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  1. door light on gauge is slightly luminated
  2. JDM Projectors
  3. Sticking Speedometer
  4. Optima Red Top Group 35 install pics
  5. 05 wiring aux lights help
  6. Street Legal?
  7. need help with hid
  8. What autometer 52mm gauges are lit?
  9. accessory power near A piller?
  10. DEFI Boost Gauge Sensor... where to buy one?
  11. Another Homelink Install
  12. '05 STi Alarm Problems...
  13. sti headlight part number
  14. adding daytime running lights to 2000 RS
  15. HI.. Im new. HIGH TECH QUESTION ;)
  16. New optima 75/25 does it fit?
  17. floor mounted switches
  18. OMG,edm lights rock,OMG
  19. gauge cluster color question
  20. Factory headlight wire colors..
  21. 12v panel board
  22. Alarm Problem in 05
  23. Lamin-x and problems?
  24. Clear corners/side signals/bumper lights
  25. +50% bulb durability
  26. Battery Specs
  27. how to change the foglight bulb
  28. anyone ever tried the GE MegalightPlus +60%??
  29. Help needed: Do-Luck ISC Waterspray - MY02 STI
  30. DRL Fix for US STI's visiting Canada
  31. 2004 USDM STi HIDs into JDM Projectors. Is it possible?
  32. 02 cluster in my04 wrx - water temp not working
  33. newb gauge light wiring question
  34. MY93-MY97 Gauge Cluster
  35. blown illumination bulb in greddy gauge. replace with greddy bulb or generic one?
  36. help!!!!
  37. Morretes suddenly dim
  38. Lexus IS 300 Bad hid output, What about the STI???
  39. Has anyone used these new blacked out headlights on ebay for 01-03???
  40. eBay Rip-Off Morettes
  41. tail lights and front position lights not working
  42. Morettes always on, help please???
  43. Steering wheel sensor
  44. Australian eBay lights
  45. How to Change your cluster lights
  46. question on 02 wrx jdm projector bulb size?
  47. Dim hi-beam indicator, when on low-beams...
  48. Aem C2di?
  49. possible heat problem, need help!!
  50. Apexi TT, need some clarification
  51. 12V wiring in Forester XT
  52. How do i replace this light?
  53. Anyone here using the Spoon Ground Voltage Stabilizer?
  54. Best 9007 bulbs?
  55. HELP!!! Headlights...
  56. 2004 STI has a dead instrument cluster: help!
  57. ABS Diagnsotics
  58. GE Megalight plus vs. Osram Silverstar vs. Phillips Vision Plus
  59. Apexi TT A/F accurate ??
  60. 02 WRX w/ STi gauge cluster..
  61. Starter Problem
  62. 2 Amps Too Much Current for Clock Power?
  63. compustar fm - 2 cars, 1 remote
  64. Deep Cycle Batteries
  65. Supposed 10HP from Apexi Grounding wires
  66. '04 TS Fogs - Aftermarket w/ Minimum Tinkering?
  67. Adjusting Morettes
  68. Outside temp gauge stuck at 56 degrees!
  69. Drive ability issues, battery related?
  70. Has anyone installed their UK300s by replacing the connector with a 9007 one?
  71. Highbeam Problem
  72. Oh dear, I seem to have toasted something real good
  73. Brake light question?
  74. How cold is too cold?
  75. Airbag Light
  76. hella fog lights on a legacy?
  77. Good US web site for headlights?
  78. Please help, no headlights!
  79. Radiator fan not coming on. So it seems.
  80. broken leveler on JDM Lights
  81. HKS t0 TT harness: WRX > RS
  82. stock battery
  83. Brighter bulbs than Osram Silverstars in two months
  84. Is this true ?????
  85. JDM HEADLIGHTS w/ SilverStars...somethings wrong! PLS help!
  86. Help with a quick connect system for Hella FF1000
  87. the sectioned dual lamps?
  88. Any have a headlamp bulb retainer for 01-03? Part needed ASAP
  89. headlight condensation
  90. install on 04 greddy turbo timer.
  91. apexi turbo timer (TT)
  92. Yellow Fogs
  93. ABS Defeat Switch
  94. Need Wiring Diagram '93 Impreza LS Wagon
  95. How Do I Tell If I Have Keyless and Security?
  96. Lights acting funky on my Legacy
  97. 2004 fog light bulb part number???????
  98. Sound coming from grill, alarm grounding problem?
  99. 99 RS cluster swap
  100. AutoMeter Nexus
  101. HOWTO: 2005 STI HVAC Red Light Mod
  102. moding upper vent to no a/c on
  103. Stealth Valentine 1 Remote Display Install
  104. EGT gauge (Autometer) wiring
  105. Power Door Lock Problems...and now confusion
  106. fog light on with high beam, quick question
  107. Help with JDM projector H1 bulbs
  108. Door Lock, Cluster Illum, and dome light problems.
  109. 2004-2005 WRX Headlight and Foglight Bulbs
  110. lock chime went away :(
  111. WTB: STi Low Beam HID Bulb
  112. butchered morette harnesses - full rewire info needed
  113. removing fuse box, please HELP!!!
  114. Gauges???
  115. STi gauge cluster in old school Impreza - what wiring mods are needed??
  116. My seat, windows, and sun roof dont work. 92 svx
  117. 04, 05 - Changing DRL (w/ wiring) from H1 to 9005 housing
  118. anyone install the USDM fogs themselves?
  119. 03 WRX and Valentine One = Weird Problem
  120. 2005 OEM foglight bulb information
  121. WTB: JDM projector Low beam harness/grommet
  122. need help sourcing switches
  123. GC8 Headlights
  124. TT Boost Read / vacuum host
  125. What boost gauge and pod?
  126. need electrical help bad
  127. dome light problem
  128. Dash pods?
  129. What is the electrical resistance of the EGT sensor?
  130. Autometer Boost Gauge Install
  131. Cruise Control Won't Work After Bad Weather
  132. Need help diagnosing several electrical problems probably connected...
  133. *Another* fog light mod question.
