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  1. Confused!!
  2. Morette Fix
  3. Piaa fogs in stock location
  4. Sylvania's Silverstar 9007 night pics?
  5. Question about Omori EGT
  6. help with non-stock foglight switch wiring
  7. Morette Poll, Painted or Not?
  8. wastegate solonoid valve prob
  9. HIR High beams (9005 upgrade)
  10. wire codes
  11. higher output alternator, please help
  12. Broken Speedometer, anyone have the part number?
  13. What are these plugs?
  14. blitz turbo timer help
  15. How to remove Steering column?
  16. GC/GF HVAC bulbs?
  17. Auto window down switch p/n?
  18. Help! Deleted Seat Air Bags & used 3.3 Ohm Resistors & getting Air Bag Light
  19. do i cut the blue wire, or the green wire???
  20. Hyper whites
  21. I need help fixing fan speed selector, please?
  22. JDM fog light size
  23. Need Longer Bolts When Installing Lineage Grounding Kit?
  24. Turbo Timer for an N/A
  25. Which Turbo Timer to buy?
  26. part no. for oil gallery plug
  27. JDM RHD Conversion to LHD
  28. okay to leave running lights disconnected?
  29. tired of day time running lights HELP!!!!
  30. Where to order hella 90mm projector?
  31. Installed Omori 45mm stock replacement boost gauge.
  32. HELP, airbag light is on....
  33. HID on a wrx. Bad thing. DONT DO!!!
  34. Lower centre console dead!
  35. 10000K HID pics on 02 WRX??
  36. oem headlight wire harness....wrx
  37. 04 trun signal bulb size?
  38. Stock bulbs vs. Silverstar's pic...
  39. Speed sensing wire
  40. I keep blowing headlight bulbs
  41. Stock HU AUX in '04 WRX?
  42. Boost gauge problem
  43. Just got my Hella500 installed (pics inside)
  44. Riddle me this...(headlight fuse)
  45. Source for 9005/HB3 socket?
  46. doorlocks
  47. Oil temp sender
  48. cluster lights dead....
  49. Shift Light kit
  50. what kind of bulbs are inside gauges ?
  51. Is this possibly a fuse?
  52. 04 wrx heated seats in a 03
  53. adding heated seats to an '04
  54. STI HID Wiring help?
  55. Need connectors for 02 STi headlights....
  56. wiring - help from the pros
  57. FF1000's keep popping fuses...Help please
  58. afc on wrxs? HELP!
  59. Seat Question?
  60. Is Jim Hoyd still around?
  61. Is Volt = Watt?
  62. oem radio wire harness
  63. Four FF1000s and a light bar (pics)
  64. hella supertone wiring....
  65. help with morettes
  66. 02 sensor question
  67. omori peak setting
  68. Are there aftermarket Taillights for Wagons?
  69. Bulb Sizes
  70. Turbo Timer Harness
  71. fog light install
  72. HELP!!! Trunk release...
  73. Static through OEM radio
  74. Omori drain plug replacement - what socket?
  75. Escort Passport 8500 mounting/wiring
  76. How bad do the stock batteries suck?
  77. Accessory Lights
  78. double DIN to Single DIN stereo Install
  79. 04 STi JDM fog fix
  80. Is there a humidity sensor in the cabin?? 2004 WRX?
  81. One high beam comes on...with the car off....???
  82. Autometer color choice
  83. Genome Gauge Pod
  84. if your needles stick, look here
  85. Before battery die, cd deck wont power up?
  86. EDM vs. JDM: the Pic that answers that never ending question
  87. STi spark plug wires?
  88. Lights on... off... on.... off..... on...
  89. ghost in the machine..
  90. Morettes w/ 100W bulbs + harness
  91. headlight quality?
  92. normal battery voltage
  93. STI HIDs upgrade
  94. almost done changing interior lighting, has anyone done the power window switch?
  95. oil pressure reading
  96. light force lights
  97. Oil Pressure Install
  98. help.. keep low beam ON while high beam ON..
  99. Help with steering wheel swap!
  100. Grounding Kit for STi
  101. Help, A Noob replacing a headlamp bulb
  102. messed up my tach! help!
  103. Headlight harness voltage Q
  104. 1/8" BSPT T-adaptor for factory oil galley
  105. headlamp/fuse problem
  106. Car TV/computer, help please
  107. Fuse Numbers?
  108. Is my alternator dying?
  109. Power window problem
  110. Disable car
  111. problem installing jdm lights
  112. Fuse Box Tapping, Noob at work!
  113. T-Sport Rev-Lite installed
  114. strange electrical problems
  115. What are the 3 relays...
  116. Need a New Lens for my Morette./!
  117. dual auto windows on a coupe ?
  118. Lotek Pillar Pod Screw Size
  119. problems with blitz DC DTT for '04 wrx
  120. I want to hardwire my Sensoro(crap) Radar detector
  121. tapping water temp senser
  122. Need Help With Oem Gauge Asap
  123. Subaru hazard Lights after Door Window repair
  124. Combo Switch Swap
  125. parking lights out
  126. rearview digital compass all wacked out?
