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  1. ABS sensor wiring ripped from housing. Now What
  2. PIAA extreme whites with DRL
  3. Hid Adjustment
  4. mysterious lights
  5. Back corner and sider markers won't light....need alittle help.
  6. Raybrig ?
  7. 2 blue clips under keyless entry
  8. Did headlight clearing mod, now problems with left HID light
  9. Turbo Timer on N/A car?
  10. CD player stopped working? (long)
  11. Wagner driving/spot lights
  12. Water short in HID system for 2005 STi?
  13. Sti Headlight 02(make is simple please)
  14. Turbo Timer Installed - Airbag Light!!!
  15. Best place for plug in LED for dash lights?
  16. 04 HID wiring clean up (H1 kit)
  17. Cibie Oscar Bulb size?
  18. I'm looking for a wire to tap running off Fuse #13. Can someone help?
  19. Need help with JDM mirror install on GC8
  20. Wiring Optilux 2020s? Help!!!
  21. Tapping wires for gauge power and lighting?
  22. Defi VSD Turbo Timer
  23. Has anyone wired up their Aux lights to go on with highbeams on a '00 RS?
  24. Need OEM Gauge Installation Instructions
  25. Sum1 please help, did search w/no luck
  26. Help my wire my JDM wiper, plz! (xpost)
  27. Bulb vs condom
  28. Alarm sound inconsistant
  29. need help with burnt connectors
  30. Lokking for a pyrometer that reads more than 1600
  31. Need some reactions to the Defi BF gauges
  32. Omori Oil Pressure Gauge Malfunction!?!?
  33. sti light adjustments
  34. I need a DIY thread on installing an Apex Auto Timer
  35. STi HID fixed after headlight clearing caused water to leak in, getting ballast wet
  36. Need Quick Fix: Oil Temp sensor wire shorts from its connection point on drain plug
  37. Strange JDM headlight issue
  38. JDM Morette HID problems
  39. DEFI V2 series Oil Pressure Gauge Question
  40. keyless entry => shot
  41. Will Kartboy foglight mounts stop virbrations?
  42. AfterMarket Guages Question
  43. stripped jdm headlight adjustment screw!
  44. Installing Blinder-M20 Laser... Firewall?
  45. HID kit in EDM Projectors grounding problem?
  46. Additional key locks
  47. 60mm a-pillar gauge holder
  48. HELP-installed dimmer mirror and boost gauge-running lights will not turn off
  49. Problem with Defi BF Boost Gauge! Help!
  50. Aftermarket Gauge power from OEM Tri-gauge jumper harness?
  51. Which one you will going for 04 or 05 ??
  52. Blinker bulbs and reverse light bulbs?
  53. Lightweight battery in winter?
  54. Empty plug in power window module
  55. Help! Blew something related to the trunk light.
  56. Any way to add Cruise control to a Impreza without it?
  57. Which HIR bulbs
  58. timing gauge?
  59. Oil Pressure gauge readings...
  60. Hella FF1000 Driving light or 500 Driving
  61. Battery isolator wiring
  62. JDM Hid weiird issue ?
  63. Rad. Fans wiring diagram
  64. MY02 9007s converted to MY04 H1s??
  65. Cruise not working!
  66. Factory Remote Problems
  67. 2 good 2 be true ? - pod+3 gauge - ebay
  68. gauges
  69. How do i replace a light in my dash?
  70. Starter wire
  71. Changing headlight bulbs in '97 Legacy; How do I get the electrical connector off?
  72. Grounding kit WORKS!
  73. Defi oil temp & oil pree. gauge QUESTONS
  74. Will the stock battery work during the freezing cold winter?
  75. Optima battery Replacement
  76. Anyone added relays to stock headlights?
  77. 02-03 gauge options?
  78. '00 RS Security Upgrade Question
  79. fog lights
  80. 04 WRX needs HIDS...HELP!
  81. How many relays can you run off a tapped fuse?
  82. Nology hotwire
  83. autometer A/F what changed?
  84. 2002 JDM sti cluster
  85. I know this is tedious, but HID install help
  86. headlight adjustments
  87. is 98-01 and 02+ subaru fog/cruise switch the same?
  88. 2 turbo timers (please help)
  89. 05 WRX pre-wired for Ambient Temp?
