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  1. Brightstar HID system question Help
  2. driver side headlight very dim!! plz help!!!
  3. Fuel pump power wire
  4. LW battery
  5. Fitting a AUTO GAUGE Aluminum PRO SHIFT LIGHT Meter
  6. Morettes with HIDs - Weird beam pattern
  7. Spoiler brake light?
  8. hid wiring kit - found where?
  9. daytime running light install-wire ID help needed
  10. HVAC lighting not working
  11. my05 hvac
  12. EGT troubleshoot
  13. Dumb cruise control question . . .
  14. anyone else have problems removing fog lights?
  15. Mechanical EGT gauge question
  16. 'lig' prong?
  17. OEM WRX low beams: Adding relay control/heavier gauge wire?
  18. How do I make my headlights look like this?
  19. HID Kit Question
  20. Perrin 02 Simulator install directions
  21. Door ajar light stays on
  22. Defi gauges, wiring question
  23. Just Installed STI HID's with PIAA Ion's..
  24. 05 STI HID Install Question
  25. Anyone still using grounding kits for 04's?
  26. Installed: JDM Polychromatic Fog Lights
  27. preferred place to tap a relay's trigger coil to the highbeam circuit?
  28. I m ignorant with electrical wires, help....
  29. FF1000 Driving vs. 500 Fog pattern
  30. would this kit fit my non-hid sti headlights?
  31. Need Autometer Shiftlight wiring help!
  32. Ah... I need help
  33. can someone take a picture of their interior fuse panel diagram for me
  34. Got my VDO gauges in today..... what is the point of this?
  35. 04 Turn Signals
  36. A/F gauge Question
  37. How do I actually tap a fuse for gauge install?
  38. 99 Outback Sport tail light always on?
  39. High beam trigger RS
  40. Low fuel warning & cruise lights not lighting
  41. where to find wire harness connectors?
  42. Busted '04 JDM HIDS
  43. Any Alternative Gauge Set Up
  44. how many of you have actually opened up your jdm lights to change the beam pattern?
  45. PIC REQUEST THREAD, post up your headlights at night
  46. weird noise when 2005 WRX is off
  47. Air Fuel Gauge (i know, i know lightshow)
  48. ? about fans on 2005 WRX Wagon
  49. Fog lights on only with highbeams?
  50. help finding Ignition & Illumination wires in a STI
  51. Battery relocation to trunk
  52. Part # needed for gauge housing clips
  53. WRC's. One side normal other side half&half?
  54. how to order from daniel stern lighting?
  55. Relay Diagram - Does this look right?
  56. Morette, Valeo, Wiring digram
  57. Hella Optilux H1 Bulb Review.... Worst Bulb Ever!
  58. USDM 04+ STi HID kit usable in the 04+ JDM Housings?
  59. Hella Supertones - provided relay doesn't fit Subies?
  60. Bad O2 or gauge
  61. Stuff Not Working
  62. Brake (not parking) lights wont turn off!
  63. Cruse Control
  64. Installing Autometer boost gauge... what misc parts needed?
  65. to good to be true
  66. guys i need your help about my sti cluster
  67. gauges question
  68. HVAC & Radio lights problem "need help"
  69. 2k4 STi rally fog light kit
  70. correct oil pressure adapter number
  71. morette problem
  72. USDM STI hid in JDM bugeye
  73. HKS TT install dilemma
  74. Boost Measurements
  75. Your Bulbs keep burning out (headlights, foglights, whatever) Read this.
  76. Performance timers/accelorometer worth it?
  77. How to deal with radar placement and the antenna?
  78. Apparently I fried something in my electrical system
  79. which optima?
  80. Only use fog lights?
  81. Fog Lights with Parking Lights Only
  82. what do you guys think of this replacement hid bulb?Can I fix my old one?
  83. Better lighting out of the UK300's...
  84. Help: Where to go for electrical problems?
  85. JDM/EDM 04/05 Foglights?
  86. Headlight Question (OSRAM SilverStar)
  87. Fog light kit
  88. RF headlight blowing fuse
  89. Daytime running lights?
  90. Hella wiring harness
  91. What bulb #'s replace the OEM's
  92. Which year impreza should I raid for headlights at the j-yard?
  93. Rough idling when fan is on
  94. Uninstall Turbo Timer
  95. Foglight Relay
  96. JDM Fog Options
  97. Need a headlamp part for an 04
  98. Need Help With Leveling Switch Wires
  99. Cheapest Defi BF Amber Gauges
  100. STi side airbag issue
  101. Help with electrical problem...
  102. aftermarket headlight and relay question
  103. Optima red top
  104. Can't get foglight mod to work..HELP!!
  105. beep
  106. Replacement ballast for my '04 STi???
  107. black chrome jdm hid help needed
  108. my left headlight keeps getting dim help please
  109. Show Me your Switches!!!
  110. light hook up to alarm
  111. MY04 WRX: Low beams on with High beams?
  112. Gauge constant voltage tap point?
  113. how did it go when clearing your headlights
  114. You don't want to be on the receiving end of my wrath
  115. Reverse Indiglo for 2.5RS
  116. New Narva H1 bulbs
  117. obdII diagram
  118. Version 5 STi ECU
  119. Which one is the Tach wire? Help!
  120. boost gauge light wont turn off, please help!
  121. Cibie Oscar Driving Lights - Wiring
  122. OSRAM Silverstar vs. Stock bulb comparison
  123. Blitz TT w/Blitz harness install problem
  124. Desperate need for HELP!!!
  125. air fuel gauge wire install!!
