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  1. Help: Foglight and Gauge Wiring Questions
  2. STi Headlights & White-Face Gauges
  3. 02 WRX headlight harness upgrade?
  4. Anybody have a green bulb condom to spare?
  5. Red LED clock and voltmeter?
  6. NOLOGY spark plug wires?
  7. single piece headlight/cornerlight
  8. Clear foglight covers?
  9. Mirror calibration
  10. Heater has no Backliighting
  11. Foglights on with only Parking lights?
  12. gas gauge
  13. re-wire Hornin Sparco Wheel
  14. corner bulb part number/PIAA number
  15. Water temp sensor
  16. need help asap
  17. How do I adjust Morettes?
  18. Blitz SBC-iD help...
  19. Help Please!!!
  20. Help please!! Greddy Gauge Install
  21. Anyone know about retro fiting hids? Help!
  22. gc8: different brakelight config?
  23. MA AUDIO equiptment for sale
  24. The Green Harness under the dash?
  25. sbc id2 configs?
  26. h4 brightest
  27. Foglight replacement
  28. digital voltmeter as a/f gauge
  29. Best Prices on PIAA driving lights?
  30. Stock Headlight Coversion
  31. Need a wire that's got voltage only when high's are on
  32. Driving lights to come on with high beams?
  33. HIDs....anyone with catz lighting?
  34. Changing the color of the interior bulbs
  35. Fog lights and Driving light mod please
  36. ABS light on with snowy weather...
  37. Knock off WRC Projector replacement?
  38. Trying to find Subaru's japspec HID Part#
  39. Can anyone tell me if the TS's is prewired for heated seats
  40. 45mm gauge pods?
  41. what are my fog light options for wrx?
  42. Gauge questions
  43. Defi system
  44. UK300 lights
  45. Morette and HID wiring info
  46. How to slow down blinkers
  47. No longer can dim dash lights!
  48. Gauge Install
  49. help with hids
  50. More fog lights mods....
  51. Grounding mod
  52. Cibie kit from MRT or Scoobysport?
  53. 3 Electrical Questions
  54. Philips Ultinon HID 4300K Pics
  55. clock on rs dash doesnt work
  56. Got tired of Hella yellow stars going out, ordered:Phillips Weathervision
  57. A/F gauge installed now car runs like doo doo
  58. BLitz sbc id /power id
  59. question for anyone with XT80 PRO's mounted in the factory fog spot
  60. Has anyone tried a bi-xenon HID kit?
  61. installing gauge
  62. Where have you mounted electrical 'bits' for lighting?
  63. Help Please!
  64. How and where to hook up my air/fuel ratio gauge
  65. Morette Bulb Question
  66. Boost Gauge Install
  67. keyless entry doesn't work
  68. Anyone know the bulb# for the turn signals for a WRX?
  69. Optima Battery Information Inside, weights, sizes, power
  70. Emergency Help My WRX wil not start
  71. Omori gauges sticking from heat
  72. Extra cigarette lighters?
  73. '03 WRX DRL Disable
  74. Aiming EDM STI Lights
  75. Make my Morettes work!
  76. Foglight and headlight protection
  77. GC style oem foglight replacements that fit behind covers
  78. Are Piaa's worth the money?
  79. What exactly do relays do?
  80. Xenarc Fog Lights
  81. Front side markers no working
  82. Philips Hi-Visibility
  83. A/F all over the place
  84. WRX illuminated key ring
  85. turning on the headlights when the car is off
  86. GC: Are there (STi) Xenon headlights?
  87. How to get pin wire out of PIN conector?
  88. Will 04 Instuments work in my 02?
  89. My Alarm
  90. Harnesses for STi Headlights
  91. Fog/Cruise button lights on GM6
  92. UK300 vs. Morettes
  93. 2004 Headlight swap?
  94. HID Kit from MisterJung.Com
  95. Please help! Blew some fuse
  96. Arrgghh!! Please help!
  97. JDM STI Gauge Ambient Temp Wiring
  98. WRX reverse light bulb size?
  99. JDM STI headlights
  100. Fog Lights
  101. wrx fog light relay
  102. Fog lights Q
  103. HID Foglamp Performance
  104. Just installed Morettes: Weird things happen
  105. STi JDM RHD lights question
  106. Gauge wiring help
  107. WRX stock alternater weak?
  108. Is the ony diff. between JDM STi HID lights
  109. HID sale at Premier
  110. greddy profec e-01
  111. Alarm with Turbo Timer
  112. JDM STi HID pictures and movie
  113. What happened to my alarm?
  114. GC 2.5RS headlights: McCulloch vs. Morette?
  115. PIAA Extreme White vs Platinum Super White
  116. Morette install, now no fog lights?
  117. Optima deep cell of interstate battery?
  118. My McColluch's blew!
  119. Going back to stock wiring
  120. I've got a problem....please help!
  121. brake light doesn't work
  122. how do morettes compare to stock?
  123. HKS turbo timer
  124. alternator pulley noise
  125. Where to get another bulb?
  126. Greddy Turbo Timers...has anyone programmed a song into your yet?
  127. i need help please (i got pictures~!)