  134. speedometer not working
  135. Megan Racing oil pressure gauge install
  136. HID problem
  137. morette headlight problems
  138. Need help choosing battery (red vs. yellow)
  139. did the high beams/foglight mod, and it doesn't work.
  140. 89-90 Legacy EDM leveler wiring diagram
  141. Help ! High beams and fog lights don' t work ! Low beams are ok.
  142. Going to install an OEM boost gauge and need advice.
  143. morete adapter
  144. replaced my seats and now the horns don't work
  145. EcuTeK Dashboard Display - Need Advice
  146. Optima install..Is it easy?
  147. Replacing OEM Foglights...Whats the best???
  148. my left morette died today! where can i get a replacement bulb on the cheap?
  149. McCulloch installation help
  150. XM Roady 2 Engine Noise
  151. Is what dealer said about HIDs true?
  152. need help, weird light problems
  153. Converting Prodrive UK300 lights from RHD to LHD
  154. Interior Color Change Tutorial: Key Ring
  155. Interior Color Change Tutorial: Gauge Cluster
  156. Where to buy the tiny radio replacement bulbs?
  157. aux fog/driving lights need to be off when highbeams are on
  158. Auto Dimming mirror failure
  159. How to hook up air\fuel ratio gauge
  160. '03 wrx headlight Question
  161. WTB JDM fogs for my 04 STI
  162. Need help finding parts for JDM lights
  163. Lighting recommendations
  164. gauge installation
  165. Rear Defroster Failure
  166. will gauges and turbo timer void warranty?
  167. Interior Color Change Tutorials by Trunk_Monkey
  168. removing foglights
  169. Look Ma', No Pod (or, How I Installed Gauges And Kept My Clock)
  170. After gauge change.. no speedometer
  171. HKS Camp, Defi BF Amber or Defi Link Display
  172. Quick. What Condom Size for 04 sti
  173. Red Bulbs for Autometer Gauges
  174. Has any one tried Piaa "ion crystal" wedge bulbs?
  175. Increased Wattage Bulbs (yes, another thread on them)
  176. Will these headlighs better than the Morettes??
  177. Sylvania bulbs (silverstars)-buy one, get one half off at advance auto. $5 rebate too
  178. Clock Harness Plug and Socket
  179. Check out these Morettes..and the car they're installed on!
  180. Hella 500s: Can I splice them to the OEM fog light wires?
  181. Please help: Bulb behind fan control doesn't work
  182. 05 sti headlight replacement
  183. EDM leveling question,please help?
  184. What 3 gauges needed?
  185. my 03 wrx's electrical is going CRAZY
  186. Head + Fog lights setup combination for GC8's
  187. Best site to order an Optima
  188. STI Cluster ???
  189. catz fog lights
  190. Would grounding mod cease static in AM reception?
  191. STI hitch wiring
  192. how do u aim L-bumper fog lights?
  193. Autometer Oil Pressure Guage reading weird
  194. i wanna see gauges mounted
  195. My low beam HIDs just stopped working, troubleshooting help please.
  196. Yellow HIDs
  197. 12v...which wire
  198. Correct silver/chrome bulbs for clearing 04 STi headlights?
  199. 05 wrx foglight hid questions
  200. everyone with a blitz power meter
  201. JDM LHD Leveling RFP
  202. Hella Optilux review?
  203. Battery Recharge??
  204. 95L Headlights are so Dim
  205. Odd HID related headlight problem...
  206. Instrument Panel ?
  207. defi style gauge pod for GC8? please help
  208. Beltronics Hardwire install complete, same option for Escort
  209. Low beam and fog lights
  210. my car won't start
  211. Projector Xenon Retrofit on 04 STi Please
  212. Fuse for money tray??
  213. HKS type-1 help
  214. hella gen 4 ballast igniter fit with wrx jdm projectors?
  215. Omori gauges using clock wiring?
  216. ? on switched power tap
  217. Defi D-Gauge oil temp install ???
  218. Do Luck ISC Water Spray
  219. Installed '02 WRX wiper stalk. Intermittent speeds backwards?
  220. Turbo Timer install pics, post em'
  221. Help install JDM projectors in 02 WRX
  222. Rear Fog Lamp
  223. Head Unit Light Bulb Out
  224. Quick-Disconnect availablity?
  225. 02/03 STI headlight Relay harness
  226. Hud?????
  227. Electrocharger, Hypervoltage system & HyperGroung System
  228. cigarette lighter?
  229. 04' STi:: PIAA 540's with Kartboy PIAA Mount w/JDM Surrounds...
  230. STi headlight bulbs...
  231. jdm headlight switch
  232. starter gone bad
  233. Fog lights
  234. Oem Boost Guage
  235. Do 2003 WRX foggies fit/work on a 2002 WRX?
  236. sti genome boost gauge installation
  237. painting oem headlights on '02 suby
  238. EGT gauge
  239. Where can I buy EDM STI Projectors for 2002-2003 WRX?
  240. More lighting problems...
  241. Where can I get Narva gold h3's?
  242. Greddy oil pressure gauge????
  243. Dim foglight
  244. Oh me oh my, My headlight woes. What should I do kids?
  245. Battery died after 2 weeks...
  246. So has anyone installed HID's in Stock 04/05 RS/WRX housing
  247. Rear wiper
  248. Anyone have the Orciari Headlight Install Instructions?
  249. JDM pop up screen!!!
  250. has anyone smoked 99-01 lights