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  1. has anyone smoked 99-01 lights
  2. Cheap source for a pair of new 04 WRX headlights.
  3. OBD Port not reading?
  4. need help with greddy air/fuel gauge
  5. mechanical boost gauge accuracy vs. AccessPort Readings
  6. HIDs dont work after FMIC install
  7. Removed DRLs back in the day...installed DRLs are back?
  8. which socket
  9. truck air horns
  10. Defi Boost/Timer HUD owners
  11. My battery dies at the slightest provocation
  12. Turbo Timer Harness Wiring: Apexi, HKS
  13. Fog Light Troubles
  14. Omori boost and egt gauge install
  15. Dash elimination
  16. Hit a snowbank at 5mph, foglights not working :(
  17. Relationship between alternator whine, voltage, and alternator health
  18. Ignition and Fuel switches
  19. Another Hella wiring question
  20. where to find cheap rebased hid d2s bulbs for H1 setup in jdm projectors?
  21. Gauge lights?
  22. which headlite bulbs should i buy??
  23. 04 STI with JDM di-chloratic fog conversion
  24. Greddy Gauge Wiring Help
  25. Who sells DEFI' BF's 60mm US SPEC
  26. where to buy bulbs?
  27. help...another morette problem
  28. hooked up my narrowband a/f to my rear o2 signal wire
  29. Tach output from the ECM digital or analog?
  30. Dash Elimination
  31. Lost a ground wire connection, little help?
  32. "Vampire" Tap
  33. Splitting the stock EGT sensor signal to both ECU and a aftermarket gauge
  34. Changing HVAC Bulbs
  35. Aftermarket HID Problem
  36. Fog Lights on with Highs Mod for 2000 RS, the right way
  37. how do i make a relay for a high wattage bulb in a crappy 12v foglight?
  38. Apexi TT question
  39. Gauges, computers, and HUDs
  40. please help, LOCKY UNLOCKY - constantly
  41. Electrical problems with legacy wagon
  42. Fusebox Layout
  43. ecu/electrical problem
  44. help, corner light does not seem to fit anymore
  45. MY02 clock going out?
  46. Starter problem??
  47. A question about headlight bulbs (and not what you think)
  48. Gauge cluster
  49. 3 Ohm resistors
  50. Cruise control?
  51. autometer electronic boost gauge...
  52. Driver's Door Doesn't Lock
  53. UK300s w/ relay harness: low beams only come on with highs
  54. headlight fog light question
  55. AFR Gauge
  56. Autometer Ultra Lite AFR Gauge
  57. Stock gauge cluster
  58. egt gauge problem
  59. how to change light color for defi bf or Sti genome
  60. Blitz Gauges
  61. cruise control install
  62. WRXHighbeam?
  63. Fuel Prussure Gauge install????
  64. defi fuel pressure guage
  65. JDM Sidemarkers... a few questions-
  66. Odyssey PC680 or PC680MJ?
  67. Keeping my fog HIDs from flashing when I remote start, lock or unlock my car..??
  68. Lighting Basics Dealt With
  69. Complete Moretted wiring Diagram needed
  70. Security Dash Light Flash Hack... help?
  71. Does the 05 STi have Daytime Running Lights?
  72. Did Greddy gauges blow a fuse or is it just a ghetto install?
  73. EGT probe problems
  74. Airbag light problem, on, off, on off....
  75. Fog light bulb replacement
  76. intermittent lights on dash
  77. aftermarket battery
  78. All Defi Bf Boost Owners...
  79. HVAC Bulbs
  80. Of fog lights and cruise control...
  81. Need help w/ JDM Cluster on STI
  82. JDM cluster swap
  83. flame exhaust kit
  84. bugeye headlights
  85. I'm not an electrician...Help with gauge wiring question!
  86. Current Draw on WRX at Rest
  87. Cold temp resulting in 2 burnt headlight bulbs???
  88. stock keyless entry question
  89. Problems installing air/fuel gauge on 92 legacy
  90. Front corners bulb change ?
  91. anyone done Bf's color change?
  92. i wouldn't be troubling you guys, but it's cold outside... what's your diagnosis?
  93. Ordered Narva Rangepower this is what I got
  94. Fuel pump wiring questions
  95. defogger bogs car?
  96. Anyone using AutoEnginuity Scan Tool on an '04 STi?
  97. Looking for Morette headlights
  98. backup lights not working
  99. '05 WRX STi HID Fog light question..
  100. Fitting aftermarket HIDs in JDM HID lights
  101. how do i take out my orange turn signals?
  102. Cheapest place to buy Defi D series gauges?
  103. where to find quality harness wires
  104. 2nd set of fog/driving lights
  105. jdm headlight install problem
  106. Need Help!!! Dash illumination is out on my WRX!
  107. Just got my Narvas in!!!
  108. Safe voltage for new bulbs (JDM projectors)
  109. 1993 Legacy Brake Light issues
  110. adding a/f meter and aftermarket 02 sensor
  111. Combination Meter System and Defi BF Gauges
  112. Need help Wiring JDM Projectors (pic inside)
  113. how to mount headlight w/ broken bracket
  114. Headlight is out, and it's not the bulb!
  115. Help me with my gauge install, Defi BF in 05 STI
  116. Pushin' the LEDs
  117. trunk pop kills unlock button?
  118. water temp...need help.
  119. JDM H.I.D conversion for 280.00 on ebay
  120. disable daytime running lights????
  121. anyone else want one of these? (no, i'm not selling stuff)
  122. Foglight Problem
  123. Defi D-guage EGT install
  124. HID - The best with Low/High Beam
  125. 04 wrx Left foglight keeps burning out?!?!?
