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  1. lighting of d-gauges
  2. EJ22T electrical problem
  3. '02 Ebay lights?
  4. HKS turbo Timer install
  5. GC8 STI HID ... do I need more acronyms?
  6. sti hids
  7. LED blows up in Morettes
  8. Blitz EBC and Power Meter
  9. Morette Wiring Harness...HELP!
  10. Prodrive Halogen driving light kit help needed
  11. Anyone had their AC recharged on 99-01 RS?
  12. Alarm problems
  13. Busted A/C condenser
  14. Need help with hella 500 install please!
  15. 1996 Legacy Keyless Entry Install Manual
  16. Omori boost & bosal DP install=weird readings
  17. Any sources of constant power in the STi trunk?
  18. OEM Gauge Pack Instructions Needed
  19. Looking for a good 12V Power source.
  20. grounding kit ??
  21. Best bulb for upgraded harness
  22. lightbar for 00 Outback?
  23. wiring rs foglights
  24. JDM Projector + HID
  25. Installing EBC. What is color wire for 12V underdash?
  26. Air fuel ratio gauge install(wiring) "04 sti"
  27. 99 Sedan Legacy Parts -- Need help locating
  28. 9007 HID in Stock Headlight
  29. mounting driving lights behind the upper grill?
  30. Gauge Options - Need advice
  31. Head light wiring went bad?
  32. EDM Projectors Horizontal Aim
  33. HELP! Battery messed up bad
  34. egt probe location?
  35. Altenator ???
  36. GPS confirmed my speedo is like 8% off.
  37. Autometer has awesome service...
  38. What brand should I go with?
  39. HKS Power Beam Bulbs
  40. I have an idea...
  41. gauge lighting help
  42. Digital Gauge Cluster
  43. Advice on Mounting Amateur Radio
  44. what kind of relay do i need for my foglights?
  45. gauge help PLEASE!
  46. OSRAM Sylvania HID kits
  47. autometer gauge bezel on sti?pics?
  48. Wire guage, what guage is it?
  49. PIAA Deno 1 on WRX/WRX STi
  50. Help: Right turn signal flashing twice as fast...
  51. HELLA Trumpets sound clips anyone?
  52. Sylvania SilverStars
  53. Anyone using the multicoating or blue JDM fogs?
  54. MY05 Tail lights
  55. Does the temp gauge depend on the thermostat?
  56. Parking Brake Switch
  57. Help needed. Stock STi low beam dead r/h side
  58. Engine Light 2.5rs 2001
  59. Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
  60. 2005. Where's the security module??
  61. What's Reasonable price for HID
  62. Hardwire Escort radar detector
  63. Anyone have a rear fog light?
  64. WRX VDC system
  65. Cleared and SMoked Headlight pics?
  66. Turning off HID daytime running lights?
  67. 04 high beams on w/o low beams ??
  68. Morrete LED mirror help
  69. a/c related to power windows?
  70. hid problems
  71. Please Help W/battery Light
  72. STi water spray part no's?
  73. 04 Front turn signal bulb size?
  74. headlight lamps
  75. Who has this
  76. Digital tach
  77. Does PIAA offer any refurbishing of fog lamps
  78. Auxilerary lighting questions
  79. back up lights
  80. trying to locate japanese spec diagram
  81. Turn Signal Lights
  82. Best place to buy PIAA bulbs??
  83. Verify bad combination switch
  84. Red HKS Turbo Timer
  85. JDM STi HID Projectors Problem
  86. Illuminated key ring
  87. Two boost gauges
  88. I have a bad ballast, what do I do
  89. Autometer Oil Press gauge and oil leak...?
  90. my battery asploded
  91. Time Delay relay
  92. 2004 JDM Lights Modification to fit 2005 STi with HID's
  93. HID projector blinks and goes off occasionally
  94. Brake light with no key
  95. Please Help!
  96. 2005 STI REV Indicator Light
  97. need suggestion on which guages to get
  98. 80/100w Headlight bulbs?
  99. Gauge Question....
  100. hid ballast mounting locations.
  101. Oil Temp Sender
  102. Need help identifying Steering Wheel wires...
  103. Clock Gauge Replacement for Stock Turbo Gauge Pod
  104. help
  105. JDM STi Cluster Swapping
  106. If HID Installed on OEM Headlight(Please come in)
  107. part number of a......
  108. Omori STi Lookalike 45mm Guage...anyone else have these problems?
  109. Connecting to rear fog light wire
  110. Calling all wiring wizards
  111. speedometer changes
  112. Omori EGT question
  113. Greddy Profec B Spec II Boost Controller Help
  114. Omori Oil Pressure Gauge
  115. Using Radiator Mount as a Light Mount
  116. Disconecting Daytime Running Lights??
  117. how do u power fogs with high or low beam on
  118. Did I order the correct light weight battery?
  119. NGK plugs and leads, again, sorry
  120. Turbo Timer help
  121. Oh no, more lights! [yeah, i got more...]
  122. Are the gauge wiring the same between Autometer and HKS?
  123. 02 WRX headlights dinged up
  124. Head lights
  125. observations: autometer 2 gauge bezel install w/greddy egt and boost gauges
  126. alarm volume dropped.
  127. JDM HID Replacement Bulbs....Where to find them.
  128. Blackin out???
  129. Hella FF1000 improvements
  130. how to modify 55w fog wiring to handle 100w?