  126. what other fog lights for 04 WRX wagon?
  127. Foglight bulb questions...too much power?
  128. Knocklink install help
  129. Does anyone have a pic of HID kit in usdm bugeyes?
  130. UK MY99 WRX Speedo?
  131. what's the code for 2002 stock wrx bulbs
  132. faze gauges
  133. guage cluster help
  134. omori or defi D gauges
  135. Hella Supertones Install, what size bolt here? (with pic)
  136. Rear lights and instrument cluster dead
  137. Hella FF500 wiring problem
  138. Any opinions or experiences with this guage?
  139. EDM adjustment w/ leveling motors
  140. Sourcing new UK300 housings?
  141. Russ please help
  142. HKS Type 1 TT stopped working?
  143. 03 sti bug eye wire harnesses?
  144. Driving Lights?
  145. STi HKS FCD...Please help
  146. 04 H3 foglight bulb installation
  147. 02-03 JDM STI HID's: need wire harness
  148. Please help, one headlight dim, but bulb fine?
  149. help w/ wiring up hella supertones...
  150. boost controller install Questions
  151. Hella 500's fit stock 02 wrx foglight housing?
  152. Go with resealed HIDs, or unmodified?
  153. Brightest/Most Reliable lightning setup for 02 WRX
  154. Wired defi control unit to clock harness...
  155. 04' - 05' STi Guage cluster
  156. JDM Ver 7 ECU pinout question
  157. Greddy EGT gauge, how do i wire it?
  158. Proper grounding points (for horns and lamps)
  159. where do i wire up the warning wire to on a 60mm greddy gauge?
  160. Bulb works only in high beam
  161. Replace Cluster On Wrx
  162. People with Rally Innovations light bar
  163. How to replace foglight bulbs on 04/05 WRX?
  164. Online Source of Electrical Goodies
  165. Power distribution block questions...
  166. Help with measurements for light bar
  167. anti-glare HID retrofit kit for GC8
  168. Morette lens cracked w/ Rockblocker on?!
  169. A Wiring Harness Project Oddesey
  170. Extreme Yellow bulbs
  171. negative end of the ignition coil?
  172. defi EGT D-gauge install -- no dimming
  173. 05 STi HID left one is bluer?
  174. Can a new instrument cluster be programed to read your true miles?
  175. Omori Gauge Install
  176. Constant Headlight replacement?
  177. Where to Souce PIN connectors?
  178. looking for some fog bulb replacement for 04 wrx
  179. cost to fix HID?
  180. Prodrive Headlights - Hi-beam doesn't work
  181. Omori vs VDO vs Defi V2
  182. Blitz Dual TT problem, need help
  183. Headlight/grille install
  184. broken low beam holder.
  185. combination meter, headlights, center console lights shut off
  186. where to get face for oem gauge hood??
  187. License Plate Lights
  188. Guages - which ones are the best, rate 1-10
  189. Turbo timer wiring HELP!!
  190. 04 WRX Headlight Relays & HID
  191. Help ordering bulbs?
  192. Any pics of LED turnsignals/parking lights?
  193. need help with morette headlights.
  194. security flashing led
  195. help w/ oem jdm hid ballast
  196. Dead Battery after 3 yrs/51,110 miles-Premature Failure?
  197. Omori
  198. anyone have gauge cluster pin outs for 01 RS and 94 impreza L
  199. Cruise Control Button
  200. stronger HID on sti 04 05
  201. HID retro into 04 WRX
  202. Fog lamp options for an 04 WRX
  203. Clicking Noise when I turn on my heater.
  204. Blitz SBC-ID not working right
  205. MY04 Sti HIDS direct plug and play in MY05 WRX?
  206. turbo timer only working when cold????
  207. HID headlight help
  208. help with injectors
  209. keylight?
  210. Temp Gauge Hook Up?
  211. Narva 50 + HIR = :D PICS
  212. tic tock, tick tock....HELP!!!!
  213. problem with 04 rex fogs
  214. changing HID bulbs
  215. Subaru Wiring Harness
  216. STI & Lexus
  217. headlight now working
  218. 99RS Power Door Lock problem
  219. add adjustment to stock 02 fog lights?
  220. cleaning a HID bulb
  221. where to buy resistors for air bag light ?
  222. question for air fuel gauge and oxygen sensor
  223. HID help
  224. Forrester Cluster to Replace Impreza Storage Box?
  225. Powerless Gauges
  226. Do they have non-HID JDM projectors?
  227. Where to mount Blitz boost controller in WRX
  228. brighter HID bulbs?
  229. Suggest a performance battery...
  230. good job subaru
  231. 2004 rear blinker signal bulb size?
  232. Parts necessary for OEM fog install on 1995 Impreza?
  233. jdm projector help (pics)
  234. JDM Fogs Bulbs h8 12/55???
  235. Sti Turbo Timer
  236. ATTN Elec gurus -- ILLUM(-) questions..
  237. 1997 Outback Sport lighting
  238. 94 to 99 steering colum replacement help! turn signals wipers ect wiring help
  239. Weak, slow right turn signal
  240. Wiring for bumper lights my98->99-01
  241. Oil pressure Gauge install....?
  242. Need gauge to replace stocker
  243. 08/100 watt headlight bulbs
  244. Need a bit of help w/OEM gauge housing ...
  245. Replacment bulbs?
  246. I need bulbs size
  247. 1999 Outback Limited Bulb questions??
  248. 02 TS Cruise Control
  249. Seeking Headlight Wiring Diagram for Headlight Timer
  250. Need Help