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  1. JDM HID light alignment... let the fun begin!
  2. STi, and aftermarket fog light choices...
  3. European Light Swap
  4. 1/4" to 1/8" adapter for boost gauge
  5. Cruise control turns off at random
  6. aftermarket headlights
  7. JDM headlights
  8. Mod Trip Odometer to display boost pressure?
  9. 05 STi creative V1 install ideas?
  10. Wow, my grounding mod makes a huge difference.
  11. Disabling driver side door chime??
  12. Question about mixing a JDM and EDM headlight (jdm left side edm right side
  13. Anyone got a hookup for a homelink?
  14. #5 Fuse Constantly Shorting
  15. Hella 90mm projectors mounted in grill area.
  16. Help installing factory gauge pod
  17. P0447 and P1443 Evap. emissions control: FIX?
  18. aftermarket HID bulb blew
  19. Turbo Timer question
  20. replacement hid bulbs
  21. Questions about Blitz guage install
  22. APEXI TT Wiring help.... pleasesssss!!!
  23. Best HID Look Alike Bulbs? want to replace my h1, h3, and 9007
  24. How to Clean the MAF Sensor
  25. Cruise control has a speed limit?
  26. HID newb question: "OEM HID projectors"?
  27. Yet another turbo timer install question....
  28. *bee-bee-beep*
  29. Aftermarket DCCD Controller
  30. Phillips bi-xenon hid Kit
  31. tein edfc: is it possible to change the backlighting color?
  32. Computer in car - need ECU interface!
  33. Subaru Single DIN CD player
  34. Keyless Entry / Exit - Flashing Lights Gone
  35. relocating radio
  36. Parking lights wont go off
  37. Check engine light blinking!!!
  38. Radio controlled clocks
  39. DIY aux. reverse lights on clear lens taillight (for GD*A & GD*B impreza)
  40. Clock Wiring Capacity
  41. Running wire from the Engine bay to drivers side.
  42. Water Spray Questions...
  43. Factory Alarm Problems
  44. '96 Impreza Outback Fog Light help!
  45. Wiring JDM folding mirrors to move w/ keyless?
  46. Foglights on with highbeams (only) - How?
  47. morette wiring help (won't turn off)
  48. blinking airbag light
  49. looking to keep hi and low beams in HID retrofit - possible?
  50. Are any "ultra white" bulbs really any good?
  51. Need V5 Diagrams
  52. V5 Guages
  53. Any problems with using fog light switch for WI?
  54. SRS question
  55. HELP...something is buzzing in my upper dash!
  56. HELP...Instruments going DEAD in the morning!
  57. Dead time!
  58. changing color on 04 WRX gauges
  59. Intercooler cooler ECU mapping?
  60. 2004 WRX HID question
  61. JDM STI Headlight(strange)---Please Help me!
  62. LED Instructions
  63. 04 lighting question
  64. JDM STI Headlight install
  65. Pics of JDM fogs on '05 Crystal Grey Metallic
  66. Accessing Fuse Panel
  67. WRITE-UP HOW TO: Low beams to stay on w/ high beams when using HIDs in STI headlights
  68. engine temperature?
  69. Need more cigarette lighter sockets
  70. Where can I get Clear bumper lights (GC)???
  71. Were to Mount EGT Sensor?
  72. Gauge Pod intall ?
  73. Greddy Turbo Timer Install
  74. Omori Multicolor guage
  75. Autometer EGT Gauge going crazy!
  76. What does the ignition controll module do?
  77. scratched sti headlights, can i replace the clear cover with the stocks?
  78. bulb condoms for radio
  79. Foglight Help
  80. calling all owners of 02-03 JDM HID STi headlights
  81. Question On OEM Boost Gauge
  82. wiring harness on 02 jdm headlights went snafu!
  83. CB Radio Install
  84. cruise control stalk flipper rewiring
  85. HKS TT type 0 or type 1?
  86. 04 daytime running lights???
  87. 52 mm clock in place of gauge.
  88. Is it legal to have a touchpad screen (navigation) where the clock is?
  89. I was planning to hardwire my Passport 8500, BUT....
  90. morretes bulb help!
  91. Ahhhh! Brightness... Must... make... darker!
  92. Power going on and off
  93. IS all JDM STI Headlight are HIDs?
  94. Defi red / amber: Now in October!
  95. Installed STI cluster and now........
  96. weird electrical 'feedback' problem
  97. LEDs are confusing...
  98. Installing the Escort ZR3 behind the glove box: Where is the easiest place....
  99. AC Blower Stopped, Fuses 1 and 2 blown
  100. Enthusiastic Fuel Gauge
  101. Engine Electrical Picture Request [ASAP!]
  102. Blinkers
  103. Eclipse HU/DVD Problem
  104. Boost pressure reading
  105. headlights burning out often?
  106. gauge question
  107. Where to buy Defi parts?
  108. Greddy A/F Gauge Question!
  109. Fog lights... knock sensor/O2 sensor
  110. gauge light
  111. V1 goes bezerk when boost hits in sti
  112. Advice on installing split charger
  113. Radar Detector Range Q
  114. which gauges to get?