  90. How do I change the fog light bulbs on an 04 WRX?
  91. For all you security/electronics gurus
  92. OEM keyless & alarm install with no instructions
  93. Mirror wiring harness
  94. Unexpected Results??
  95. car is shutting off randomly
  96. EDM headlights vs modded JDM--> lhd ??
  97. Fog light Wiring on 98 STi??
  98. Finding Condoms
  99. Can the HID's be adjusted higher & manualy back down?
  100. problema
  101. What wire to tap into for dimming dash lighting?
  102. 02/03 JDM headlight problem
  103. EDM lights for '04 STi?
  104. Rally lighting for 97 legacy
  105. defi D-gauge sensor attachment
  106. Most Usefull Gauge Combos?
  107. Rehash: What Optima battery will best fit my 02 WRX
  108. Defi Boost Default Warning Point
  109. Factory Alarm System
  110. What lightbulbs for a WRX? (Bluish/white output)
  111. Updated STI Turbo Timer Install
  112. Help! My ECU isn't getting power!
  113. KOEO Power
  114. Reverse Light Trigger?
  115. LEGAL way to change your gauge cluster
  116. UK300s w/ HID... ???
  117. Ground Strap Placement
  118. Need help/directions for installing my OEM 3 gauge pod
  119. No Dash or HVAC lights
  120. Step by step instructions for installing a turbo timer?
  121. Where to find good knocklink?
  122. Front or rear O2
  123. Oil Pressure Gauge: Galley Plug vs. Sandwhich Adapter
  124. GReddy Oil Temp Gauge Peaked Out, Fixable?
  125. Driving Lights
  126. How can I duplicate the STi gauge sweep?
  127. quick question on hid and power
  128. Wiring Info For 05 Legacy GT (turbo)
  129. HID's
  130. Cigarette lighter issues
  131. STI v8 Gauge Cluster MPH to KM/H solution
  132. HELP Greddy 60mm turbo gauge on the fritz!
  133. Tee-fitting for oil pressure?
  134. Where to buy COLORED speaker wire for grounding mod?
  135. Where To Buy Greddy Sandwich Adaptor?
  136. Rear Lighter Plug in a Non-Equipped Wagon
  137. Help with hella 500 install
  138. *power mirror=noise through speaker
  139. OBD-II Queries
  140. HID's on a 2004 WRX?
  141. please help with hid 02 project
  142. STI owners have you baked your headlights (HIDS) YAY, NAY
  143. is it easy to make front lights clear on 04 wagon?
  144. 04 sti hid onto a 04 wrx???
  145. 04 STI Side Markers?
  146. projector headlight bulb problem
  147. How do I do this?
  148. Apexi AVC-R Install on 2005 STi US Market
  149. Gauge help
  150. interior light linked to remote?
  151. Easier place then ECU for TT RPM/speed hook-up...
  152. 04 STi Speaker Amping?
  153. I just got a WRX and i want to....
  154. Fog Light Helf: I M retarded
  155. EGT Gauge that Matches Interior of 02 WRX
  156. boost gauge install
  157. Grounding Kit Install
  158. What are all the plugs for on the back of my 6 disc factory radio??
  159. Window Switch and installation
  160. 2004 Sti....does it come with an immobilizer for antitheft???
  161. big 3 + grounding + alternator
  162. Empty fuse slots
  163. Gauge Cluster ?
  164. Hella relay part number ques?
  165. EVO HIDs > STI HIDs?
  166. car wont start: i think its electrical problem
  167. anyone got diagram to connect an Apexi S-AFC to a 05' STi?
  168. fuel light problem...
  169. HID Question???
  170. glare problem after jdm headlight mod (rhd to lhd)
  171. please comment 85030FE700 ... this km/h or mph ?[/
  172. 2004 WRX foglight bulb options
  173. HID problem need help
  174. ds2 ballast kit info opinion please
  175. wiring of hids into stock 9007 setup
  176. Help me find a fog light to fit MY04 lower airdam
  177. Hella FF1000s! Not as expensive as you think...
  178. How do I wire HID kit into my UK300?
  179. where to buy PNP harness for JDM projector headlights?
  180. defi link gauges
  181. Rpm activated intercooler sprayer
  182. anyone put sti HID"s on a wrx?
  183. Remote Start Help for an 05 Legacy GT
  184. Where can I found that ?
  185. HELP!!! no rear driving lights!
  186. v7 sti cluster in a 1998 2.5rs/gc8?
  187. Wiring driving lights to come on with high beams...
  188. 02-03 JDM HID headlight alignment help
  189. Can I wire my FF1000's up to the useless parking lights switch?
  190. anyone have the wagons_ho! pnp harness for level switch?
  191. Installing factory fogs in a 96 Impreza
  192. greddy boost gauge prob?
  193. Apex-i Mech boost gauge won't light up
  194. Problems with where to tap Rev meter
  195. Just cleared my lights and now they wont turn on. HELP!!
  196. greddy gauges manual
  197. HID Kit - which one?
  198. Where Can I Buy an Omori EGT Probe??
  199. Hazard switch continuity for 1997 Impreza
  200. were to go throw the firewall at
  201. Low beam replacement bulb - aftermarket or stock?
  202. NHTSA Illegal Lighting Crackdown Continues
  203. New website for automotive electronics
  204. Center Console Bulb Replacement
  205. Center Console Bulb Repalcement
  206. Brake light misbehaving.
  207. Subaru Specific PIAA Fog Lights...?
  208. help with morettes (56k lights out)
  209. need help w/ jdm hid
  210. FF1000's not good enough anymore!
  211. A question about 2004/2005 sti headlights
  212. Zerosports Push Button start...
  213. electrical nightmare
  214. WRX Headlights Going into DRL Mode Intermitently
  215. What turbo guage to get?
  216. Digital fuel gauge?
  217. Parking & Tail lights won't turn off on '00 Forester??
  218. '04 Imp Outb Spt blinkin clock/radio lights
  219. Boost gauge trouble?
  220. jdm headlight turn signal bulb #
  221. Running light problems
  222. v7 sti cluster in an automatic?
  223. Link ECU on 2003 Impreza RS Wiring
  224. white subie with hid
  225. Lighting Addiction
  226. Fog Light Compatibility
  227. Erratic cooling fans?
  228. DRL removal
  229. Power source for gauges?
  230. AVC-R wire taps
  231. 05' STI ignition ring change from green to red... HOW?
  232. behind the center divider on bumper cover
  233. question about converting HVAC
  234. Changing Sti gauge pod background lighting
  235. anyone put heated seats in wagon from a 04 premium pkg sedan?
  236. Driving lights - quick question
  237. O4/05 STI cluster swap to a 02 problems.
  238. best radio to get with AUX for ipod??
  239. Cruise control doesn't work on my 99 Forester
  240. My car just acted like it got hit by....
  241. Help! DRL's will not turn off...
  242. I Need some help my friend.....
  243. d2r HID
  244. stock subwoofer?
  245. HID kit on ebay
  246. Indicator problem
  247. my hids strobe???
  248. Radio display problems
  249. blinker problem
  250. Brother Can You Help a Newbie with Some Lighting Info?