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  1. Ignition coil problems
  2. STi Fogs on w/ Tail & Low & high Beam Mods
  3. JDM/EDM bulb sizes help
  4. H4 HID kit?
  5. Fog light burnout frequently?
  6. TXS Unichip Reflash Help
  7. Does 3M make a headlight protective coating that is tinted?
  8. Powermeter install?
  9. Old Skool owners, want variable intermittent wipers?
  10. New grounding kit
  11. Greddy electronic boost gauge install
  12. OEM trailer hitch install, 02 WRX sedan
  13. Blitz DCII install not working. Need help.
  14. 2nd battery in a WRX
  15. amber 168 bulbs for parking lights?
  16. Light trouble
  17. Omori boost swap = jumpy needle?
  18. Gauges in a JBP STi
  19. my car keeps blowing fuses
  20. Factory gauge pod access
  21. morette??
  22. Install for Blitz D1 package
  23. what guages
  24. Removing OEM Boost Gauge
  25. HID kit for my new O4 WRX
  26. speedhut EL gauge faces for the 04, who is interested?
  27. Apexi Turbo timer
  28. turbo timer harness
  29. Opinions on K40 radar dectector(s)?
  30. installing jdm sti guage cluster(gc8)
  31. door lock horn disable?
  32. turbo timer harness
  33. radio fuse with V8 cluster
  34. help me please!
  35. photo of boost t-tap?
  36. autometer voltmeter install help
  37. 04 fog light bulbs
  38. Switch Panels
  39. lighting options for a 2004 WRX
  40. Morette relay part #?
  41. VDO vision gauge
  42. Hi lo beams
  43. brackets
  44. Mechanical vs Electrical Boost Gauge
  45. Optima Yellow Top 51R Install trouble
  46. HID for 02 WRX
  47. best grounding kit?
  48. Radar Jammer...
  49. Wire 101
  50. STi: Can I make the shift BEEP louder?
  51. headlights dim when brakes are applied???
  52. Autometer A/F Gauge
  53. Hella Rallye 4000 wiring help
  54. Other than the cigarette lighter, what's a good place to tap for accessories?
  55. Best places to tap.
  56. How-To, Reverse run the radiator fans?
  57. electrical gremlin, need help!
  58. So whats up with H2 bulbs?
  59. DIY Keyring bulb help
  60. adjusting factory alarm
  61. 04 WRX STI owners...need a pic
  62. Water Temperature Gauge Install
  63. drl (daytime running lights) for gc8
  64. people with 60mm gauges
  65. 04 or 05 JDM STI Hid's?
  66. 2005 STI Bulb Chart
  67. Trunk Light Fuse
  68. Speedo/headlights are not working
  69. 91 legacy clucter color change
  70. 04 STi Fog Install Woes
  71. 2004 WRX Wagon Trunk Light
  72. I have the colors you are looking for...
  73. Do these dual headlights work well?
  74. Blitz Turbo Timer with harness installation
  75. Anyone not using their original gauge cluster?
  76. Tachometer installation help needed
  77. headlights possessed by demons; exorcism fails.
  78. power source for pwoer mirrors
  79. Help!!! Radio, clock and a/c blower not working
  80. Factory Boost Gauge Removable?
  81. Autometer EGT Gauge Issues
  82. Manual foglights
  83. Fender turnsignal repeater bulb holders...
  84. serious problem w/ hooking up UTEC remote...
  85. parking Light problem
  86. factory keyless entry/alarm or aftermarket?
  87. in need of a battery!!
  88. under-hood relay box?
  89. Gentex dimming mirror
  90. My right headlight is out (2004), fuse or wiring?
  91. HID ('05 STi)- are they auto leveling or manual adjustment?
  92. brightstar --> edm I need some help!
  93. 05 Sti Hid
  94. some sweet gauges.. by auto gauge..
  95. Speedometer Not Working
  96. Door Adjar Light On w/o Key in ignition
  97. Any vendors currently stock 1/8"PT-12mm coupler?
  98. Converting NON HID STi to OEM HID?
  99. Stock Foglight Bulbs 02-03 WRX
  100. Morretts
  101. Intermittent Keyless Beep?
  102. How would I do this?
  103. Adjusting Headlights on a GC
  104. honest driving lamp solutions for 05 STI?
  105. Any one have electrical prob's in the rain?
  106. fuel gauge sender
  107. Turn signal speed?
  108. stuck needles
  109. Projection HID Lights on STI's
  110. Installing oil temp sensor
  111. Outside Air temp display
  112. 8000k HID not shining blue
  113. Lock/unlock lights flashing
  114. 05 sti, reset my battery and now my parking lights don't flash when arming alram
  115. Right Headlight Wiring keeps melting
  116. Correct Coil Pack Order
  117. h.i.d. owners ..... please look
  118. led confusion
  119. power window speed
  120. any grounding point pics.
  121. Sylvania HID ballast bad???
  122. wiring in a 04 wrx for install?
  123. flasher problem/possible fuel delivery problem
  124. 5spd gauge cluster in auto?