  115. Cold Start Problem
  116. Tail Light options for 02-03 Impreza?
  117. Blitz Turbo Timer Install on a 2005 WRX
  118. Definitive answer on GC8 fogs in WRX (or vice versa)
  119. 02 JDM STI HID Black Chrome Headlight_Harness Required Urgently
  120. injector connectors
  121. Morrete replacement HID Q?
  122. Good place to pull 12v from engine bay
  123. Help! 04 WRX Airbag light intermittently blinks!!!
  124. Anyone have pics of your HVAC/guage color change?
  125. Defi Guages: illumination
  126. Using the Dimmer as an ON/OFF switch for an LCD ??
  127. Wrx Fusebox
  128. Angel Eyes on '02 imprezas?
  129. Pivot Super Baby Timer
  131. Help with NON SUBARU Electricals
  132. fog light mod?
  133. Autometer Gauge Wire
  134. Need advice on removing cell phone antenna
  135. Greddy turbo timer install
  136. wiring diagram for factory radio
  137. Clear bulbs that glow amber...
  138. Anyone put fog lights on their '05?
  139. any gauge or controller units plug into ECU instead of cutting wire?
  140. Maybe the stupidest question on here ever!
  141. Turbo Timer wires
  142. Wiring Hella 500's?
  143. fuse keeps burning
  144. Help! No Ground on this new connector
  145. Egt Gauge
  146. CB Radio - Antenna?
  147. Occasional problem starting car.. weird clicking noise?
  148. which location?
  149. mp3 players
  150. LED instead of bulbs for autometer gauges
  151. Apexi TT
  152. hid ballast ???
  153. UK300 users..What are you using for bulbs.
  154. What bulbs for 04 DIY mod
  155. Where is the Illumination control unit located?
  156. What is this connector? (photo)
  157. attn : greddy p/h/w air/ fuel guage owners
  158. boost guage "T" fitting problem
  159. Omori gauge manuals in PDF?
  160. STi 04/05 Gauges install in a 04 WRX
  161. How to remove lighter socket??
  162. air fuel gauge wiring question
  163. help Alarm, Gauges, TT, acting strange
  164. Any downside to leaving the low beam HIDs on all the time?
  165. power cable ?
  166. Hardwiring Escort 8500
  167. Cruise Control Install
  168. Gauge pod wiring?
  169. Oil Pressure gauge question
  170. Amp question
  171. FAIMM air horn install
  172. Wire function/color of extra plug behind radio?
  173. Gauge wiring help?
  174. Now that my Odyssey PC680 has been completely drained
  175. 03 wrx wont start "relay"?
  176. JDM 2004 STI Bulb Size?
  177. elec. vs. mech. gauges?
  178. Anyone swap the low and high beams in a set of Morettes?
  179. HIDs for my Morettes?
  180. Wiring TT and keeping engine kill feature
  181. Boost Gauge
  182. I need help with an electrical (?) problem
  183. LHD harness
  184. HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer
  185. Good headlight bulb..
  186. omori gauge mounting Q
  187. need help w/ jdm hid
  188. OEM boost gauge problem...
  189. DCCD Display Input?
  190. strange problem with my LHD STi headlights
  191. Anyone taken apart a stck boost gauge?
  192. Turn signal bulb wattage?
  193. what HID kit for JDM Projectors
  194. Headlight wont turn on!!!
  195. Clock Doesn't Work,Need Help!
  196. cliche turbo timer ? blah blah ignition wire is what color to snip on 05?
  197. Need help with OBS power liftgate actuator
  198. head light quesion
  199. Auto-tech interior center gauge pod...
  200. 5300k vs 6000k HID bulbs
  201. EGT gauge.. pls help
  202. covers for hella ff 1000
  203. Anybody use "Cold Heat" soldering tool?
  204. weird happenings
  205. Help! about to buy defi gauges...
  206. injector connectors and check engine light
  207. Has anyone ever successfully modified....
  208. DEFI control unit wiring?
  209. Optima Battery problems and questions
  210. DEI window rollup module/window problem?
  211. Replacing Combination Switch/Roll Connector
  212. Fuse Box Power Tap
  213. power source
  214. Wiring for Trailer
  215. Question about replacing ballasts for JDM HID's
  216. Need some advice on 12v switched power source
  217. A/C mod on 2005 WRX - anyone done this?
  218. All Those Grounding Mods
  219. Omori gauges - what size are the nuts that hold the brackets down?
  220. 2004 WRX Retro HID
  221. Brake light keeps coming on.....
  222. Weird happenings with EGT Gauge
  223. DRLs flickering on and off?
  224. outside temp on jdm cluster!
  225. EGT Gauge Sensor in Uppipe Bung?
  226. whos wired a STi switch to a Vivid Racing Intercooler spray kit?
  227. How would I be able to get the true yellow fog light color like a Lexus?
  228. Apexi RSM Size
  229. 02 Impreza bug-eye headlight lenses hazing ...
  230. LED 7440/7443 turn signal resistors for 04 wrx
  231. What kind of lights do the new maximas have?
  232. Overdrive pulley?
  233. stock alarm weird
  234. 2005 2.5RS wiring questions
  235. trunk light revisitied
  236. battery light keeps coming and going
  237. power lock problem
  238. Converting HID to non HID
  239. Trailer wiring on a 99 RS
  240. Boost Guage Problem
  241. ECU/Turbo Timer
  242. '02/'03 Dome light
  243. Clicking noise after gauge install
  244. Where to find headlight wire under dash?
  245. oem gauges: who makes them?
  246. 2004 WRX ECU diagram
  247. battery won't charge unless rpm above 2k?
  248. Blinding light
  249. disable running lights
  250. MIL Eliminator + ? for exposed O2 sensor