  131. Clifford / DEI Cyber 2 alarm with battery backed siren
  132. Lighting Diode(headlights)
  133. Digital boost gauge
  134. Control dual climate control from one knob?
  135. brake light & shift lock...
  136. help: aftermarket h4 HID problem
  137. How do I replace JDM HID ballasts?
  138. grounding a 98 2.5rs
  139. new gauges
  140. Cluster lights suddenly turned off!!! HELP
  141. Reverse Indiglos for STi
  142. time activated switch
  143. Wiring the IC spray to RPM Warning light/buzzer ?
  144. Hella Tone Horns stopped working
  145. Defi D-Series Question
  146. Please help me figure out this HID kit wiring
  147. Anybody got pictures of how they wired their STi bugeyes in their '02 or '03 WRX?
  148. no rear tail lights, brake lights still work
  149. rear bulbs, finally found the chart numbers!
  150. HID wiring help
  151. *Urgent* Wiring some lights and fuse keeps blowing
  152. Osram Silverstars are amazing
  153. best A/F gauge set up?
  154. blitz blm series questions
  155. Omori Oil Temp & Pressure Gauges
  156. where can I find an NPT fitting for an Autometer EGT probe? Anyone have an extra?
  157. oem JDM HID Sti projector install?
  158. Best kind of heat shrink to use for Hid's
  159. Foglight problem-only flash with alarm
  160. Wiring up new Air/Fuel Ratio gauge
  161. JDM STI Projector Install Writeup
  162. converting JDM to read MPH
  163. help fog light wiring problem 2005 legacy sedan
  164. Is DEFI gonna make them?
  165. Hella Supertones gc8 help? (pics included)
  166. Prodrive fog lights on 02 wrx
  167. to slow
  168. Weird power problem...
  169. Ignition based 12V source??
  170. Autometer shiftlight and MSD RPM activated switch
  171. GREDDY EGT gauge with a weird bung??
  172. need help install on autometer shift light and AFR on GC
  173. not sure how to turn on lights
  174. rad fan comes on, alarm beeps and sometimes goes off
  175. Any "big" fog light options for STI other than JDM?
  176. Blower Motor on heater Problem
  177. Another Gallery plug question
  178. head lights
  179. STi HID headlight out...thoughts/help?
  180. super bright reverse lights
  181. piaa gtx bulbs
  182. Autometer 2 channel intake gauge.
  183. Anybody have a pic of the edm vs jdm light pattern
  184. pnp harness from cc-b
  185. PIAA Lights
  186. Any used this style gauge pod?
  187. what happend to McCULLOCH?
  188. Help! I disconnected my battery and now the hazard lights keep blinking!
  189. Recommend a reverse parking sensor
  190. defi bf boost fluttering
  191. Gauges in Radio slot
  192. how to aim my foglights?
  193. mounting spots for driving lights
  194. Two mods I'd like to know how to do...
  195. Remote Entry Problem
  196. how to get water out of my jdm gc8 tails?
  197. JDM Hid's are not that bright!
  198. clock problem HELP!!
  199. Need HELP with electronic/fuel issue
  200. Do Optima Red Top "35R's" Even Exist?
  201. Fuel Door Light
  202. New complete all in one gauge cluster.
  203. Need 03WRX ECU Pinouts
  204. TT questions please HELP!!!!!!!!!
  205. PIAA Bulbs
  206. Grounding mod=problems?
  207. Can anyone help me with a Bosch part number?
  208. Air/Fuel Gauge
  209. Anyone seen this foglight conversion yet?
  210. Program / Link the remote to its car
  211. Turn signal problems...some help
  212. Wiring up Horn on Aftermarket steering wheel
  213. Egt probe install ?
  214. Autometer dash 3 pod will it fit 04 STi?
  215. Decent clear side marker?
  216. where to buy LED brake light?
  217. Fast Turn Signal
  218. Does 05 USDM STi HID bolt right on to 05 USDM WRX?
  219. Foglamp Switch Pin Diagram?
  220. Post pictures of OEM JDM STI HID projector output
  221. Reverse light wire
  222. Anyone walk me through wiring up the 561T remote start add on module?
  223. H7, H3 and 9005 H.I.D. Conversion Kit
  224. help routing wire from license plate to trunk
  225. side mirrors?
  226. H1 HID Kit for EDM Projectors..
  227. Adjusting Morrettes
  228. STI alternator on wrx????
  229. Defi BF's on the steering column
  230. Just bought EGT gauge and the needle is at 4? Normal?
  231. Gagues wont turn off
  232. Anyone knows how to adjust the headlight of MY98-01 to aim it more downwards?
  233. HID flicks on/off once and nothing
  234. How long to install EGT, Boost, and Oil Temp for a noob?
  235. Bulb Wattage question
  236. lights for light bar
  237. Second Cig lighter/power plug install
  238. Omori Multicolor Gauge Control Box
  239. Stewart Warner Gauges Fit WRX?
  240. HID Installation Help
  241. What are my options for a ballast replacement
  242. where is your profec b?
  243. cruise control
  244. Help! Need a gauge power source that stays hot while engine is cranking.
  245. How should I wire my driving lights?
  246. HVAC controls stuck on defrost
  247. nx n-tercooler wiring diagram
  248. taking out 04&05 headlight please help, esp HID
  249. Turbo Timer
  250. Quick help: Boost gauge install