  125. headlightws dont work now
  126. Clear corners..where to buy them???
  127. Compatible A/F ratio guage for WRX
  128. lokkin to buy light kit
  129. fogs on without low beams
  130. omori boost gauge install
  131. need boost, oil temp help - I have PICS!
  132. aftermarket gauges quetions
  133. headlights
  134. 04 WRX/STi HVAC Light Question
  135. need headlight wiring digram
  136. Installing Electric Boost Gauge
  137. guage cluster question
  138. Passenger Door lock switch on an '04 STI
  139. High performance alternator?
  140. How-To mod the 2004/2005 fog lights to turn on with 12 volts.
  141. Installation difference between gauges
  142. Gauge Cluster Bulb replacement?
  143. steering column wires?
  144. Greddy set-up?
  145. cruise control installation
  146. Apexi Turbo Timer + Prestige Alarm
  147. Dash Ilumination out..
  148. Where can I get this harness?
  149. A-Pillar Gauge set-up, whats possible ? 60MM ?
  150. I Need White Parking Lights!
  151. Heads up Display
  152. morette-convert rhd to lhd???
  153. Disabled DRL's HiD not working
  154. Which wire to tap for gauges?
  155. WRX Stock Boost gauge and STI Boost gauge
  156. Disable Power Windows?
  157. Anyone done the HVAC Change on a 2005?
  158. Defi BF gauges in STi....want to change instrument cluster to white
  159. need help~ 04 sti steering wheel: anyone get into the wiring ribbon??
  160. EDM STI HID Kit
  161. Someone help me find some YELLOW H3 foglight bulbs!!
  162. Driving Lights for night rallying
  163. Aftermarket tail lights?
  164. JDM projectors on my '98 Legacy
  165. help for fog light mods (2.5rs)
  166. What happened to the HID links?
  167. car cigarette lighter wire confusion..
  168. AUTOMETER A/F problem ?
  169. HVAC and Radio bulb change?
  170. HKS Circle Earth Question
  171. STI Ver8 cluster in my 02 WRX
  172. Defi Link Wiring
  173. little help with my headlights
  174. Apexi Turbo timer& Viper alarm
  175. JDM STi Headlights
  176. interior light went out... how do i change it?
  177. Foriegn Accessories and Cigarette lighter
  178. RS gauge cluster
  179. WRX headlight and fog light replacements
  180. has this come out yet?
  181. Brake light mod
  182. which to get? piaa ion crystal yellow fog bulbs or hella 500s?
  183. Wagon Rear Power Port
  184. E-Brake light keeps lighting up. Why?
  185. SECS monitor
  186. gauge cluster mod
  187. A/F gauge wiring
  188. HID problem
  189. Boost Gaug Question
  190. best deal on gc8 morettes???
  191. Mah cruise control ain't workin!'
  192. maximum wattage for fog light
  193. Fog light switch
  194. defi gauge works for a while, then cuts out
  195. RHD STI JDM Headlight from South California
  196. clear headlights
  197. New idea for shift light/needle
  198. Can we brighten the stock radio lights?
  199. Have OEM boost gauge, want to add EGT gauge (where?)
  200. Anyone have OEM boost gauge and Autometer bezel?
  201. What guages for UTEC?
  202. Grounding mod
  203. OEM gc8 fogs
  204. When are the all red illumination Defi STI gauges coming out?
  205. CRU Unit
  206. Instrument Gauge vs. UTEC
  207. license plate lights
  208. charging system gremlins....
  209. The "s" button on the clock does what?
  210. 2005 wrx headlights?! please look!
  211. HID problem with DRL's
  212. Greddy turbo timer w/factory alarm
  213. driving light MY04, how to replace bulb
  214. Which O2 for a/f ratio? 2004 sti
  215. Greddy turbo timer !
  216. Driver side lights for arm rest controls??
  217. Upping the wattage on the head lights
  218. non-dimming clock?
  219. Switched power, which wire?
  220. Blitz DCII DTT
  221. using a 4100k bulb w/ a ballast that came w/ a 6000k bulb?
  222. Cabin fuse block
  223. self grounding lights aren't grounding
  224. DC-DC Gel Cell Charger Source?
  225. For everyone wanting to change the HVAC colors on the '05 STi
  226. Upper clock does not work
  227. Need white light for 02 wrx
  228. Flasher
  229. Gauge install help
  230. Main Power window switch
  231. Clock inop & trip mileage counter resets
  232. Does the hazard light button light up?
  233. Fog Lights & Parking Light Switch
  234. Popular gauge setup
  235. Dash Light/Dimming Problem
  236. Omorimeter
  237. Outside temp gauge
  238. MY04 wrx aux driving lamps--highbeam
  239. Normal Morette Operation Question
  240. greddy boost gauge dimming?
  241. aftermarket gauges that match the gc8, and pillar
  242. Defi control unit install question Re: Dashboard
  243. Power locks and Dome light randomly "flashing"...
  244. Where does this connector connect? ('01 Outback)
  245. HID Help!!!
  246. Sylvania HID Question
  247. hazard light bulb part number
  248. Stock Lamco Oil Temp Gauge Jumping around?
  249. Reverse Halo Dash Lights
  250. Please Help