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  1. 97 Legacy GT speedometer problem
  2. anyone have headlight wiring diagrams and turn signal for 01 RS?
  3. Fog Lights
  4. 110/80w bulbs, how do i make a new harness?
  5. 2005 STi Turbo Timer with Factory Alarm
  6. UK 99 WRX Speedo into MY00 RS
  7. halo conversion
  8. Defi control unit issues
  9. foglight mystery
  10. HID lights for WRX
  11. HELP battery and brake light is on
  12. Bulb alignment
  13. are there any 04 fog light conversions
  14. Where is the power window relay or power window circuit breaker
  15. Bellof hid instal?
  16. Harness Upgrade Schematic +FF1000
  17. Alternator dead by discharge?
  18. 02-03 WRX USDM compatible with 04 USDM STi gauge cluster?
  19. HIDs for my03 wrx with jdms
  20. My Greddy Turbo Timer
  21. Anyone upgrade their alternator charge cable?
  22. Xenon Projector Retrofit in a 2004 WRX (6 pics at 1200 x 1600 res)
  23. Blitz FATT DCII with factory alarm system
  24. Fog Light Manual
  25. autometer egt
  26. Help Quick!!! Another TT issue on '05 STi
  27. Anyone have Blitz SBC install instructions?
  28. Gauge Questions
  29. Apex TT install in 2005 WRX?
  30. New guy to subie world and need a lil help
  31. Question about STi Gauge pack
  32. help with hella light selection
  33. DRL, High Beam & Morette problem
  34. Turn Signal Flasher?
  35. High Beam Indicator Flashing
  36. something is draining my powa!!!
  37. Headlights and Fogs
  38. JDM rear wiper
  39. omori oil temp gauge problems
  40. ABS light- turn it off!!!
  41. Keyless Entry gc8
  42. 05 STI cluster
  43. need some help!!!
  44. Help please, Omori gauge wiring issue
  45. HID shortage?? Please Help
  46. something wrong with my edm's?
  47. Anyone use the new standalone APEXi EL II Boost Gauge?
  48. Pivot Super Temperature Controller
  49. turbo timer TROUBLESHOOTING
  50. Apex TT w/Factory Alarm and Harness
  51. Hids in 02 JDM Projectors help
  52. Digital Shift Selection Light
  54. turn signal/blinker circuit in 04 WRX?
  55. Fog light replacement on 01 2.5rs...
  56. HELLA FF500 wiring questions what do they do?
  57. 2 Best Types of Gauges for WRX
  58. HIDs: is one supposed to be slightly higher?
  59. Best aftermarket HIDs
  60. Both fans on during A/C operation?
  61. 05 USDM STi Gauge Cluster to 02 WRX Issues
  62. HID bulb does not sit properly in EDM housing
  63. Greddy TT Error help...
  64. Who the heck sells harnesses for EDM projectors?
  65. lighting mcgyver style - pic
  66. How to wire stock STi IC tank in WRX
  67. gauges and using different sensors and probes
  68. How do I take my fog lights apart?
  69. Fog light options, 2005 WRX
  70. help?
  71. Turbo Timer Install for '04 or 05 STi
  72. Need some ELECTRICAL Expertise....
  73. Wiring Schematic
  74. ecm Pinout for 2005 sti
  75. Help with relays please
  76. Are the 05 stock fog lights worth it for an upgrade?
  77. WRX Foglight Fitted to 98RS With Bumper Conversion
  78. Lighting problems with fan on?
  79. 2004 wrx sedan stock boost gauge harness
  80. Clear Altezza Taillights my04
  81. 1999 impreza gauge question
  82. Help, need new bulbs for my 02 morettes!
  83. Speed Pulse Wire??????
  84. Speedometer false reading since install of indiglo gauges
  85. Optima Half Size Red Top Battery
  86. Is there a way to put the gauges from an STI in a 03 RS?
  87. STi genome gauges made by Defi?
  88. instrument cluster lights will not turn off::PLEASE HELP::
  89. where is this beeping coming from?
  90. Boost gauge not reading 0 with car off
  91. Installing JDM lights on 02 WRX.... question
  92. Utec ground
  93. a/f gauge
  94. Gauge Light Out, Need Help On Replacement
  95. car wont start
  96. Radar Detector problem, any ideas?
  97. Computer-integrated fuse blocks
  98. Autometer ultra lite boost gauge Q
  99. are these GF8 (wagon) tailights?
  100. Rally Innovations Foglight Conversion??
  101. dead battery
  102. EGT or Wideband first?
  103. Quick question on fog lights
  104. Electric issue with 04 STi cluster in 02 WRX
  105. So my fogs are out and the switch still lights and all..what happened?
  106. Post your turbo timer install pics.....
  107. Lunar Series EGT Gauge?
  109. Subaru oil drain plug for temp sensor part number anyone?
  110. where does this connector go?!
  111. A-pillar boost and air/fuel gauges, HELP
  112. big problem need help
  113. STi HID bulb out!!!
  114. Ok to use >20A fuse for cigarette lighter?
  115. Need help w/foglight install
  116. How do I remove the clock from the center pod housing the clock?
  117. what bulb # is 04 sti rear turn signal?
  118. fog light mods
  119. EDM STi HID bulb mod
  120. JDM STI HID on 04
  121. Need Hella 1000 ff wiring diagram
  122. Narva Gold question
  123. turbo timer install help
  124. JDM/EDM non-HID headlights for '02
  125. Budget EGT Gauge?
  126. odd electrical related question.....
  127. OEM Foglights
  128. '05 Outback-where's the hitch wiring harness connector?