  126. Need help quick. 05 STI Blitz TT Install
  127. best way to wire fog lights
  128. blower motor speed selecter
  129. Help!! door ajar light stays on..
  130. anyone familiar with "splitfire" gauges?
  131. 2004+ JDM Headlights?
  132. Radiator Fans wont turn on
  133. UK300 Headlight
  134. Fuel pump electrical problem
  135. Alternator...High output.
  136. my left headlight is out & it's not the bulb
  137. Blitx Power Meter iD or Apexi RevSpeed?
  138. Pic request: BLITZ Sbc or Powermeter illumination at night
  139. Radiator fan
  140. Putting H7's inside a 9007 Lowbeam
  141. Car Battery Question
  142. best place to get factory fog light switch?
  143. 04-05 STi headlights
  144. dead car please help
  145. 04foglights
  146. Blitz R-VIT
  147. '02 WRX fog light wiring Qs...wire gauge, amperage, etc...
  148. Really weak when starting in cold
  149. which hid kit to use for jdm projectors ?
  150. where can I pick up philips HID relay and wiring?
  151. Better Alt.
  152. GE Nighthawk - not that great with ECode lens
  153. Luminics Ultra White bulbs
  154. SPDT Fog light switch '02 WRX???
  155. Timed Trigger: what to use?
  156. 04-05 JDM Fogs VS Tow-Ring ?
  157. banana lights for 2001 rs c west front bumper?
  158. Headlight Relay Harness
  159. Modded head lights ebay
  160. HID Head LIGHTS even?
  161. PLease help me fix my headlights
  162. moving or removing cruise control
  163. ground wire problem
  164. HVAC mod on 05
  165. Puttin in gauge pod- where to tap in to manifold for boost pressure?
  166. Freinds suby got flooded, ECU shot. Milage?
  167. Keyless entry wiring question
  168. sti gauges
  169. Help me fix my electrical problem
  170. need help ASAP *clutch is bussing*
  171. need help finding best place to tap in for guages
  172. Got pics of 04/05 STI HID beam pattern?
  173. Speedometer - how to test?
  174. CEL From Removing Gauge Cluster?
  175. 5v DC SPST NC relay - anyone know a source.
  176. 3000K HID's vs Halogens, any information?
  177. anyone???
  178. gauge cluster problem...
  179. need help finding a place to tap into for gauges
  180. Outside (Ambient) Air temp for '05 WRX
  181. black driving lights (different options)
  182. Jdm Sti Cluster Problem
  183. Why is it that 04 headlights are not horizontally adjustable?
  184. Turbo Timer Help
  185. will the 04 wrx cluster plug into a 03 wrx?
  186. Help! Lights run when car is off!!!
  187. Fog light help
  188. keyless entry w/ turbo timer
  189. HID's But one problem
  190. Gauges Won't Illuminate
  191. Gauges jump when AUX dimmer turned down
  192. Help! Keyless entry transmitters don't work!
  193. Clock relocation
  194. Looking for 'city light' bulb in EDM ver 7 Sti headlamp cluster
  195. I need APEXi boost gauge instructions
  196. 04 Optitron on 05 wrx
  197. I'm looking to unhook seat airbag harness...
  198. EGT sensor mount help
  199. Headlamp Assembly Removal
  200. '04 STi - change hvac / radio to red - help
  201. jdm headlight driver side glare fix?
  202. escort 8500, laser, and WOT
  203. 04/05 JDM fog question
  204. Factory Alarm buzzer is iffy
  205. Can someone please send me a pic of fuel gauge line tap?
  206. Darn Blitz TT not working on 05 STI HELP!
  207. !help! headlights and foglights stopped working
  208. I believe i have an electrical problem
  209. HID fog light
  210. for those with HIDs on 04/05 WRXs???
  211. Turbo timer, yes or no?
  212. OEM 04 or 05 STI HID Kit for WRX
  213. Dash and Stereo Lights Not Working!
  214. foglights question?
  215. keyless entry with car on? diagram?
  216. Replacement gauge for stock pod...
  217. Foglight Lenses
  218. How Hard to Add IC Sprayer to Wagon?
  219. Bulb Question...don't hate
  220. 02-03 foglights? slightly better aftermarket fogs?
  221. a problematic interior light
  222. So i added some more lights
  223. UK300 bulb adapter question...
  224. How to contact Daniel Stern...
  225. help
  226. Replacement Bulb Help
  227. Daniel Stern Lighting Compliments
  228. My quest for yellow headlights (pics inside) 56K death
  229. Hella Fog Lamp Recommendations?
  230. where is the beeper thing for the 04/05 STI's keyless entry?
  231. 05 sti trunk connector
  232. 9005 vs 9011 (HIR) pics
  233. Electrical Signal Question (EE nerds, please)
  234. Do I have to pull DRL relay for UK300's...
  235. Very Simple ?
  236. would this have damaged anything.
  237. Switch bulbs
  238. Wiring help for headlights (link inside)
  239. Bugeye retrofit
  240. How to change WRX interior light from green to red?
  241. Anybody try the Hella Rally4000 Compacts?
  242. Opinions on Sylvania Silverstar Headlights
  243. JDM V7 STI projector headlights. who sells them.
  244. Ohm's law guru's: Help me pick the proper resistor
  245. a/f gauge
  246. Crap! Fried something and now car no worky
  247. My parking lights are STUCK ON!!!
  248. lighting options
  249. need help with hid wires - was working
  250. Please explain jumping...