  127. A stupid question...
  128. Grounding Kits for wrx
  129. cruise control question
  130. I need new foglight blubs. What brand?
  131. greddy gauge color change question?
  132. Help With Defi VSD Basis on 02 wrx
  133. Odd HID behavior...
  134. Guage Questions
  135. fog light size
  136. Replacing WRX gauge cluster with STI cluster; Will it fit+work?
  137. What guages match the sti cluster??
  138. Passenger-side beam higher than Driver-side?
  139. Installed High Beam Relay/Harness/100W Bulbs
  140. Gauge power taps
  141. Single pod a-pillar gauge on
  142. faze gauges
  143. Under hood light
  144. Apexi Turbo Timer
  145. Help me wire fog lights (relay)...
  146. blitz tt harness - extra wire?
  147. hella fog lights on with high beam
  148. Cruise indicator LED install?
  149. Set cruise switch always on?
  150. Online sources for Omori gauges?
  151. APEXi EGT probe ?
  152. Greddy AF Warning Series Install Help
  153. Help ASAP> Cigarette Lighter plug Problem
  154. Hid In Fog
  155. hid bulbs for sale
  156. HID replacement question....
  157. Strange problem: my tailights won't shut off.
  158. Ractive gauges - any thoughts?
  159. Dead TacH
  160. Info needed: How do you adjust JDM RHD lighting to LHD?
  161. anyone with piaa xt 80 pros!!
  162. Disabling DRL and CEL?
  163. oil gallery plug adapter size?
  164. JDM STI V7 Comparsion to USDM WRX
  165. Where can I buy ballasts for HID kit?
  166. H1 bulb wattage question??
  167. Proform shiftlight
  168. Autometer EGT?
  169. Battery relocation question
  170. Passport 8500 hardwire
  171. Alternator Warning lights in my SVX (underdrive pulley)
  172. fog lamps
  173. Strange Blitz DTT DC Turbo Timer Problem (sorry for double post)
  174. 2.5RS Running lights problem
  175. Wire Diagram??
  176. WRX grounding kit, does it help ??
  177. broke another mirror... i give up!
  178. I Need Help!!!
  179. Wiring Question:Factory Oil Temp Gauge Install
  180. Defi Gauges
  181. door locks
  182. Wiring Switch to Arm/disarm wiper motors?
  183. Is the HKS turbo timer harness the same for a WRX and STi?
  184. My Gauge/Dash Setup....opinions??
  185. Aftermarket parts
  186. gc8 apexi pen tt
  187. problem with reverse el gauges
  188. license plate light problem
  189. I just ordered a usdm foglight kit for STi
  190. Autometer Oil Pressure Gauge
  191. Fuses blow...then blow... then about 10 more.... and SO ON!! ( running lights/tails?
  192. can you...
  193. Radar detector/ neons...wiring
  194. adjusting wrx foglights?
  195. Verify Wiring Pin Out?
  196. 2004 blinker bulb help
  197. turbo timer & aftermarket alarm ?
  198. Scale Factors for ECU Inputs
  199. 04 STi OEM HID part numbers
  200. Airbag light resistor for JDM seats
  201. Weird blinker issue
  202. HELP! Looking for Headlight pigtails
  203. My ECM Harness B137 pin 8,9 (chassis ground) has no continuity to chassis ground?
  204. wire in connector to ECU has bad connection. How do I fix it?
  205. A how to guide for changing the HVAC and radio to red
  206. Omori(possibly otherbrads as well) egt install ?
  207. Prints for the dashboard cluster.
  208. Broken Cruise Control, HELP
  209. Fuel gauge error
  210. Headlight Strobes?
  211. how do i install hids in fogs
  212. autometer ultralite oil pressure gauge (elec)
  213. Autometer CF Boost gauge (mech) prob
  214. Successful TGV emulation?
  215. yellow film
  216. morette install help
  217. to gauge pod or not to in my STI
  218. Let's have pics of the best looking guage setups!!
  219. new headlight questions
  220. OBX gauges any good?
  221. 04 Guage cluster
  222. buying gauges, have i understood all the threads?
  223. EDM projector part #
  224. Newbie Wiring Help...
  225. o2 signal wire?
  226. greddy boost gauge
  227. Wrx Mirror in 2002 RS
  228. Strange Omori Gauge Problem
  229. GC8 side mirror question
  230. JDM HID Installation
  231. more trouble with morettes - schematic?
  232. Shift Indicator Light STI
  233. '04 wrx headlight swap w/ '04 STi HID
  234. how to install airbag resistor?
  235. Burnt out Fog Light button
  236. Diagram for STi waterspray switch needed!!! have part number
  237. head light has issues
  238. defi d-link egt gauge
  239. Oil Pressure or Oil Temperature, you decide
  240. Adjusting the autodimming mirror?
  241. OEM ballasts convert to H1?
  242. projector headlights high beam low beam
  243. 2004 Guage Cluster
  244. STI Version 8 Seat/Airbag Resistor Question
  245. HKS Ground Wiring Kit
  246. Chrome coated amber 7440 blinker bulb
  247. What amp is the alternator on the STi
  248. 97L, cluster cable or electric ???????
  249. changing radio and dash light color
  250. heated seats