  129. Bulb Install on MY04 WRX
  130. Boost Gauge Problems
  131. Another STi Cluster Thread =)
  132. What gauges match factory 2002 WRX
  133. Basic electronics question
  134. What is the heat range of the STI HID's?
  135. how will 24 and 48v systems effect wiring?
  136. Electrical Nightmare Continues:::TAIL LIGHTS NOT WORKING:::
  137. Tron Experts....How do I get one
  138. high frequency sound?!
  139. did I just order the wrong turn signal bulb for my 05?
  140. H1 headlights
  141. Who's got PIAA 5000k/7500k?
  142. Left 02/03 JDM STI Headlight Part #?
  143. ok headlight experts...
  144. jdm 04 lights on 02 wrx
  145. fog light question 02'
  146. Interior Color Change Tutorial: OEM Boost Gauge
  147. Turn signal fuse blowing
  148. best place to get Hella 500s?
  149. STi intercooler switch wiring for DIY kit
  150. looking for good battery relocation kit
  151. draining battery help...
  152. EGT guage inaccurate from wiring?
  153. STi I/C switch with wagon rear washer plug? for sedan?
  154. HID--->9006 conversion
  155. OEM EGT sensor type?
  156. How do you manually adjust STi headlight?
  157. Rare GF8 wagon red/clear Taillights
  158. drl and edm headlights
  159. Electrical Gurus: Is there a need for a relay in a DIY I/C spray kit?
  160. Windows/Sunroof not working - SBF 6 Fuse Blown
  161. the cigarette lighter stopped working!
  162. Sun Auto Hyper Voltage System:WATT or WHAT
  163. Help! My Instrument Cluster Wont Light Up
  164. Morette lowbeam Issue
  165. Subaru aftermarket sti boost gauge?
  166. jdm projector HID help
  167. Need the '03 WRX diagram for fuel system
  168. Fog light Q
  169. HKS Camp boost guage
  170. Where to run wires through firewall?
  171. problem with gauge cluster
  172. Car wont start, any ideas?
  173. silverstar fog light number
  174. 05 wrx fog light bulbs?
  175. HVAC bulb/holder part number?
  176. clearing your wrx's headlights
  177. Who sells the large foglights for 04 STi?
  178. no EGT sensor on STIs?
  179. What does a blown hid bulb look like?
  180. Apexi Grounding System
  181. Gadget Seller A/F Gauge
  182. Gauge is acting goofy
  183. blitz DTT DC II questions
  184. Possible DEFI Oil Pressure Sender Problem?
  185. AVCR Reads -760 When car is off?
  186. Trailer wiring?
  187. Hanabe HID set?
  188. 2004 USDM STi wheel on a 2004 WRX?
  189. Help with double beam conversions on my 02.
  190. HELP!! My lights won't turn off
  191. Omori 52mm peak hold/warning?
  192. greddy gauges - need wiring help
  193. Possible to have too many ground points/wrong points?
  194. 02-03 bugeye retrofit
  195. 04 Sti cluster in 05 2.5 q's
  196. tail lights not working
  197. mounting hella ff1000's quick Q
  198. Hella Micro DE install tips for 05 STI
  199. Spedo, Tach & Temp Gauges Dont Work??
  200. ApexI TT Installation Help
  201. battery cables ?
  202. STi JDM Water Sprayer - What is this plug for?
  203. Power Door Lock Wiring
  204. trying to decide between GReddy or Omori gauges
  205. Somebody HELP, clock, cdplayer and odometer wont work!!!!!
  206. Any tips from over here-
  207. Illum./HVAC lights OFF if Headlights ON
  208. V1 decided to stop working this morning...
  209. Headlight swap...
  210. Not so serious '01 STi HID weirdness.
  211. Need Wiring Diagram '93 Impreza LS Wagon
  212. '02 WRX Morette Wiring/Relay Info needed
  213. HID's vs Osram pics
  214. Foglights Burnt Out
  215. Wires on boost gauge
  216. Fog Lamp Bulbs
  217. Morette question??
  218. greddy elec egt (repairable?)
  219. Part #s/ where to find this part
  220. JDM STi Water Sprayer - What is this plug for?
  221. Green conn. by keyless entry unit disconn.?
  222. Auto window down switch for pass. side?
  223. sti climate control swap?
  224. HID conversion on 04' JDM Fogs... Help?
  225. Battery Kill Switch... need help wiring... or do i?
  226. what the hell is SBF 5 and why does it keep blowing?
  227. Need Assistance: Changing Fog bulbs for 2005 WRX (Steps or diagrams please)
  228. hmmm i think i may have a prob here...
  229. how can i find an electrical short??
  230. USDM GD STi Dash question
  231. Cleared my bugeye headlights and installed APC turn signal bulbs (with pic)
  232. JDM HID projector help
  233. STI ecu pin diagram
  234. JDM Headlight Wiring
  235. EGT Gauge Probe wire length
  236. 2005 USDM STi Cluster
  237. electrical gauge problema
  238. What are this headlights called?
  239. Autometer Boost Gauge. Yay or Nay?
  240. H.I.D problem...HELP!
  241. Transfer DRL function to Foglites?
  242. power windows and power door locks
  243. who's replaced their 2002 fog lights?
  244. [B]boost gauge installation question.[/B]
  245. Half DIN Gauge Hosuing?
  246. STI Sport triple meter - Part number SG817FE010
  247. Scan of Headlight Wiring Diagram from '02 Service Manual
  248. Prodrive UK300 Internal wiring
  249. Time for another set of lights, need opinions
  250. What is the point of disableing Daytime Running Lamps?