side Window
  243. Question about Oil Pressure Gauge Install
  244. Hella FF50's?
  245. Parking/clearance lights
  246. Both low beams out!
  247. morettes twin headlamp conversion
  248. shift light wiring
  249. JDM V7 Sti Cluster into 02/03 WRX's - No security flasher?
  250. Greddy 60MM Electronic EGT Gauge