  128. HIDs questions
  129. OBD II terminal toast!!
  130. low beams out
  131. MY98 Fog Lamps
  132. can i use higher wattage fog bulbs without hurting anything?
  133. Power for Dimming Mirror
  134. Phillips All-weather H4 bulb review
  135. Quick radar detector power question
  136. my LED battles - Resistor/LED question - damn front 1156's
  137. JDM RHD projector install write-up
  138. Can I go back to stock H1 bulbs after HIDs?
  139. Morette installation instructions?
  140. is it possible to replace our turn signal flasher
  141. Hella 500s with Brights Only???
  142. Pictures of where you put your turbo timer.
  143. gauges
  144. stock wrx alarm
  145. 52mm clock
  146. LHD STi projector Plug and play harness
  147. where is the turn signal flasher
  148. Improving (GC) OEM lighting: STi/Type-R style?
  149. volt gauge install -- help
  150. WRX hid bulb
  151. What did I break? No more side marker or taillights
  152. Bulbs for '02 WRX foglights?
  153. Calling Catz dual beam HID owners
  154. Help with projector headlights
  155. Some lighting questions....please help!!
  156. What faceplate do I need to fit Autometer Gauges in a OE Gauge Housing??
  157. HID What you should know
  158. 1999 RS w/ LED turn signals
  159. Consumer Reports: OEM HID headlights are E-code pattern
  160. High beams, low beams, & fogs at the same time
  161. Parking lights on GC8
  162. Are projector headlamps worth the money?
  163. Asking for the impossible with gauges
  164. where to buy toggle switches?
  165. any ways to sense when engine is running?
  166. Blitz FATT DC turbo timer problems
  167. Urgent help needed on my non-subaru car
  168. Yellow Lexus IS300 Fogs
  169. P1 driving lights?
  170. WRX Rally Headlights
  171. HKS turbo timer need help please.
  172. Help installing HKS Circle Earth
  173. Instructions on how to install OEM gauge pack
  174. Subaru WRX Gauge Pack Installation Instructions Request
  175. Possible HID alternative
  176. Display gauges on LCD?
  177. How long should it take to install Hid kit?
  178. please guys,i need some help with my turbo timer
  179. How do I remove my head light bulbs??
  180. Protecting/sheathing wires from heat
  181. Discharged & Dead battery
  182. EGT vs. Oil/Water Temp Gauges?
  183. My egt guage needle started quivering
  184. corner lamps and tail lights
  185. Turn Signal Mod
  186. Where did you mount your HID ballasts?
  187. Need to wire up a hands free kit
  188. Need Morette Installation Instructions
  189. Greddy Gauges????
  190. '98 CEL fix
  191. Loose headlamp plug...
  192. Turbo Timers/Wiring Harnesses
  193. High Beam Control Voltage
  194. Desparately seeking help troubleshooting!
  195. Burning question: where to put the clock!
  196. sti injectors
  197. Gauge Wiring Help
  198. Catz dual beam install
  199. Would stock spoiler LEDs fit on the V5?
  200. Morette beam pattern
  201. troubleshooting A/F ratio gauge
  202. headlight harness loose
  203. Stonegaurd Morette application?
  204. what is the difference between mechanical and electric gauges?
  205. boost gauge problem
  206. help power window wont work
  207. Turbo timer help
  208. Just got a profec B
  209. Best Driving/Sport Lights for night Rallies.
  210. Autometer Boost Gauge Question
  211. PIAA platinum super white q's...
  212. Change color of the Gauges
  213. defi oil pressure gauge install
  214. Problem with new Blitz BLM gauges
  215. taillights stay on after ignition off
  216. autolamps
  217. H1 connectors that come with STI lights? (harness question)
  218. turbo timer with factory alarm
  219. Shift Light circuit?
  220. Do I have to add seals around my Morettes?
  221. gauge install hardware?
  222. Driving lights voltage spike
  223. Turbo Timer/Alarm problem
  224. Blitz DC guages The best ever?
  225. Replacing dashboard light on 93 L?
  226. PIAA Driving Lights w/ High Beams
  227. Where's your boost control?
  228. Warning to Blitz BLM and AC Gauge owners
  229. dakota digital
  230. Haker 13.5 lb Battery
  231. Hella Supertones install
  232. 2 gauges with stock clock
  233. Kartboy + Cibies?
  234. Defi Link Cable
  235. A.P Rally 200 140/100 H4 Fog lights
  236. Blitz DTT DC II install ?
  237. Black foglights = yes, black headlights = ???
  238. Autometer A/F Gauge
  239. Oil press. gauge install?
  240. changed dash color/how to change cruise control light?
  241. Any wiring tios for WRX engine swap
  242. Is it worth upgrading my stock Morette bulbs?
  243. Turbo Timer & Factory Alarm notes:
  244. help in stall jdm sti hid
  245. OEM subwoofer with aftermarket head unit?
  246. New cd player, but now dash lights don't work
  247. Can I tap into the taillights to power a neon light in my trunk??
  248. Is there a way to get a Rear Fog like the Audi's/BMW's/benzies?
  249. upgrade bulbs for OEM fogs/driving lights
  250. Is changing the wiring harness difficult?